Emmanuel Macron Loses Majority In French Parliament

How many times has Richard called the peak of Populism?

Note: He sounds like Bill Kristol these days.


  1. Micron looks so sad…. He needs a kalibration and de-nazification pick-me-up. His appearance would be improved and he’d have his lifelong dream of being black as charcoal.

    • @Exalted Cyclops – I think Macron’s lifelong dream has more to do with being blacked than with actually being black himself.

  2. Spencer changes like the seasons. What else is there to say about him? I guess he trying to the grift on the moderate side but regardless, he is not to be trusted again.

  3. Spencer is going to end up one of those pathetic guys who end up hated by everyone. Ex wives and girlfriends, ex associates, old political Allies, the use you and lose you Left, populists. Ecetera. I’ve seen feathers blowing in the wind stay in one place longer. He probably should just start his own religion. That’s more like him.” Narcissology”

  4. Whites are half dead after all, passionless zombies.
    The bizarre banner of this site celebrating death with women covered top to bottom with grotesque clothing says it all.

    • It’s why I don’t know how anybody could be a “White” Nationalist for who do you defend? The vast majority of Whites don’t embrace “Whiteness” to begin with, and are mindless consuming zombies. I see no point.

  5. You couldn’t get a single day that encapsulated the way things are going this year and so differently on either side of the Rhine than Sunday, two days ago. On the other side of the Rhine, Marine Le Pen and the RN is having the best year ever, when as late as December, it was thought they were both done. On this side of the Rhine, in contrast, the AfD can’t get out of its own way. I was at the Party Days convention near Dresden for almost its entire length — Even though I left what I thought was early, they wound up adjourning before what would have been its normal ending time in order to avoid having to discuss a thorny issue. And it’s all because Blue Team here would rather hornswaggle over internal bureaucrats and counting angels on the head of a pin than trying to replicate what is turning out to be MLP’s successful formula and getting onto peoples’ kitchen tables.

    • AfD-Konflikt um die „Europa-Resolution“ irritiert

      [Die recht umfangreiche Resolution soll dazu dienen, bei der Europawahl 2024 der Partei die Richtung für ihre Positionsbestimmungen zu weisen. Mit den meisten Formulierungen der Resolution sollten die Delegierten auch unterschiedlicher parteiinterner Strömungen kein Problem haben. Von gewisser Brisanz ist jedoch die Forderung nach Auflösung der EU:]

      „Damit die Staaten Europas wieder zu Leuchttürmen für Freiheit und Demokratie werden können, hält die AfD eine einvernehmliche Auflösung der EU und die Gründung einer neuen europäischen Wirtschafts- und Interessengemeinschaft für notwendig – als einem Staatenbund souveräner und eigenverantwortlicher Nationen“.

      [Nun ist es nicht der alleinige Sinn von Parteitagen, lediglich über Personalien zu reden und Vorstände zu wählen. Das hatte die AfD an den Vortagen bereits absolviert. ]

      • Ich habe diese Analyse bereits in einer anderen Veröffentlichung gelesen.

        Obwohl ich ihm oberflächlich zustimme und es stimmt, dass die meisten Verfahren in Riesa reibungslos und unumstritten verliefen, versagt diese Analyse meiner Meinung nach darin, dass sie den grundlegenderen Punkt verfehlt.

        Ja, dort waren sich fast alle in fast allem einig. Das liegt daran, dass beim Thema einer politischen Partei wie der AfD oder jeder anderen politischen Partei fast jeder in der Versammlung fast allem zustimmen wird.

        Was diese Parteitage für die AfD mangelhaft machten, war, dass sie sich nicht mit grundlegenden, groß angelegten Fragen befassten, wie die Partei in der Lage sein wird, den nächsten Schritt auf der Leiter zu machen und ernsthafte und große politische Macht auszuüben. Auch der relativ jüngste Rückgang der Zustimmung in den westlichen Bundesländern und im Westen insgesamt schien wenig Anlass zur Sorge zu geben.

        Marine Le Pen hingegen „levels up“ auf eine Art und Weise, wie es keine andere populistische und nationalistische Partei, Sektor oder Bewegung in Westeuropa tut. Was die AfD in Riesa nicht getan hat und auch sonst nicht getan hat (trotz meines Flüsterns in die richtigen Ohren), ist, ihr Erfolgsgeheimnis wirklich zu verstehen.

        Ich möchte hinzufügen, dass ich, obwohl ich glaube, dass Herr Höcke bockiger war, als ich ihn je gesehen habe, immer noch der Meinung bin, dass er 2025 (oder früher, je nachdem) Kanzlerkandidat der AfD sein sollte. Und ich glaube nicht, dass irgendetwas, was er in Riesa getan hat, die Art von Unglück war, die uns eine bestimmte Zeitschrift, die eindeutig eine Rache gegen ihn hat (cough cough, JF, cough cough), glauben machen will.

    • It’s tragic that Germany cannot find a good political leader who would benefit the nation. They haven’t really had one since Bismarck.

  6. Spencer is a shithead that doesn’t know himself. Ironically he is one of the most conservative people I’ve ever witnessed.

    He sees himself as a visionary but really he’s a system operator that’s out of sync with the current system and is desperately trying to make sense of himself in world that doesn’t need/want him.

    I always liked spencer more than trs or ds (which isn’t saying much because I always saw them as harmful). And I do think both of those sites are controlled opposition that attacked spencer unfairly- HOWEVER…. Gayops aside spencer played into his destruction.

    Spencer never could reconcile with himself if he wanted to be a thought leader or a movement leader? A movement leader has to be what spencer calls a “reflector” while only leading the crowd in small directions at a time.

    So much of Spencer’s frustration/crying stemmed from the fact he wanted to be both a movement leader and a thought leader. Spencer getting mad at his followers/other movement leaders for not following his lead on everything showed a complete lack of leadership/people skills.

    It’s too bad but I never felt betrayed by spencer because I always saw him as having different interests to me and I was curious when rich white kids would start sticking up for themselves- I also never expected them/spencer to have the same priorities but I was glad to see people from Spencer’s class start to public question the systems fundamentals. I’m glad spencer was a thing. Spencer at his best would use language to reveal a hard truth. Spencer at his worst uses language that only muddies the water.

    Spencer claims he doesn’t like the term “white genocide” because it’s connotation is wrong, and when people hear the word “genocide” they think mass graves. Ok, don’t totally agree but I see where he’s coming from but then will turn around and use a word like “supremacy” in place of hegemony. Now technically speaking their definitions overlap BUT why use a word with such a loaded connotation? Isn’t that his objection to “white genocide?”

    Spencer will also say things like “winning is the only thing that matters…” ok why are you giving speeches and not setting up a white Jeffery Epstein style blackmail ring? Spencer may say that’s disgusting and that’s not what he meant. But if you say “all I care about is winning” you’re inviting people to paint you in the worst light possible. That statement could made to justify literally anything, so why say something that could mean standing strong or it could mean running a child slavery blackmail ring.

    Spencer simply didn’t know himself well enough when he became a public figure. It’s tough being a loved public figure, let alone a hated one. If it wasn’t for the pressure campaigns spencer may have reacted better in certain situations. Unfortunately anyone sticking up for white people will be subjected to a gauntlet of public pressure.

    While I have empathy for Spencer. He is ultimately a shithead.

    • Lots of people got sued and wrecked over Charlottesville. Some people went to prison over it.

      Aside from Evan McLaren who didn’t even get sued, no one else went the Richard Spencer route. The meltdown wasn’t even about Charlottesville so much as it was about Nick Fuentes. Spencer went back to Charlottesville and pushed ahead with his stupid college tour into 2018. The thing that he was unable to handle was the thought of someone else having success or being seen as the leader of the Alt-Right.

      Spencer has tried to turn Apolloism into his own miniature personality cult. He is now working toward a movement which is purely about Richard Spencer. At least those of us who want to push toward collective goals that that are greater than ourselves won’t be burdened any longer by his distractions or sidetracked by someone who just wants to be famous.

      • Absolutely. I have no idea about the inter workings of cville. I’m not going to get a straight story from the press or spencer/spencer haters from the former alt-right.

        The alt-right was a vicious crab-in-a-bucket situation. I could see it from a mile away and kept my distance.

        Spencers desire to be the center of attention is celeb driven to a degree but it doesn’t explain his chronic career/legitimacy tanking behavior. Sven from TRS (who after anglin & weev did the most damage to the alt-right) acts more like a wannabe celeb- primarily sucking DS & Fuentes cock until he was forced by his audience to criticize them.

        Spencer has to pick at everything with every person- showing a severe discomfort with himself. Or such an insecure narcissism he goes for momentary rhetorical wins. Ignoring the fact he’ll destroy his own credibility for a momentary W.

        Around 2019 with he started undercutting himself at every turn. Each sentence contradicting the last. If Spencer rejects white identity politics then why would anyone be interested in apolloism? Libtards, contards and normies won’t want anything to do with it and neither will the alt-right.

        Spencer has nothing to offer anyone other than msnbc takes with the potential of having your life ruined for the association(same goes for DS & Fuentes, you might as well just watch fox)

        Soon he’ll even lose Mark Brahmin. How can you sell a racialists religion when he says whites are getting what they deserve/need. If loser whites are getting what they deserve and winner whites are destined to win then what’s the point of the new religion?

        Either you’re apart of the group that’s destined to win or destined to lose. Either way there’s no point of anyone with engaging with it.

        • I worked with him for a long time and was on good terms with him until 2021.

          I watched him become consumed with petty feuds and resentment. It steadily got worse after Charlottesville.

          In hindsight, I look back on all of it and it looks like one effort after another to become famous. He ditched the Alt-Right brand and only tried to jump in front of the wave years later in 2016 when it was taking off on 4chan. The college tour was about self promotion. The interviews with the media were about self promotion. The shortlived AltRight.com website was his effort to corral the movement under his own leadership. Spencer’s scorn for the Alt-Right grew in direct proportion to his fading influence in the scene. He decided to “destroy the Alt-Right” when he ceased to see it as a vehicle for himself because too many people had ceased to take him seriously due to all of his terrible hot takes which got worse and worse.

          Spencer is a serial destroyer of relationships. In quick succession, he severed his relationship with Keith Woods, Tyler Hamilton (why?) and 5%’ers. He even splintered Mark Brahmin’s Apolloism cult because he couldn’t handle criticism. He got divorced from his wife. I’ve heard his girlfriend Megan left him too.

          It is remarkable how little any of this has to do with ideology. He ended up where he is today due to his own personal character flaws. Meanwhile, the ideology which he used to loudly associate himself has gained ground and really surged under Biden

  7. Bonjour Monsieur Wallace :

    Emmanuel Macron is “married” to a man (an ex-man, a transvestite), who was Macron’s theater teacher when Macron (born 1977) was a 14 year-old pupil, and Brigitte Macron was a 46 year-old man dressed up as a woman. No, Hunter, these are not wild allegations believed only by the fringes. The situation in France is very very different from the Joan Rivers quip about Michelle O being a dude.

    There is an extremely compelling document – available in English – that presents the situation in 156 pages. It is here :


    • Thanks for the link — yes, some Americans have noted the strange things about Macron, including his marriage.

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