1. OT but important.. Texas Republicans have called for secession and are throwing out the Logcabbiners also getting rid of all all “Hate Crime” laws

    Twitter Trotskyites are losing it over someone actually suggesting following the Constitution is a good idea

  2. Colbert is Irish. Robert Smigel is Jewish. This is another example of the Irish Jewish relationship. There are numerous examples of this Irish Jewish cooperative relationships. Like the Ronald Reagan Harvey Milk alliance. Karen Dunn and Roberta Kaplan is another.


    Jews and the Irish marry, breed, and produce children within their own bloodline. Homosexuality is a recessive trait brought out by people who breed within their own bloodline. Homosexuality is what has made the Jews and the Irish best buds friends to the end. That Uncle Ted is really something ain’t he though. The best of the Irish is a treacherous child predator. The very best. What does that make the rest?

    • I agree, the Irish have been very subversive to the United States and always do the bidding of the jews. I think people don’t understand that the wasp founding stock has been attacked by Catholics just as much as the jews. This is what “anti racist” don’t understand when they try to say “the Irish weren’t considered white”…the truth is that it’s not that they were not “white” but that they were not “wasp”. I think that most of this “anti whiteness” when boiled down is really just anti wasp ideology.

    • And if you think about this is sad, because irish would be a beutiful white race, celtic group. Red hair, some with green eyes. Also they have a long history of patriottism. I’m not saying that what you say is wrong, but that is sad that a beautiful race is compromise as you said.

  3. Welcome to your Jewocracy masquerading as a ‘democracy’. This Semitic system can be extrapolated to all ‘western democracies’ of the world, where the moronic white masses persist in voting for the State controlled parties/candidates in rigged elections unaware of the scam. Nothing will ever change or improve for the whites, because its ruled from the top (Oligarchy) by an anti-white Jewish cabal & not from the bottom (democracy).

  4. Here’s hoping its announced before the election, cause its going to motivate activism on all sides. Obviously if its overturned there is gonna be rioting, and that would be great timing to remind folks what 2020 looked like during the astroturf riots.


    I, for one, am unafraid of rioting. Bring on the burned out black run businesses in the inner city and the looted swanky handbag stores on the good side of the tracks.

  5. They were already bailed out after being charged with trespass (misd). while the Jan 6 guys still in jail.

  6. It needs to be brought up, but I was hoping that Carlson and Fox network don’t give too much free publicity to that smarmy little son of a bitch. There are only 13 or 14 people watching his dumb fuck show as it is, in some respects let sleeping dogs lie.

  7. Another OT for good news…

    VICTORY IN PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, Virginia! Prince Edward County Board of Zoning Appeals votes to uphold our appeal and DENY the attempts by Prince Edward County officials to force the removal of the Va Flaggers High Bridge Memorial Battle Flag. THE FLAG STAYS!

    Just days after the flag was raised IN April, but a full 4 months after issuing and approving a building permit, Prince Edward County officials served the landowner notice of several trumped up violations and threats of fines and jail time if the pole was not removed in 30 days. Knowing that we had done everything in good faith and according to their instructions, we immediately hired an attorney and filed an appeal. Today, after two hours of legal arguments and public comments, the board voted to uphold our appeal and deny the county’s attempts to take it down.

    Many, many thanks to all of YOU, whose generous support made it possible for us to properly pursue this course of action and achieve this HUGE win for our Confederate ancestors, our First Amendment freedom of expressions , and landowner property rights in the Commonwealth.

    All glory to God. All honor to our Confederate ancestors…


  8. Anymore I find these attempts at mockery pathetic — first there was ‘vote harder’, now there’s ‘mock harder’ — if we just mock them harder they will eventually see what hypocrites they are.

    It hasn’t worked yet, and it isn’t going to work.

    It’s like Rand Paul ‘grilling’ Fauci at some hearing — nothing ever changes as a result.

  9. Nobody more inbred than the limey aristocracy and their degenerate monarchy. And you’re still a lousy poet.

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