Breaking Points: Don Jr. Blasts Texas Republicans For Barring Log Cabin Republicans

I’m really looking forward to finally being done with Dump and his family.

Back in 2015 and 2016, I supported Trump to bulldoze the GOP establishment and True Conservatism and move the Overton Window. In retrospect, it worked too. The Trump campaign in 2016 really did weaken conservative institutions. It really did dislodge the noisy moderate Never Trump faction from power in the GOP. It also really did move the ball on issues like immigration, trade and foreign policy which are now standard fare in the populist wing of the GOP.

The Trump administration, however, was a different story. The Alt-Right collapsed during the backlash to Trump and was censored off the internet. It was people like Jim Hoft, Scott “The Persistence” Pressler, Lady MAGA and Ric Grenell – who waged a global crusade to legalize homosexuality around the world – who went mainstream in the Trump era. When Trump was actually president, we either declined in influence or the trends and grievances that lifted Trump into power remained in statsis. It remained centered on Trump and his personal struggle against all of his various enemies.

Since the day he left office in January 2021, the polls have shown that the logjam has been broken. We have gained ground in lots of areas since Joe Biden has been president. The Great Replacement going mainstream is the most glaring example. It has become easier to talk about White identity and grievances under Joe Biden. Secession has gone mainstream. The fact that Texas Republicans are repudiating homosexuality and pushing back against groomers instead of celebrating Pride Month is another sign of how things have changed for the better since Trump left office.

There is a space opening up now to the Right of MAGA. If Texas voted to secede from the Union, it wouldn’t have to bother with clowns like Dump who can’t carry New York social liberals anyway.


“Last weekend in Houston, Texas Republicans got a taste of just how far right their party has become. At the state’s biennial GOP convention, delegates officially declared Joe Biden an illegitimate president, proposed repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act and voted for a platform calling on schools to teach that life begins at conception and to avoid all discussion of gender identity or sexuality. Additional planks attacked trans rights, cast gender-affirming medical care as actionable malpractice and declared homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice.” When one delegate pushed back on that last point — saying, “We are the Republican Party of Texas, not the Westboro Baptist Church” — he was greeted with boos, laughter and another delegate’s tirade about “dildos and fisting.” 

But perhaps the most explosive takeaway from the convention was a series of heated confrontations (inevitably turned into viral videos) in which a group of far-right activists and social media personalities, led by self-described comedian Alex Stein, followed Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, through the hallways of the convention hotel, chanting “eyepatch McCain.” This ended in a violent scuffle between Stein and two Crenshaw staffers. Stein also targeted Sen. Ted Cruz in similar fashion, while a different protester shouted that Crenshaw should be hanged. After the hecklers were ejected from the convention, some were photographed standing amid a group of men wearing the black-and-gold shirts of the “Western Chauvinist” Proud Boys. …”


  1. It was people like Jim Hoft, Scott “The Persistence” Pressler, Lady MAGA and Ric Grenell – who waged a global crusade to legalize homosexuality around the world – who went mainstream in the Trump era.

    How could you omit Charlie ‘Boom!’ Kirk? — LOL


    • Charlie Kirk isn’t gay.

      He is just a social climber. He goes with whatever is the conventional wisdom in the GOP. He is playing it safe, putting himself first, advancing his own career. Hoft, Pressler, Grenell, Lady MAGA, Ali and the rest are actually gay

  2. Hunter, what do you think the reaction would be here in Alabama and across Dixie more broadly, if Texas actually secedes.

  3. If Texas leaves the so-called Union, most of Dixie and the Interior West, especially the Southwest, will probably go, too. If not, the referendum will at least cause the subject of secession to be discussed more widely in other states.

    Texas, I believe, is the key to the States gaining liberation from Yankee rule. Very few take Calexit seriously. But they take notice of Texas, despite Yankee claims of contempt and disdain to the contrary.

    End Reconstruction. End the War. Free Dixie.

    • My thoughts exactly. WV has enough coal to restart industry in the South. Texas has oil, and there are more than enough other resources to make the Reconstructed US a formidable nation.

  4. The “liberal left” or “commie” ideology comes straight out of the TALMUD and the KABBALAH, the books these creatures read at the synagogue just down the road from you. It tells them to work towards “Tikkun Olam”, or “righting the wrongs of the world”. According to them, It is wrong for them to not have total control over everyone and everything, so they must make it right…….all makes sense now doesn’t it? The crazy behavoir is indoctrinated into them from the day they are born.

    Some can handle it and are sly and sneaky, even joining Christian churches or right wing groups and political parties….but trust me they are there to make sure the groups do not gain any traction against their plans and keep everyone going in all directions. They get whites focused on problems THEY have created like immigration, muslims and financial matters. In turn, they FUND these problems on the left (and right) to justify any actions they take. The ultimate goal though is to keep everyone fighting each other and not focused on the real enemy, which is their satanic seed.

    The militia movement has been totally infiltrated and is pro israel (michigan militia). The right has been infiltrated by such agents as MILO (jew fag) and well spoken shysters like Ben Shapiro who will attack the left and pretend he is on your side. People need to step back and really watch what these pricks are saying and doing. They promote each other only and are a very tight knit group.

    If you join ANY GROUP the first course of action is to find out who the satanic jews are, and get them out of there. EDUCATE fellow group members about their actions and how they operate. Nothing will change as long as these assholes have any say in anything.

    • This Wolff character does a superb job of gaslighting. He should get an Emmy or Tony or Grammy or whatever those bullshit awards Hollywood gives themselves for acting. He is explaining in his angry, exasperated tone one more time you stupid schmucks how things really work, mixing a grain of truth with a pound of lies by omitting most of the story.

      It is the founding White stock and later European immigrants who built the country and made it great. As the White population is replaced the country starts to fail. Fly commercial aviation, visit any city with its diversity, enroll your child in most public schools, ride rapid transit or do any other thing in daily life people took for granted in 1960 to see up close how the country is failing because of diversity.

      When the U.S. Government gets it tit caught in a wringer with a military crisis it will try to conscript White males to fix the problems it caused with its diversity. Whites need to tell the U.S. Government to pound sand when they want Whites to fight another war for Our Greatest Ally or Taiwan or against Russia or for “democracy” or whatever bad cause Mr. Wolff’s peeps have cooked up. Put the diversity in charge like Cackling Kamala as Mr. President, Admiral Levine can command the Navy, The Buttplug can run logistics while trannys run the rest of things. Idi Amin looks good as Secretary of Defense so what could go wrong?

  5. Texas has been talking about seceding from the tyrannical union for decades. Either do it or stop giving false hope.

  6. Thing is, Trump has always been a 1990s NYC Democrat. The Dems just went so far left, and the mainstream media with them, that he appears to them to be a right winger. Which is hilarious. But that’S the way things are. Nevertheless it looks as if the will be the presidential candidates again and win that thing. That will be the point the Libtards finally go over board. Then, all bets are off.

  7. For years now I have wanted the Texans to come out first, join the nuclear club and threaten the Yankee Empire if they tried to stop the rest of the southern states from coming out to join them.

    Go Texas …

    “There was quite a galaxy of distinguished ex-Confederates at the Springs also—lieutenant-generals, major-generals, senators, etc.

    “One day Rosecrans approached General Lee, so: he said that everybody in the North knew General Lee was a representative Southerner, and everybody had perfect confidence in his truthfulness; and if he (Rosecrans) could be authorized by General Lee to say, on behalf of the Southern people, that they were now glad to be back in the Union, and loyal to the old flag, that that statement would do a great deal of good in Congress; that he (Rosecrans) could use it to assuage the bitterness of feeling among the coercion leaders, and make the Federal Government much more lenient towards the conquered States.

    “With his usual polite caution, General Lee replied that he did not think he had the right to speak for the Southern people; that he now held no office by their gift, except the very humble one of a teacher of youth; that he had not even the right of citizenship, and hence did not think he had a right to speak for the Southern people. But Rosecrans was quite urgent; thereupon, General Lee said that many distinguished ex-Confederates were now at the Springs, from various parts of the Southern States, and from these General Rosecrans could learn their impressions of Southern feelings and purposes.

    “Rosecrans caught at this, saying that he was not acquainted with most of these gentlemen, and he wished General Lee to bring him acquainted with them, in order that he might get their views. General Lee consented to invite a number of them to meet General Rosecrans at his parlor, on Paradise Row. Consequently, the next morning a species of small levee was convened there by General Lee’s invitation, and among them was ex-Governor Stockdale, of Texas.

    “General Lee was very silent and very polite, greeting everybody with scrupulous courtesy and seeing them well-seated. He himself took the last seat in a plain chair by the open door.

    “Rosecrans then began his catechism, asking each ex-Confederate the same questions he wished General Lee to answer.

    “Governor Stockdale said to me that many of the replies struck him as entirely too sycophantic and insincere, and he surmised from General Lee’s countenance that the old soldier felt the same way about them.

    “Governor Stockdale related the story thus: Doctor, I was perhaps the smallest man of the assemblage, both in personal stature and in political importance, being only an ex-Governor, and I had fallen into the corner down at the end of the row of distinguished Confederates, so the question came to me last.

    “Rosecrans said, in substance, ‘Now, Governor Stockdale, let us hear how your gallant Texans feel toward the old government and the old flag?’

    “I replied: ‘General Rosecrans, since that day in June, 1865, when General Merritt with his soldiers drove me from the Government House, I have held no office in Texas, and have not been authorized by the people of Texas to represent them in anything; but I know them well, and I am sure that you may say this: the people of Texas will remain quiet, and not again resort to forceful resistance against the Federal Government, whatever may be the measures of that government.’

    “General Rosecrans replied very unctuously, ‘Ah ! that is good news from our gallant Texas,’ etc.

    “Said Stockdale, I stopped him and said: ‘But, General Rosecrans, candor requires me to explain the attitude of my people. The people of Texas have made up their minds to remain quiet under all aggressions and to have peace; but they have none of the spaniel in their composition. No, sir, they are not in the least like the dog that seeks to lick the hand of the man that kicked him; but it is because they are a very sensible, practical, common-sense people, and understand their position. They know that they resisted the Federal Government as long as any means of resistance was left, and that any attempt at resistance now must be in vain; and they have no means, and would only make bad worse. This is the view of the matter which is going to keep Texas quiet.”

    “At this stage of the conference, General Lee rose from his chair; Rosecrans took the hint. He filed out, and the big Confederates, one behind the other, after him.

    “Said Stockdale, I, being the little man in the farther corner, was the last to approach the door. General Lee had given a very polite good-morning to each man as he passed out; as I said to him, ‘goodmorning,’ he gently closed the door before me, keeping the door-knob in his left hand, and said to me, as follows:

    ” ‘Governor Stockdale, before you leave, I wish to give you my thanks for brave, true words. You know, Governor, what my position is. Those people (his uniform term for the Yankees) choose, for what reason I know not, to hold me as a representative Southerner; hence, I know they watch my words, and if I should speak unadvisedly, what I say would be caught up by their speakers and newspapers, and magnified into a pretext for adding to the load of oppression they have placed upon our poor people; and God knows, Governor, that load is heavy enough now; but you can speak, for you are not under that restraint, and I want to thank you for your bold, candid words.’

    “Again, said Governor Stockdale, I thought he would dismiss me: but he still held the door closed, and after a time he resumed and uttered these words: ‘Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no, sir, not by me.’ Then, with rising color, throwing back his head like an old war-horse, he added these words, ‘Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand.’ He then dropped his head, and, with a sad look, added: ‘This, of course, is for your ear only. My friend, good-morning;’ and with that he opened the door and I took my leave…
    — The Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney by Thomas Cary Johnson

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  8. It gets even better. Remember all the hoopla about the shiny new TROOF SOCIAL, Cheetohead the Clown’s answer to Twitter? Guess what? The Tamudic Satanists running this “alternative” have banned mentions of the 14 Senate Repukes who just voted for more gun control. The entire Trump train needs to be cast upon the rubbish heap of history. I’m sick of the lot of them, from the ‘God-Emperor’ of Grift down to the boomertard morons who still think he’s the savior.

  9. It is the Irish Mick Ronny Reagan who made the Republican party gay, when he went to bat for the Jewfaggot Harvey Milk over the Briggs initiative. And by the way Anita Bryant was right about everything. The gays want to introduce an alternative lifestyle to our kids. Why do you think Mark Levin loves Reagan so much??

    • @TW—-Don’t kid yourself, those rainbow toys are touching a nerve. Moshiach likes them young.

  10. The Ball woman was really struggling to maintain her habitual “sane, middle-of-the-road liberal” pose, especially when Enjeti mentioned “social contagion”.

    Because she knows deep down that that’s what this sudden trannyfag hysteria is: the latest in the kikes’ artificial crazes to create new foot soldiers for their freak army for the destruction of White civilization. We all knew instinctively and through observation that fags & women in particular are especially susceptible to herd behavior like this (and recently some female researcher has confirmed it). Remember in the early ’90s when that ER full of female nurses in California all fainted from the “toxic fumes” coming off a dying spic? Get the master manipulators, the jew-usurped schools, media & Hymiewitz working in concert, and you have that kind of calculated hysteria spread all over the nation & around the world.

    But of course, being a woman herself, and one who is proud of her logical thinking, it irks her to admit that.

  11. “I’m really looking forward to finally being done with Dump and his family.” – Hunter Wallace

    You have been complaining about Trump since 2016 or 2017. You’re so blinded by your ambitions that you fail to see that despite all your complaints about Trump he achieved two things: He gave us a strong economy with low gas prices and increased production at home (including putting tariffs on China which no president ever had the balls to do) and he brought immigration under control. Immigration was cut in half under Trump and it would have been improved further had he been re-elected.

    Yeah I’m not a fan of the Trump kids and their socially liberal takes or Trump’s inability to appoint people loyal to him or this nation or Trump’s obsession with the media and tweeting or Trump’s zionism.

    But in the end, Trump brought immigration under control, tariffs were placed on China, manufacturing increased in America, and gas was under $2 a gallon because we were energy independent with strong energy policies. Keep in mind that the United States is producing almost a million barrels of oil less a day since Biden has been president.

    If Trump never existed, conservativism today would be focused on the Bush family model. You sound like a spoiled teenage princess that gets angry because they got a Toyota for their 18th birthday instead of a Camaro.

    • Gas was under $2 a gallon because the economy collapsed due to COVID. The shortages we are experiencing now is partially due to the hangover from that. The fracking industry was devastated in 2020. If Trump had been reelected, we would still have high gas prices although whether he would have gone all the way on Ukraine and jacked up the price to the current level is doubtful.

      I don’t see why it is so hard to acknowledge that Trump had a negative influence on LGBTQ issues. He normalized homosexuality on the Right. Perverts like Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit thrived in the Trump era. MAGA drag queens were a thing.

      Here in Alabama, Trump kneecapped Jeff Sessions and Mo Brooks. Katie Britt just won the Senate election with his endorsement.

      • Trump does A LOT of stupid things like endorse Lady MAGA and the like, and I remember when there were queer flags flying from our embassies while he was president. As socially liberal as he is on gay issues he didn’t go all out, remember that he tried to ban trans in the military.

        Joe Biden destroyed the keystone pipeline in his first day of office, new permits for drilling in oil rich places were hamstrung, he increased regulations on oil producing and refining, he banned Russian oil imports without increasing production at home. As a result of Biden’s policies we are producing almost a million barrels a day less in America than when Trump was in office. Joe Biden is on tape saying he wanted to end drilling in the United States and put the oil industry out of business back when he was running for office.

        I honestly don’t give a shit about Jeff Sessions or Mo Brooks. Trump was being hamstrung by investigations and accusations leveled against him and Sessions didn’t lift a finger to stop it.

        Trump does really stupid things like appoint people not loyal to him or this country, promote LGBT issues to an extent, tweet about stupid things, obsess about the media, he has really thin skin, and he gets distracted very easily.

        But in the end, immigration was getting under control, manufacturing at home was increasing, tariffs were put on China, he appointed conservative judges all throughout the government including the supreme court (3 to be exact), he made us energy independent, and our foreign policy was somewhat sane.

        The positives outweigh the strong negatives. Like I said, you can complain about Trump for the next 10-15 years if you want, if Trump never existed you would be dealing with neo-cons in power in the conservative movement, if Trump achieved anything is that he has had these people somewhat sidelined by the conservative base and in policy.

      • Trump did stop that bitch Hillary, I will give him credit for that. He was a wasted opportunity though and we don’t get many opportunities like that. How is his big, beautiful, wall coming along? Is it done yet, all 2,500 miles of it?

  12. Great points Robert Browning.The Jews had Reagan under control just like the rest.Anita Bryant was a true White Christian woman.Levin disgusts me,he is like every other Satanic Jew.Great article Hunter!Sorry I ever voted for the synthetic Jew Trump and his love of coons,homos and above all the Jews.Like George Wallace said there is not a dimes worth of difference between the GOP/Demos.Our Heavenly Father is going to set the Synagogue of Satan in its place very soon,we must all have faith in Him and His plan.Christ is Lord!Bless all here in good faith.

  13. The Democrats are 100% open about Homosexuality. The Republicans are about 99% but ignorant Christian Conservatives still vote for them. What a joke. Vote Third Party for real and stay right with God and his Moral Laws. Deo Vindice !

  14. The Dumps love faggots because they’re the jew Yawk social shitlibs they’ve always been. I’ll never forget they way Orange jewdas puked all over Buchanan as a “fascist anti-semite”.

    His run for president was, as ever, entirely about HIM: Cankles, Obongo & their legions of kikemedia enablers had publicly laughed at him, and being shrewd, he knew how to get his revenge by appealing to the hated “Flyova White Trash” who’d been safely excluded from all influence by both parties. Hence all his mouth-farting about building the wall, bringing back manufacturing jobs, stopping the overseas wars & having good relations with Russia. Of course as soon as he had won, all that went into the toilet and he surrounded himself with the usual (((System))) whores and got down to bidness as jewsual of giving all the actual tangible benefits to fags, nigs & Pissrael.

    So yeah: all he was good for was running his big, self-serving mouth – but that did at least rouse Whites from their hopeless death-coma. And there’s nothing the kikes & commie race traitors can do to shut them up again. But we must get beyond the now worse than worthless Dump clan.

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