Jimmy Dore: Unhinged Pro-War Maniac Rant Welcomed On MSNBC

We will see how long this lasts.

My impression is that patience and enthusiasm is wearing thin as gas prices and inflation bite deeper and deeper. We don’t hear as much about Ukraine now.


  1. (((Max Boot))) is absolutely one of the most arrogant and disgusting Neo-Klowns who has been polluting the discussion about numerous topics for several decades. The creature is a perfect exemplar of what Vox Day has aptly described as a ‘Paper American’. Typical chickenhawk NeoKlown POS who war-mongers while he sits here in Murika collecting a hefty salary for spreading lies.

  2. Wiki

    Boot was born in Moscow.[5] His parents, both Russian Jews, emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1976.

  3. You forgot to mention that Boot is a Jew, and that Jews have been front-and-center in stoking pointless hostility between the US and Russia for decades.

  4. Poor Max is on the verge of tears. I guess he’s never recovered from getting beat up on Tucker’s show a few years ago.

  5. I think Mr. Boot should be invited to the Happy Hollow Hog Farm to be a special guest of honor for an all-Kosher meal to be served to the proprietor, Br’er Porky – who always eats best and much enjoys the long-pork delicacies. The leftovers or droppings from this feast could be delivered to whomever Mr. Boot designates in a tidy bag.

  6. I happened to read that WaPo op-ed of his when I got bored and simply googled “Russia.” The thing that stood out to me is how he provided zero justification for how Ukraine’s interests are America’s interests. He just assumed it was so, and spent the whole article shilling for more weapons and for troops on the ground.

    Jews as a race are so ugly and cowardly that they are incapable of defending themselves and standing up for themselves without stupid goyim cattle doing it for them. Its like Jews have all the brains and non of the brawn, whereas Whites have all of the brawn and non of the brains. A shame Whites couldnt develop half a brain and shove all these people in the back of the nearest oven.

  7. It just verifies the studies showing that the rootless cosmopolitans have higher than usual numbers of psychopaths, sociopaths etc among them. Participation in the murder of The Son of God does something to you as a people.

  8. Hunter – Farstar and I came up with a great comic that demolishes this worst ever Neo Conservative J*w war monger Max Boot. I don’t think we ran it or else I can’t find it.

    I like to send it to you now to feature on this blog – what’s the best way to send it to you?

  9. This war is a win/win for the Sons of Israel- either Russia is defeated( highly unlikely) wiping out one on their historic most hated nations, or both sides fight on indefinitely killing more Ukrainian and Russian white gentiles- Oy Vey! what a plan! Of course nothing would be finer from their viewpoint than having this conflict go nuclear- which could lead to the wipe out the rest of Europe and America too!

    • “This war is a win/win for the Sons of Israel- either”

      Read THE JEW OF MALTA.
      Barabas, the jew, brags about how he started wars between nations, to get Christians to slaughter each other.

      Marlowe had insight into the JP 4 centuries ago.

    • See if you can find the Warner Brothers cartoon “The High and the Flighty,” the cartoon where Daffy Duck is a salesman who sells weapons to both Foghorn Leghorn and the Dog, who are feuding with each other. Daffy Duck is the Jew, selling to both sides, playing the two off against each other.

      It used to be on Youtube, but I am now unable to find it.

    • The most cynical thing about the Ukraine war is Anti-Whites (Jews or gentiles) pretending to care about Whites.

  10. Not my war, Boot. It’s your war. It’s just one more for you and your nasty people.

    BTW, the maggot Boot left the Soviet Union after he and his co-religionists destroyed Russia 50 years earlier. What good have they brought the US? What good have they brought the US that the country couldn’t have achieved without them? Nothing. They cost the host countries where they encyst more than any benefit they might bring.

  11. Sadly for foam-at-the-mouth, crazed, Jewish neocon warmongers there’s zero appetite in the west to fight Russia to give Ukrainians control of the overwhelmingly Russian dumbass region. I’ll say the ancient Jewish hatred of Russia periodically resurfaces in all sorts of ways. This mad dog should be expelled to Israel asap. These people have so much blood on their hands from Kosovo to Iraq to Libya to Syria to Palestine that if there was any justice, these crazed neocon Jews should be facing a massive war crimes tribunal and not pontificate on tv. Sick of them. To quote Neville Chamberlain: a truly unlovable people.

    • I’ve never heard that Nevile Chamberlain quote “A truly unlovable people” Do you have a link?

      Someone should publish an updated version of Grimstad’s “Anti Zion”. Lots of new commentary, noticing about J war mongering, J monopoly of the USA media.

  12. What’s the difference between the CatLady and Boot on the Ukraine? Alain Soral refers to Ukraine as Khazaria.

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