Putin Taunts The West In Speech


H/T Juri

“Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites …”

In the speech, Putin said that he was expecting a change in the leadership of Western elites as those who have led us into this ditch will eventually get replaced due to the staggering level of inflation and high energy prices.

Note: Joe Biden hit a new all time low today in the RCP average.


  1. Sorry day:
    When we look to Russia to see a leader of intelligence and resolve.

    (Ruble is now better than 55/$)

  2. “””…..change in the leadership of Western elites …”””

    The exact quote was claiming that not only leadership but the entire elite will be changed.

    “Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites,”

    So Vlad also want drain the swamp.

  3. Lets’ hope cooler heads prevail before the lunatics in current power get us into a nuclear war over a conflict we have no business being involved in.

    • They have three potential wars for the U.S. to get enmeshed in right now. There is Ukraine, which is being won slowly but surely by Russia; Taiwan is being used to antagonize China and Our Greatest Ally is trying to get the U.S. Military to fight Iran, consequences be damned.

      It will be a miracle if at least one of these wars doesn’t blow up spectacularly.

  4. No way Dementia Joe’s approval numbers are about 40%, the Lügenpresse is at it again. If even Mexicans and Asians are turning against him his approval must be closer to 25%. When it’s time to dump Dementia Joe the Lügenpresse will report his approval numbers truthfully at between 20 – 25%.

    Then it’s Cackling Kamala, Come on Down. You win the booby prize, you’re now Mr. President! When the diversity is fully in charge Whites need to just step back, don’t do anything stupid, just don’t get involved. It’s not our job to prop up GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire as it rapidly crumbles.

    Let it fall face down in the mud. There is no political opposition therefore there is no political solution either. Like a bad fever diversity must run it’s course, wrecking The State in the process. What comes next will be up for grabs but just like Weimar in the 1920’s GloboHomo Shopping Mall will discredit itself by its own massive failure.

  5. The supreme art of war is to fight without winning. – Joe Tzu

    Clownworld is truly blessed with great thinkers. Putin hasn’t a prayer against the 666-D chess of Joe Tzu and his brilliant team of advisors, with heads so hot from all the advanced thinkin’ going on a kevlar yarmulka would burst into flame before touchdown. If nothing else he’ll be laughing so hard he won’t be able to issue commands.

  6. OK this is off topic but does anyone know how to help my sister? My sister is a single mom with two boys and the older one is starting first grade next year. She is terrified that the school will be forcing anti-white propaganda on him and that it will be unsafe and might got shot up by a nigger. The public school in the district in the area she recently moved to is full of niggers. She wants to homeschool but she is way too poor to afford to and would have know idea how to do it if she could (she’s only 23). So she has no idea what do now and can’t deal with it at all, she has even told me she feels like ending her life right now. What do you think she should do?

    • Yeah, actually I do.

      The Conservative Citizens Foundation is offering private school scholarships for precisely this sort of situation. There used to be a link in the sidebar.

    • “she has even told me she feels like ending her life right now. ”

      Stay close with her and give her every positive encouragement you can think of.

    • Why did she move to that district? There are jobs everywhere, in better places. I know life is painful, but I hope she realizes those boys need her.

    • She’s “too poor” to homeschool? Wtf? It’s not expensive or difficult. My grandkids that are 14 & 15 graduated from HS in Dec.
      They have 3 college semesters under their belts already.
      Hit me up if she really wants to do it.

  7. Really tough economic times are probably the only thing that will get soft, foolish Westrners to wise up. No more “we can do it!” bullshit.

    • It will only get better, as it gets awful. You know the whole hard times makes strong men stage or kicking the can forward is what has caused us to lose ground. It’s a coward’s strategy.

      Tom Metzger was unfortunately correct that it will take being lined up on the wall for Whites to fight back against ZOG/GAZE collectively.

  8. The bottom line is Putin has the firm backing of the vast majority of the Russian people, while the old shitter race traitor & his lying kike scum butt-puppeteers are hated by most Americans who can’t wait for November.

    Of course, the only alternative is the fake choice of GOP chickenhawks like Sweet Lindthey Gwaham, but that’s another story.

  9. @John

    Unfortunately you are mistaken. The banking families are moving East. They need a great war to cover their getaway.

    Not only do they need a great war, they also need the West to lose conclusively. This is why most Western weapons systems have Israeli kill switches in them.

    At the right time, the switches will be activated and the West loses. Our currencies then go into hyperinflation and millions in the West get impoverished, with no way of coming back.

    America will break up into 2 or more new countries, and Europe will become a satrapy of Russia (and hence jewry) via the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union).

    Nothing is ever what it seems.

    • How would your scenario help these masterminds? Seems like a very low profit environment.

  10. We can hope that Putin is correct. He should know, since his hero Stalin was so focused on the needs of his people. How ironic that the east has given up collectivism while the west has it shoved down our throats by our election rigging “leaders”.

    • “We have more than enough of our own energy supply to keep our domestic supply”

      Not when they bring in millios of immigrants per year, for the past 40 years

      Chinese have known for centuries,” more people, more suffering.”

    • The U.S. Government has to allow exports of fuel to keep EU/NATO allies in the anti-Russia camp. If there were no fuel exports from the U.S. to Europe prices there would be so high European “allies” (so-called) would have to quit the anti-Russia alliance and make peace with Russia else their economies would simply collapse. NATO governments would be forced to institute price controls, rationing, power blackouts etc. impoverishing people worse than what is already happening.

      That is politically intolerable and would cause the fall of current regimes in Europe. French parliamentary elections held recently were a taste of that. Although that faggot Macron won reelection Marine Le Pen’s Populist candidates won enough seats in Parliament to end Macron’s majority. This is equivalent to the Democrats winning majorities in 2018 while Trump was President or Republicans winning majorities in Congress in Nov. 2022 while Dementia Joe is President.

      The U.S. is the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire. As such Imperial commitments always take precedence over domestic concerns. The U.S. is like a plantation with absentee, worldwide owners extracting wealth for their global operations with the hated White population are the zeks who keep things working for their masters.

      • “The U.S. is the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire”

        Good analog, malls across America are failing.
        A portent of things to come

  11. Jews orchestrate both sides of every conflict – they are achieving all their goals with ease as the gullible White race continues to chase propped up heroes. If you cannot understand this dynamic at this point you are not a critical thinker in search of the truth.

    According to chronological development of Russo-Ukrainian conflict, jewish circle inside the White House that surrounds every US President gave Putin a silent approval for the invasion of Ukraine. Biden and his closest associates had a thorough knowledge about the invasion before it officially happened, but acted as “surprised” and “horrified” by the events. They did nothing to prevent the tragedy because the whole conflict was already staged between the Jews nested deeply inside the White House and Kremlin.

    This conflict is no exception from the unwritten rule concerning the mechanism behind US-Russian foreign affairs. Russian-American political relations are entirely based on racial cooperation between the Jews inside the White House and Jews nested in Kremlin. This jewish connection between East and West is the hidden force that dictates US-Russian foreign relations.

    Below are the examples of the aforementioned:

    1. Judeocommunists in Russia received in 1917. an enormous financial and political support from their racial brothers settled in Wall Street and White House.

    2. During the 1930s, jewish circle around president Roosevelt, provided Stalin’s USSR with enormous financial, technological and military assets – to set stage for Soviet agression on Hitler’s Germany.

    3. At the end of WWII, Jews around US president gave their racial brothers in Moscow half of Europe, as a trophy. As a result of their arrangement, millions of Ethnic Germans and anticommunists sufferd terrible expulsions from eastern Europe.

    4. During the late 1940s and 1950s, Jews in USA gave vital secrets of US nuclear program to their brothers in USSR – which was an act of high treason.

    5.While thousands of White Americans were dying in Asian jungles during the Vietnam War, jewish circle inside the US Government provided victory for their killers – Viet Cong, an extended arm of Soviet Union.

    6. Neosoviet idea, whose political transmittor is Putin, is a product of joint cooperation between the Washington Jews and their racial brothers in Moscow. That’s the reason why every act of Neosovietism’s agression is silently approved.

    Because of these facts, it is important to finally abandon the illusions of “Putin’s nationalism” or his “fight against NWO”. Tragic war in Ukraine whose biggest victims are ordinary White Russians and Ukrainians, is a fruit of jewish racial brotherhood that stretches from Washington to Moscow and decides the fate of both East and West.

    • Zard,
      All very good points.

      “millions of Ethnic Germans and anticommunists sufferd terrible expulsions”
      I would add, murders and tortures.

      There is certainly a jewish hive.

  12. Can’t blame him for mocking Biden. It’s not over going to war or not. It’s that it’s an imbecile in such a powerful position.

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