1. Imagine you’re paying $5/gallon, then after this BOLD action by the federal government you pay ONLY $4.82/gallon — wow, pretty cool — for a 20 gallon tankful, you save $3.60, which plus 2 quarters (check all your pockets) would be just enough for a Big Mac in North Carolina (link).

    Actually watched about 30s of that video — those two are obnoxious, seemingly deliberately so.

    • Such an empty gesture.

      People who take bribes by the millions think pennies will mollify the peasants.

    • @eah,

      I can’t watch them either.

      Western truth will not be delivered by a pajeet and White chick on jewtube reading a teleprompter.

  2. This is all a theater, all done, so Trump can get back in, next election, and really finish off the US. He had increased immigration when he was in office, so all of the MAGAs saying he “did something about immigration” are full of it. Those “processing camps” weren’t there to turn them away.
    Being a good Republican, he will bring more and more of them into the US, so we can support them with our taxed wages.
    As long as we are run by another nation, anyone who gets in is not on our side. It’s too bad too many think just more Republicans in office is going to fix things.

    • The Republican Party really is the GOP i.e. Gay Old Pedo Party. Just ask Trump’s kids, Miss Lindsey, Lady Maga or Richard Grenell.

    • I tend to think the real reason Trump stays in the news is to deceive us into thinking we really have a “choice” by voting for him and GOP. The two-party scam is integral to keeping our enemies in power. Heads they win, tails we lose.

  3. “Detached from reality is putting it mildly.’

    The reason to only elect people with real world experiencce. Professional politicians live in a synthetic world, predicated on conjecture, not experience.

    • The Republicans role in all of this, is to publicly scold the Democrats. They get credit for “doing something” when nothing is done. The loudest ones get the most attention, and it seems stupid people are continually fine with nothing changing.

  4. This is part of what happens when you have career politicians. Elected officials should only be allowed to serve 2 terms just like the President. This way you have less corruption and payoffs.

    • Exactly. No more sitting in office for 40 years and enacting legislation to primarily benefit your donors and/or blackmailers. The Founders never meant these to be lifelong positions.

  5. Many of us could see this gas/diesel crisis barrelling down on us during the Trump years. It is a refinery crisis. The globalist ( not American) oil companies built their refineries in Texas to process a mix of Texas sweet and foreign sour oil.

    First the sour came from “our” wells in Venezueala. But when Chavez intervened, the CIA destroyed the Venezuelian oil industry. So we lost that, and moved mostly to Iranian sour, till ZOG decided to sanction that, then moved on to Russian sour, till they sanctioned that recently. Saudi sour? “Biden” turned against them, and now he is begging them for sour, but they aren’t interested in sending us more of that.

    Given the Jew lock on the CIA and State Department, I see no remedy in sight. They have sanctioned the goyiim into poverty.

    The second cause of this price spike is, there are profits to be made in Europe. The “American” oil companies are exporting record volumes to Europe.

    Keeping in mind that if Trump had not destroyed the Iran deal, we could be using their sour and have avoided this problem.

  6. The Democrats should look at fuel prices as a major concern in terms of Joe Biden being voted back in or not. Right now the chances are very slim on that for sure. I’m all for the grand transition and getting in electric vehicles forever. However you gotta have that transition period and $4.59 cents gas isn’t gonna get it done. It just hurts people. Low prices on fuel is how the economy does well. Deo Vindice !

  7. Logic Check…I don’t think the people who write this headline know what the word “backfire” means.


    Sanctions have backfired, because China and India are buying Russian oil and now Russian has higher oil revenues than it did before the sanctions.


    While it may be true that Russia’s oil revenues are higher than they were before the sanctions due to China and India buying more oil and gas from Russia, this does mean that the sanctions backfired. The people making this claim do not understand what the word backfired means. The word backfired means that the sanctions themselves are causing the opposite desired effect. But this is not what’s happening. What is happening is that China and India are NOT following Western sanctions. What is causing the opposite desired effect is not the sanctions, but the fact that China and India are buying more oil and gas from Russia – which they are not being forced to do by any sanctions.

    Their purchase of oil and gas is not a consequence of the sanctions. The only way for one to logically argue that the sanctions forced China and India to buy Russian oil/gas they would have to show where the sanctions say, and China and India must hereby purchase oil and gas from Russia at a higher rate, and then prove that China and India are subject to obey those Western sanctions, and have obeyed them. But the sanctions did not force China and India to buy oil and gas from Russia. And China and India are not obligated to obey Western sanctions even if such sanctions existed. It’s absolutely absurd to make such a claim that China and India are puppets of the West and obey whatever the West tells them to do, and that the West’s sanctions have commanded them to buy oil and gas from Russia. That’s just absurd on every level. The sanctions didn’t backfire. The problem is that China and India don’t have to follow the sanctions, and are doing what the West DOESN’T want them to do – namely, buying Russian oil and gas. So, the problem is the exact opposite of sanctions backfiring. The problem is that the sanctions aren’t being agreed upon, and practiced, by China and India. This seems obvious, but today I woke up to completely irrational headlines like this one from Breaking Points: “NYT Admits Sanctions Backfire As Biden Defiant On Gas.”

    What they really mean is that the sanctions aren’t enough to decrease Russia’s oil and natural gas revenues, not that the sanctions themself backfired.

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