Alabama Bans Abortion

The libtards are having a bad day.

I will swing by the protest here and try to snap some photos.


This is a huge victory for Southern Rights.

This is like watching Confederacy 2.0 / Gilead stirring to life as one state after another takes a sledgehammer to Roe. We’re securing the Border States and the West this time though.


    • Shaking right now? With anger or in excitement and anticipation? Or are you bent over twerking in protest?

  1. Around 62% of the abortions in Alabama are performed on blacks. The South is about to become even more of a racial jungle, and conservatives are to blame for it. Margaret Sanger, intentional or not, has done more for the White race in America than probably every explicit WN combined.

    Congratulations on owning the libs and feminist, though.

    • LOL.

      Alabama reached the whitest point in its history in the 1970 census on the cusp of legal abortion. Not only has the trend reversed since then, it has reversed in every other state – indeed, every other Western country – where abortion is legal.

      California was one of the first states to legalize abortion. How have the culture and demographics of California changed since Ronald Reagan was its governor? Did any state in the country that legalized abortion become more White?

      • This is the period just before the “Nixon shock”. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society plus his spending on the Vietnam War set the stage for this. When inflation kicked in during this period, middle class white mothers were forced to the workforce to maintain their middle class standard of living. All the while, poor minorities were given more welfare as they had more children. You also had the 1965 Immigration Act.

        Linking abortion to the 1970 trends cited without also citing what’s stated in the paragraph above is a huge logical misstep imo. Unfortunately, whites are increasingly losing in the battle of government resource allocation. Those policies keep working in favor of non whites. Non whites will get “paid” more to have children while whites will keep shouldering their own burdens plus those of non whites.

    • “Alabama reached the whitest point in its history in the 1970 census”

      Because they spent the previous 3 decades exporting many blacks to California, giving free bus fare and promises of “good jobs and welfare in California”.

      Thanks, thanks so much …..

      • @Arrian,

        Indeed. Southerners have a eccentric set of peculiarities from the outside looking in.

        No doubt that the inner west portions of Dixie will now look like a massive soundstage for “Children of the Corn.”

    • I completely agree. There should be an abortion clinic on every corner in the hood. I would prefer sterilization though.

      • Newports, Olde English, PopEye’s and Alladin Bail Bonds will be signing on to be corporate sponsors of Planned Parenthood.

      • Agree. These people who want it to be illegal are going to be shocked, when they see how many more nonwhites there will be. The inner cities are gutted out war zones with addicts on the sidewalks, for miles and miles, it looks like Liberia.

      • A lot of them would do it for 10, maybe even 5 thousand dollars. It would be well worth it.

    • Black abortions don’t counter the pernicious effects of this anti culture on ordinary Americans. Abortion is part of this breakdown of everything that made us strong in the Darwinian competition of nations world wide. Don’t know if this ship can ever be righted, but the rotten crop of bastards outnumbering the decent people take our comfort for granted and may well be surprised rather soon when the barbarians sack Rome. North America is prime real estate, people who believe in 47 different genders don’t have what it take to retain its title.

  2. It’s actually surprising to see states ban abortion after the overruling of Roe v Wade, especially this quickly. Did conservatives finally find their backbone?

  3. Good, Tennessee is doing the same thing. Hopefully, it;s a trend and all Southern states follow suit.

    • You will have millions MORE black babies to support and raise. Then provide free college and living expense money. Then the ultimate welfare scheme: diversity hire job. Can’t ever get fired.
      You see, it will cost Whites so much more. Whites who do abortion should know better. You can’t legislate morality. But the other species, who cares.

  4. God bless the South. What a glorious day when Southern Christians can once again outlaw baby-hacking.

    I live in the coldest, snowiest part of the North but I have a Confederate flag on my truck.

    • It looks like the abortion ban is already in effect in Wisconsin. This isn’t limited to the South

      • Well, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be banned here in the Israeli-Occupied Territories on the West Bank of the Hudson…

    • We need independence for free Dixie. We are two different countries with different values and traditions. The liberals are living in a different reality and want to enforce their way of life on me.

  5. The only abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama was run run by a black doctor and had a majority black clientele. Long live the black fetus!

    • The eugenicists have had a lot of success pushing the argument, but as far as I can tell their racial utopia hasn’t panned out in reality anywhere.

      There is no country on earth which 1.) has legal abortion which 2.) isn’t in severe racial and cultural decline. There is no place which has legal abortion which is gradually becoming whiter and less degenerate.

      Back when abortion was illegal in Alabama though, miscegenation was also illegal and severely taboo. We had racial segregation. The state was unabashedly pro-White. Homosexuality wasn’t publicly celebrated. Feminism also hadn’t yet triumphed

      • Brad, I think we both know that very few mixed babies are conceived and raised within marriage. Most of the white girls and women I see with them look like the lowest of of white trash. Our abortion disputes aside, why do you think it became not so taboo? Even trash used to have their standards.

        • In one sentence, elites and their values changed. Technology that consolidated cultural power in a handful of metros was also very important

          • Technology that consolidated cultural power in a handful of metros was also very important.

            To paraphrase Koba the Dread:

            With a metro there is always a problem. No metro – no problem.

  6. None of this is about abortion, anyway. It’s a fake issue calculated to hide and obfuscate Yankee power grubbing, like slavery was in the middle Nineteenth Century. It’s about Yankees imposing their will on the states beyond the borders of Yankeedom, not women’s reproductive and health rights. If it were otherwise, the Yankees wouldn’t be up in arms over the Supreme Court’s ruling. They’d just be satisfied that in at least fifteen out of sixteen Yankee States, and in Mexifornia, abortion still reigns supreme.

    The only real questions left are; Why are we still in a Union with these people?; And why don’t they have their own government(s) in Boston, New York, and Chicago, yet, instead of having a death grip on ours?

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  7. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this seems all by design. The vicories being handed to the right are not the economic victories that I place as most important. Over 70% of the money that has ever existed was printed during covid tyranny. It lies in evil hands. Now the polarization heats up to riots again this summer. Floyd, BLM, and now we have Roe vs. Wade just as summer sets in once again, and gun rights have been upheld.

    I never take my eye off the money, and I am afraid the elites will walk away with the loot as the left takes it to the streets again.

    • I agree. It’s a scheme to help displace whites. More and more nonwhites and mixed race babies will be the future.

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