Washington Post: The Supreme Court’s Decision Is Based On a Myth

The myth is America as it used to be.

The myth is actually a memory of America before the arrival and triumph of antiracism, modernism, cosmopolitanism, secularism, feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and political correctness between the 1920s and 1980s. It is the country that existed before the rise of New York, before the rise of the Jewish cultural elite, before the rise of the “mainstream media,” before the rise of the professional class and the postwar expansion of academia and the cultural dominance of a few coastal metros.

We used to live in a great country. It was ruined in a relatively short amount of time too. It really only took about a century.

Washington Post:

“The White Christian nationalist myth dates to the founding and maps onto the idea of “republican motherhood.” In the Revolutionary era, the ideal woman was a married White Christian mother who would raise her children to be worthy, educated citizens. This meant raising sons who would lead the new republic, and giving daughters the tools to serve as mothers for the next generation. Women had few legal rights themselves, but their domestic and maternal roles were supposedly responsible for securing the survival of the new American experiment. This construct did not apply to women of color and to other mothers whose sons were not seen as future American leaders.

Building on these ideas, 19th-century society viewed married White Christian women as the moral center of the family — and of American life more broadly. Their alleged greater morality and gentle nature acted as a bulwark at home against the external world of vice and corruption. But this construct also reinforced the notion that these women belonged at home, lest their morality be scrubbed off by wading into the corrupt (male) realms of politics and the economy. …

The myth of American women as domestic beings and the moral center of their families and the nation continued into the 20th century — surviving the achievement of women’s suffrage and the increasing number of women forced into the workforce by the Great Depression and World War II.

In the 1950s, these traditional gender roles were amplified as part of the United States’ Cold War competition with the Soviet Union — a nation where many women worked for the state alongside men, as their children went to state-run day cares. To demonstrate that the United States was different from (and superior to) its archenemy, old ideas about gender and family were rebranded. Government and media alike idealized what became called the “nuclear” family in this new atomic age: the White family headed by a heterosexual married couple with a male breadwinner and a female homemaker living in a suburban home with their children.But the government did more than idealize the White nuclear family — it helped create more of them. The GI Bill offered predominantly White male veterans of World War II entry into a comfortable middle-class consumer lifestyle with a free college education and cheap, government-subsidized mortgages. White families, in turn, used those mortgages to purchase single-family homes in suburbs that excluded families of color. As a result, millions of White women who had worked outside the home were now out of jobs, with limited opportunities beyond child-rearing and homemaking. …”

The country was shockingly decent just a few generations ago. Especially until around World War I. The 1960s and 1970s were another turning point. It is amazing how much it has culturally deteriorated since then.


  1. White Christian Nationalism is not a myth, that’s what this country was founded on until it was subverted by a small group of people hellbent on destroying it. That they will never talk about because the WP is owned by that small group of subversives.

  2. I’ve been watching those communist pricks on MSNBC, CNN, etc. to enjoy the Schadenfreude of them going nuts over the SCOTUS decision. First thing is that the Jan. 6th coverage has gone by the boards, it’s now the horror of repealing Roe vs. Wade 24/7. The scruffy protests shown on TV weren’t that impressive either except for NYC and Washington where there is a super abundance of lunatics, degenerates, criminals etc. always ready for trouble.

    The Left is claiming Roe will motivate their voters come November to vote Democrat to codify Roe into law. This must mean that Roe was improperly decided in Jan. 1973 else it wouldn’t need to be codified by the scumbags in Congress, it would already be law. The Left couldn’t win abortion, gay “marriage”, so-called “Civil Rights” etc. through the corrupt Congress so they relied upon their control of the courts to have the same effect as passing laws.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Times change, new scumbags get elected to Congress and Supreme Court justices get replaced with the passage of time. This Supreme Court undid 49 years of error by returning Roe to the legislatures which don’t want to touch this hot potato with a ten foot pole. Unlike 1973 this Court didn’t just make it up as they went along according to their political ideology. They practiced law, not politics.

    The fanatics are already voting Democrat, nothing changed there. This decision won’t be that important to most people by November because their priorities will be food, safety, fuel and daily survival as the country rapidly disintegrates. As Dementia Joe declines further and perhaps Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President things will go from bad to worse which will focus people’s minds on survival, not politics.

  3. Amazing this video is on youtube. And comments are open, so I made a few Hunter Wallace talking points in reply (as Filip Groesbaek) to someone else from OD, “Joseph Roberts,” who made a reasonable, well-mannered comment.

    • >Amazing this video is on youtube.

      Oh come on — given the well-established absurdity of much of it (e.g. ‘misgendering’ etc), little of current, developing censorship practice surprises me — but I would be genuinely surprised if a harmless video like that was removed.

      >… “Joseph Roberts,” who made a reasonable, well-mannered comment.

      An excerpt:

      That is why I think that the main divide we have in this country is not race, gender, politics etc. I truly believe the divide is rural vs. urban.

      At this point, I’m not sure what to say to these ‘one race, the human race’ types.

      While it’s clear there is, yes, something of a ‘rural vs. urban divide’, one reason for this is that urban areas tend to be a lot more ‘diverse’ than rural areas — no responsible person can look at the ghetto black population in cities like Chicago, or the Hispanics in barrios, and compare them to the Whites in decent or ‘gentrifying’ areas, and conclude there is not a huge, irremediable ‘divide’ there — a ‘divide’ of perhaps another kind, but a ‘divide’ nonetheless.

  4. A Jew woman and an Irish woman wrote that article. Why do they hate the innocent? Why do they hate those who only want to live their lives in peace and WTF are they doing here, and where do they get the nerve to criticize us?

  5. Yes WP, it’s so much better that women now have the right to prostitute themselves on Only Fans, Tic Tok and other social media outlets.

    Yes the constant whoring for attention and the CC riding is so good and empowering.

    And the emasculation of men is great too. Lost little dullards who gawk at said “models” who on their best day are a 3 or 4 because said “model” had her ass kissed her entire life being called “princess” and told she can have it all.

    In all seriousness, I can’t imagine Sodom
    and Gomorrah were worse than what we have here today. I believe it’s much worse today and much more depraved.

    I really don’t know how much more God is going to tolerate, none of us does. But it seems to me its getting very close.

    Or maybe, this is really just the beginning of something much worse.

  6. “In all seriousness, I can’t imagine Sodom
    and Gomorrah were worse than what we have here today. I believe it’s much worse today and much more depraved.”

    Not really if you read the actual story, there weren’t even 10 good men left in those places. America is bad, but still has a significant minority of good people left. Just the trend is going in the wrong direction. The bad people are getting more and more numerous. Robert Bork wrote a prophetic book called “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” 30 years ago and although we are not there yet, it is where we are headed.

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