1. God, what a hideous, vile, ugly cunt.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how many drinks it would take to make her actually need the abortion she so ardently defends…

  2. I’m going to make a prediction, based on the reality that this is the current year.

    Where I am right now, ten toes down, I was expecting there to be lot of peaceful protests, peaceful protests with benefits, peaceful protests intensifying and mostly peaceful protests right here. But just about every law enforcement asset that Germany can muster is on site, which seems to be deterring all th at. The far left goony birds only do this in places and situations to where they think or know they can get away with it. Which is why they seem to be doing all their car-b-que-ing up in Munich.

    But I see that there are lots of abortion protests back in the ‘States. Now, those could be relatively few people, but made to look like masses with trick and creative photography and videography. Considering that these are left wingers, that’s probably true.

    Yet and still, there are pro-abortion protests to some extent.

    And while they’re unified, for now, like I said, current year.

    Here’s the prediction:

    Within a week, black women are going to start complaining that white women are too much “out front” in the protests, thereby erasing the voices of black women.

    Plain words, this is all going to devolve into another internecine intersectional pie fight, as the American left is doing a lot of in recent years.

    • What’s going on in Germany? Certainly they don’t care about US abortion laws enough to riot?

      • Germany has more restrictive abortion laws than the Mississippi ban which led to the Dobbs case

        • Thursday, the day before the Dobbs decision, ironically, Berlin rescinded the prohibition on advertising abortions.

          The same government that did that actually wants to loosen abortion laws. And so does Emmanuel Macron, next door. In fact, Macron tweeted opposition to the Dobbs decision. Ironically, even if Macron gets all of what he wants here, (and Der Scholzomat here, likewise), it would STILL mean that France and Germany have abortion laws that are more restrictive than the ones in the state of Mississippi that invoked the Dobbs case and decision.

  3. Chatter that they’re worried about terrorist boogie woogie against Catholic parishes and priests.

    The irony is that, while the pro-life movement’s big energy at first was among official Catholicism, it didn’t take long for that to change. Some time in the first half of the 1980s was when the energy source changed from official Catholics to other than High Protestants.

    So if they attack Catholic edifices and personnel, they’re attacking very old news. Now if they attack your typical First Baptist Church of the Outer White Bread and Mayo Suburbs, then that’s going to be more temporally accurate.

    • It’s actual Catholicism that has warned society about the rootless cosmopolitans from the word Go. It was the Church and the true Magisterium that kept the rootless cosmopolitans in check. Unfortunately, Father Luther decided that judaizing was the way to go and opened the door for their domination and destruction of Christendom. After all, what was Puritanism but the purest form of judaizing. No wonder Yankees slobber all over the rootless cosmopolitans.

        • Hunter Wallace,

          No but revolutionary principles did. In Spain the revolution began again after Franco died. I believe they had homosexual marriages before the USA led by the so-called Socialist Worker’s Party.

          Same-sex marriage in Spain has been legal since July 3, 2005. In 2004, the nation’s newly elected government, led by Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of the Socialist Workers’ Party, began a campaign to legalize same-sex marriage, including the right of adoption by same-sex couples.

          • Hi Christiana. Long time no comment exchanges.

            How are you doing – have you gotten married yet? Consider marrying a handsome White Anglo or German like Godfather Mike’s Italian American god daughter did in the Godfather when the family moved to Nevada.

            I see a lot of really good White Anglo older guy, younger Hispanic GF, wife and the children come out very good – Linda Rhonstadt is an example of one of these relationships.

            Whiter Hispanics are our best hope of ending, containing Black criminal mob rule. Hispanics have driven bad, criminal Blacks out of most parts of California. Miami Hispanics don’t let Blacks riot and loot or even twerk.

        • Mr. Wallace,

          You are a friend of Jack Ryan. Since there was no Reply tab for his comment to me he might not know I responded to him. Please let him no that I did. As i leave for Mexico shortly I might not be able to contact him again.

          I know he has my private email but that might be shut down shortly.

          Thank you.

      • Catholics claiming that Luther was some kind of demon are always good for a laugh.

        • Especially when the Orthodox (who never suffered through a Reformation) call Rome, ‘The first protestant.” And they’re right. Pot calling kettle, come in Petrine claims to universal jurisdiction!

      • The kikes always scurried to the Catholic cardinals & bishops to save them whenever Catholic peasants rose up in righteous rage to free themselves from kike oppression. Sicut Judeus Non.

      • All of modernism is rooted in the writings of the judaizing pagan philosopher Thomas Aquinas and the papist cult that adopted his theology. Luther’s major flaw was only that he wasn’t anti-papist enough, so he adopted much of the same flawed theology.

    • Notice the Anti-Catholics are a bit quiet lately. The clergy are almost uniformly weak on the issue. It will be interesting to see how this thing develops. The paranoid (probably correct view) is that the neocons are flexing on the old Illuminist wasp types. This is expedient for the Jews, who may despise abortion bans and harbor many pro-abortion fanatics, but abortion is not their religion like it is among the old Yankee feminists and fags. Roe vs Wade going down takes a venomous arrow out of our quill.

  4. Mr. Jack Ryan,

    Fantastic to hear from you again. In a few days I leave for Mexico for most of the summer. I will either be back in August to complete my last semester in the Fall or I complete school at a Mexican private school.

    If I complete high school in Texas I graduate in December and a ceremony would be held a year from now in May 2023. I go to a Catholic school in Texas. I sent you an invitation to your private email but did not receive an answer. If I come back to Texas I will send you another invitation.

    No I am not married and the only wedding proposals are the ones I have received on this website. My school in Texas is mostly female and Latin with only a few anglo guys. They are nice.

    I can pass as white. No doubt about that. I have been on this site for 3 years and have now grown up. You were so kind to me when I first came here.

    I have filled out since we last met/talked.

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