The Political Cesspool: The Fall of Roe v. Wade

Last night, I joined my friends James Edwards and Keith Alexander to break down and digest the news that Roe v. Wade is officially dead. I was on in the third hour, but you should listen to the whole show. The discussion builds up to how the Dobbs decision is going to fuel polarization.

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Hour 3:

We covered a lot of angles of this:

  • The Roe decision which legalized abortion was part of the “Rights Revolution” of the 1960s and 1970s. It was part of the long tail of the New Deal coalition. Democrats dominated the country after the Great Depression and World War II and stacked the federal courts with liberals who gave us rulings like Brown, Loving and Roe. This is clearly over now.
  • Conservatives have been slowly radicalizing over the past decade, but the trend has rapidly accelerated under Joe Biden. Where is this going?
  • The Dobbs decision is extremely radical in the sense that it devolved a massive amount of power back to the states. Is this the beginning of the end of the 20th century progressive project to concentrate power in DC in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and judges?
  • Where is the Alito Court going to go from here? Is Clarence Thomas ready to take the gloves off? The ruling class will never forgive this Supreme Court for the demise of Roe.
  • Obviously, the Dobbs decision is going to massively increase polarization because the main thing it does is recreate a geographic division between states. Women still have “a right to choose” … in places like the Northeast and West Coast. Is a National Divorce possible?
  • As Ross Douthat correctly points out, the Dobbs decision should have never happened. PMCs and the media are 100% against it. The so-called Cathedral or Synagogue was against it. Elites have lost a cherished constitutional right to sacrifice babies to Moloch. The only people who supported this and who worked for decades to make it happen were White Christian conservatives in flyover country. And yet, this decidedly non-elite, largely working class and middle class constituency with the support of Catholic legal elites triumphed over the Synagogue. Are we too pessimistic? Is this an early indicator that Jewish power is in decline?
  • Finally, the demise of Roe has been a Charlie Brown trying to kick the football situation for generations. It has preoccupied White evangelicals for decades. With abortion becoming a settled issue in Red States and polling clearly showing an emerging racial awakening among them, can we redirect their energies toward fighting the Great Replacement?


  1. Conservatives celebrating this/these anti abortion decisions, legislations better BETTER get extremely active in alternative birth control programs for the Black, POC underclass. David Duke as LA state representative back in the early 1980s proposed laws for mandatory Norplant BC for people on AFDC welfare programs.

    If the Back underclass population explodes again like it did in the 1970s, are people will suffer the fate of Whites in places like Santo Domingo/Haiti, Algeria, Uganda, Rhodesia, Baltimore.

    Don’t write off the Liberals – lots of White Liberals, Leftists like Margarett Sanger had sensible ideas about Eugenics.

    It’s just not realistic for the entire population of the world to move to the United States, become Conservative Christian, be pro life have 10 kids and own a lot of guns and somehow it will be all OK if they have a copy of the USA Constitution and watch televangelists on TV.

  2. Abortion Decision Causes Right-Wingers to Forget Republican Failures

    Everyone is talking about the great conservative “victory” with the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. Now we are guaranteed that millions more unwanted black and brown babies will be born into a world that will barely be able to feed and care for them, but I am sure Republicans will be more than happy to foot the bill, since ‘God wins’. The right wingers not driven by extreme religious fervor are simply reveling in all of the leftist tears, as the country is divided on yet another contentious issue. They really think that finally the federal government is on their side, which is a ludicrous assumption for anyone to make. What else can we expect from people who put “laser eyes” on Clarence Thomas because he’s so “based”?

    This is all part of a brewing civil war in America that will see an escalation of violence and fanaticism. I personally think that the leftists are slated to lose this war so that something of a right-wing theocracy can be introduced, with judeo-Christians purporting to clean up the mess left over by decades of leftist “progress”. The extreme degeneracy we are seeing everywhere, such as drag shows for toddlers, is perhaps being thrown in our faces deliberately, so that people literally beg for a different form of tyranny, one ruled over by judeo-Christian zealots. Maybe my theory is incorrect, and the leftist cess pool is the end goal in itself, but I tend to think it is just a means to an end, a stepping stone of the march toward the real jewish endgame.

    All of the leftist insanity makes the right-wingers look that much more appealing to the average White American, but what have Republicans actually done?

    They have failed to do anything to protect the border, let alone “build the wall”. This country has been absolutely flooded with the refuse from the third world, while many leading Republicans actively push for the invaders to be made legal. The GOP is completely “anti-racist” (anti-White), so why would we expect anything less?

    Did the “right-wing” Supreme Court do anything to stop the murderous campaign of compulsory vaccination? No, of course they didn’t! Many leading Republicans have stocks in these pharmaceutical companies or are getting serious money from lobbyists, so why derail the gravy train? They do not actually care about bodily autonomy or the health of the country. Remember that Trump advertised himself as the father of the vaccine.

    Right-wingers can conveniently point to Biden when blaming him for inflation, but what have Republicans actually done to try to fix the economy? They have signed off on all sorts of fiscal insanity for years now, robbing the American people blind and selling future generations down the river. They have not challenged the power of the Fed or in any way questioned why we should always have jews controlling the purse strings of our country. Have these Republicans ever thought that maybe instead of sending Israel billions more in aid every year, that perhaps we should feed the poor in our country and fix our infrastructure?

    Republicans joined together with Democrats recently to push through un-Constitutional “gun control” measures and red flag laws. Similar bills were passed under Trump as well, but the agenda is only ramping up. Why should any American still support the GOP when they refuse to even stand up for the Bill of Rights? This brings me to my last point, though there could be many more.

    Republicans have done nothing to protect free speech in this country. Yeah, some started up some new social networks for their deluded base, like Truth Social or Parler, but these outlets censor just as much as anywhere else when discussing jewish power and White genocide. Just remember that when Trump was leaving office, he could have pardoned many of his supporters who got locked up for going to DC to protest, just like he asked them to, but instead he chose to pardon jewish criminals and black rappers. If you think someone like right-wing hero Ron DeSantis is any better, remember that he flew over to Israel with his cabinet as soon as he came to power and signed an anti-Semitism bill.

    Forget about all that, though, because we’re about to MAGA so hard! Oh, and by the way, did you hear that Q is back? Now the Deep State swamp is really going to get drained. Oh boy, I just can’t wait for the 2024 elections!

    • @zard

      You make a very good point. Timing is everything in politics (and therefore media). So, the question to ask is, why now?

      As HW and others have pointed out, this ruling will dramatically increase an already existing extreme polarisation in the US.

      As to the fear that we will be swamped by millions of extra muds, without welfare none of these extra births will survive.

      Due to the incoming financial collapse, the welfare state itself will collapse.

      ZOG needs America destroyed, and ZOG is relentless in achieving its aims.

      As the Chinese curse goes, may you live in interesting times.

      • Abortion is still legal in California, New York and New Jersey. Check out the demographics of those states

      • I am also suspicious of the timing of this thing.

        To me, the Dobbs decision is a “Look, Squirrel!” way of distracting the American people from all the other anti-American activity going on in Congress, i.e. the economy, The Ukraine Money Laundering Operation, and most importantly the bipartisan (stupid AND evil) gun laws bill with eighty pages of fine print that Republicans didn’t have time to read.

    • Is that you Kyle? I largely agree with your post, but I also have to say that you are quite the coward on your site. You are much like a jew who censors people who don’t agree with you. Mr. Wallace is respected because he allows disagreement here.

      • Kyle Hunt was badly attacked and alienated from the Pro-White Movement in April 2014 when he tried to lead a “White Man’s March” on the streets and got universally condemned for it by all corners of the movement. He’s sort of been on a campaign of revenge ever since. In 2015, to his credit, he turned the book “Hellstorm” into a documentary, and for that, I am grateful.

        Unfortunately, his weakness is that he doesn’t envision a situation in which politics changes reality, and victory becomes possible. Everything is all part of a universal master conspiracy. Everything is all “part of the plan.” Anglin has been attacking this particular line of thought lately in regards to Russia and China. In a nutshell: There was indeed a master plan of control and domination, and it is failing and falling apart. The ruling elite is too incompetent and too decadent to see it through to its completion. Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau are no Henry Kissinger.

        I’m gonna make a bold proclamation: The calendar year 2020, with the covid lockdowns, the summer of riots, and the rigged election, was Peak NWO. Peak WEF. Peak Control and Domination. The January 6 hoax was its culmination. The censoring of all unfavorable information related to Ukraine was the final hail mary to keep it all together. Kyle Hunt is a decent man, but he’s also living in a reality that no longer exists. Its not 1989, 2001, or 2014 anymore. We are entering a new age.

        History will look back at the 2010s and 2020s as having the same effect on Fascism, Traditionalism, and White Nationalism as the 1910s and 1920s did for Liberalism and Modernism. In the same way that the 20th century abolished and repealed the 19th century, likewise the 21st century will abolish and repeal the 20th century. The technocracy and the experts will be universally discredited and reviled, same as the Victorians are today. The pendulum will swing from Molach to Gilead. And, one way or another, under the umbrella of a Fascist coalition that cancels Liberalism and Democracy, the existence of our people and a future for White Children will be secured,

  3. “can we redirect their energies toward fighting the Great Replacement?”

    We, the dissident right, shouldn’t do anything but try to get ourselves connected back to the mainstream so our presence can be a consistent part of every debate.

    From our digital gulag, we aren’t able to do anything because nobody wants to hear about the Jewish Question. Its a bridge too far, and not one worth storming when we can assault the pillars of the power structure Zog rests on simply through advocating White working class interests, which broadly resonate with the populist groundswell we are currently seeing.

    We can oppose Jews by opposing their goals, without suffering the social and financial costs of overt antisemitism. This is the way forward. Normies are far more open to talking about anti White policies than they are about whether its all being orchestrated by Jews.

    • I think you are vastly underestimating our influence.

      We’re seeing the Great Replacement go mainstream now. It is becoming mainstream now to describe people and policies as anti-White and to reject feminism. It is even becoming mainstream to criticize the ADL. Everything else that used to be the hallmark of the Dissident Right went mainstream when Trump was president.

      • I think you are conflating correlation with causation.

        Just because the great replacement is going mainstream doesn’t mean its because of our influence. Rather, its because its common sense and so blatant now that even normies can’t ignore it.

        Folks like us have seen it for 15 plus years and been screaming about the thin end of the wedge and stuff. Normies are just starting to. I don’t see any evidence supporting the assumption that its somehow to do with the dissident right that was entirely deplatformed after Cville. Tucker maybe is a cause for sure. But us? What have we done?

        Our reach isn’t that far, precisely because we are saddled with a toxic brand so much so that opportunists like Spencer are publicly dissavowing because there is literally no upside with being associated with overt antisemitism.

        • It is not just the Great Replacement.

          Among other things, it is becoming more common to see the term anti-White being thrown around. It is becoming more common to reject feminism. Nationalism used to be taboo. It isn’t anymore. Steve King was condemned by the Republican Congress and stripped of committee assignments for saying and doing things that are less radical than what Marjorie Taylor Greene says all the time.

          We’ve seen immigration restriction, isolationism and protectionism become much more mainstream. Institutions like the ADL and SPLC have lost legitimacy. Pretty much everything with the exceptions of the White ethnostate and the Jewish Question which used to clearly distinguish the Alt-Right from mainstream conservatism has been annexed. Secession has also gone mainstream.

          A few years from now, the Jewish Question will also go mainstream. It is already happening with Republicans under the age of 40 who aren’t nearly as pro-Israel. Go back and read the archives from a decade ago. There has been a stark change

    • I expect he would have to buy into a synagogue first (Metzger might be a Yid name). As I understand it you don’t really get to join the organization for free – one have to pay the shekels to become a ‘made’ mensch. Then the golden door to the endless opportunities for massive cash flows start to magically crack open. The buy-in is for tribe-members only. Conversion is just for show. Abortion mills are likely extremely lucrative. Not only do the ‘clients’ get to pay, but the income from sales of body parts is substantial.

    • Yes, but we have to package this in some way that we’re not openly calling to abort all Black babies in the hood Instead it needs to be packaged in a way that it’s helping these poor Blacks get access to health care choices that wealthy White women and Asians have in the suburbs.

      Margarette Sanger also mentioned that it was vital to recruit Black pastors to promote sensible birth control.

      And it’s reality that we’ll never get any success try to openly push anything goes abortion to cull the Black underclass to White Religious Right Christians, same as we aren’t going to get very far with these patriotic Christians, pro military Americans by trying to refight World War II from the losing Nazi and fascist sides.

      Let’s take a page from the Js who tell everybody what they want to hear and cut some people like the Bush family and Romney family in on their financial scams.

      The Js didn’t get to the top, monopolize the USA media by saying and doing dumb things that alienate everyone – they tell people what they want to hear, especially Blacks and homosexuals.

      Look at the success of AH, and socialist nationalism. AH told German big business like the Krupp steal manufacturers.

      “Look, the choice is us or the Communists. Of course we understand private business works better than government controlled everything, we need a nationalist government working with nationalist business and nationalist workers to turn the country around out of the horrors of the Weimar Republic. Give us power and we’ll get German workers to stop striking and supporting the Communists who will take away your businesses and or kill you”.

      Rockwell talked about this directly in 50 years of failure. We have to learn how to reach the hearts and minds of our people given who they are, what they like and what they hate. American White poor people and workers overwhelmingly speak English and are from some form of Christianity. That’s reality.

      Sure it’s frustrating, but we have to live in the real world.

  4. “This was a deliberate psyop and ploy of the Jewish elite to deflect attention from the rising costs, inflation, food shortage, immigration flood, and economic catastrophe we’re experiencing. Now we won’t be able to elect Republicans to take over Congress this November!!”

    – Anonymous White Nationalist on Gab


    Yes, Jews are kvetching at new levels of screech and Supreme Court justices are in safe houses but this was their plan all along.

    This should have been done 30yrs. ago. It’s already over for White America and Jews have won the race war but this wasn’t a Deep State psyop.

    No shekels for you this time, Daa-Goo-Gaa-Goy.

    • Actually Republicans can get in, and they’ll be even more “pro-immigration ” than the Dems. The concept that Republicans are on our side is just baffling.
      These “radio shows” are just keeping Christianity in place for control.

  5. I agree. This is a major moral victory. It should be dangerous to try and murder anyone especially a baby. I believe it is still for Catholics automatic ex-communication for a woman to get an abortion and for the doctor and anyone assisting.

    Abortion pills fall under the same censure.

    Murder has gone underground in several states where it should be. The idea that the State should provide safe and clean murder is as warped as it is evil. Just like rape and adult murder should be dangerous for the guilty so should abortion.

    This might be the best thing the USA has done since I have been alive.

  6. The third world is a shit hole because they have a low IQ population and leadership (which isn’t their fault).
    The West is a shit hole because we have the Jew invented Left.
    I can’t think of one thing the Left has given the West that has actually benefited us. They want the white man to keep maintaining the West(whilst hidden, I must add) without giving anything back to us of any real appeal.
    Could you imagine a week once a year, around the world, where every white man does nothing for that entire week? Downing tools and striking would give the world an opportunity to try their luck without us. An early taste of what the end result of a great replacement would look like. If only we had a global solidarity movement to organise such a move.

  7. “ Is this an early indicator that Jewish power is in decline?”

    I don’t see it that way. Conservatives got extremely lucky with the timing of several SCOTUS retirements and deaths. That is while loosing the popular vote twice in presidential races where they won the electoral college.

    All it would take to re-impose R v wade would be for some better luck for the democrats. They might be able to do it in less than 10 years if things break their way.

    In fact D luck with regard to SCOTUS appointments has been so bad that conservatives should have been able to get R v wade reversed 30 years ago if they weren’t so inept.

    The score has been 10 judges appointed by republicans vs only 4 for the democrats over the last 40 years. (excluding the recent K. Brown who did not participate in the current court)

  8. The people demanding rights to murder unborn infants are the sickest bastards on this planet next to the kike animals who force this crap on us

    Its time they are removed from the gene pool these sicko bastards

    • You can’t legislate morality. There’s going to be even more nonwhites living off your paycheck and hunting you down. You probably live in a white gated community and never see any if this.

  9. I think the Roman Catholics have been mocked, laughed at, and humiliated over the actions of their political leadership, and were finally forced to do something. Let’s face it killer clowns like the Bidens, Pelosis, Durbins, AOCs, Kapturs, Gillibrands, Sotomayors and all the rest of the Catholic low life finally have had their hand forced by White Protesteant criticism. If we keep it up more will change.

    Edwards , Duke and other good old boys, have in my opinion fallen into a trap where they get a little Catholic money and they want to give the Catholics a pass. I understand that Duke is a decent guy, but, when Catholic Scalise kicked him in the balls a few years back it didn’t wake him up. Of course Scalise is so dense he was nearly assasinated by a left wing gunman and that didn’t get thru his Catholic skull either. LOL.

    Edwards got gang raped by the Southern Baptist leadership, so he is sore about it, but, he didn’t really call the SBC leadership a bunch of crypto Catholics on a witchhunt or compare them to the inquisiton hunting Protestants. James could have ripped them up, but, being a nice guy he didn’t.

    Brad, I’m hoping that you don’t fall into the Catholic trap like Duke and Edwards. I don’t think you will because of your background, education, and Faith in Jesus Christ.

  10. I always enjoyed the TPC especially when Keith is on because he names the ones responsible for many of our problems. Yesterday was a good show.

  11. I wonder how many religious,ant-abortion parents have discreetly taken a knocked up daughter to the clinic after one of her “bad decisions”. I have no doubt it’s a hell of a lot. All is forgotten and it all becomes a family secret. They sure won’t consider her a baby killer.

    • @TW—–you never see a baby squirrel or a baby pigeon. Pigeons and squirrels are every where, but you never see a baby. You know why? They know how to protect their young.

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