Brian Stelter: Roe’s Demise Deepens Divide Between Red America and Blue America

We can always get that National Divorce.


  1. Modern liberals are a threat to humanity, they want everyone to lack resources because of their green agenda for green technology which isn’t efficient, they want everyone to own nothing, they want to drive up the cost of red meat so that only super rich liberals can afford it.

    The average cost of a home in America right now is hovering around $405,000 thanks to inflation. Liberals like it that way because being a homeowner gives you more respect in your community, they don’t want citizens with respect, they want a subservient mixed race population that serves a handful of rich liberal oligarchs.

    • “Modern liberals are a threat to humanity”

      The greatest danger isn’t the liberal, it’s the (((people))) writing the script that the liberals foolishly follow. If you overlay the above agenda with that of the communist, it’s a perfect fit. Same (((people))) setting both agendas.

  2. We should separate and get a national divorce between the two ideologies. We will never see eye to eye on anything.

    • Something even deeper than a national divide may be going on, a loss of media control . the controlled ((media)) ability to steer the national agenda is getting weaker. There is a strong and persistent drift of audiences away the conventional, I.e. obsolete, networks to more independent sources. thoughts.

      • I agree. It’s the internet. The usual suspects no longer have a monopoly on the message.

    • Nope, people don’t have enough intelligence and foresight to separate.
      It will be natural forces of a failed society that will rip it apart, chaos, economic failure, riots etc. Think Balkans 1990s.

  3. Stelter’s not wrong, although I wouldn’t use the words he used to describe the divide. I don’t feel fear or marginalized by the changes that have occurred in the country. Disgust, dismay, anger, and forboding come closer to describing the way I feel about it.

  4. Like I have always said on here: Red state secession (and the secession of red counties and red congressional districts in blue states) and their formation into a Greater White Heartland Republic!

  5. Who wants to fight a civil war to stop California and Portland from seceding? They’re welcome to – and they can take all of our illegals with ’em!

  6. “This AXIS is seeking to force their agenda on Blue states as well…”

    Just like the “experts” usurped the constitutional authority of the so-called Red states to decide these matters for themselves – right (((Brownstein)))?

    These shitkikes & commie race traitor scum simply cannot STAND that the “racist Flyova white trash” they’ve triumphantly lorded over for decades are beginning to take back their rightful power.

  7. I though Mr Potato Head was on the way out.

    >the erasure of women

    This is usually one of the first things I mention when (on the rare occasion) I find myself drawn on the question of homosexual marriage (which women are more likely to approve of than men), especially with women — I point out that, basically, in the case of two men ‘marrying’ each other (just the thought makes me want to puke), this means that society has deemed a man is more or less a drop-in replacement for a woman in a marriage; increasingly, there is no legal distinction (‘spouse’) — I ask them if that seems reasonable, or something they can really endorse — this gets a few of them thinking.

    I also remind them that no matter their views on the subject, no parent dreams of little Tommy growing up to ‘marry’ another man — the very idea is repugnant to normal people.

  8. “birthing people”

    LOL – you cannot make this shit up. This tranny stuff is costing the Democrats a huge, huge number of normal women voters.

    Most white suburban moms think clowns like Marjorie Taylor Greene are embarrassing nutjobs. But most normal women would take a Marjorie Taylor Greene over some trannie talking about “birthing people” and demanding “she” gets to use the ladies’ room.

    It’s pure comedy, enjoy it.

    • The kids are playing along with the tranny stuff because they know that’s the party line the “elites” are pushing. They know what’s real and what’s not; and they know how to cynically play the game. My 16 year old nephew told me in a moment of candor how he and his friends know “Rachel” Levine is really just an old man in a dress but that they only play along, in the way people raised in a deceitful society, (such as now exists in the USA), learn to do.

      The trannies had better watch out: when throwing the trannies under the bus brings TPTB more than keeping them does, the trannies will be gone.

  9. Previously I mentioned surgical vs medical abortion:

    Mexican networks ramp up help for US women seeking abortions

    Abortion pills smuggled into the United States from Mexico inside teddy bears. A New York home used as a pill distribution hub. A small apartment just south of the U.S.-Mexico border converted into a safe place for women to end their pregnancies. … Networks of Mexican feminist collectives working with counterparts in the United States are ramping up their efforts to help women in the U.S. who are losing access to abortion services to end their pregnancies. … “The demand is going to triple,” said Sandra Cardona of “I Need an Abortion,” a collective based in the northern Mexico city of Monterrey, 138 miles from Texas. “Before we accompanied about five women a month from the United States; now there are five to seven a week.” … These organizations’ strategy is clear: a self-managed abortion, that is to say, putting the abortion-inducing misoprostol and mifepristone in the hands of women who want to end their pregnancies and accompanying them, usually virtually, when they take the drugs. … The drugs are legal in the United States and more than half of the abortions performed there in 2020 used them, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights organization.

    Most people have heard about the problem of fentanyl, a lot of it made in China, being brought into the US from Mexico — the same will now be true of misoprostol and mifepristone (taking them when not under close medical supervision, i.e. ‘virtually’, is foolish).

    States that ban abortion will find medical abortion difficult to regulate/control — some women who obtain and then self-administer misoprostol and mifepristone will suffer serious side effects like heavy bleeding.

  10. “Birthing people”.

    These people need to be quarantined on an island away from civilization. Someplace where they are free to inflict their insanity on each other.

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