1. As an Australian, I have no idea what ‘mid term elections’ are, but it’s sounding like the Repuglicans are going to do ok out of it. It’s a waste of time participating as a ‘voter’ though. Nothing will come of it. You know:-one coin, two sides……

    • In case no other commenter clarifies this for you:

      Presidential elections are held every four years, e.g., in 2016 and 2020. Election of members of Congress is held every two years. Every presidential election is accompanied by a congressional election (in, e.g., 2016 and 2020), but there’s also a congressional election at the midpoint (e.g., 2018) of the president’s term. That’s the “midterm” election. Biden’s term started with the 2020 election, and there’ll be a presidential election in 2024. The upcoming election, of 2022, is the “midterm,” at his term’s midpoint.

    • Senators are elected for a term of six years, Representatives are elected for a term of two years. There are two Senators from each state making for 100 Senators. Representatives are apportioned amongst the states based upon population which is determined by a decennial census undertaken by law every decade by the Federal Government.

      The state of Wyoming only has one representative because it’s the least populous state, California has 53 Representatives because it’s the most populous state. There are 435 Representatives in the Whore House of Representatives plus the scumbags in the Senate for a total of 535 disreputable members of Congress.

  2. Actually kind of dangerous. On one hand, his handlers might see becoming a “wartime president” as a means of restoring his approval rating. On the other hand, his handlers might consider his damage irreversible and conclude that they have nothing to lose by having him ram through some very unpopular things on the American people.

  3. If only more people realized his almost entirely Jewish ‘supporting’ cast.

    On a side note, the new Top Gun movie was issued by Jewish Hollywood in tandem with the Deep State for the purpose of increasing military recruitment after they went ‘woke’ and forced the jab.

    Contards I’ve talked to loved it which was entirely the purpose.

    Fortunately, the attention span of Contards is increasingly short and this will fail to help the Great Satan.

    Russia will win decisively against Ukraine.

    The Great Satan f**ked around and found out.

    • “If only more people realized his almost entirely Jewish ‘supporting’ cast.”

      Ppl don’t look into things, they are too shallow.
      We don’t have a major WHITE media to expose it.

  4. How about Heels Up Hairass? She ought to be coming in soon. And she is absolutely perfect. She has zero white DNA.

    And how about Mitch and Cornyn and McCarthy? Is their popularity back up into double digits yet?

  5. They’re hoping his trip to Israel will set his approval ratings high amongst the zionist cucked Christian base that make up about 70 million people.

    These are the people that are keeping us behind with regards to the terror state Israel and the satanic vampire jews who run ZOG.

  6. He should wear one of those medical assistant alerts for when he literately falls and can’t get up.

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