Mika: Despite Their Flaws, Democrats Are The Last Best Hope Against Fascism

We’re all “fascists” now.

Note: Evangelicals have been trying to ban abortion for my entire lifetime.


  1. John T. Flynn wrote ” As We Go Marching” about FDR’s New Deal back in the 1932 and how fascism in America started.

  2. And the Fascist are the Native Born White American Working Class that does not consent to being voted into a White Racial minority within the borders of America…..by highly racialized Hindu Legal Immigrants from India and their highly racialized US born Hindu geneline…

  3. Democrats are undemocrats, mad people that want to destroy the european heritage by the invention of white priviledge. They’re the true fascist or better marxist communists who become mad, angry and violent when things don’t go their way. I remember the election of Trump in 2016, leftists rioted in the streets. The solution is the separation because they don’t want to respect us as european and american, they want to destroy us, this video from two years ago (which i’m sure a lot of you have already seen) show you the sad situation……….. ah also they always say don’t generalize but in the case of blame white people they are used to generalizing.

  4. Hard to believe these people are still running with the whole “fascism” thing, even after they saw that nobody gave a crap about their Jan 6 hysterics.

    Will running on killing babies and stopping Mussolini be enough to save Democrats in midterms? I think not.

  5. And so it begins.

    Fascism is bad, Nazism is worse and Putinism is just pure evil.

    When only alternative is coming out from the closet and join under Red Flag to fight as open communists in Lenin times, so will it be.

  6. “these people are still running with the whole “fascism” thing”

    Oh, no, no we can’t have merit based national socialism, where we take care of own people.
    We must have globalism, where the vampire race sucks all our blood to feed our enemies, leaving us frail homo zombies.

    That is the grand plan.

  7. They always mention ideologies we are not living under but never mention the ideologies we are living under.

  8. Make no mistake when they say fascism they mean Christianity. Christianity, the protection of the weak and the innocent is fascism to this filth. We need verification from an independent source that these people are actually human beings. I do not believe they are.

  9. “We’re all fascists now.”

    I was a fascist, before I knew what fascism is.

    By the way, Mika is a stupid pollack shabbos goy. Her father was a POS too.

    • I’m not really a fascist.

      Mainstream conservatives have been trying to repeal Roe for 40 years. This has always been a part of the standard conservative agenda. W. and Mitt Romney pushed for this day to come.

      Things are just so polarized now that Supreme Court decisions on gun rights and abortion – normie conservative issues – are now tantamount to “fascism.” So, we’re all ultimately in the same boat now

      • @Hunter in all the western world, leftists call us fascist, in Europe is the same. Is a term that they use to delegitimate their opponent. The curious thing is that the majority of these people who call us fascists come from the communist left or from the liberal marxist left. I talked with them several times and they’re always fans of Marx, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, etc….. I never really understood why communism, which has done so much harm in history, has been forgiven or is always justified.

      • >I’m not really a fascist.

        Maybe if you consider the long-term consequences of the current alternative of one man, one vote democracy, you’ll change your mind.


    • Facism merely means strength in unity. Of course the jews do not want their most hated enemies to become united and strong. That is why individualism is pushed to a toxic level. They want to keep us atomized and disunited.

  10. What made me a fascist was witnessing the self-described anti-fascists, hearing what they had to say and seeing the things they’ve done. Contrasting their views and actions with what fascism promotes, the choice was not a hard one.

    • Like most murikans, she’s just incredibly stupid, on top of being greedy and self centered. That’s just the basic truth of it.

        • I don’t know what’s appropriate to answer your unwarranted and repeated personal attacks on myself and others that apparently, the owner of this blog condones. You are a total fucking idiot. Your repeated namecalling and insults proves without a doubt, that there’s something wrong with you. IDIOT is a far too gentle term to describe you. You should aspire to work hard enough to become an idiot, moron. Considering the high level of your ignorance and confusion, I’m sure you consider being called stupid, a compliment. But it’s quite clear, mere stupidity is a level that you will never reach.

          • Don’t mind me. I just haven’t been laid in weeks, and haven’t had a proper poo for even longer.

          • @DICARLO—-Why did you reject Christ kyke? Was it because his thingy was too small or was it because he would not give you that great gayanal you need require and must have? Which kyke which?

          • Agree. I got called a kike and a “christ-killer”, too. There is a rule posted that says no flaming or trolling. It’s more than hard to figure out this guy’s agenda.

  11. I want jew-whore commie race traitors like that Polock cunt to experience TRUE “fascism” for once, and more: a new, merciless version of Nazism that will make them yearn for the days of kindly Uncle Adolf; that will actually do what they lie he did.

    In short: I want them DEAD & their bloody corpses jackbooted into mass graves.

    Only then will we be to live in permanent peace, quiet & security.

    • “jew-whore commie race traitors like that Polock cunt to experience TRUE “fascism” for once, and more: a new, merciless version of Nazism that will make them yearn for the days of kindly Uncle Adolf;”

      Ask yourself, does this sound like:

      1. A Southern man.

      2. A Jew intern at the ADL posting what he thinks “Neo-Nazis” sound like.

      They are always good for a laugh.

        • Foghorn Leghorn was an anti-Southern cartoon created by a Jew. Since the “neo-Nazi movement” in the US has always, since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell’s handler Dan Burros, all the way up to Andrew Anglin’s Jew buddy Joshua Ryne Goldberg, been scripted by Jews …

          … well it’s all quite obvious – and funny, once you understand how it works.

          This is the SPLC’s favorite website. If it didn’t exist they would have to make it up.

          • Yeah – cuckservantives like you have The Answer to the jews alright: play it safe; never use inflammatory language against the dick-nosed alien tribe that openly works day & night to physically destroy the White race; obey the taboos imposed by them via their control of the brainwashing machinery because White Normies are just too stupid to see kikes for what they really are – but winning over the majority of the idiots is nevertheless essential. So attack the symptoms, but never the (((Source))). In this way we can sneak up on them.

            “Optics, people: OP-TICS!”

            I have just a little more confidence in the ability of average Whites to wake up & smell the stinking jew than you do. If I did it – in spite of being raised on the “They’re Gawd’s Chosen!” garbage like most other Southerners – so can many of them. And it wasn’t just polite parlor presentations of facts & statistics from smiling men in suits that did the trick; it was words of righteous rage.

            Only Nazis successfully fought the jew in the 20th century. They did it forthrightly, like White men. It took the combined force of all the world’s kike whores to defeat them. They & their methods deserve respect, rather than scorn from the likes of you.

  12. I don’t believe for one minute that overturning Roe v Wade will do a single thing to aid our racial survival. Still, it’s really entertaining watching the usual suspects wailing and tearing their garments over it.

  13. The Democratic Party is the party of the Establishment, with its close ties to corporate media, Wall St., Big Tech, Big Pharma, and arms manufacturers (Ukraine), is literally a Fascist Party – the very definition of fascism. They, like the controlled opposition faux conservatives want you to think otherwise.

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