The Eyes Are Organizing To Fight “Journalists” Who Aid and Abet Abortion

I can’t stop laughing at this.

Thot patrols are organizing on Telegram.

This really is like something out of The Handmaid’s Tale. I don’t think I have ever seen such a radical power shift and role reversal. It hasn’t even been a week.

Note: The abortion bans in Utah, Arizona and Louisiana have been temporarily blocked in the courts, but the abortion restrictions in Ohio, Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee are now in effect.


  1. I always thought that change would happen more gradually myself, but something they depict in “The Handmaid’s Tale” is how the Sons of Jacob move quickly and aggressively to obtain power. The attack on Congress and the “slaughter of politicians” happens pretty much out of the blue. No build up or gradual tipping point. I cant tell if this happens before or after, but one random day, women are removed from the workforce, and their assets are frozen and transferred to the accounts of their husbands.

    Radical change in a short amount of time is possible. As Lenin said, sometimes decades can happen in weeks.

  2. That’s right jew, keep pushing for tranny, homo, immigration and abortion “rights”. Show the world your true, ugly, subversive face.

  3. Hey if it keeps the anti-white whites stuck in their shithole cities and keeps them from invading Real America – great.

    As said earlier, the Pro-Lifers got very professional. They seem very confident in these moves. Great. I’m inclined to trust them.

    It’s too bad your “movement” is run by Feds and Jews and can’t do anything except for post salty language in comment boxes on fringe blogs while pretending to be Hitler or whatever. Well, that, and dress up in stupid costumes and parade around in the streets like a bunch of nutjobs.

    The pro-lifers used to do that too, and all it did was make people think they were a bunch of clowns.

    So they stopped acting like clowns and became professionals.

    See, that is why you people always fail because you can’t do that.

  4. Is the “Eyes” thing something from this stupid TV show that I haven’t watched because its stupid?

    • Yes, I am really just making fun of the situation, but there is a grain of truth here.

      Red States are considering passing legislation like this which would criminalize aiding and abetting women who get abortions. There are also really are people who are organizing on Telegram to report women to the police who are suspected of having illegally procured an abortion.

      Hopefully, this will just fuel the hysteria on the Left and promote further polarization

      • Red States are considering passing legislation like this which would criminalize aiding and abetting women who get abortions.

        When something is ‘criminalized’, it becomes a crime — normally there is punishment for committing a crime — as I said before, if abortion is made illegal, only those who provide abortion services, i.e. the ‘aiders and abettors’, should be punished, not the women who are seeking to end their pregnancies — I have sympathy, even compassion, for any woman who feels trapped by an unwanted pregnancy.

        If subornation of perjury is a crime, why shouldn’t promotion of, or performing, illegal abortions be a crime?

        What should be noted here is the moral inversion, which is typical of Jews and Jewish ‘activism’ — just like they have helped to turn Blacks, the most destructive and dysfunctional group in the US, into a protected, almost saintly, class, here he attempts to portray the pro-life side as threatening and vindictive, when it is largely the opposite: pro-life groups have long been attempting to get Roe v Wade overturned in the courts, whereas, with very few exceptions, it is abortion activists who have often resorted to intimidation and violence.

        You see it here also:

        Twitter/Mark Joseph SternI am a gay Jew in Trump’s America. And today, I am afraid for my life.

        During the 2016 campaign, it was Trump supporters, even people who just wanted to attend a Trump rally, who had some reason to be ‘afraid for their lives’ — everyone saw how they were often attacked and occasionally bloodied.

        This is a kind of psychological sickness that comes from secular moral absolutism, and a culture that practically lionizes (alleged) victims and victimhood (which is another kind of inversion).

        • A gay Jew. Funny how Romans 1:32 has applicability… even in America 2022.
          Stern, be afraid. Very, very afraid.
          We’re done. The Saxon has awoken.

  5. I have no interest in living under a right wing theocracy.

    The only thing I trust the dissident right to do is to terrorize subversives as mercilessly as they have been terrorized, and I won’t do a thing to stop any excesses they go to in their nihilist pursuit of vengeance and lulz, and as far as I’m concerned the more excessive the better.

    However, nobody in this thing has the civilizational competence to govern this sprawling clusterfuk of a country and I won’t willingly give any of them power over anything in my life. That ship has sailed with the rise to preeminence of this accelerationist bent that has still not managed to justify to me helping Joe Biden to take office in 2020 by kneecapping Trump and running cover for the theft of the election.

    The only thing I have any interest in is the dissolution of the Empire into governable states, i.e. a dramatic decrease in power distance to rebalance civilization to the local level.

    I see no distinction between flavors of bureaucrats and won’t tolerate any of them any further than I’m forced to.

    • We don’t give a shit what you want to live under. God’s rule and reign will take place, and you will bend the knee. So deal, or not. But you’re gonna have to, eventually.

  6. Were coming were coming we are coming down the road…………………………….

  7. “Elevated Access, a coalition of volunteer pilots who are making themselves and their planes available to help transport patients in need of abortion or gender-affirming care to states where they can get those services.”

    “Red” states ought to especially criminalize new Shitlib Air’s attempts to circumvent their laws. Make the sluts & autistic fags buy their own tickets on regular airlines to get their wombs scraped or their dicks chopped.

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