1. How much lower do you think he could possibly go? My guess is that he’ll drop to 35% and stay there until he’s voted out.

    • The Lügenpresse is at it again, lying, lying, lying, their stock in trade. There is no way Dementia Joe’s approval numbers are 38%. Any president will hit rick bottom and still get 20 – 25% approval.

      When the Lügenpresse honestly reports Dementia Joe’s numbers at 20 – 25% approval you will know the Deep State’s stenographers i.e. the NYT, WSJ, CNN, NBC etc. are doing their part to prepare the public for Dementia Joe’s resignation. Then it’s Cackling Kamala as Mr. President. That should be good for a few laughs.

      • Next presser Joe gives someone has to ask him what he plans on wearing for his State funeral. (Or will he just let “Dr.” Jill surprise him?)

  2. Reading some more of Joe Tzu’s many 666-D Chess level axioms, I think it’s wrong to say Joe’s base is collapsing upon him. He in fact is collapsing upon them. After all he does not shake hands with the air, it is the air who shakes hands with him. The deep wisdom of the great warrior to defeated the Corn-Pop menace should always be studied.

  3. In case anyone was wondering or thinking that ‘liberalism’ only recently ‘went astray’:

    linkThe feds coming in and taking your kids on a two hour bus ride to a violent inner city school in the name of equality. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there was once a “reasonable liberalism” that recently went astray, it’s been pure madness for 60 years.

    • Because WHITE people are stupid.
      They don’t have the simple sense to protect their race or racial territory.
      “I lubz everyone”.

  4. He is not the only old duffer who needs to move on, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch Mcconnell, Chuck U Shumer, Hilary Rodman, Patrick Leahy, Diane Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Charles Grassley come to mind, and that is hardly a complete listing. Washington is full of these ridiculous old windbags. Bernie Sanders and Don Trump could probably be added to the list as well.

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