Axios: Supreme Court Reins In Biden’s Power On Climate Change

Progressive activists take yet another L at the Supreme Court.


“The Supreme Court on Thursday imposed major constraints on the breadth of EPA’s authority to limit carbon emissions from power plants.

Why it matters: The 6-3ruling in West Virginia v. EPA will likely make it harder for the Biden administration to meet its climate targets — and may tie the hands of future administrations that want to take aggressive action on climate change. …”

I’ve lost count.

How many Ls have progressives taken this term? Roe v. Wade went down in flames. Prayer in public schools was upheld. Religious private schools can receive taxpayer funds. Louisiana’s new election map was restored. Oklahoma won that tribal sovereignty case. Gun rights were expanded.


  1. Congress has been dumping hard, unpopular decisions on regulatory agencies for decades to appease the Left and avoid blame for these horrible decisions. When the EPA or some other agency makes an injurious, unconstitutional ruling, the Republicans have just thrown up their hands saying: ” . . . there is nothing we can do about it. We are opposed to this new EPA rule but our hands are tied, blame the Democrats or the EPA.”

    Of course, the Republicans could have always eliminated funding for the agency or passed a law specifically preventing the agency from making a particular regulation but they just made token efforts. After courts ruled against the Republicans they just moved on instead of going after the courts too. The Republicans, at least the old goats like Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell have to go.

  2. Think about it, Ruth Ginsburg dropped dead of pancreatic cancer on September 18, 2020. Biden was elected president in November 2020. if Ruth could have only hung on for a few more months none of this would be happening.

    That pancreatic cancer is tough, you are lucky if you last six months.

  3. Most Americans don’t really understand the racial complications of changing the demographics or don’t want to think about it because it’s still a few decades away. But of all their crap, this “green” agenda is the most imminent threat for an economic national catastrophe. It’s all lunacy and portends Mao level starvation if these maniacs follow through, all to make a bunch of rich brats on the coasts fell good about buying the new modern “green” version of an old papal indulgence. I don’t see how this benefits their alleged “low wage” constituents as poor people will suffer the most by the real poverty brought on by this crackpot green agenda. And you can tell they aren’t serious about it because the only practical source of power in the future will be uranium and of course “oh no we can’t have that.” Idiots.

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