Axios: Supreme Court Allows Biden To End “Remain In Mexico” Policy

Well, this sucks.


“The U.S. Supreme Court will allow President Biden to finally end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, according to a Thursday ruling. …”

You could look at it another way though.

The Supreme Court isn’t going to handcuff Joe Biden and insulate him from the consequences of his progressive open borders immigration policy. This ruling preserves the power of the president over immigration. It is highly unlikely that Joe Biden will win a second term.

Want to end this insane wave of illegal immigration? Toss out Joe Biden who currently has a 38% approval rating and replace him with someone else who will get the border under control.


  1. Avoiding to ramp up racial hostility before big clash is wise decision.

    No need to make anything what may push colored folk into enemy camp.

    We need massive global front against Jews and communists and everybody else on our side or at least neutral.

  2. The ruling is disappointing but not surprising. The Supreme Court is not going to tie the hands of one president by the policy decisions of a previous president.

        • I haven’t changed.

          Long before Trump became president, I agreed with conservative normies on issues like guns, abortion, gas prices. Feel free to scroll through the archives.

          My view is that conservative normies have gotten better on lots of issues that I care about. I give them credit for that. If they are coming around on issues like secession and the Great Replacement, that’s a good thing, right? Why would I condemn people who are waking up and moving closer to my views?

          Richard Spencer has become a shitlib. He said in his latest interview that his policy views are indistinguishable from your average New York Times reading liberal. He supported forced vaccinations. He supports gun control. He supports a neocon foreign policy now. He supports feminism and believes that homosexuality is “eugenic.”

          • @Hunter

            Spencer is trying to rebrand in another form white nationalism, in eugenic form, as i said in another comment below this is not good…… we have not to rebrand conservatism or nationalism in other forms, we have simply to be clear and consistent.

    • @Robert Speer,

      Pass the copium.

      The US Supreme Court has gone rouge in the past for the judeo-left’s agenda, but they do not have the intestinal fortitude to reverse the damage.

  3. Hunter i don’t know if you have seen or maybe attended this year the annual conference of the League of the South. On their youtube channel they have uploaded many videos. For as long as I have been following American politics, I have always liked David Duke, Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, William Regnery II(RIP), Billy Graham (only because of his opposition to Homosexual stuff) ………. ahh what a generation, consistent people. You can say what you want but at least they are people who have always been consistent with what they believe in. Not like some of today’s turncoats and buffoons….

    Mr. Duke

    • This is why I love Dr. Duke, he goes straight to the heart of the matter and says that Russia was provoked by Jews. He’s one of the non-retarded nationalists that realizes that Ukraine is Jew controlled with a Jewish president and siding with the Kiev government is akin to siding with Jews. Duke also points that his heart goes out to the Ukrainian people who have suffered from a Jew provoked war.

      All these queer nationalists / White imperialists like Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson don’t know what they are talking about.

      • North Georgia citizen,
        Yeah, whatever the dynamics at the political level, I feel bad for the average REAL Ukrainian whose lost everything, including loved ones. I hope Australia, America, etc accepts as many of it’s refugees as possible.

      • @North Gergia Citizen In my opinion the problem or the fact is that Richard Spencer and other people of his generation, continually try to rebrand white nationalism (even with contradictions if you think that 5 years ago Spencer was against NATO). Instead the older generation of Michael HIll, Jared Taylor, Gordon Baum and others didn’t waste time continually changing their thinking or rather the form of their thinking to try to escape who knows what……. they were and are simpler because they think one thing and rightly put it into action without modifying or changing it to achieve who knows what message……. sometimes consistency and simplicity are the right moves.
        Continue to rebranding white nationalism is simply a waste of time (especially if in order to do so you contradict yourself as Spencer does).

  4. Let this be a lesson to those who got all enthused about the kritarchy because of the end of Roe v. Wade. How is rule by unelected lawyers in black dresses any sort of freedom?

    • Overturning imaginary constitutional rights manufactured out of emanations and penumbras – a “right” deemed so important that blackrobes in various locales held that it trumped the first amendment itself – was an uncommonly anti-kritarchy decision. It tossed the issue to the states. The court never should have federalized the matter to begin with. First step in the right direction in an incredibly long time.

  5. In 1953-54 newly-elected Republican President Dwight Eisenhower pulled off what Trump couldn’t, ‘Operation Wetback’, deporting an official 1.1 million Mexicans and Latinos back south over the border (number contested by some).

    That led to the years with the highest real incomes ever for the USA working class, and the circa 1960 peak of the USA as around 90% white.

    But ironically it might be Europe that starts reversing first re migrants, in the winter upcoming where there may be literally no gas (the other kind) to heat EU homes. Europoors may well turn with fury against the welfare-receiving migrant populations.

    EU is starting to admit that they will be short about 30% of gas they need (ZeroHedge). The EU is so fragile economically it seems it has quietly agreed to shortly back off on the Kaliningrad blockade, given that Putin perhaps threatened to cut off all gas and oil flows pronto.

  6. To the Author. I disagree totally on Biden not winning a second term. Why? Because when the Republicans come in they will get the economy somewhat going and Biden and the media will say it’s Joe Biden that saved are economy. Just the truth, man.

  7. The border has been an issue for along time, long before dementia Joe took office and will remain so until someone with balls decides to take stringent action, closes it and builds a wall like Israel has.

    What to do with the invaders that are already here is another major problem that has to be addressed. Cutting off all aid and benefits is one way to force them out.

  8. Better idea: give border States the right to patrol their own borders using volunteer militias with immunity from prosecution if they shoot invaders.

  9. Have the South come out of the Yankee Empire and form their own nation and get rid of this “Remain in the South” “Policy” and send all these invaders into the North where they belong and let the liberals have all the “immigration” they crave.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Awww, c’mon Banned….I’m sure you’d love to capture a few of them and put them to work out in the cotton fields, right?

  10. Back around 2004, a LOS member friend took me to a meeting. At the time, there was a black in Alabama named Edgerton who liked to parade the roads carrying the Confederate battle flag. They thought he was the cat’s meow. I remember leaving thinking what a worthless, pathetic outfit this was. They seemed to be color blind, Jew friendly “southern nationalists”. I do think Mike Hill has currently hardened his position somewhat. Perhaps Brad can enlighten me.

    • Those days were long gone when I joined the League in 2012.

      The League went to the opposite extreme and became too WN and lost a ton of members by getting involved with the Nationalist Front. Hanging out with Heimbach’s TWP and especially the NSM pretty much destroyed what we built between 2012 and 2015

      • >became too WN

        Such thinking/rhetoric baffles me.

        Looking at current world population and migration trends, as well as what’s going on in literally every Western/white nation, i.e. the ethnic and cultural displacement of Whites, either you understand that without a homeland that largely excludes other races Whites will not survive anywhere as a cohesive ethno-cultural population group, or you don’t — if you do understand that, and you don’t want Whites to suffer that fate, with all its unforeseeable consequences (think Haiti, Rhodesia, or South Africa), then there is no such thing as being ‘too White Nationalist’ — it’s as simple as that.

        I am not all that familiar with the names and organizations/acronyms you mention: I assume TWP is the Traditionalist Workers Party (I have heard of them), and NSM is the National Socialist Movement (I know nothing about them) — perhaps part of the problem was the personalities associated with those organizations — I don’t know, and don’t really care; it would not change my thinking in any way, since that is based on both my knowledge of the irremediable nature of racial differences, as well as what I see going on all around me, including the current political dynamic around white people and ‘whiteness’, especially the beginning of the physical elimination phase of ‘diversity’.

        • Believe me, I know what I am talking about.

          The League went from a group that was attracting normal people with edgy views on race and secession to classic “wignat” types in the span of 5 years. Once that happened, a bunch of people left the group and the rhetoric and public image and tenor of the group and the sort of people it was attracting changed. The turning point was getting involved with the Nationalist Front in 2017.

          There is such a thing as being too WN, too detached from reality, too immersed in an online subculture and unable to relate to ordinary people. This was also true of the Alt-Right which imploded for similar reasons.

          My friend James Edwards is someone who is radical, but friendly, outgoing and stylistically moderate. James can relate to and engage with the average Southerner. There are some people, particularly online but also in real life, who lack the ability to bridge this gap. That’s putting it mildly.

          You can’t grow as an organization by limiting your appeal to the sort of people who have been convinced WNs for 40 years. It sucks that this happened right as secession went mainstream

  11. Secession went mainstream? More fantasy. In only a few months, Southrons will have only their favorite nigger SEC football team on their mind. Roll Tide! War Eagle!

    • Yes.

      It is possible to relax, watch a football game and have all sorts of rightwing views. Most people aren’t very ideological or consistent. WNs are the only people who I know who believe watching sports is incompatible with their views on race. The typical racist here is a middle aged normie who is huge Alabama fan who might be into QAnon

      Christianity is another blindspot. Probably over 90% of White racists in America are Christians. WNs insist that Christianity, however, is incompatible with being pro-White which flies in the face of history and reality.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I think American obsession with football does weaken racial loyalty and was used to promote integration. It obviously leads to whites more interested in sleeping with blacks than would otherwise be the case since it creates hero worship.

        In the catholic book–Who Shall Ascend it was documented that in the 1910’s Jews said they would elevate the importance of sports so that it would lead to white women sleeping with black men. The book is by Father Wathen.

        Any sport or hobby that a husband spends more time on than thinking or making love to his wife is wrong in itself. A man marries a woman not a sport.

        If you answer please do so before tomorrow night.

      • HW,.

        Christianity where you could be proudly White is extinct, except for CIs that believe they are “the real jews.”

        Contemporary mainline Christianity is a millstone around the necks of the European folk.

        Spahnranch 1969 is correct when he says the “ordinary Whites” need be brought into the field by whatever means necessary.

      • It is also possible to relax and NOT watch a sport that has done much to encourage and normalize race-mixing in America.

  12. I am a Bama graduate who who hates the whole football culture. In fact, I root for every team that plays Satan’s team. And lest not get into dyke softball.

  13. An honest “Christian racist” would just tell himself that God is in control and he shouldn’t fret about things such as the Great Replacement. I mean, everything happens for a reason. Right?

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