Axios: Texas Bans Abortion

Sodomy is next.

If the Supreme Court strikes down Lawrence v. Texas, the Texas AG has vowed to enforce the Texas anti-sodomy law.


“The Texas Supreme Court on Friday night barred clinics from performing abortions, days after a lower court ruling said a pre-Roe ban did not forbid them from seeing patientsthe Associated Press reports.

Driving the news: The decision opens the door for civil enforcement of a ban on the procedure in the state, but does not permit criminal enforcement of that prohibition, per the AP. …”

Texas is also considering seceding from the Union. Either way, Texas is taking back Austin. The writing is on the wall. Christian sharia is coming. Libtards should get out now before it is too late.

Note: Krystal and Kyle are very upset.


    • It’s definitely objectionable; I do not like seeing miscegenation, especially involving white women, but I won’t go so far as to call it immoral (unfaithfulness in marriage, i.e. adultery, is immoral) — but in the end, personal relationship choices of others are none of my business, and I don’t think they are any of the state’s business either.

      There are biological reasons why miscegenation is a bad idea, perhaps most dramatically the near impossibility of finding a tissue match, e.g. for organ donation.

      • Miscegenation hurts everyone,especially the children. By race mixing you are not only weeding out your own race but you are creating a mongrel race which will lead to a race-less society which the jews want for the goyim. There was a reason is was outlawed at one time.

        Immorality has many definitions and as time change so do those definitions.

        • @John, there not gonna ban miscegenation because there is nothing biblical that says it’s a “sin” it’s a matter of preference imo. Everything else will definitely be banned though.

          • Really? Homosexuality is a sin in the bible but that’s OK in many Christians sects and they will support and marry them. It all depends on your definition and what;s PC in the church. It’s not black and White anymore. Everything is through the prism of the rainbow flag and even the church has fallen for it.

        • I’m sympathetic to what you say.

          But perhaps you’ve heard of the ‘libertarianism to Alt-Right pipeline’, meaning many involved in the Alt-Right in the beginning started out as libertarians — this is not an unfair description of me — and my libertarian leanings are still strong enough that I just cannot get behind a state prohibition of miscegenation.

      • So a married oreo couple is cool, but a healthy white couple living together in a monogamous relationship are “sinners”? Clown world!

        • @TW I’m a realist and Jim Crow or aphartied is NOT coming back nor are anti-miscegenation laws. They are products of the past and it’s time to move past it. It also shows that White Supremacy is bullshit too, because if Whites need laws to prevent mixing then we aren’t the “superior race” obviously. If you wanna separate yourself from everybody that’s not lilly White then do it, but don’t expect laws to be enacted to prevent it.

        • Per the indentation you seem to be replying to me — ? — I said nothing about ‘a married oreo couple’ being ‘cool’; I said I personally find miscegenation objectionable, but not immoral, also that I think a legal prohibition is inappropriate and impractical — I said nothing about ‘a healthy white couple living together in a monogamous relationship’ being “sinners” (they ought to get married) — I said adultery is immoral.


        • @TW a married Christian couple is good anything else is sin. There is nothing in the Bible that mandates racial separatism.

      • I used to think “Hey man, whatever consenting adults want to do behind closed doors is their business”, you dig? But now I see how a permissive and tolerant attitude towards questionable personal conduct invariably leads to social chaos. The Revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran and Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea are excellent contemporary examples of how a country ought to be run.

      • Something can be immoral and not require state enforcement of laws against it. As a matter of fact, I prefer that the state not attempt to adopt the responsibilities of religion. That’s part of what has gotten us into this mess.

        Miscegenation should be shunned by families and parents should be incorporating religious, social, cultural, and biological moral norms into a child’s upbringing instead of letting the state indoctrinate them.

        I agree that I don’t want Joe Biden, Clarence Thomas, or Lindsay Graham deciding who my romantic partner should be or what we should be doing in the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be dismissing our responsibilities to our children.

  1. >If the Supreme Court strikes down Lawrence v. Texas, …

    This case is a very good example of why I say normal people find homosexuality repugnant, especially male homosexuality.

    Justice Thomas seeks case to challenge Lawrence v. Texas ruling; Paxton evaluating ‘new territory’

    >… the Texas AG has vowed to enforce the Texas anti-sodomy law.

    Seems unwise, perhaps a bit extreme (consenting adults etc), not to mention impractical.

    I would be satisfied if it were found there is no constitutional protection for sodomy and (especially) homosexual marriage — my hope would be that afterward many states would ban homosexual marriage, and annul any existing homosexual marriages — I think legal prohibition of sodomy between consenting adults is inappropriate and not enforceable.

    I also think adoption by homosexuals should be prohibited — surrogacy for homosexual couples should be addressed too, since I don’t think children should be raised in homosexual households.

  2. The loudest screams against any sodomy ban will come from the Irish and the Jews. Homosexuality predominates in those who breed and produce children within their own bloodline. The Irish and the Jews are such a peoples. During the Saint Patrick’s Day parade just take a look at all the queers marching behind the gay banner, it is half the parade.

    The thing that binds this Jewish- Irish cooperative relationship in politics and the pursuit of power over white Christians, is anal sodomy.

  3. > Christian sharia is coming.

    Rushdoony told everyone to homeschool and build parallel institutions. So they did. Now the crypto-theonomists are going to reestablish the Biblical office of Magistrate to judge those who violate the Moral Law.

    Keep telling them this and they will self-deport. Also tell the Jews they have to go to Israel because once they are gone then Jesus can come back and bring Peace on Earth.

    These libtards don’t know anything about anything so they will believe pretty much whatever you tell them about Scary Christian Flyover Country. Eventually start making hints about a resurgence of Klan activity.

    Send them all back to California and New York, but recognize the Independent Free State of San Diego because we need that naval base. And the beaches can’t be lost they are too amazing.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    • I was in a 99% White part of America last weekend. Clean, friendly, safe, beautiful, Teutonic…what America SHOULD be like all over – if it weren’t for the 1965 immigration treason.

      • I’m in a White area as well. It’s completely different from my previous city. My stress level has gone down, a lot. Good stuff. Friendly faces and no crime. Highly recommend. I’m planning on making this permanent.

  4. Ken Paxton is already extremely unpopular here in Texas,having barely won the Republican primary because of all the ethical scandals surrounding him. Making threats like this could very well lead to handing the election to his Dem opponent in November. Elections are getting close here now. I don’t know what good that is going to do for conservatism in Texas to hand the election to the Demonrats over this issue which I can guarantee you 90% of Texans have no interest in seeing acted on. Since I think most of these officials are RINO shills anyway maybe this is their way of just handing the State of Texas to the raging moonbats? As far as secession is concerned these people are just bluffing. I know it for a FACT. There has been an organization in Texas for decades, which now has nearly half a million members, that has been working to get that issue on a ballot here. I am a member of it. After the beyond questionable results in 2o2o the organization finally was able to get a rep to sponsor legislation in the house which these same loud mouths did EVERYTHING they could to stop. Even going as far as calling supporters of any voter referendum on this issue “traitors”and “cowards”. I’m supposed to believe these Masonic scumbags aren’t up to no good now with this? These people, none of them, are to be trusted. They are SOLD OUT to the agenda just like every elected official in Washington.

  5. Austin will secede from Texas before Texas secedes from the Union.

    Non-whites allying with anti-white whites.

    As I have said before, what we are seeing in Donbass is foreshadowing.

  6. The elites want the culture war to be anti-racist conservatives against anti-white progressives, and that looks to be happening in the USA. Europe is going to be so fucked from the energy crisis the next year, that this will crowd out culture war issues.

  7. A word about Calvinism: Calvinism and religiosity were more a New England phenomenon than a Southern one when the colonies were formed. The Puritans were more austere than sincere I think, because strangely enough the children of the Puritans seemed to share their parents’ enthusiasm and fanaticism but not their parents’ actual faith. (Does this remind us of anyone else?) So you get these foaming progressives who start crafting a social gospel to replace the gospel of the new testament which was supposedly not of this world.

    So being a racist is like being a sinner. It’s something white people need to confess in order to be woke again. I truly think puritanism is partly behind the answer to the question we often wonder about “why are liberals are so uninterested in listening to other side?” It’s because liberalism, communism, are in reality forms of religious dogmatism. There is an orthodoxy, and those who deviate from it are to be tried for heresy and expelled from the church, not to mention the kingdom of God.

    The Southern colonies really were less religious in the first place, more focused on venture and profit. But the Bible Belt strayed South as America grew older. And so close to the time the Civil War starts, you find southerners view themselves as God’s faithful and the Northerners as vile atheists. And to some extent, I think that is true. Denominations split into North and South at the same time over slavery and I think the Bible became more important to Southerners because it clearly supports the idea that slavery can be a moral institution, if practiced within certain prescriptions. Many more Northerners, clearly did not believe this. But their self-righteousness in what should have been a disagreement among reasonable men is what seared their consciences and made them indifferent to the more than half a million lives they ended in a brutal, unnecessary, and morally unjustifiable war.

    • @Friedrichh Braun—–You know Maggie was Irish right? Ditto Charles Lynch the namesake of Lynch’s law, and of lynching. I do not know about you but I am tired of being blamed for the sins of these filthy diseased disgusting Irish. Have you been Hannotized, Friedrichh?

    • The video is an alarmist review of a fairly harmless letter Margaret Sanger wrote to Dr. C.J. Gamble — in part of the letter she discusses how to make birth control outreach among ‘the colored people’ via something called the Negro Project of the South more effective (e.g. by employing black doctors).

      >exterminate the Negro race

      I think most are aware that today she is ascribed views said to be compatible with eugenics, but I don’t think her views on race were at all unusual for the time — there’s not much evidence that her efforts toward sex education and support for birth control were directed more at one race (or races) than another.

      The following brief bio seems pretty reasonable:

      Margaret Sanger — American social reformer

      One of the odd things about the modern era is how eugenics is consistently portrayed in a bad light.

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