Poll Watch: Pollsters Warn About Radicalization Trends

I identify as a normie now.

Clearly, there are millions of people on both sides whose political views are far more extreme than my own. I don’t feel like I should be labeled a “hate group” anymore. I was just ahead of the curve. I’m a milquetoast moderate in 2022.


    • “Pollsters Warn About Radicalization”

      Odd, they never warned about radicalization wi the queer agenda. Seems they are only concerned when the opinions don’t match thiers.

      Radicalization, is that like blacks burning cities?

  1. Richard Patrick, the Filter guy in the video is an Irishmen from Needham, Mass.

    Why is an Irishmen portraying innocent whites as homicidal maniacs?

    1—because his Jew masters tell me too
    2—because the money is good
    3—-Because he is Irish and the Irish hate the innocent as much as the Jews do
    4—all of the above


      Ye’ll be gettin’ some distinctly Irish SEMTEX up yer ersehole if ye don’t shut up!

      • @Gerry Adams, IRA Supreme Commander—–Hey Gerry did Uncle Ted do your, your, your………communion? Was it good?

    • The Irish have been a devastating weapon to the wasp founding stock. The Catholics never should have been let in.

    • Not all Irish are like that. Too many are though. Maybe if ol’ Gerry Adams and his IRA boys had been paying attention Ireland wouldn’t have been turned into another stinking okrug of the EUSSR, now a colony for Nigerian settlers. They even had a certain (((Mr. Shatter))) as their migration minister a while back, who really opened the doors to the Africans. The old “dark Irish” look postively ghostly by comparison with the newbies.

      • @Exalted Cyclops—-the leopard can not change its spots. There is only one way to overcome the sins born in the blood, only one way, and that is through Christ, . The Irish have turned their backs on Christ and are in bed with his enemies, having all that hot filthy gay sex with the Jews.

  2. Extremism and radicalization are terms that leave time to be found, just think of the fact that for the past 15 years we have been talking about extremism referring only to the right, purposely denying the existence of the extreme left. The extreme left is either justified or its existence is denied. The absurd thing is that in recent years, and I would say in the last century, there has always been more extremism on the left than on the right. The extreme right certainly exists, but it is always criticized by those who are left-wing extremists, such as today’s culture woke.

  3. After years of dismissing the grievances of the right as conspiracy theories or motivated by hate, they cant understand why the right and specifically whites are radicalized and disillusioned with the democratic process. Of course they never will acknowledge our interests as legitimate and this leaves them with only one option, to double down on exclusion from levers of power and more censorship. When it all goes very badly for them just remember that this is fate they chose.

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