MSNBC: Is Travel Reimbursements For Abortion The New Corporate Perk?

If you want to kill your own child, these corporations are stepping up to the plate to help you do that. Just don’t get any ideas about the workplace being less important than your family.

Note: The funniest one on the list to me is DoorDash which has no problem letting its workers eat the cost $5 a gallon gas. Reddit isn’t a surprise. This is a Reddit Moment.


  1. These lowlifes that will travel to get an abortion just to prove they can deserve any karma that comes their way.

    • Yet these same hr driven holes with employees who would never think to organize for better pay or conditions are lock step with their at will employment.

  2. So when will corporate America start offering free vasectomies and hysterectomies to high school graduates just to save all the future trouble and headaches of travel expenses??

  3. If you would have told me this 5 years ago, I would have said “No no way! This is Alex Jones jacked up to 1000%. You are getting into green alien theories.” But no it’s really here! You can’t make this up if you try. I’m not a big fan of the GOP but these Democrats really are godless and disgusting.

  4. Interesting. So corporations are backing both sides? What a shocker! The reality is this, most corporations are owned by the banksteins, and the bankers require America to split apart, in order to facilitate the emerging Eurasian giant, which the banksteins will control.

    By encouraging polarisation and division the goal of deconstructing the USA gains more and more traction. Soon will come the hot phase.

    Nothing is ever what it seems. Death to ZOG.

  5. Sickos..
    I am glad I literally never use any of those corporations to buy anything including Amazon.
    The nigger truck drivers around my gated neighborhood drive 60mph in here every time I see one and the SL is 15mph
    I hate niggers and companies who hire them

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