New York Times: Spurred By The Supreme Court, A Nation Divides Along a Red-Blue Axis

I’m a realist about this.

The Union is dissolving again.

It is not happening the way so many of us wanted.

New York Times:

“Pressed by Supreme Court decisions diminishing rights that liberals hold dear and expanding those cherished by conservatives, the United States appears to be drifting apart into separate nations, with diametrically opposed social, environmental and health policies.

Call these the Disunited States.

The most immediate breaking point is on abortion, as about half the country will soon limit or ban the procedure while the other half expands or reinforces access to reproductive rights. But the ideological fault lines extend far beyond that one topic, to climate change, gun control and L.G.B.T.Q. and voting rights.

On each of those issues, the country’s Northeast and West Coast are moving in the opposite direction from its midsection and Southeast — with a few exceptions, like the islands of liberalism in Illinois and Colorado, and New Hampshire’s streak of conservatism.

Even where public opinion is more mixed, like in Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas, the Republican grip on state legislatures has ensured that policies in those states conform with those of the reddest states in the union, rather than strike a middle ground.

The tearing at the seams has been accelerated by the six-vote conservative majority in the Supreme Court, which has embraced a muscular states-rights federalism. In the past 10 days the court has erased the constitutional right to an abortionnarrowed the federal government’s ability to regulate climate-warming pollution and blocked liberal states and cities from barring most of their citizens from carrying concealed guns outside of their homes.

“They’ve produced this Balkanized house divided, and we’re only beginning to see how bad that will be,” said David Blight, a Yale historian who specializes in the era of American history that led to the Civil War. …”

The country is becoming much less racially polarized.

Black, Asian and “Latinx” voters are drifting away from the Democrats. These groups are starting to divide and sort more like White voters. “Latinx” voters are trending heavily Republican.

If the country breaks apart, it is not going to split along racial lines. We are increasingly polarized along the lines of ideology, values and education. The biggest rift by far is the cultural divide between Whites. All the passion and energy in American politics is centered around two groups of Whites who loathe each other. BIPOCs are supporting actors in the drama in what is essentially a fight between Whites.

Similarly, when the split finally comes, it is not going to cleave North and South along the lines of the Confederacy. There are echoes of the North vs. South divide, but that is because White evangelicals dominate the South. Missouri was the first state to ban abortion. Kentucky was another one of the first states to ban abortion. White working class evangelicals have more power in Missouri, Kentucky and Oklahoma than elsewhere. The Confederacy was unable to fully rally and integrate the Border States because slavery (tobacco was the crop there) wasn’t as essential to their economies.

The same cultural divide that separates urbanites and college towns from rural areas, small towns, small metros and exurbs runs through all regions of the country. It is just that some states are more dominated by large metros. It really comes down to libtards because all of American politics is becoming a referendum on these people. The Proud Boys, for example, is just a group of men who dislike libtards. MAGA doesn’t have any real ideology except for a burning desire to own the libs. We have seen how flexible it is. The Trump presidency was a middle finger to libtards. That’s it.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

When the Union was dissolved in the 1860s, it was due to the abolitionists who were the libtards of their time. A critical mass of Southerners came to believe after the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry that they couldn’t trust these people to hew to the Constitution. They couldn’t live in the same Union with people who wanted to spark a race war to kill them. The moral fanaticism of the abolitionists is what broke the Union. Slavery was just the occasion of the war. It was the issue on which the cultural divide was centered. Were it not for slavery, the morbid imagination of these people would have been fixated on some other issue. They swiftly moved on from abolition to other issues like civil rights and women’s suffrage.

Abortion acts the same way in our own times. America isn’t rifting apart over abortion. It is due to these deeper cultural differences. Abortion is merely the incident or occasion of disunion. It is part of a whole cluster of issues which overlap and divide traditionalists and modernists. The same people who are pro-life are also opposed to gay marriage and trans and want to restrict immigration. If the Supreme Court had ended affirmative action or gay marriage instead of abortion this term, it would have pleased and disappointed the same people. There are now dozens of fronts in the culture war.

The libtards are now saying in unison that the Supreme Court is a “rogue court” and illegitimate. Many of the most honest libtards like Elie Mystal, the justice correspondent for The Nation, denounce the Constitution as a pact between white supremacists. This is how abolitionists and Republicans responded to the Dred Scott decision. They vowed to disregard the authority of the Supreme Court because in the words of William Seward, Lincoln’s Secretary of State, there was a “higher law” than the Constitution.

We’re now about as far away from a secession crisis as the Dred Scott decision was to the War Between the States. James Buchanan was inaugurated as president a few days before the Dred Scott decision. The Union was dissolved over the outcome of the 1860 election. John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry occurred about two and half years after the Dred Scott decision.

The road ahead is coming into sharper focus – in quick succession, the country spirals into a recession as we approach the 2022 midterms, Liz Cheney is destroyed in her primary after all the revelations of the 1/6 Committee, Ukraine’s spectacular collapse in the fall and winter undermines Joe Biden’s presidency, Twitter falls to “white supremacy,” Democrats lose control of Congress in the 2022 midterms, Dump announces his 2024 Revenge Tour, Democrats demand that Merrick Garland indict Dump over 1/6, the shock and awe at the Supreme Court continues with decision after decision going against the libtards with each body blow dialing up the hysteria about the death of “democracy” at the hands of “authoritarianism,” Joe Biden, who is struggling with advancing senility, announces he isn’t running for president after his poll numbers crater into the 20s. Finally, Dump likely runs and defeats Kamala Harris in 2024.

Progressives are sent into an epic meltdown after losing to Russia, losing Congress, losing the White House to Trump and multiple generation defining defeats at the Supreme Court. They blame the gerontocracy that now rules the Democratic Party who are thrown out and replaced with more AOCs. Are they capable of digesting “trauma” on this scale, regrouping and launching a comeback or do they explode in another nihilistic tantrum bigger than the George Floyd riots?

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  1. Sigh.

    We can’t go with this Red vs Blue divide. We can’t surrender our cities, surrender pretty much all colleges and universities, surrender all public schools, surrender the media.

    California used to vote solidly Republican back in the day of Ike, Nixon and Reagan. Then we lost it thanks to mass immigration and the J anti White Left’s long march through our institutions.

    Reagan and Nixon won 49 out of 50 state landslide victories by getting working class White Irish, Italian and other blue color ethnic votes in now Blue states. Buchanan and Trump did well there.

    Asians and just college educated folks don’t want to be lumped in with lower class rural Bible belt Whites. They don’t want the likes of Roy Moore and the Christian Coalition to be their/our leaders.

    Look at 100 years ago in Germany. If folks there went along with the this Red State vs Blue state, rural vs City Germany would have gone Communist or at least J led Social Democrat.

    People who think like us then did contest Red Berlin and Bavaria/Munick even after open J Communist rule, terror came to Red Berline and Munick under the likes of Kurt Eisner and Rosa Luxumberg.

    Sure if you are in a rural, small town still majority White place in a Red State like Hunter (Aren’t you in the Black belt) go with what works, run against Lib Hollywood, homo LGBT everything, cray New York and LA women, Soros funded DAs, endlesss Emmett Till shi*, be be sure to also work in opposition to J Neo Con wars which are always a huge distraction – our people just love Wars and Guns, even if we are J and Saudi Janissary slaves.


    Keep the faith folks, encourage White motherhood – most White women have crazy ideas about politics but they like cute White babies and little children. Don’t we all.

    • The cities are going to be reconquered in Red States. The article gets into how this will happen. Both sides will pass laws at the state level which are anathema to the minority which will sort the country into rival geographic blocs. COVID drove millions of conservatives out of Blue States and seems to have made Florida a redder state

    • “Whiteness” is out the window now it’s not where the fight is. Nobody gives a shit about race it’s not what unites and divides us now rather ideology, religion, values, education, and rural vs urban life. The divide just isn’t gonna be about race at all, ZERO and you have no control over it either. Get that in your fucking head. “Whiteness” and “Colored” are social constructs. People unite with ideas and values.

      • @Orthodox Slumlord

        ““Whiteness” is out the window now it’s not where the fight is.”

        “Whiteness” will only cease to exist when a new organic ethnic identity is formed out of the various European descended peoples of America, making “Whiteness” obsolete. Since that hasn’t happened yet, it is far from out the window.

        “Nobody gives a shit about race it’s not what unites and divides us now rather ideology, religion, values, education, and rural vs urban life.”

        Your religion, values, education, rural/urban life and to an extent your ethnicity are all signifiers for what ideology you likely are. The only reason why there even is a large “right-wing” in this country is because of all the White people that live here. Different ethnicities have different ulterior reasons as to why they have the ideology they do, and it usually boils down to in-group interests and not a sense of loyalty towards country or values.

        “The divide just isn’t gonna be about race at all, ZERO and you have no control over it either.”

        It is going to have an ethnic divide (albeit to a small extent) and your attempts at turning us into colorblind conservatives are futile. Nobody made you Il Duce of the dissident right and frankly you’re not one of us anyways.

        “Get that in your fucking head. “Whiteness” and “Colored” are social constructs. People unite with ideas and values.”

        If it’s true that people are united by ideas and values, we couldn’t be divided any further. No more conservatism and no more conservatives.

        • Go back and re-read what all Hunter wrote in the article above. The division of the US post collapse will be between red states and blue states between rural folks and urban between Conservative Christians and others. It won’t have anything to do with “race”. Wake up.

          • Take a wild guess at who the vast majority of rural red state Conservative Christians are and how they feel about things like the Great Replacement and anti-White discrimination. Only gatekeepers and controlled opposition want to say “There is absolutely zero ethnic component at all to America’s current divides” so that they can keep us boxed into colorblind conservatism and free-market usurious capitalism in the off-chance of a collapse.

            Don’t take this as me saying that White leftists and liberals are our allies (they sure as hell aren’t), but also don’t take this as me saying that we can’t or shouldn’t align ourselves with other races that share similar goals to ours. What I’m saying is anyone who wants us to completely ignore ethnic identity as a principle is not on our side, simple as.

      • @Orthodox Slumlord wrote:

        “” Whiteness” is out the window now; it’s not where the real fight is”

        I respectfully disagree. It’s exactly where the real fight is.

        Though both sides of my family were of European stock, neither side was composed of Protestants from Great Britain, yet we immigrated to the part of the continent that had been settled by them, to the country that had been founded by them. We learned English, obeyed their laws, and our men did their patriotic chore and distinguished themselves with their military service to this country which is still implicitly WASP.

        We did this because there were aspects, particularly the combination of independence, freedom, and competence of American WASP culture that appealed to Europeans like my family from more corrupt, despotic countries which had already experienced anarchotyranny.

        We may snort and laugh when the Leftists accuse Non-Whites, especially Blacks like Candace Owens and Clarence Thomas who also co-sign to the American WASP concept of what is basically “ordered liberty” White Nationalists who have been colonized by systemic White Supremacy. They are not exactly wrong though.

        It’s just that Pro White Activists like David Lane and Anti White Activists like Tim Wise never foresaw that, once White elitists swallowed Noel Ignatiev’s Abolish Whiteness Kool-Aid, Non-Whites, mostly Non-Blacks, but increasingly more conservative Blacks would adapt what Kevin McDonald calls Implicit Whiteness.

        To get a basic understanding of Non Whites who are increasingly adapting Implicit Whiteness, I highly recommend reading David (Stein) Cole’s articles at Takimag where he refers to the Non-Whites who align with Whites or live as Implicit Whites “Spicy Whites.”

        The WASP American elites who abandoned the field or who negotiated their own peace with it even collaborated with the Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists caused the country to descend into a corrupt, bankrupt, anarchotyranny run by incompetent kleptocrats like Biden’s Band of Boobs.

        The worse the policies this Anti White, Anti Christian administration make this country, the more Implicit Whites will be created from Non Whites. The more White male conservatives will be associated with competent, ordered liberty and be elected back to power.

        It’s the star-spangled, red,white, and blue version of Italy putting Il Duce Mussolini in power “to get the trains running on time.” It is the threat of another Weimer Republic causing a Hitler to come to power. And the irony is that it will come from the very Non White invasion that the Hart Celler Act created. Non Whites with Antisemitic leanings. That’s why Mark Stein and Ben Shapiro are scrambling to follow the more far-sighted Michael Savage in his Come to Jesus, so to speak, Moment – to grab the reins and take control of the Right before there is another expulsion.

        Note: while I don’t foresee an American Hitler on the horizon, I do think America is overdue for the kind of backlash that will install a right wing strongman like Spain ‘s Franco or the Dominican Republic’s Trujillo due to the strong Hispanic influence. I hope we can get a Viktor Orban, but we will see. There will be a push to get a philosemitic strongman in, but unless he delivers to Implicit Whites of every color rather than using them to deliver more goodies to Israel, he won’t last any longer than Donald Trump.

    • “…just college educated folks don’t want to be lumped in with lower class rural Bible belt Whites. They don’t want the likes of Roy Moore and the Christian Coalition to be their/our leaders.”

      That may be, but they are our brethren. I would much rather have an honest sincere or lesser intellect white person then an uppity in your face person of color. Whites having innate intelligence that IQ tests have clearly shown persons of color do not. So, do we fight for ideology, or do we fight for blood and soil? The same question asked again and again and again.

  2. The difference from then and now, is most people in the blue states, aren’t going to want to go to war for Globohomo. Ending slavery has some nobility to it. Saving trans, feminists, homosexuals, critical race theory, black degeneracy, etc, etc, ain’t got the same appeal. Remember, it is not that there are blue states, there are just one or two blue cities in mostly red states. Can you imagine what the new globohomo version of the Battle Hymn of The Republic, would be like. The mind shudders. An army of twerkers, snowflakes, homos, transvestites, and white progressive flakes. Somehow, it just doesn’t work

  3. Their projection is legendary isn’t it?

    > ultra-conservative form of political correctness where you cannot wear a rainbow T-shirt and the evil of slavery is chillingly transformed to ‘involuntary relocation,

    Just remember – these people know they are, basically, trolls. The only difference between the New York Times and 4chan is that 4chan is right wing and doesn’t have editors.

    They always claim to be the victims – “they cry out as they strike you.”

    The GOP will be in charge, they will tamp down on the open sexual grooming of elementary school kids, but otherwise will do nothing.

    If the GOP defunds academia – easiest thing to do, stop guaranteeing student loans – the entire bullshit SJW Politically Correct Anti-White, “White Privilege” blah blah blah goes away.

    It is just a grift – it is like Tammany Hall, just another Democratic party Political Graft Machine.

    Stop guaranteeing student loans and *poof* the whole thing is gone overnight.

  4. Blue=Post-1965 Nonwhites

    So who does America belong to?…The Han from China…The Hindus and Sikhs from India?…The Iranians from Iran……Who gets Yosemenite….The Iranians?….

    If you voted for Ronald Reagan…this is what you voted for….

  5. This is part of the reason why I have been saying that we need to side with China and Russia, and make that known. In the event of “national divorce,” blue America would attempt to violently suppress red America separatists and reintegrate us back into the union. Without foreign support, we would be toast. Blue America has Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan on their side. We would need China, Russia, Latinx America, etc. to survive.

    Whether they like it or not, red America Whites are natural allies of the anti-Western powers, but they need to drop the Reagan-era Milton Friedman nonsense and vestigial American patriotardism, unless they want to continue just being useful idiots for the coastal elites they claim to oppose.

    • Your buying into a false paradigm that all we see is organic and not staged puppet theatre melodrama. Understand this, every government in every major country and most of the minor ones are in on the script. There is a certain “tribe” that is the author of this script and Russia and China are playing it to the hilt. Global factions are an illusion and have been for a very long time.

      • Its not staged puppet drama. There are no Jews secretly controlling Russia and China who are trying to fool people on the internet. If Jews or Globalists or the goddamn illuminati are secretly controlling Russia and China, and are secretly keeping them on script, then why the sanctions? Why remove Russia from the SWIFT system? Where was Putin’s “good friend” Klaus Schwab to bail him out when he was disinvited from the 2022 Davos meeting in the Alps?

        Too many White Nationalists and Dissidents have gaslit themselves into falsely believing that everything is staged. The actions taken against Russia and China were concrete and real. The master plan of the Jews and globalists is failing. China isn’t becoming a pozzed paradise like South Korea and Japan. Russia is once again stubbornly resisting Jewish domination of the globe, which the kikes absolutely *hate* them for (why do you think the Bolshevik Revolution was launched there?)

  6. It’s what I’ve been saying for a longtime that the split ultimately won’t be about race or along racial lines, but rather ideology, values, religion, education. That’s why the promotion of pro-White Nationalism is stupid, futile, and a dead end. The culture wars, and the inevitable dissolution of this Union is gonna be a mixed split, and “race” won’t have much at all to do with it. IMO

    • Yeah race won t have much to do with American splits and divisions …

      If you really believe that sh)& o. I ve got done private farmland in Rhodesia to sell you .

      What a stupid comment.

      • I’ll side with rural Christian Southern blacks over liberal urban Whites anyday as most normal people will. Get your head out of the sand this isn’t Rhodesia dumb ass.

        • I’ll side with rural Christian Southern blacks over liberal urban Whites anyday as most normal people will. Get your head out of the sand this isn’t Rhodesia dumb ass.

          The unicorn “Christian” negroes you mention don’t exist in any meaningful number. Negroes side with Jews (Satanists) every time and have consistently voted for their entire agenda of abortion, sodomy, and open borders for decades running. Their hatred of whites far exceeds any so-called devotion to Christian values. They have bowed the knee to BLM (Jew-owned) and all the rest.

          It’s true they are not so fanatical in their support of the sodomites and groomers as shitlib whites are but they always do what Schlomo tells them since they know Schlomo loots YT via taxation, etc. and pays them their ‘reparations’. Once Schlomo’s usury-empire falls they’ll be ordered to go on a full chimp out and take YT’s shit directly. Mexicans are much more of a wild-card than blacks are or ever have been.

        • Have you considered moving to the Congo? There are more rural Christian blacks there than you can shake a stick at. I hear that it’s a true Christian paradise. After all, there are still far too many liberal urban whites in the South. If it’s a matter of cost, I’d be happy to pay for your moving expenses.

    • White nationalism is simply what is necessary to safeguard and promote the genetic and cultural interests of our race. If one cares about those things, about the future of the European race, they should be a white nationalist. Obviously, you have different priorities, Dinesh. The best that the Christian civic nationalist “solution” has to offer is whites being relegated to Copt status in what used to be ??? countries.

  7. It’s funny that this time around, the fanaticism of White genetic libtards comes out over issues like the “right” to groom children into mutilating their genitals and undergoing irreversible hormone therapy.

    Say what you will about abolitionists, but at least anti-slavery sentiment is rooted in some way in natural morality, and normal people can understand it. The body horror child abuse freak show that current libtards desire as their ideal utopia is just purely satanic and obviously the product of diseased minds.

    • Yes, it is a different fault line.

      I’ve traced it back to the 1920s. The craziest libtards in the 19th century believed in equal civil and political rights. They didn’t really believe in liberating individuals from their traditional culture. Liberals picked up that idea from the avant-garde in the early 20th century

      • The libtards of the 19th century were Christian zealots. It isn’t hard to trace the Christian roots of modern wokeness. Calling libtardism genetic excuses destructive ideology and ignores the role of institutional authorities in shaping the beliefs of the masses. If the media, academia, and government all came out tomorrow with a message that science has determined race really is a biological reality after all, libtards would be race realists in a matter of hours.

        • 1. Christianity, particularly Protestant Evangelical Christianity, is historically associated in America with Whiteness, conservatism, traditionalism, White identity, opposition to race mixing, opposition to immigration, and resistance to liberalism. The White South, where the last anti-miscegenation laws were only struck down by Loving vs. Virginia in 1967, were dominated by Christianity. There is something dramatically different about Evangelicals, and especially Fundamentalists, compared to Social Gospel Christianity and Black Liberation Theology, the former of which only ever took root in the Northeast.

          2. The institutions were gradually taken over by the modernists and the artistic avante-garde types in the 1920s and 1930s. Hunter documented all this extensively in a series of dozens of posts between July 2020-November 2020. You should comb the archived here at OD and read them. Point is, dont try to separate the institutions from the libtards. The latter controls and runs the former.

          3. You might be able to convince normies and NPC’s “in a matter of hours” that race science is legit, but not ideologues and fanatics, which is what we’re talking about here with Libtards and Modernists. Sinclair Lewis was a fanatic. Randolph Bourne was a fanatic. Virginia Woolf was a fanatic. And all of them that met and drank and socialized at dumps like Greenwich Village in the 1910s were deeply hateful and contemptuous of White America and its culture.

          4. One of the flaws of White Nationalism is that it falsely assumes all Whites have the same genetic and cultural interests. I dont see how reality bares that out. My interests and concerns are not the same as some modernist alienated by her family and her background. Libtards react with furious hate towards the mere notion of racial purity or the reality of biological differences between races. They’ve rejected their genetic and cultural inheritance. Like Esau, they are a cursed lot. The White Race will not survive if we dont break away from them and cast them out into the darkness where they’ve thrown in their lot.

          • 1. Why are those things related to race and immigration associated with Protestant Evangelical Christianity though? What scripture from the New Testament justifies it? No one seems to be able to cite anything specific when I ask. I think proximity to the slaves for all those years was what really did it, not anything to do with being Christian.

            2. The modernist and avant-garde folks in the 20s and 30s were still influenced by the Christians that came before them. Many had Christian upbringings, and I would imagine most of their parents were Christian. I suspect that those who rejected Christianity were trying to out-Christian the Christians in many ways. One might argue that libtardism is just Christian ethics unshackled from belief in God or the limitations of scripture. There are plenty of Christians that are just as retarded when it comes to social justice though. The Rockefellers and most prominent politicians were/are Christians.

            3. No, you would be able to convince the fanatics as well. They get their beliefs about race from academia just like most people. When Boas took over anthropology in order to push a Jewish ethnic agenda, that was a huge blow to racial sanity.

            4. All whites do have the same genetic and cultural interests. The problem is, I’m starting to doubt if there is such a thing as a “white” Christian. Once you become a Christian, you have no race anymore. You’re religion is your race. A lot of commenters here seem to think they have more in common with negro Christians than white libtards. Maybe it would be better for Christians and non-Christians to go our separate ways.

  8. At first there will be tantrum. They can not afford to lose their most important weapon to force opponents into submission. When they don’t break supreme court and society now, then nobody will afraid anymore and whole liberalism will be gone.

    They lose whole cause of their existence. What will progressives do when there is no progress anymore ? For them, this is survival fight and they know this.

  9. Just turn off the talmudvision and go outside and go around and re-enter the real world. Eventually wisdom will come back to you if you stay in the real world long enough. You will understand this “ideology” thing does not even exist, and that when ZOG collapses the entire space of the empire will be engulfed in a massive and brutal race war.

    • @Robert there’s not gonna be a “race” war at all because that’s not where the dividing lines are being drawn. Wake up dummy. There isn’t a single predominant “white” western nation that would side with the red states after the breakup of the US. Our most loyal allies will be in the East and global South such as Africa.

      • @Slumlord – You are very hostile and thin-skinned. Some people simply disagree with you, dummy!

      • You ASSUME far too much. Other racial groups have been voting their own self interests for years and you think that’s suddenly gonna stop? If the US implodes some of these groups make try to create their own sovereign territory. Just because you might be OK living with other groups, doesn’t mean that have to or even will reciprocate. Even if they’re conservative what if they don’t want to deal with/live with Whites? Then what? Has anyone asked these groups what they want or would do? No. You all just assume. Talk about the height of arrogance.

        I look at the whole situation very simply. If the people who want to genocide Whites want these other groups here then I DO NOT want them here. Period. Look at it like this. A mad bomber has planted time bombs all through out your city. The cops catch the bomber. Do you simply leave the bombs in place because the bomber is caught? No sane person would. However that’s exactly what people like you propose. You can not grasp that different ethnic groups have different interests and will act on them. Just because you’re de-racinated doesn’t mean they are. I expect them to act in their own self interest and I don’t expect them to mirror White interests.

  10. Some differences between now and 1860

    In 1860 both sides had productive, sustainable economies, both run by MEN … tho Northern industrial levels were a war advantage

    Nowadays, only one side has a good economic model … as you can see by companies evacuating places like California and Chicago

    A problem in USA break-up in 2020s, is the likely people flows, first moderate and then huge, as people try to gravitate to the more successful conservative regions, given that the ‘progressive state’ can’t sustain itself, plus would become a high-crime hellhole.

    The shitelib economic model is one with a lot more parasitism, grifting, and gibs-seeking … and economic progress is further hindered by Woke-SJW type practices in hiring, litigation etc … it is informally well-known tho forbidden to say, which groups are in fact more productive in the workplace … affirmative-action hiring points toward economic implosion.

    The role of women is another issue not there in 1860. There are several angles on this, including on how, politically-speaking, women are a lot more fickle and mercurial, as seen in female behaviour after occupation armies successfully invade. And it’s another forbidden secret to notice that women tend to be less productive business-wise, outside of specific roles they do well.

    As the economic mega-crisis hits, and bullshite jobs disappear – the giant HR departments etc – and avenues to gibs, alimony, me-too and onlyfans etc funds dry up, women will flip their views on a dime to side with the new strong forces in society. You will have a lot of people trying to deny they ever were a libtard. Girlfriend contacts from the past will be a-callin’.

  11. Very good, well reasoned and researched piece. I can only add that none of this has happened organically or by chance in any way. Before there was “critical race theory” beginning in the late 20th century there was just Critical Theory. CT began to appear at institutions of “higher learning” back in the very early 20th century as Communist intellectuals coming from Europe began to infiltrate those institutions. CT was just basically designed to tear down all the values of western civilization and replace them with Socialist doctrine. This would be the same, lets say “tribe”, of people who had been behind the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Now, 100 years on, look where we are at. The whole point of much of this really, has been to create the very polarization you speak of in this article. This is the “why” of DUMP. I could see very clearly back in 2016, before the election, that Dump as you say was simply a tool to create the conditions necessary for this agenda to go full throttle instead of simmering in the background. I beat this to death on threads everywhere and only got hated for it by Dumpsters, if I may, until I could see it was pointless. Why there are people who still can’t see through the whole Dump mirage is beyond me. He literally has overseen the poisoning of these peoples family members by lethal injection yet he escapes any responsibility for this and only the Democrats are blamed. He is still touting these death jabs and people refuse to see what he really is. Too many are asleep to change anything in my opinion. When this war comes (and I began predicting it back in 2016) it will just be the excuse for the Davos crowd to get all of this agenda over the finish line at ANY cost. Communists are already responsible for the deaths of around 200,000,000 people so what are a few tens of millions more here in America? I can promise you every possible outcome has been flow charted and planned for in advance, down to which hidden advanced technologies to use for any problem they run into. This is the unvarnished truth.

  12. As this country continues to dissolve into chaos and degeneracy, hopefully the red southern states get stronger and prevail. They were right in 1861 and they’re right now.

  13. So let me get this straight, you have the Irish and the Jews on one side and everybody else, blacks, Latinos, Asian and regular whites on the other side.

    Now comes the big racist question that needs to be asked and answered. Are the Jews and the Irish acting in a way they are because of any sort of genetics reasons? Both the Irish and Jews seek out reproductive mates within their own bloodline, and recessive traits predominate with with such breeding practices, like, like, like, homosexuality. That Uncle is really something and God is not going to let that antique die until Uncle Ted is in the clink, lying on a pool of his own filth, and too weak to stand on his own two feet.

  14. All will be for naught if at the end of Civil War II Js are allowed to remain in the country. They have been the catalyst for all the rot that has afflicted this once-wonderful country. If they are allowed to stay, they will do it again.

    In the Bible Jesus Christ stated in no uncertain terms that they are the sons of the devil. Those who laugh because they think they are too smart to believe in the word of God are laughing in the face of the self-evident truth. They are fools.

    • @Ray Caruso—cheer up Ray, bible prophesy says they, the Jews will reunite and return to their homeland after six million go by by. There weren’t six million Jews in all of Europe during the second world war. So it hasn’t happened yet. The Jews run on a hundred year cycle, they wear out their welcome become an annoying obnoxious pest that must be forced to leave every hundred years. The next twenty years should be good. Enjoy yourself Ray, life is beautiful and God is great.

  15. I’ll bet on DeSantis rather than Zion Don FWIW but the interesting part comes in 2025-2026 when either one of them fails to implement right wing policies despite having nominal control over all branches ala Trump in 2016-2018.

    Antitrust actions against Big Tech? Defamation tweaks to rein in Fake News media? Massive banking and finance industry reforms? A new Mann Act amendment for supporting interstate travel for minors’ abortions?

    There are six gorillion rollbacks of the Prog agenda that should be ready for rollout – but it’s not going to happen because Miriam Adelson, the Kochs, Wilks and other donors kosher and shabbos don’t want these things and they remain the shot-callers for Republican politicians, now and forever.

    Abortion is the reddest, juiciest chunk of red meat Big Jew has thrown to red state Americans in decades – one of the final defense lines – and it should serve as a catalyst, not a soporific. Shlomo has been forced to step on the third rail of states rights with this decision and that’s a BFD.

    If the legitimate populist right pushes harder with a few W’s at their backs we might see de facto “soft secession” manifesting in a number of states post 2028. I’ll take that and keep pushing for the formal deal (breaking up ZOG as presently “constituted”).

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