The Liberal World Order

As I have explained many times, preserving the Liberal World Order aka the American Empire or the “rules-based international order” always comes first. Foreign policy always comes first. The bitter partisan divide in Washington mysteriously vanishes when it comes to things like spending nearly a trillion dollars on “defense” or supporting OUR GREATEST ALLY or squandering billions on stupid wars like the war in Ukraine.


  1. I’d like to see this faggot Deese in the UFC Octagon with some blue collar guy whose family is severely stressed financially by this rise in the cost of living — yeah, that would be fun — even better: with Alex Jones as the referee.

    Wikipedia/Brian Deese

    Take a look at his CV as laid out in Wikipedia; a real insider — and note this:

    In February 2016, the President tapped Deese to oversee the Supreme Court nomination process, which led to the President’s nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court on March 16, 2016.

    Like I’ve been saying for 20 years: I now understand much better why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine.

    • Most government employees are overpaid and pensioned. They don’t worry about any of this. We have whole bureaucracies living much better than we do.

  2. “The bitter partisan divide in Washington mysteriously vanishes”

    When that occurs, it reveals the true agenda of the deep state.

  3. Yes because we live in a globalist geopolitical era, in which what matter are money and unlimited trade.
    The minds of the rulers and leaders of the West are focused on making more money and unbridled competition. This is the destructive and castastrophic logic of the political doctrine that we know as liberalism. All is based on money, this abstract system of buying and selling goods, which may have once been useful, but today has been taken to extremes, to an extreme level that destroys cultures, communities, and the important values of life.

  4. Hmm, but Greg Johnson told me this was all about Ukrainian nationalism and the sacred sovereignty of the huwhitest nation in Evrope.

    • They have to make Russia a villain its not, and Ukraine a saint its not, in order to justify those kind of takes. I have a friend that feels similarly. He sincerely believes Russia is “just as bad” as Western Europe and America. He views things through the lense of a Star Wars movie.

      So many people are ignorant and naive of how awful Western leaders such as Biden, Trudeu, and Macron actually are. In no universe is Putin worse then those cretins.

      • That’s the speculation, and sure, maybe that’s Greg’s true motive, but I’ve been reading Counter Currents since the beginning of 2019, and I actually think Greg goes out of his way to be friendly with social conservatives, even if he doesn’t personally agree with them.

        In the last week, he’s made a bunch of pro-life and anti-abortion tweets, while also saying that overturning Roe vs. Wade was a “mistake” from a pro-white perspective. For Greg, its about winning over the normies who are most likely to convert to White Nationalism, which he correctly identifies as the MAGA supporters. Greg may be an opportunist, but he does have common sense.

        So then, what’s going on with his fervent support of Ukraine? I’ve read every single article on CC in the last four months which critiques Russia and defends Ukraine. I’ve also read theories here on OD about what motivates Greg. As far as I can tell, two things are going on:

        1. Like Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki, Greg was a true believer in the Maidan Revolution of 2014. He thinks the Ukrainian people are sovereign and are running this show on their own. He thinks the overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Kiev was a legitimate groundswell. Again, others in the WN Movement thought similarly.

        2. Greg and one of his top writers, Nicholas Jeelvy, are deeply sympathetic to the Azov Battalion, which Jeelvy alleges is composed, at least in part, of White Nationalists that Putin kicked out of Russia as part of his “crackdown” on nationalist organizations in Russia.

        These are sincerely held positions, no matter how wrong or naive they may be. The support of the Azov Battalion is interesting, and I think it says something about the state of the movement. One of our biggest weaknesses is that too many of us blindly assume that any paramilitary organization that quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, must in fact be the Real Deal.

        All I can say is, there’s a reason Hitler and the Nazi Government of Germany in 1939 disavowed and condemned that Buden organization or whatever the hell it was called that protested in New York in 1939 and clashed with pre-modern antifa on the streets, at the orders of cuckservative governor Thomas Dewey.

        The Azov Battalion could be composed of entirely sincere true believers, and that still wouldnt make them:

        1. Good guys

        2. Incapable of being used by the enemy to serve the enemies purposes

        3. Representative of what the White Race should stand for

  5. When white men boycott the military the whole system will come crashing down. Don’t fight for a political entity that hates you.

  6. As there already was not enough reason to support Russia?

    Well there you go, this is the uprising against globalism and a big one just jumped the fence and left the plantation

    Russia is not the hero we wanted but unknowingly to itself it is the one we got, this was bound to happen sooner or later

    • Am not sure about this, there is a lot of ‘globalism’ in Russia, China etc, just a modified kind, less USA-centred. Unz Review has people like Pepe Escobar always touting the ‘new-new world order’ led by Russia-China.

      The son of super-globalist Klaus Schwab has been at the WEF facility in Beijing keeping everyone connected.

      Tho Russia, China oppose the LGBT, anti-family agenda internally, China’s TikTok peddles LGBT in white countries – why?

      One can ask, is the way Russia seems so timid in the Ukraine war, a ‘go-slowly’ game on purpose, to help the chaos dynamic?

      The Ukraine war has become the pretext for the EU to walk into destruction … there is clearly insufficient energy for the winter, and no ‘Plan’ whilst Germans panic-buy wood stoves etc … Europeans cry out in anguish over energy bills, and EU leaders pretend to be as deaf as Biden, but they obviously know

      Is the globalist plan to wreck Europe first and the USA a tiny bit later? White countries in ruins, the priority?

      • “One can ask, is the way Russia seems so timid in the Ukraine war,”

        No it is because they consider the Ukies kinfolk and will must live beside them, in an extended war i can asure you they would not be so lenient

        “Destroy Ukraine” was never a reason for the SMO

        and from what i have seen globalism have been in retreat although it is not not gone, in Russia for sometime now

  7. Let the “liberal word order” – I.e., talmudic/Zionist supremacy… Perish in a pogrom of intensity, not seen since the fall of Jerusalem in A.D.70.

  8. Americans are merely the first population to be conquered by the Empire – we are one of many other populations.

    The more honest people call it a “Zionist-occupied government” because the managers are all dedicated Zionists – mostly Jewish, with important non-Jewish allies.

    You can see this very clearly because the Empire makes a huge, massive, unprincipled exception for one country, and one country only: Israel.

    In fact, the Realist School of Foreign Policy – those smarties at GWU – they said they had to rewrite the very fundamentals of their discipline because the actions of the United States proved their main axiom wrong.

    “States act in their own interests.”

    This is always true, except in one big case: the United States acts against its own interests and instead in the interests of a foreign state, Israel. An obvious example is Obama’s Iran Deal – a pro-American Empire policy.

    Donald Trump said that was why he ran for President – to reverse the Iran deal, because Israel opposed it.

    Trump got that done – he didn’t build a wall, but Israel got everything they wanted and Trump did anything and everything to make sure they did. It will be the same with Ron Desantis.

    That is why it is called “the Zionist-occupied government” aka “ZOG.”

  9. I just might support a “Liberal World Order” if Whites were going to be the beneficiaries of it instead of its first victims.

  10. The problem is the Global America Empire and the historic America nation cannot coexist. The strength of one is the demise of the other. They are incompatible. I think we all know what faction has the upper hand. I do not see that changing until it collapses America.

  11. The frei-welt in a nutshell (seems more appropriate in the original German, no?). Welcome to the Talmudic World Order. As Satan-Klaus likes to crow from his perch in Davos: You vill own nothing, und you vill like it.

  12. The Enemy knows the stakes very clearly, how come so many brothers* do not?

    *to include rank-and-file Ukrainians

    • Well, it happened while the “Greatest Generation” was in power in the 1960s. JFK was a WW2 vet.

      Hitler’s Revenge!

    • As a Marine he fought the Japanese! yet another huge gay-op to draw the US into a bad war

      In the end it destroyed also Japanese culture just look at it now

      • FDR did everything he could to provoke the Japanese. They also new the Pearl Harbor attack was coming. The important carriers were out to sea and nothing but obsolete ships were wrecked.

    • It’s exactly the country he fought for. These last holdouts of the worst generation are still in denial even now.

  13. US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm:

    “A lot of utilities are seeing the electrification of the vehicles as an opportunity to provide resilience to the grid. Because what you’re doing, of course, is adding batteries and energy storage onto the grid as well as using the grid when you’re charging,” Granholm said on Inside Texas Politics. “So, if you can sell electrons back and forth from the grid using those batteries, that’s a huge opportunity.”

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