Alt-MSNBC Embraces Drag Queen Story Hour

Sorry, I couldn’t resist chiming in on this.

If there was ever any doubt that conservative normies are generally better and more radical and closer to us politically these days than the Alt-MSNBC crowd, their embrace of Drag Queen Story Hour to “own” the Dissident Right, the Christians, America First and conservatives ought to close the issue.

LMAO, what?

“Trans” is “eugenic.”

This is where these guys are at now in 2022.

The hot takes are only getting more embarrassing.

First, it was loudly endorsing Joe Biden in the 2020 election, NOT because having Biden as president would radicalize normies and push our politics in a better direction (the accelerationist argument that had some merit), but because he was actually better on policy than Dump.

I forget what came next. It could have been glorifying Emmanuel Macron and denouncing nationalism. I believe it was loudly endorsing forced vaccinations and firing anti-vaxxers from their jobs though to own the contards. This was around the time these clowns endorsed “Radical Feminism” in order to own the incels. Then it was embracing David Frum and NATO and insisting anyone who doesn’t loudly support the war in Ukraine is a Putin stooge and isolationist traitor.” It has gotten to the point where they are now rationalizing and embracing homosexuality and “trans” to own the Christians.

Moral of the story: this is a case study in where wounded pride, envy and resentment can take you. It also shows how even the Alt-Right was polarized by values, ideology and education.


  1. ‘Couldn’t resist?’ Wot? lol

    The very-LGBTQI European Union is trying to catch up

    ‘EU hands out €220,000 to drag queen courses targeted at young people’

    “More than €220,000 in taxpayer money was sent to ‘Drag Queen’ projects connected to the EU youth program Erasmus, according to research by German MEP Nikolaus Fest, of the conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) party

    ‘Drag It Up’ workshop by Berlin group Critical Queer Solidarity
    ‘TransYouth’ event marketed to children
    ‘Beyond Gender Summer Camp’ near Göttingen with trans, inter-, non-binary and gender-questioning young people
    LGBTQ group ‘Dragtivism’ seminars in Barcelona and Girona
    Slovenian ‘United with Pride’ with drag acts”

  2. The conservative case for Drag Queen Story Hour. Spencer’s ready to be hired by National Review now. I’ll have to go through the Art of Bore to see if I can read some burnt hopium leaves to glean some insight.

    • “When you have failed as a general, boldly become a ‘woman.’ Wars are won even in the concubine’s bedchamber.”

      • Excellent hopium-haiku from Joe Tzu (counting syllables is a form of laziness). I will add to the master list.

  3. It’s just a matter of time, now, before Richard Spencer becomes a “woman.”

    (You heard it here first.)

    • Someone once said “ Why is the cause so so right, but the people in it so so wrong?”
      These two are prime examples of that. They folded like cheap lawn chairs the minute the going got a little rough. There are a number of people around who’ve been slapped down by the system but didn’t recant their beliefs. These two never believed in what they said.

      • @Adit one, McLaren, is only a stupid person, bipolar, with a desire to be accepted…… The other, Spencer, is not on the left but he’s human contradiction, who want his crap religion, his cult and try surf the wave of liberalism for save white people. Spencer doesn’t understand that if you surf the wave of liberalism you risk crashing into the rocks when the wave breaks on them.

      • I try sometimes to think that they’re just trying to get conservatives and whatever the alt right is now to stop chasing their own tail with issues like the vaccine or even the turbogay stuff and focus on racial issues and a more sober tone.

        He sounds like another person altogether when he’s on with Ed Dutton.

        I read him, because he does shake me out of dead-end thought patterns, but I just don’t get it.

        • I think almost the same, the vaccine stuff is not important, instead i think that turbogay or turbogender stuff is more important because they want to teach this garbage in the schools.

    • Mclaren now is totally left-wing, sad how these people are mad and bipolar. To all normal people in the world, a person that change totally its ideas is not normal, that person should have disease and mentally ill problems.

  4. Lady Spencer is an effete, to-the-manner-born dilettante. Nothing further need be said about him.

  5. For the Jew retard Jon Levine, it is the predator who is the enemy of civilized man and of Christ and of all Christians. The weak and the innocent, women and children, are the ones who need protection, from this predator. And women and children are the one who the cowardly kykes like Jon Levine desire to prey upon. Jon you and all your faggottyassed Jew&Irish friends can tell each other all your drag fairy stories to your hearts content, just leave the kids alone, okay kyke?

    • An obviously better question any decent person should ask is ‘Why do these sexual deviants and their supporters want to expose such young children, who have no understanding whatsoever of sexuality, and really no capability to understand, to this sort of explicitly sexual content?’

      • They’re easily molded because of their innocence. If you know nothing about a subject you will believe what you are told. That’s why the jews like to get them young and innocent. No question asked at that age.

      • @eah The answer is in your question…….. because they’re sexual deviants, people who have clearly a lot of mental problems and want that other people respect their illness ideology.

      • @eah—–it is as bad as you could possibly imagine pedophilia is full sanctioned and approved of under Jew law and the Jews are sexual deviants and this sex deviancy is in Jew the blood. “Let he who is without sin”……all you have to do is look. The degenerate Jon Levine wants to get it on with infants and toddlers. And these Jew retards can’t figure out why people hate them? All you have to do to defeat this filth is see this filth as they really are, as Christ said they are, sinners, unrepentant filthy disgusting Jew sinners, undeserving of the blessings of God.

  6. Both sides in this debate are being retarded, imo.

    What Spencer is Right About:

    1.) The need for European Federalism. This debate has been had many times, but bottom line, the European countries coming together forms a much stronger political unit on the world stage. The same is true for the states of the United States, a potential Southern Nationalist country (rather than just individual Southern states seceding), or even looking way back at when China was united after the Warring States period. China is in a much better position today globally than it would be if it was split up into its various provinces. The same principle holds for the European Union even though it’s far from perfect (understatement). But if it were to fall apart, Europe might never be united again. Petty nationalism and the World Wars were absolutely disastrous for the European race. That said, the Macron worship is cringe just like all the other Man on the White Horse crap that has come from the DR.

    2.) Pro-Ukraine. Russia under Putin is just as anti-white as all the other players involved. He wants to build a multi-racial, Eurasianist empire that is against the genetic interest of white Russians. Fundamentally, Spencer is against Europeans killing other Europeans. And it is Russia that is the aggressor in this case and massacring civilians.

    3.) If there is a genetic component to homosexuality and gender dysphoria, the Christian conversion therapy solution that would potentially encourage these people to spread their genes is not very eugenic.

    What Spencer is Wrong About:

    1.) There are obviously other positions to take besides supporting drag queen story hour or supporting Christian conversion therapy. WTF was he thinking liking that tweet, lmao!

    2.) His seemingly pro-feminist stance on the basis of it eugenic is idiotic. Devlin took down feminism pretty convincingly in his “Sexual Utopia in Power” years ago. No, Richard, reverting back to a primitive African sexual selection system is not eugenic.

    3.) Apollonianism is more ridiculous, Nordicist-Aryan fantasy garbage. Nothing sure does attract people like modern made-up religions and cults. Why can’t you people just be f-ing normal!?

    4.) There are more little things, but basically, Spencer falls into the same trap that conservatives do where they just reflexively oppose everything that the other side says or does.

    • You concede too much to Spencer who himself is a 100% compromised fraud. When you are faced with such a uniform liar you have to oppose everything they say because it is all in bad faith. A European wide empire is a Nietzschean illusion and historically impossible lest it be the Americanization of Europe which of course destroys the white race as we see all too well today. Actually Nietzsche himself implied that Germany would be the anchor of his hypothetical empire which brings into question what exactly Nietzsche meant by “empire.” This would have been accomplished in The Great War were it not for the Yankeefied, Northern dominated American dolts interfering in European affairs. Hitler would never have happened or been necessary. Every single bad thing that has happened to us is because of Yankeedom and its consequences. World War 1 was not caused by “petty nationalism” but rather global imperial rivalry (aggravated by the British) and it dragged on so long because of the US and Wallstreet. The Serbs as “nationalists” ultimately sought the reconstitution of their ancient empire in the Balkans and unification with the Russian empire so as to unite the Slavic race. Pan-slavism was the order of the day in that region. Is that “petty nationalism?”

      I don’t believe there is a genetic component to homosexuality and even if there is then it is dramatically exaggerated by the current political climate for craven power grabbing interests. I would say the majority of cases today are purely victims of degenerate liberal tyranny. Homosexuality is caused by the over represented presence of women in men’s lives. Helicopter moms, dominatrix types, women who shelter and cloister their sons and castrate their husbands by wearing the pants in the house under the threat of anytime divorce or stonewalling. The peculiar influence of pornography also cannot be overestimated. Why else has gender confusion spread so much since only yesterday?

      Ukraine today is kind of like a laundering operation for the planet’s scum of the Earth. It is a hive of American Imperial corruption. Israel has been circling over this whole thing like a buzzard. Placing the blame on Russia doesn’t make any historical sense. Would you blame the US for launching an offensive against Mexico after China urged Mexico to reconquer the western half of the country so as to better dissolve the US federal government? Under no circumstance is the USA a better partner for Europe i.e. Germany than Russia. Russia has deeper historical roots. Russia has abundant energy at much cheaper prices and easier modes of transport. Russia does not shill #BLM. Russia does not encourage gay pride parades in European cities and towns. Russia does not encourage transsexualism and liberalism. Putin has actually increased the birth rate since his time in office after the calamitous 1990s. Putin views his minorities correctly as subjugated vassals. Putin is not trying to replace himself with a Chechen president to prove how guilty he is for his white Russian privilege.

      The best case scenario for Europe would be the reformation of regional empires along racial lines as was done in the past *without* the United States seeking to subvert the continent. The problem with Europe today is that there is entirely too much nationalism, which is by design. This is the legacy of Wilson’s self asserting “League of Nations.” Wilson wanted to use the US’s financial and industrial presence to unite the white race irrespective of history, language, or culture precisely by destroying all those things but he was grossly outmaneuvered by evil forces and could not see the writing on the wall. He was an academic. Wallstreet co-opted his corrosive leveling project for American foreign policy to plunder Europe into debt slavery. Jews did the same thing for their Zionism. Then after the dam burst in WW2 every manner of antiwhite and morally disgusting liberal vermin feasted on the continent just as was done in the US during the 1960s.

  7. “Embracing LGBT is pro-Aryan if handled with ambiguity”

    I think we finally hit the bottom of the Richard Spencer barrel. I don’t really have anything to add to the imbecility and clinically deranged resentment of Richard Spencer or the Apollonians beyond what I just quoted above and have already said by now. Spencer apparently considers not just exposing children to actual sexual freaks but institutionalizing children in such an environment to be “eugenic,” i.e. if the child succumbs to this evil, then he or she was “weak” and deserves what’s coming. Children. This is a “man” who is supposedly a “father.” Should Spencer’s children sit in tranny daycare? Maybe they should so we can see how “strong” Richard Bertrand Spencer is, a man who has so many sterling accomplishments in life to show for his genetic inheritance. It makes you wonder if Spencer should have custody of any children at all.

    I will however say something about the Bill Kristol tweet. Kristol is not entirely inaccurate with his take on the Republican party but notice how Kristol frames the upper-lower dynamic; he does so in such a way so as to conceal Jewish power, “Performative populism layered over unabashed oligarchy.” This is another way of saying heavily though not exclusively Jewish donors at war with the Republican party’s base, which is not performative but genuinely angry, as is the Democratic party’s base to be sure. Kristol calls it “performative” because he of course holds whites in contempt. He hates whites because he doesn’t have his Project for an American Century anymore as he knows he can’t instigate such a thing with the Democratic base; the whites aren’t useful for Israel anymore, but they used to be! So Kristol seethes at a closing window. He is just like Spencer! Low and behold, now Spencer approves of the Jewish lie. He considers Jews to be “eugenic.”

    Nietzsche in the American right wing has been an unmitigated disaster. Really he’s been a disaster everywhere outside Germany. Here Heidegger’s emphasis on the impossibility of translation proves too true. The only place where Nietzsche could even hope of finding political traction in the world was Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, and the Germans are unfortunately destroyed forever. Nietzsche should have been buried with them, for better or worse. First you had the Randolph Bourne crowd “becoming themselves.” Then you had a second wave of leftist Nietzschean subversion with Derrida and Foucault, and then finally if that wasn’t enough you had the whimsical dilettantism of Richard Spencer. Total disaster.

    Something tells me that one day Spencer’s kids are going to have to reckon with their father’s life long failure and embarrassments, if not only for the sake of their own futures and careers, and it’s not going to go so well for Richard. I do hope they don’t have to suffer too much because of Spencer’s determination to constantly make a fool of himself.

  8. Oh my God…… Spencer accuse the conservatives to be the contrary of all but it seem to me that Spencer is the contrary of all. Apollonian religion is a shit.

  9. Everyone hates the silver spoon bitch now, especially the moneyed Ivy Leagued shitlibs he now truckles for so pathetically.

    He’s a real Nowhere Man

    Sitting in his Nowhere Land

    Making all his Nowhere Plans

    For Nobody

  10. I and my cohorts were never exposed to drag queens as kids, it simply wasn’t there. I watched Emergency! as a kindergartener and it was a wholesome show that all the little boys loved because it glorified firefighters. The first time I consciously remember seeing drag queens was with “Tootsie” the street hustler in women’s clothes in “Hunter” and the ones Crocodile Dundee was befuddled by during his visit to New York that you as an audience were supposed to laugh at, not respect. I assumed it was an activity partaken in those suffering from some sort of mental illness, not a wholesome lifestyle choice.

  11. Spencer has become what he hates. He is retweeting Kristol and several of those who hate us. He is an attention loving grifter. Don’t take him seriously and it’s been long time to abandon his brand.

  12. If you want Spencer to go away, ignore him. Pathological narcissistic personalities crave attention. Do not feed the beast’s cravings, and it will shrivel up and die.

  13. I’ve told you people not to listen to Spencer. He’s a child, or a plant, or just an attention whore. He’s never been worthy of being taken seriously as a leader or thinker. Look to older and wiser men and stop being children yourselves, thinking you need someone young and that “boomers” are not to be trusted. Serious movements are led by serious people.

    • I deeply regret defending him and associating with the “Alt-Right” label. He has made a fool out of everyone who ever supported him, donated to him and got involved with him.

      Richard Spencer’s movement was never really my cup of tea. I supported him out of solidarity. The Alt-Right was taking off in 2016 and I backed it because of my belief that we should support each others projects even if our beliefs don’t 100% line up.

      Anyway, I learned my lesson

      • Thomas “Equality” Main picked up on your definition from 2016 – ‘Realism Identity Iconoclasm’ – in his book on the Alt-Right. This seemed like the optimum overarching frame for a *scene* that was more metapolitical/cultural than about electoral politics. It works like a tripartite motto – like ‘Libert Equality Fraternity’ – and most importantly as a counter to ‘Diversity Equity Inclusion’.

        You later expanded on it with the 6 truths & 24 talking points – which effectively covered the points of the other AR figures that Main discusses. So the tripartite motto could be used to walk people through the truths & talking points. A broad church ecumenical frame but w/ boundaries to stop co-option.

        Spencer is a good speaker but he wanted to own something he had dropped in 2013 for Radix/NPI and promote his *own* ideas w/ an org/corp focused on him. But the Alt-Right seemed a bit broader. The initial idea of an aggregator site that pulled in content from different sources of the scene would have worked. So, premature institutionalisation plus big personalities who were fighting over a brand which actually benefited from a degree of ambiguity & flexibility.

        • Yes.

          Spencer abandoned the project as he always does to start Radix. Then when it started to take off he jumped in front of the train and loudly associated himself with the movement in the media. He tried to corral the Alt-Right under his leadership at He even went to Charlottesville, not because Unite the Right was his idea, but to promote himself and position himself at the forefront of the movement and over petty rivalries with people like Kessler who he couldn’t stand the thought of stealing the spotlight.

          Every move that he made was about self promotion and self aggrandizement. It was never about ideology. As he said in the Elle Reeve interview, he was using those people to become famous. He hates the Dissident Right and is obsessed with it out of petty jealousy and rage. He had a mental breakdown and was screaming at Fuentes on that phone call calling him a Mexican peasant.

          It was very revealing. It says a lot about how he sees himself and other people. He is now the leader of a movement which is purely about Richard Spencer and has 4 or 5 pathetic followers on Twitter who parrot his cringe hot takes. No one in Apolloism is allowed to disagree with Spencer or they get ejected from the personality cult

          • Spencer is a mixed bag. He is a talented and engaging speaker. His downfall is his ego & alcohol & disappearing into the empyrean. After hailgate he had a genuinely impressive bounce back with Texas A&M. Then he got carried away with the alt-right corporation.

            Spencer enjoys riffing & thinking out loud & exploring ideas. But this can lead to problems – especially w/ hostile media. He seems to think that journalists like Elle Reeve want to explore ideas when they are trying to set him up. Elle was probably goading Spencer & he was tired and she got the clip she after. Heimbach & Parrot actually stayed on message.

            UTR was an outrage as was the trial.
            A lot of people sacrificed time & money to attend UTR to hear Spencer & others speak. Maybe the location wasn’t optimal & some folks had their own agenda but absolutely no one predicted that the authorities would literally not police the event – or worse. Maybe he could clarify his comments.

            Spencer said his that his anger in the Fuentes clip was his responding to the “irony bros” insinuating he was a pedo after a podcast riff of his was deliberately misconstrued.

            On ideology Spencer does seem to have one – a grandiose Nietzschean pan-European vision, inspired by Guillaume Faye & Jonathan Bowden. But this is *his* vision. Aspects of it tbf are compelling. You have noted we are the cusp of one age and the start of another.

            In some ways Spencer is like Heimbach – big personality, some alcohol issues, & willing to sacrifice for his ideas.

            The problem is that these big personalities disagree ideologically and even aesthetically (boatshoes?). Ends up at Michigan State w/ Spencer speaking to 5 people in a cattle shed and a group of guys in black shirts & armbands throwing salutes shouting “NATIONAL socialism”. Spencer has never really been interested in in”NS”. But Michigan was like UTR – tough spot & it takes courage to face off against antifa.

            Also, the 2 fugitive Andy’s have some splaining to do. Done a lot of backpedling.

            But there was a lot of energy & excitement in 2016/17 w/ the AR. UTR was a setback. The movements that forged the 20th century were renegades meeting in rooms above pubs & in beer halls & had plenty of setbacks.

  14. Just over a week ago Spencer did an interview where he basically re- affirmed his old basic idea of a new Roman empire, white supremacy united , thru the EU. The EU is committed to merging Europe with Africa and the near east. Does he think that his Apollo white supremacy people can infiltrate the EU ? Nuts.

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