New York Times: Christian Nationalists Are Excited About What Comes Next

We used to live in an overwhelmingly Christian culture. There was no demand for Christian Nationalism because Christianity was so dominant. Now that Christianity is losing its dominance and Christian norms can no longer be taken for granted, the inevitable reckoning is just beginning.

New York Times:

“The shape of the Christian nationalist movement in the post-Roe future is coming into view, and it should terrify anyone concerned for the future of constitutional democracy.

The Supreme Court’s decision to rescind the reproductive rights that American women have enjoyed over the past half-century will not lead America’s homegrown religious authoritarians to retire from the culture wars and enjoy a sweet moment of triumph. On the contrary, movement leaders are already preparing for a new and more brutal phase of their assault on individual rights and democratic self-governance. Breaking American democracy isn’t an unintended side effect of Christian nationalism. It is the point of the project.

A good place to gauge the spirit and intentions of the movement that brought us the radical majority on the Supreme Court is the annual Road to Majority Policy Conference. At this year’s event, which took place last month in Nashville, three clear trends were in evidence. First, the rhetoric of violence among movement leaders appeared to have increased significantly from the already alarming levels I had observed in previous years. Second, the theology of dominionism — that is, the belief that “right-thinking” Christians have a biblically derived mandate to take control of all aspects of government and society — is now explicitly embraced. And third, the movement’s key strategists were giddy about the legal arsenal that the Supreme Court had laid at their feet as they anticipated the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

They intend to use that arsenal — together with additional weaponry collected in cases like Carson v. Makin, which requires state funding of religious schools if private, secular schools are also being funded; and Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, which licenses religious proselytizing by public school officials — to prosecute a war on individual rights, not merely in so-called red state legislatures but throughout the nation.

Although metaphors of battle are common enough in political gatherings, this year’s rhetoric appeared more violent, more graphic and more tightly focused on fellow Americans, rather than on geopolitical foes.

“The greatest danger to America is not our enemies from the outside, as powerful as they may be,” said former President Donald Trump, who delivered the keynote address at the event. “The greatest danger to America is the destruction of our nation from the people from within. And you know the people I’m talking about.”

Speakers at the conference vied to outdo one another in their denigration of the people that Mr. Trump was evidently talking about. Democrats, they said, are “evil,” “tyrannical” and “the enemy within,” engaged in “a war against the truth.” …”

We already live under dominionism.

Just change a few words around and you have the reaction to the demise of Roe v. Wade:

Second, the theology of progressivism — that is, the belief that “right-thinking” liberals and progressives are on “the right side of history” and thus have a divine mandate to take control of all aspects of government and society and violently impose their values on the rest of the world— is now explicitly embraced.

Abortion has been outlawed in Alabama.

According to progressives, this is the embrace of “full blown authoritarianism.” The people who live here should have no say in the matter. We are incapable of self government. We should be ruled by progressive judges who can unilaterally impose their values on us. The demise of abortion in Alabama is deeply offensive to people who live in New York who have the right to tell us what to do.

Abortion is a human right. Interracial marriage is a human right. Gay marriage is a human right. Sodomy is a human right. Illegal immigration is a human right. Drug use is a human right. Pornography is a human right. “Trans” is a human right. None of these things are up for debate. Progressives have the divine right to impose their values on all of society and those who object to this simply have to submit to their rule. Challenging progressives on fraught social issues is “authoritarianism” and “anti-democratic.”

It ISN’T authoritarian when the Supreme Court imposes its values from the top down on abortion, interracial marriage and gay marriage on every Southern state. It IS authoritarian when power is returned to the states where such matters are supposed to be decided.


  1. I would have more respect for Locke if he said… “You cannot be a Christian and support the synagogue of Satan in this nation!” but he won’t because he stands with Israel without apology.

  2. I literally got goosebumps on the back of my neck watching Greg Locke preach. We need more leaders like him preaching the fierce word of God and leading the flock on America.

  3. OT

    Whatever the problem, more immigration is always the solution:

    linkWatch: Ontario Premier Doug Ford says to make up for the loss of gas tax from electric vehicles we need to bring in more immigrants.

    >He was especially concerned that a decreasing white population would lead to no longer being able to “support the defense systems which are the basis of national power and security.”
    >Wattenberg offered three potential solutions. He said we could pay women to have babies, but that unfortunately “we would have to pay women of all colors to have babies.” He said we could increase immigration, but that unfortunately most of the immigrants would be non-white people. So he argued that the third and best option was to stop abortion. “Remember that 60% of the fetuses that are aborted every year are white,” he said. “If we could keep that 60% of life alive, that would solve our birth dearth.”

    • Still not sure how that can be claimed to be an accurate number. The race of the mother is known for an abortion, the father not necessarily so.

  5. The Jew-York Times tells a bald-faced lie right out of the gate:

    The Supreme Court’s decision to rescind the reproductive rights that American women…

    That’s not what the court decided. The court decided, 50 years after they invented a constitutional right out of thin air, that the matter was best left to the states. First sensible decision made in literally decades. It will have little effect on either the ability to obtain an abortion or upon the rate of abortions. The “journalist” writing the bullshit probably thinks The Handmaid’s Tale is reality. It was never even close to reality, not in the middle ages, not in the Roman Empire, not even in the Islamic world. Anyone who takes the Jew-York Times seriously is a retard or a indoctrinated Zio-zombie.

  6. It ISN’T authoritarian when the Supreme Court imposes its values from the top down on abortion, interracial marriage and gay marriage on every Southern state. It IS authoritarian when power is returned to the states where such matters are supposed to be decided.

    It’s always who … whom with such as these. The only thing they believe in is raw power, and (as we have seen in abundance) they fully intend to use it to exterminate all who oppose them. No different from Pol Pot at the end of the day. People of the Lie.

  7. The Log Cabin queers which are nothing but west coast Irish and Jewish homosexual usurpers are going to return to their beloved Democrat party just like the Jew neocons under trump, sickening assloving filth.

  8. Christian Nationalism is the next new jewish trick to play out of the deck!

    “Christian Nationalism” is easy to subvert in to “MURICA PATRIOTISM” and it is colorblind so that moves the issue from Race!
    It will begin soon to collect the usual crack pots like Bobert Witzke Butt-hea… mean Charlie Kirk and the usual retards

    This is completely jewish and should be disregarded by anyone pro-white


  9. Did this revivalist Fundamentalist tent preacher in Tennessee mention mass non White , not Christian immigration like this brown turd Indian Mehta making the tweet against him/us?

    Did he name names j and White Gentile like Donny Smith the CEO of Tyson Foods, or the English fag CEO of Coke a Cola Woke a cola ?

    Or did he just do the same old same old bitch and whine about those gosh darn liberal Democrats , the Liberal media?

    Did he say anything against all those pointless Neo Conservative Je$ wars and the hucksters in Christian Religious Right , Ted Nugent and Hank Willians Jr that get paid to shrill for them ?

    Looks like another

    Been there
    Done that

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