Amren: My Husband Refuses To Recognize Reality

I’m a realist.

Yes, it is true that there are differences between the races and sexes. It is also true that there are cultural differences between White people which are just as meaningful and important.


“My husband and I are college graduates. He has a masters in social work and I have a degree in communications. We both come from upper-middle class families, him from the Boston area and me from Scottsdale. We met in college and I was instantly taken with him, his romantic progressive approach to life, his brains and his energy. I still love him very much. Since we had both lived such sheltered lives, and since he was getting his Masters in social work, we both agreed that we needed to experience life at the other end of the spectrum and after he graduated. And we did. We moved to one of the absolute worst areas of one of the worst cities in the country. My husband was able to land a decent job as a victims advocate working for the county and I got one working in job placement, but left after getting pregnant. We have lived here for 18 months and we have seen and heard everything: murders, robberies, bodies lying in the street, power outages, garbage not picked up for weeks at a time, etc. Any symptom of urban blight you can name, we have experienced. I have been assaulted and groped twice while trying to get into our building. I actually feel fortunate that is the worst that has happened to me. As much as I hate to say this, as two (now three) white people, we absolutely stand out and I believe the only reason we haven’t experienced worse is because people know we are willing to call the cops.

We had our son about six months ago. My husband always promised me that we would move once he came because he knows how afraid I am to live here. I essentially became a hermit that doesn’t leave our apartment. Sometimes, the isolation makes me feel like I’m losing my mind, especially with a six-month-old baby. As much as he promised, every time I brought up moving he would tell me (truthfully) that he had a really important case he was working, and that if he left the neighborhood his “clients” would lose faith in him and see him as another slum tourist just earning a check. I appreciate his honesty, but six weeks ago, I took our son and went to stay with my parents in Arizona. I hate admitting this as well, but I am finally sleeping at night because I feel like I can relax and not worrying about what may or may not be flying through our window.

I made it clear to my husband that I’d like him to move down to the Southwest, too. Instead of doing so, last Friday he issued me an ultimatum, demanding that our son and I return to him. I said that I would but I needed a guarantee that we would be moving soon. With that, he started screaming at me (and I do mean screaming), saying I was a typical, racist, middle class, white bitch who couldn’t handle the true nature of the world and was “turning a blind eye to reality.” I let him rant for a while, then calmly responded that I felt like I had done my time living in the inner city, and as much as I agreed that we both had been spoiled by our childhood, I had to consider our son now and that he should as well. He hung up. I resisted the urge to tell him I would soon be contacting a lawyer. …”

She married one of Captain Ahab’s descendants from Boston who has a master’s degree in social work. What did she expect to happen?


  1. jews use college to get Whites to hate themselves and side with other races above their own. Unfortunately, he is just another White cuck that feel for the jew lie that Whites are evil White Supremacist racists.

    Hopefully he comes around but it will have to be literally beaten in to his head.

    • He won’t come around, because shitlibism is a genetic mental disorder.

      Hello Hunter!
      I have been taking a long break from politics and returned out of bordeom to see how nuts the USA is. The first video I saw was Nick Fuentes saying if a man has a girlfriend it is proof he is gay. American politics is so f’ed up. LOL

        • I think we have a pretty strong selection bias at work here, same as politicians. It’s why the e-celebs are all maladjusted grifters, and the politicians are shameless and sociopathic self-promoters. Not to mention that some of these people are controlled assets and will dance to their (((master’s))) tune

  2. A couple whose wedding I attended decided to move to Memfrica, for some reason.

    We haven’t spoken since.

  3. >He has a masters in social work and I have a degree in communications.

    Effete midwit Dreck — there’s nothing else to say about these two.

    The ‘differences between the races’ are vastly more important — all the problems America has would be far easier to deal with if the country still had a white supermajority.

  4. I met a lot of liberals who turned into full-blown racists once they’d done a stint in the ghetto.

  5. I wonder when she is going to get news that he was murdered by one of his “clients”, you know that’s what’s going to happen……

  6. Colin never had anything bad to say about the Christ killers, the money was too good. If black could only pay the way Jews do, the Irish would have a much much better opinion of them, right Colin?

    • I see that his work was published by the Zionists at American Thinker. Looks like the Jews are quite happy for us to impotently bitch and moan about black crime as long as we never identify the root cause of it.

      • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn——-The root cause is the Jew hatred of Christ and why do the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong? Is it because the Jews have a genetic predisposition to persecute and torment the weak and the innocent, Christ, the Palestinians the unborn?

        There is a reason why the Jews hate racism the way they do and it is something in Jewish blood that makes them less than human. Their inhuman hatred for the innocent.

  7. What does Amren refuse to recognize? Oh yeah, the tribe that is responsible for everything they supposedly are against.

    Highly likely this article was written by a man too. Women do not marry men who are less racist than themselves. To the extent women are racist they’ve adopted it from the men in their lives. The concept of the racially conscious princess shackled to the liberal dork is is a right wing fantasy I’ve seen on numerous occasions. It’s a result of the almost total lack of female participation in the white nationalist movement.

    • I wondered about that. Usually it’s the men who see reality rather than liberal women. There are exceptions I guess. Maybe this is one of them.

      • This women didn’t say anything about her husband being strong or tough or assertive. He’s probably some soylant too many shitlib women are stuck with be abuse most masculine men are on the right.

    • “Women do not marry men who are less racist than themselves.”

      Another manosphere canon with no basis whatsoever in fact.

      When gifted working-class girls grow up and marry sheltered middle-class boys, who do you think is most realistic, between the two of them?

  8. Libtardism is a genetic disease, and the only real cure is euthanasia. Unfortunately, this female chose to breed with an incurable subhuman genetic libtard, so it’s possible that her child is a carrier of this genetic illness or perhaps even a libtard itself. She should be bracing herself for the day that her offspring disowns her for “racism” or announces itself to be a tranny or whatever.

  9. This is from years ago. Colin went to his little hat friends before he could publish it in his book. Taylor is putting out the would be book piece meal. It could have bern called Little Hats Uber Alles.

    • Amren posts all manner of old, obsolete articles and stories. It is ment to keep people in the dark, although going by the comments, it isn’t working.

  10. Many of the people that Stalin sent to Gulags and executed were fanatic Stalinists up to shouting “Long live Comrade Stalin” as they were lined up by the firing squad. Marxism is their religion. Modern day Marxist substituted race struggle for the old class struggle. She wanted whites to suffer for imagined privilege until she would have to be included. She will remain a Marxist but she will master the skill of double think. He is still in the grip of denial and religious fervor.

    I met a Russian woman who’s grandfather was a WWII fighter ace, he has a wikipedia page and was famous. Stalin had him convicted of treason in a show trial and shot. I asked her how she felt about Stalin, she agreed that murdered millions but said that “perhaps it was necessary at the time”. You can’t reason with them.

  11. Poor dear, it sounds as if she has married a man with Asperger’s, frankly. They have fanatical beliefs once they are stuck in their brain. In fact the way their brains are wired means they are NOT, NOT, likely to change their irrational behavior and beliefs. Some of them are able to work on their behavior but not most. He called his wife a White, b- – – -. The woman he claimed to love. Asperger’s men become obsessed with certain things in their lives and it sounds like his fanaticism is based on his insane belief that he’s going to save the world. She needs to protect herself and her child from him.

  12. The article above reads very much like one of those letters regularly featured back in the day in the “Can this marriage be saved?” section of magazines like “True Confessions”. Given the political atmosphere of the current year, the lady in question may soon find herself in danger of losing her child.

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