Poll Watch: Abortion Remains Low Priority Issue

In spite of what you may have heard about a huge backlash brewing against Republicans, the demise of Roe v. Wade isn’t shaking up the midterms.

FOX News:

“Americans are far more concerned with inflation and gas prices than they are about abortion issues, according to a Tuesday poll from Monmouth University.

The poll is more bad news for Democrats, who have hoped to use the issue to sway midterm election voters. Republicans stand to make large gains in Congress and in state governments across the country as voters are struggling against the rising cost of living.

Monmouth pollsters asked respondents to reveal the biggest issue facing their family right now. 33% said inflation; 15% said gas prices; 9% said the economy; 6% said everyday bills and groceries, and 5% said abortion. …”

Abortion is dwarfed by inflation and gas prices.

I’m pro-life and have a position on the issue. I’m happy that abortion is now illegal in Alabama. It has never been one of my top issues though. I personally won’t be having an abortion and neither will my wife. I will be paying $4 a gallon for gas every single day though because of Ukraine.

Most people on both sides who have an opinion on the issue aren’t motivated enough to vote on the basis of abortion as a single issue. These issue polls which show sweeping majorities support gun control and abortion aren’t reflected in how people vote at the end of the day.

Joe Biden has become more unpopular since the Dobbs decision:

The NPR/PBS poll which showed Democrats up 7 points in the generic ballot was also an outlier. There doesn’t even seem to be much of a bounce in the polls for Democrats in the immediate reaction to the ruling. If Democrats aren’t fired up to vote over it now, they won’t be in November.

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  1. Interesting how the highest four categories (top concern for 63%) are basically the same thing: being able to survive economically. Three of those four (54%) are literally just about prices. Meanwhile, abortion is combined with “reproductive rights” to goose its total just a bit. Still looking like a ghost of James Carville election.

  2. “In spite of what you may have heard ”

    *gasp* are you implying the media works to grossly distorts the public’s perceptions ?

    No, it can’t be !

  3. “Three of those four (54%) are literally just about prices.”

    The electorate votes its wallet.

    “It’s the economy, stupid”

  4. The entire socio-political architecture of the West has been co opted by ZOG.

    ALL of the sanctions ostensibly aimed at Russia are, in reality daggers plunged into the heart of the West’s middle class.

    We are to be impoverished, in order to Build Back Better. Embrace your future enslavement goyim, it’s for the good of all!

    Oh, and you will eat the bugs. Oh yes you will.

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