UPDATE: 2022 Predictions

Now that we are officially in the second half of 2022, I have been thinking lately about what I got right and what I got wrong:

1. Republicans Win 2022 Midterms


I don’t see this changing. It is a safe bet that the GOP will take the House. The Senate could swing either way like it did in 2018.

2. Rise of the Cultural Tea Party


We’ve already seen a lot of the haters and losers purged in their primaries. Liz Cheney will go down in flames in August.

3. “Latinx” Voters Shift Right


There is stronger evidence than ever that the trend is real. We will see in the midterms.

4. Red Dogs Come Home Temporarily


5. COVID Fades For Real


I called this one right.

6. Gas Prices, Illegal Immigration and Violent Crime Remain Stubbornly High


7. Polarization Will Increase In 2022


8. Supreme Court Weakens Roe v. Wade


I underestimated conservatives.

9. Stephen Breyer Retires and Joe Biden Replaces Him With a Black Woman

I’m Nostradamus.

10. Inflation Will Persist Into Early 2022


I’ve overestimated the ability of the Biden administration to handle inflation for the second year in a row.

11. Donald Trump Announces His 2024 Revenge Tour


Highly likely. It might even happen before the midterms.

12. Merrick Garland Indicts Donald Trump


I would be shocked if the little Jewish troll didn’t.

13. Media Continues Breathless Coverage of “January 6 Insurrection”


Who could have ever predicted that?

14. Counter-Extremism Grift Continues


15. Build Back Better Will Pass In Some Form


Once again, I am biased in favor of overestimating the Democrats.

16. “Our Democracy” Will Die In 2022


I’m still betting on it.

As for my hedges, Russia invaded Ukraine, violent accelerationists returned, inflation spiked and the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. 4 out of the 9 things which I thought could happen have happened. Ukraine was the biggest miss. The banner explains why I didn’t think the war was likely to jump off.

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  1. Media Continues Breathless Coverage of “January 6 Insurrection”

    Watergate 2.0, but duller, audience is comatose.

  2. If Shlomo Garfinkle indicts Trump…DeSantis becomes the Republican Nominee and runs on a platform of 1)bomb Iran….2)‘bomb Iran……3)‘bomb Iran…..4)‘Putin is afraid of me…I would have bombed the Russian Military if they invaded Ukraine…”

    Putting Trump in jail is the goal…and I wouldn’t give a rats ass if this happen…

    The breakup of the US means India acquires US Living and Breeding Space for Hindus from India+Indian Army occupying California…NJ….NY…..Are you ok with this Hunter?…And that’s the just the start…..

  3. We are in a bubble & our Wins grossly overestimated. Even people we know are so sick of the republican party they’re voting democrat, something they’ve never done.

    Roe meant something more important to right wing voters vs. killing babies. Their response too is FU. Many married couple choose to terminate because they cannot live w/Zog inflation.

    Birth control next? This was a bad move. The “lawmakers” including SCOUTUS are the biggest scoundrels out there.

    But I won’t burst your bubble if you are this optimistic. I’m not seeing it.

  4. Ya know,
    Contrary to the media spin, Roe could mobilize a lot of retardicans to get out and vote. They may start feeling that their vote has value and they can move the political agenda. Contrariwise, demoncrats may feel disheartened and abandon the party that has failed them.

    Everyhing just the opposite of the media narrative.

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