1. Gas prices are easing because clueless Joe cut the gas taxes for a month which is minimal at best. Gas prices could go below 2.00 if we used our own supply instead of relying on foreign oil and were slaves to OPEC. Even with the so called “ease” the gas prices will rise again in the near future.

  2. Michlle Obama and gay Pete is the only way to get blacks to vote for gay Pete and it is looking like something. Tell me gay Pete is not going to get it on with the twins, tell me, i need to hear it, louder.

    • That is why Mr. & Mr. Buttplug bought their twins, to groom them. It is satanic. What is worse is all those people who applaud this sort of thing knowing what is going on behind closed doors.

  3. Brian Deese, former head of investing at Larry Fink’s BlackRock, is Biden’s head of the National Economic Council.

    We must suffer even more for the preservation of the Liberal World Order which is replacing/removing us.

    It’s obvious we’re too phenotypically weak, soy laden, and idiocratic at this point to stage any revolution but in previous eras now would be the time.

    Accelerationism is a nice dream but it will only enrich the Larry Fink’s, Bloomberg’s, and Klaus Schwab’s.

    They’ll just jump ship to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, or the countless other banana republics connected to and ruled by their International Monetary Order.

    They’re here to gorge like locusts on the crops and then find new crops to feast on.

    This currently GMO engineered crop prefers being gorged upon so this could take a while.

    • I’ve been waiting “a while” for decades. How much longer, or maybe until Whitey just goes into the night.

      • At this rate, Whitey will go quietly into the night. His last great act of “defiance” will be to make sure that White societies will keep running for at least 20 years for the POC after we’re all dead. It could have been 25 years. That will show ‘em!

    • Then let them flee to Israel. I’d rather be a peasant than live under the heel of these rootless cosmopolitans.

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