New York Times: Mayra Flores and The Rise of the Far Right Latina

The vortex of the culture war is consuming everything like a black hole.

Americans are polarizing along the axis of values, ideology, education and geography. As a result, the country is steadily becoming less racially polarized. The burning question of our times which is sorting our politics: how do you feel about libtards? How do you feel about social liberalism?

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — For years, Texas Republicans tried to win the Hispanic vote using a Bush-era brand of compassionate conservatism. The idea was that a moderate’s touch and a softer rhetoric on immigration were key to making inroads with Hispanic voters, particularly in Democratic strongholds along the southern border.

Such was the Texas of old. The Trump age has given rise to a new brand of Texas Republicans, one of whom is already walking the halls of Congress: the far-right Latina.

Representative Mayra Flores became the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in more than a century after she won a special election last month and flipped the congressional seat from blue to red. She also became the first Latina Republican ever sent by Texas to Congress. Her abbreviated term lasts only through the end of the year, and she is seen as a long shot to win re-election to a full one.

But what is most striking is that Ms. Flores won by shunning moderates, embracing the far right and wearing her support for Donald J. Trump on her sleeve — more Marjorie Taylor Greene than Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Her campaign slogan — “God, family, country” — was meant to appeal to what she calls the “traditional values” of her majority-Hispanic district in the border city of Brownsville. She called for President Biden’s impeachment. She tweeted QAnon hashtags. And she called the Democratic Party the “greatest threat America faces.”

In an interview in her still-barren office the day after her swearing-in ceremony, Ms. Flores was asked whether she considered Mr. Biden the legitimately elected president.

“He’s the worst president of the United States,” she said.

When asked three more times whether Mr. Biden had been legitimately elected, she repeated the same nonanswer. …”

“Far right” is what was normal as of yesterday.

FOX News:

It is what it is.

I’m not celebrating the trend. I’m just noticing it.

This is why culturally conservative “Latinx” voters in the Rio Grande Valley are leaving the Democratic Party. They are voting more like White rural and small town voters.

The same thing happened with the Alt-Right. The secular, Nietzschean, anti-Christian, pro-choice wing of the movement that comes from suburban PMC families decided that “owning” the Dissident Right and conservatives was the most important thing to them. The Alt-MSNBC movement has steadily embraced Joe Biden, open borders, “trans,” feminism, forced vaccinations, gun control and Ukraine because the real problem is conservatives. They are Becoming Who They Are by accepting liberal hegemony and returning to the upper middle class milieu from which they came as respectable libtards.

Ask yourself the following question and be honest: could you take one for the team for the White race? In the name of White unity, could you embrace the cultural values of the White minority? Could you embrace embrace homosexuality, “trans” and Drag Queen Story Hour and Apollo and gun control and open borders and forced vaccination and multiculturalism and atheism and antiracism and feminism and abortion and so on? Could you find yourself on the same side politically as Richard Spencer in 2022?

As the country becomes more culturally polarized, Whites aren’t going to unite. Instead, there will be two camps of Whites which embrace increasingly extreme positions. The pull will be strong enough for MAGA voters and conservative normies to flirt with secession and become alarmed about the Great Replacement and for the guys who were running NPI a few years ago to embrace Zelensky and Drag Queen Story Hour. Non-Whites aren’t immune to the drama and will also start sorting into rival camps like White voters.

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  1. First thing she did is try to amnesty illegal DACAs. Which is actually right wing and based if you are Mexican. Fuck your Gringo law AND BLM! Chicano power My Latin Kings!

        • Whites have nothing in common unless we are from the same tribe or ethnicity. A “White@ ethno-state would just be universalism for Whites and would mix Whites together might as well mix with anybody as I said and have an Orthodox Empire like Byzantium.

          • And that empire lasted 1000 years- your point? Just as the tribes of Israel and Judah split, just as the North and the South split, so too, did the South (Byzantium) and the North (West Europe) do what our. Ancestors have done- internecine fighting. We must join.

        • Mixing all “Whites” is no different than with non-Whites because it creates a White Universalism through which ethnic and cultural distinctions die. Cultural preservation has nothing to do with “race”. A culture and civilization can be preserved with a mixed population as did in Rome and Byzantium. What you are advocating is for people to mix because they have the same skin color without consideration of ethnic culture. That is genocide but me having a black girlfriend is not as long as she shares my culture, religion, values and ideology. I’ve met Southern blacks and Latinos that I had more in common than the average Libtard Whites. You White racists have shit all messed up with your warped thinking. All Y’all give a shit about White skin, shake my head.

    • Blood is thicker than water. She is just another IKAGO (I K now A G ood O ne) who will ultimately take the side of the anti-White forces presently in the driver’s seat and wrecking what is left of the country. This is the same old shit the Republicans have been serving up since at least that scumbag Ronald Reagan got elected in 1980, maybe earlier.

      “Look! We increased our share of the black vote by 50% from 4% to 6%. At this rate it won’t be long before those negroes will be reading the WSJ and Ayn Rand, watching Fox TV, listening to conservative talk radio, joining the Chamber of Commerce and start worrying about the deficit.”

      They are small government, “natural conservatives” just looking for a hand up, not a hand out. With Jack Kemp’s lunatic “Enterprise Zones” they will start running their own businesses, realize how crippling government regulations and taxes are and run into the arms of the detestable Republican Party, I just know it!

      Remember, the Dems are the Real Racists. They are keeping blacks on the Democrat plantation through welfare. With a few more charter school businesses run by people like Betsy DeVos for a nice profit paid by taxes all those Hidden Figures of black genius only Hollywood can seem to find will be sprouting like weeds. Substitute hispanic for black and you are up to date.

      With stupidity even the gods contend in vain.

  2. Brad your reasonment is the same that i did almost 8 years ago. At that time i I asked myself the same question: do I prefer to give importance to conservative cultural values, also accepting these values from other races who think like me, or do I prefer to give importance to race, being with all white people, even those who have degenerate ideas and are the opposite of me (like antifa, LGBTQ, BLM, etc.)???
    My answer at that time and still today is this: even if race is important, ethnicities exist and other things, if i have to choice for a separation i prefer a conservative state (cultural separation or ideological separation) rather than a race separation or ethnic sepration. When we always talk about ethnostate, which is a good idea, however we forget that in a potential white ethnostat there would still be antifa, lgbtq and transgender bullshit, fanatical feminists, statue-destroyers, cancel culture, marxism and all the other degenerations. Maybe there wouldn’t be black lives matter activists because blacks wouldn’t be part of our society, or there would still be white black lives matter activists who would want to let immigrants back in and still start a culture war.

    This is a difficult choice but i prefer to live: first if is possible with white conservatives and then if there is really no other solution with black, asian, indian conservative rather than to live with people who one day are man and day later are women, gays, queer, people who don’t want to identify themselves with the laws of biology. Also i don’t want a state in which my ancestor be destroyed by far-left, with cancel culture and antifa everywhere that accuse all people to be fascist.

    • @Marcel, I commend you for your comments here as it seems you and I are the closest in views on this. I agree I would add that a white ethno-state would not stay traditional conservative for long, and eventually would have all of the degeneracy that other white countries and states in the west. Look at any Western nation that is majority white: they are all anti-White and liberal. Any example you could use would show that Whites when in a homogeneous nation simply will fall. The solution is to choose ideology, values, and religion over race. I favor a majority White nation in the South with conservative minority populations. I think this is the most realistic and logical position to hold. Personally I’ve met many blacks and other minorities that share my values, and worldview. Why would you kick out people that are like in every way except physically and ancestry? It makes no sense.. I will keep fighting for a free South open to any Southerner regardless of race that shared traditional values and Christianity.

      • “Look at any Western nation that is majority white: they are all anti-White and liberal.”

        The reason why that’s the case is at the end of the sentence itself. Liberalism is the problem, not ethnic homogeneity or having a country with a permanent supermajority. A European country overthrew liberalism exactly 100 years ago later this year, and it wasn’t followed by “traditional conservatism.”

        • White homogeneity is the root problem because Liberalism was created by Whites in predominantly White countries. Whites are simply not disciplined enough to remain majority traditional conservative and never have. Whites collectively are the reason the West is fucked. Look at the anti-Gay laws where homosexuals are punished for being gay are in Non-White nations predominantly in Africa. Africans and Arabs have never been liberal outside of America. Whites can only remain conservative in a mixed society. Primitive tribes in Africa are traditionally conservative societies. Anybody who believes that we Whites are the superior “race” is mentally retarded. The top 10 most conservative countries in the world are all NON-WHITE nations. The most LIBERAL countries are all Western White countries.

          Look at these links

          • This has to be your worst comment yet.

            “White homogeneity is the root problem because Liberalism was created by Whites in predominantly White countries.”

            European civilization has been European for thousands of years before liberalism was created. It was liberalism (which has only existed for a fraction of our history) and capitalism that lead to European countries becoming less European demographically.

            “Whites are simply not disciplined enough to remain majority traditional conservative and never have.”

            This is historical illiteracy at it’s finest and I refuse to believe you actually think this is the case. By your standards, White Europeans throughout our history up until the Reformation and then the Enlightenment were exclusively ultra-traditional and ultra-conservative to the point where you would look like a leftist by comparison.

            “Whites collectively are the reason the West is fucked.”

            No, the west is fucked because of conservatives and their inaction. Conservatism is the root problem because instead of fighting against the left, it cowardly retreats and cedes ground to their liberal and left-wing counterparts. It took until 3 weeks ago for them to actually do something about abortion all the while they’ve ceded ground on every other culture war issue preceding that. But it’s still all our fault, right? To hell with your traditional conservatism, it’s a disease and the Third Position is the cure.

    • @ Marcel

      You’re not American and certainly not very bright.
      That’s why you take seriously white Americans and.their infinite childish gibberish (articles, essays, analysis, comments, etc).

      • Man with your comment you offend not only me (i don’t give a fuck) but you offend all people who write on this website. Are you a leftstist??

      • @C.H. Name a single all White Western nation today that is not liberal and degenerate, and defends its ethnic heritage above all others. I’ll wait……..Why is there not a single fucking all White nation that punishes LGBTQ, Feminism, baby killers, rejected Christianity, embraced Atheistic materialism/nilhism, and allows it’s cultural heritage to become destroyed? Whites collectively are to blame for why their countries are fucked up not minorities. Look at your own house first before blaming others. You sound just like a Libtard passing the blame on someone besides yourself. Nobody forced this on us we allowed and welcomed it. White nationalism is an autistic retards wet dream. There are already White ethno-states and they are all liberal and anti-Christian. No thanks

        • @Orthodox Slumlord

          “Name a single all White Western nation today that is not liberal and degenerate, and defends its ethnic heritage above all others. I’ll wait…”

          Hungary, Poland and Belarus just for starters. Russia is 80% ethnic Russian and isn’t a liberal degenerate cesspit either.

          “Why is there not a single fucking all White nation that punishes LGBTQ, Feminism, baby killers, rejected Christianity, embraced Atheistic materialism/nihilism, and allows it’s cultural heritage to become destroyed?”

          Because the wrong side won World War II as well as the Cold War. You’d probably find some stupid rationalization to condemn Germany and the Axis Powers in general though, despite your Church blessing a Fascist movement and your Metropolitan sending a letter of praise to Hitler. Had World War II or even the Cold War ended differently, you would have your way in Europe.

          “Whites collectively are to blame for why their countries are fucked up not minorities. Look at your own house first before blaming others. You sound just like a Libtard passing the blame on someone besides yourself. Nobody forced this on us we allowed and welcomed it.”

          You assume that we have any power or any say over what the people in charge do to our detriment. Democracy is a lie made up to give the people the false impression that people have any influence. The only thing that we should blame ourselves for is letting jews come into our country and destroy it in the first place. Everything beyond that is out of our control.

          I want nothing to do with any self-described “traditional conservative” and the moral cowardice that comes with everyone that calls themselves that.

          • Those are not White Western ethno-states. Those are Eastern Europeans that your beloved Fuehrer Adolf Hitler and the Nazis said were inferior races. Russia rejects racism and is a multi-racial nation. Putin has repeatedly condemned nazism and fascism as have former leaders. You are a self righteous racist retard that doesn’t know what your talking about. Not blaming other Whites when they are wrong shows your have rose colored glasses on, in denial, and a racist.

          • @Orthodox Slumlord

            “Those are not White Western ethno-states. Those are Eastern Europeans that your beloved Fuehrer Adolf Hitler and the Nazis said were inferior races. Russia rejects racism and is a multi-racial nation.”

            Hungary and Belarus are 84% Hungarian and Belarussian respectively, Poland is 97% Polish and Russia is 81% Russian. Eastern European or not, they are example of White countries that are both homogeneous and illiberal and non-degenerate. Even Russia, despite being a multi-racial country is still 4/5ths Russian and doesn’t condemn it’s own people, culture and history like it did under the Soviet Union.

            “Putin has repeatedly condemned nazism and fascism as have former leaders.”

            Of course they would, they fought a war against it at the same time they were fighting their war against Orthodoxy and the Russian people and their traditional culture. Putin is not a perfect leader but I give respect where it’s due.

            “You are a self righteous racist retard that doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Not blaming other Whites when they are wrong shows you have rose colored glasses on, in denial, and a racist.”

            I’ve already addressed the Genetic White Liberal problem to you before. You’re the one here that clearly has a problem with White people to the point where you lie about us always becoming liberal when we’re homogeneous and that we need diversity in order to be illiberal. I didn’t know that we were all liberal throughout the Middle Ages, but according to historically illiterate retards like yourself, we were. Go ahead and keep shouting “racist” at all of us while trying to convince us that your “traditional conservatardism” is anything other than liberalism with a “trad” exterior.

    • If this is what most people think then the enemy has won. White genocide is a foregone conclusion and you might as well stop worrying about anything and put your feet up. Your ancestors, if there are any, will be dusty hued and living in a 3rd world paradise where simply reading and writing will be an advanced skill. I am being quite serious about this.

      Now, I begin to understand why so many ethno nationalists get to a certain point and throw up their hands and give up. It’s apparent many of you have a death wish and have just accepted Genocide and defeat. It’s no wonder young white men do idiotic suicide runs against the system. They probably thinks it’s better to go out in a blaze of some glory than just sit and wait for the inevitable extermination.

      • That should be Descendants not ancestors.

        That’s what happens when you post first thing and don’t have an edit function. Sigh

      • It’s not about “White” unity or Whiteness coming together in a universal society this is where you White Suprmacists go way off the rails. Whites are different and other peoples are different. There’s not gonna be this universal “White” society of people that don’t care about ethnicity so long as the next person has White skin then they are a muh “White” brother. This is a modern Western construct.

        • Get your terminology in order for once. A White Supremacist wants to rule over non-whites. I have NEVER MET ANY WHITE PERSON IRL WHO WANTS THAT. Ethno nationalists are generally separatists. Somehow people like you can’t grasp that basic concept. For some reason, you’re terrified that European peoples can get along just fine without the dusky hordes, so you pretend we want to rule over them. NO WE DON’T. WE WANT THEM TO GET THE HELL AWAY FROM US. Is that clear enough?

          White supremacist is a canard that non-whites pull out , along with racist, when they want something from Whites that we don’t want to give to them. You know, like our countries. So you know what you can do with that tired canard.

          America is unique (although other former European colonies may have this to differing degrees) in that the European peoples here are not from only one ethnicity. Some may be mixed ethnicities at this point ( say German- French- Scottish- English) so we just go with “ White” here. In Europe they have German/French/ Belgian/ Irish nationalists which is only natural and is synonymous with their own ethnic nationalism. So what if not all White ethnicities get along perfectly in America? So? You think Latinx isn’t a modern construct. Think all those “Latin ethnicities” are all huggie kissie with each other? Think all the Blacks get along? Think Black Africans like Black Americans? Boy do you have a surprise coming your way.

          So, I want to get this clear. You believe because not all the White ethnicities in America get along all the time we should allow Genocide to be committed against all of us? Is that what You’re trying to get across?

          • @ Adit and @ Orthodox Slumlord I think you have both misunderstood my reasoning. Live in white only country is good, but that country to be good should be all conservative and not drag queen, faggotry and cancel culture’s warriors. My statement is only based on a logical conclusion: or we are able to create a white only CONSERVATIVE etnostate (this would be the better solution) or at least i prefer a black who share my christian or conservative values rather than a white leftists faggot, gender, who hate his own ancestors.

            P.s Orthodox Slumlord: remember this….. black have to respect our european/american and white history, they don’t have to destroy confederates monuments or crusaders monuments, this is the only condition that i can accept a black person. If a black conservative ask or impose to me to destroy Julius Caesar, Richard Lionheart, Nathan Bedfort Forrest or other heroes of our white history, so i kick that black conservative out of my country.

  3. Pete Thiel, Ric Grenell and all those money grubbing Log Cabin queers have got a problem, do you see it? Money was supposed to rule in the Republican party not morality. What to do, what to do?

    • I think you need to calm down some on the Irish bashing. The Irish essentially consist of the same White racial stock as the rest of Great Britain an, as well as, two thirds of Northern Europe (see Carleton S. Coon, The Races of Europe for an education in that regard). I could name an endless litany of strictly Anglo degenerates, Jew lovers, race mixers, White culture destroyers etc.
      Let me know if that’s what it will take to shut you the hell up, and I’ll gladly oblige with the requisite data.

        • @Jim Smith—Irish like Jews bred and produce children within their own bloodline. If there was no difference between the Irish and other whites, or Jews and other whites then why do Irish always select as mates others of Irish blood? Can you answer me Mick retodd? I hate your filthy fxzking guts you worthless whoring diseased Irish gutter filth. Do you understand me you fzxcking Irish retodd?

          That Karen Dunn is really something ain’t she Mick?

      • @MPO— We are born all sinners. And we all must learn to overcome the sin, the imperfects with in each of us to become one with our God, and to fulfill Gods intentions. How are the Irish to overcome their sinful ways if I hold my tongue? Can you answer me schmuck?

        • Speak for yourself. l don’t consider myself as born a “sinner” to a jewish god. And I couldn’t case less what you do with your tongue.
          It’s telling that you you use the word schmuck to try and insult me, that really doesn’t work on the goyim I’m afraid.

      • @MPO—-you know Karen Dunn worked pro bono on her Charlottesville case. Her travel, lodging, and meals were all paid out of her own pocket. All to teach whites a lesson, to teach whites who is boss and who rules. I am here to tell you Irish filth something, you don’t rule and you are going to be cut down to size and it is the hand of God that is going to do it. Mark my words Mick. It is in the stars.

  4. Whites will never unite because we race is not biological. Whites have always been divided because there are more important things than simply being “White”. I would rather unite with a mix of rural conservative Christian whites, Latinos and blacks than I had the Alt-right Niecheian, atheist, anti conservative, pro-lgbtq Whites. The real fight is spiritual, ideological, and cultural not racial. So called “White” unity is an autistic retards wet dream that’s not ever gonna happen.

    • Our enemies are targeting whites for destruction. If we want to survive, we have to consider white as something important.

      • So? What does it mean to be “White”? There has always been a sliding scale. At onetime in this country the Irish, German, Italians, and Polish were not considered “White”. That’s because it is a social construct it evolved over time.

        • This guys wants European descended people exterminated. He can’t define “white” except when it comes to blaming us for something then they sure as hell can identify Whites. In the next breathe its Race is a social construct. Funny how that works. I know when someone is targeting me and my kith and kin for murder and no weasel words like “ What is white?” Is gonna disguise that. Can’t these people come up with anything original for once? We got any BUGSters in the crowd? This guy should be good for some remedial practice.

          • Orthodox has been reading up on his Tim Wise “books” (such as they are) about how evil White, Christian societies are. Why doesn’t Tim Wise just move 5,000 miles east to “Our Greatest Ally” and take his friends with him? Hint: the last thing they want to do is live in a non-White country or area of a White country.

            The non-Whites are naturally anti-White. They need us but we don’t need them and they can’t stand it.

  5. How can any sane parent bring their kids to drag queen degenerate hour? We are really devolving into a sick society and how do we stop it?

  6. Mike Peinovich probably comes from more of a shitlib PMC background than Spencer. And there’s nothing Christian about TRS or the NJP.

    Your narrative is just wrong.

    And buying into this ridiculous Based Latinx stuff is beneath you.

    • I’m not celebrating the trend. Just observing it.

      I think it is funny that libtards have gotten extreme enough to alienate Asians and Latinos. The entire Republican Party at this point is composed of disparate groups who have little in common except for some grievance with libtards. This is also true of the “Barstool conservatives” crowd who are pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, but angry over Wokeism.

  7. Another way of looking at it politically incorrectly and which I would keep to myself is that American racilism is no longer one drop. It has black and white extremes but people in the middle can take either side.

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