Gavin Newsom: “Join Us In California”

Who can afford to live in California?


    • If the Dems were smart they would run this guy. I could see suburban moms voting for him simply because of his looks. FJB doesn’t stand a chance.

    • I guess interesting insomuch a WEF/oligarch sponsored newsom (is newsom’s wife jewish?) v ZOG desantis, Just more nothing changing for the better pepsi v coke hopium. It’s like the WWE except far less entertaining.

  1. Florida’s cities aren’t turning into Third World cesspools, but California’s are.

    • “Third World cesspools, ”

      With the ever increasing rate of ‘follow home’ robberies, I can easily foresee an exodus of the rich from Cali. Prior to the present, most rich in Cali have lived in isolated security from the crimes imposed on the poor and working class, that is changing.

    • Florida absorbed so many refugees from Blue States during COVID who fled the lockdowns that it has ceased to be a swing state

      • Florida’s rents are reported to have become sky high because of all that migration, if you don’t already have money it’s not very practical for blue collar whites to try to move there now. I took a look at my old Apartment in the Portland Exurbs, I was paying $650 in 2009, it’s now $1850, completely unaffordable to all but rich people. I’ll stick to the rural midwest, no body wants to come here so it’s still affordable.

  2. The level of projection and disconnect from these people is amazing. Hunter do you know of a similar historical example where something absurd as leftism took hold and eventually died off or was completely turned around? Seems to be happening gradually but what do you think will be the death blow to this insanity?

  3. Sucks. Love California. Born and raised there. Had to move north, after 10 years of being in the Pacific North west i see there’s a way better class of whites in CA.You meet more racially conscious white people because they’ve dealt firsthand with diversity. Up north not so much. Yeah its safer but i’ve never met a more sheltered, naieve group of whites. These people don’t have a clue what its like to live amongst and go to school with large numbers of blacks. They worship them and put them on a pedestal. It really is a bizarre cult. They’re starting to get enriched though. As much as i hate it, these people deserve it so much. Pathetic thing is, once their kids start getting assaulted and there are shootings etc. these people are still gonna deny race has anything to do with it. Everything this website says about “PMC’s”, Bobos, whatever you wanna call these morons is true. They’ve bought their way out of diversity and impose it on everyone else.

    • Yes, what has happened to CA over the last few decades is a tragedy.

      The black population fraction in CA is 6.5% (link), which is less than half the national fraction — there are relatively few areas where you would find ‘large numbers of blacks’ in the schools — I graduated HS in the suburban SFBA, and in my HS class of 750 there were maybe a dozen Blacks — about 30 years later I happened to see a yearbook from the same HS, and while there were more Blacks, the number was nothing like the increase in Hispanics and Asians, both groups now clearly outnumbering Whites.

      CA has world-renowned universities, and was home to many important aerospace and defense companies after WWII — later it became the leader in high tech (semiconductors, software) — so it has always had a large number of well-educated Whites.

      After the 2000 census revealed that 1/3 of the adults in the SFBA were born in another country, I could only say ‘No kidding’ — at that point, it had not really looked or felt like America there for some years.

      • All lot of blacks were literally driven out of their neighborhoods in Cali by Hispanics who hate them. Nevada saw a large influx of Blacks from Cali a few years back but since Nevada is another Hispanic mecca they may have already been “moved on” by them.

        SoCal now just looks like Tijuana with a few residual rich White neighborhoods. Went into my old neighborhood a few years back and I bet I was the only White person within a five mile radius.

        • “lot of blacks were literally driven out of their neighborhoods in Cali by Hispanics”
          Surest way to get blacks out of a neighborhood, bring in Mexicans.
          Mexicans can match and exceed blacks in racially directed violent behavior.

          “SoCal now just looks like Tijuana with a few residual rich White neighborhoods.”
          Gospel truth! All the nice little WHITE communities have been filled with tacos.

        • >… I bet I was the only White person within a five mile radius.

          I know the feeling — once when walking across the California campus where I was a student 20 years earlier, I started wondering if I was in Asia or America.

          Perhaps worse than the demographic conquest is the blasé reaction of most Whites when directly confronted by it — they are still cowed by the racial issue, and react with obvious discomfort when you try to engage them on it.

      • ” I graduated HS in the suburban SFBA”

        SFBA was much WHITER than Socal, also snob liberal, because of their lack of exposure.

        ” it has always had a large number of well-educated Whites.” (Post depression).
        Not in the future.

    • Seattle is 70% White shitlib. They are sheltered. They make fun of rural people and Southerners.

      • “They make fun of rural people and Southerners.?

        Just as the TV scriptwriters have programmed them to do.

    • “These people don’t have a clue what its like to live amongst and go to school with large numbers of blacks. They worship them ”

      Everything you say is absolutely correct.
      Anywhere WHITES lack exposure to multicult is the same, upper Midwest, upper New England, Europe etc. The media mind control is ultra powerful, people ignore reality and dismiss anyone who tries to tell them facts. Another large group are the conformist hypocrites, who tell you all races are the same, as they pack the Uhaul to move to Idaho.

      Don Black has said the same of Montana. When the blacks in his Army Reserve were deployed to Montana, the locals just fawned all over them.

  4. As a Florida resident, that sounds only slightly more appealing than if some disgusting tranny said, “Meet me at the bathhouse, handsome!”

  5. Something about this guy reminds me of Chris Cuomo. It’s the face and hand gestures to over-emphasis a nonsense point. A totally contrived and try-hard interface type person.

  6. “Sucks. Love California”

    Just think, in the 1920s, Cali was known as ‘the WHITE state’s.

  7. For over 100 yrs, Calif has been the harbinger for America.
    It still holds true, as ppl flee Calif, so ppl will flee the US, those with wealth or skills.

  8. ” i see there’s a way better class of whites in CA”

    That’s true for Socal, not so much the rest of the state.
    Once north of Ventura, it quickly starts turning libtard.

  9. CA was the promised land in the 50’s and 60’s. The children and grandchildren of those folks are fleeing in droves. No one wants to live in a 3rd world country or state, not even shitlibs.

    • “CA was the promised land in the 50’s and 60’s.”

      Go back, 1930s , half the Midwest migrated to Calif, escaping the dustbowl/depression.

      Old joke:
      What are the first 3 words a okie kid learns ?
      Mama, Papa , Bakersfield.

    • Those people will bring their idiot attitudes and voting patterns to whatever unfortunate area they flee to.

    • You and Ron Browning should get a room together. You both hate White Irish Catholics. Get a life, loser!

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