Boris Johnson Resigns As Prime Minister

I quit following UK politics because of this fraud.

After BoJo delivered on “getting BREXIT done,” my impression is that he gradually devolved from being touted as a model of “National Conservatism” or populist conservatism into a militant globalist liberal. He presided over a vast increase in legal immigration. He aggressively embraced COVID restrictions. He recently chimed in to decry the fall of Roe v. Wade. He is best known these days for being the biggest cheerleader in the West for the war in Ukraine. He just returned from Kyiv/Kiev.

Good riddance.

I haven’t followed the scandals that ultimately brought him down. I have such a negative impression of him that I just tuned out. He turned out to be worse than Trump in the end.


  1. I wonder if he took the Ukranian side but British Conservatives are taking the Russian side.

  2. As the Russians said the first volley will hit London, God wilst it!, burn that masonic hive to the ground

    Not Paris Not Warshaw Not Berlin….London

    England and the Bank of England carried the banners of satan long before Washington and they still do today

    Let it burn let it all burn! pray for global war to clean all this filth out once and for all

  3. After Rome colonize the Mediterranean world and Northwest Europe, the colonized flooded into the Roman homeland (Latium/Lazio) as slaves and as workers and colonized it. Eventually, they rose up the ranks. Ostrogoths became Roman legionnaires and equestrians. Syrians became senators. The son of a Briton, Constantine, became the first Christian Roman emperor.

    Same with the U.K. Watch out for an Indian or Pakistani as the next Prime Minister.

    Watch out for Northern Ireland and Scotland leaving the UK and rejoining the EU in the not too distant future. Northern Ireland already has a Catholic majority (demography is destiny, birthrates matter) and a Sinn Fein First Minister.

    The UK will be a union of England and Wales, with the Isle of Mann and the Norman bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey as associated crown territories not formally included in the UK.

    • There is no shortage of garbage to take his place. UK is even worse than the USA when it comes to controlled and phony politics. See what the Jews did when Jeremy Corbyn stepped just slightly outside of the line.

      Brexit is of pretty much no consequence at this point, now that the EU has submitted itself fully to American domination.

      • Winter energy crunch will force the Euros to return cap-in-hand to Russia, and flip Biden the bird.

    • I mean think about it: the two most recent PMs were Theresa May and Boris Johnson — how much lower can the UK sink? — never to be unseen is the video of May dancing (ahem) while in South Africa — link

      And they voted for Brexit and got record migration from outside the EU.

      Maybe it’s all karma for the empire.

      >I quit following UK politics because of this fraud.

      Yeah, that was fucking hilarious, eine Überdosis von Schadenfreude — Gareth ‘Let’s Take a Knee for BLM Forever’ Southgate picks niggers to take the PKs, and they miss — could not have been scripted better.

      All the slagging off afterward was probably the lads letting off steam after being forced to endure gratuitous Blacks all over British TV adverts for years — it is really unbelievable: when the break comes and the ads start, you can literally begin a countdown until the first gratuitous Black appears, and you never have long to wait — I even saw a Christmas dinner scene with Blacks and Whites sitting around the table together getting ready to eat a Christmas goose (you know, like in A Christmas Carol) — as one Telegram account put it: they’re not even trying to have the ads make sense anymore (I sometimes watch streaming sports from the UK here).

  4. Not a surprise to me. I figured from the get-go that beyond and after Brexit, he would be useless. And that prediction was as good as divine. It’s also why I don’t gorge on either white or black pills, because I’ve been either observing or in some way in this business too long not to know that these kind of things can change in a hurry, gradually then suddenly, in both a good and bad direction. BoJo was on top of the world in December 2019, and it all came undone in a mere two and a half years.

  5. AS bad as he was, whoever replaces him will be just as bad or worse. That’s how screwed up the UK is right now.

  6. Going a bit too hard on BoJo – what you see here is the establishment’s intolerance for any politician who is even a tiny little bit right-wing, hence the weird prolonged obsession with taking him down, when in fact British people still quite like him in honest pub-talk

    Sure BoJo cucked on many things just like Trump

    Nonetheless, Boris Johnson masterfully pulled off the anti-globalist Brexit
    He tried to speak against immigration even if he couldn’t stop it
    He spoke up for normal heterosexual people against the excesses of LGBT-tranny culture
    He knew the covid lockdowns were nonsense and tried to navigate around the sharks pushing it

    And so now after BoJo, like after Trump, you will get the UK equivalent of Biden, except maybe he will be Pakistani

    • That’s why I considered him to a total clown. NO ONE need have hair like that. If you can’t present yourself in public with a well-coiffed head of hair, don’t think that shaving your head to look like a billiard ball is an excuse.

  7. Eighth Jew, Quarter Turk, Johnson is taking the blame for the Russian victories in Ukraine. The Rothschilds that run Britain are demanding a more vigorous British war effort.

    • Guess the (((geniuses))) running Cuck Island think they can just send the redcoats in the famous British square. They could send them in vast waves directly at the Russians, with “Churchill” in small hat leading the charge atop a rainbow-unicorn. Admiral Levine of the USMC can lead from the rear (so to speak).

  8. The British People were once part of a genetically unique race which existed up until the 19th century when a bunch of members of the Black races from Europe and beyond began flooding into the island and are gradually snuffing out the original special race through mixing and suppression of births through individualism.

    But this is a way to reverse this and that is by getting the British people, the original British people and not the so-called civic British people, to recognize their unique genetic heritage and that heritage can be learned and understood here.

    as well as some moral affirmation

  9. Being of mostly British ancestry, witnessing what the ball-less Brit pols like (admittedly mongrel) Johnson have done to the country makes me want to puke. Absolutely NOTHING but one cowardly jew-whore race traitor after another – just like here and in every White-created country.

  10. I have no respect for men who father children when they’re pushing 60. It’s just…….. WRONG!
    His set of beliefs pretty much mirrors every Western leader. It would be a breath of fresh air if just for once, someone stepped out to think for themselves. They all follow a similar script:- ‘diversity is our strength’, ‘Putin bad’, etc. None of em a worth a pile of cow manure.

  11. Russia should have owned Ukraine months and months ago, We can blame NATO for the losses by Russia. Isn’t that why the Ukraine joined NATO in the first place?

    So, cheating adulterous stupid women like MTG rail against NATO. As if she has any power beyond the rubes who continue to defy their family values “bent” for a literal fool who cannot spell, but she’s an a “Murican”. We have slipped below third world countries in education, so while they speak 2-4, we barely speak “Murican”.

    This continual bend for White Nationalists to join whichever side the libs are against is our downfall,

    There are more White Nationalists in Ukraine than Russia by a mile. But if the LIbs are for it, we are against. Despite the long term interests of White people.

    How is that going ? Both short and long term.

    • I’ve never supported endless foreign wars, NATO, globalism, militarism, etc. This has been my consistent position on foreign policy for 20 years. There is no upside to being involved in these Eurasian conflicts. Ukraine is free to fight Russia over Donbas. It is no concern of mine.

      The difference between the war in Ukraine and our previous adventures is that this war is on track to be vastly more expensive. Gas prices have doubled. Inflation is at a 40 year high. The economy is tipping into recession. The markets have crashed. It is taking a huge toll on the working class and middle class.

      There is no upside to this war. Rural America is getting hammered by gas prices. Libs are so detached from material reality that their own voters are going to toss them out. Their own voters can’t afford for this to continue indefinitely

    • The only way Whites will even have “long term interests” is if the American empire is destroyed. Whites and the American empire cannot coexist long term because the American empire is fundamentally anti-White and dedicated to our complete destruction. The amount of “White nationalists” in Ukraine is irrelevant when they are trying to prop up the American empire, thus ensuring their own destruction.

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