Poll Watch: Dobbs Increased Polarization


We live under “Christo-fascism” here.

It is a very backward place. You don’t want to live here.


“Divisions in U.S. society worsened significantly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, according to the latest Axios-Ipsos Two Americas Index. …”

You would be so much better off without us.


  1. secede NOW!

    The time is here and now all forces should be pushing for Southern independence!, drive drive drive the polarization on

    As Red shirt dissidents we must work tierlessly to get this done now when all this shit is falling down and not ever getting back up!, put the thought of Southern secession into the mind of every Southron you meet, it´s not illegal!…atleast not yet

    We have never been in a better spot then we are now

    • The South really does feel like a separate country that has little in common with Yankeedom.

      • We have nothing in common with them Sir

        Being European and Christian used to be the only thing

  2. The Georgia Guidestones would still be standing if they had been located in northern California or upstate New York. It was not a good idea to locate them so deep inside the Southern Bible Belt, even though Elbert County GA has a lot of granite. There have always been cultural, ethnic and geographical divisions in this country but it was the sense of American patriotism that kept it all together. That patriotism is now gone and will not return. The USA never had the history or structure needed to last for very long, like those hotel casinos in Las Vegas.

    • The Georgia Guide Stones were just destroyed by the same people who had them built. This is just like 9/11. It was an occult ritual having to do with their belief that 2022 is the beginning of Satan’s new age and the star Sirius which they believe is Satan’s abode. Let me know if you want to know more because there is plenty to back this up.

  3. Ironically it’s the mass media, especially “social” media, that is amplifying the divisions between Americans and accelerating the Balkanization of society.

  4. Why and how can people be so wrong on Abortion? I think it’s obvious how people who don’t know God will embrace every form of sin and evil imaginable. Abortion being one of the worst forms of evil ever. I commented on several what I’d call “Democrat” news networks aka TV networks as a way of educating Democrats about why “Pro Life” is a good thing. Interesting few really debated me on it which is surprising. I came at them from a “Pro Life” point of view that people on the left could understand. That Democrats have been the strongest supporters of Masks and Vaccines during Covid-19 with the goal of saving lives and getting the virus weaker and weaker as it evolves. That’s a “Pro Life” issue fighting for the old, sick, and others. Over 1,000,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 and it was Democrats who supported policies that would have helped stopped the spread of the ZOG created virus and saved many lives. So why have that point of view on Covid-19 and not realize that an Unborn baby is alive? If you care about people during Covid-19….why not care about all life? One new Third Party has this saying….Pro Life for all of life. I think that’s a good view. It’s obvious the Republicans laughed while people died from Covid-19. So magically Abortion as ended so the big bad Republican don’t look so bad. The Democrats could have played it right and ended Abortion under Joe Biden on his own and been Pro Life. Ran future campaigns on Republicans making jokes while people died from Covid-19 and said..look us Democrats did the right thing and ended Abortion because we believe all Life is important. It would have been a win for them in future elections from a Political Consultant point of view. However some people just can’t figure it out and are afraid of the Feminists that dominate the Democratic Party and really the Republicantard Party as well. Deo Vindice !

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