• Control the narrative to deceive the goys.

      Armed mob ???
      Insurrection ???

      “American Democracy” ???
      We’re a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, you dimwitted camel f**k*r.

      “Jwz are the masters of the lie”….Schopenhauer

  1. Trump is Likud/Netanyahu. Obviously the Democrats can’t say that. IDF were involved in 1/6. If it was stolen it was at the state not federal level. Imagine if they really had convinced Pence to pull some stunt.

    We warned you since the day he announced that Trump was Likud but people were having too much fun owning the libs.

    • I have a hard time grasping the depth of their hate for the man. He seems confused by it too. He used to boast about being the most pro-Israel president ever

      • They hate us, he rallied us and it really scarred him. That and his disdain for immigration when their holy grail is giving America a non-white majority in the 21st century. Jews really aren’t like other European Ethnics, I remember this old jewish guy you’d expect to have similar Chicago type white guy attitudes to things but he opened his mouth back in 2008 saying “McCain is the only one I can even stand and I wouldn’t vote for him.” It’s almost unheard of for older white guys to like the democrats, most absolutely hate them with a gut passion because they know the democrats hate white men. I thought a middle aged white guy at work seemed strange hating Trump and loving AOC, how masochistic? Then I figured out why, he’s a registered pervert who did time for going around grocery stores exposing himself. That’s their coalition, criminals, losers, oddballs, and nonwhites. Trump represents what was still normal about America as imperfect a vehicle as he is and his enemies are outright evil.

        • Jews aren’t “European ethnics” at all. They’re Levantine people more similar to Lebanese Arabs than Europeans.

          • Jews,
            ‘Hebrews’, from the Sumerian ‘habiru zagaz’, meaning ‘dirty cutthroats’ also rendered ‘destroyer, murderer’.

      • For Jews, they hate him because they viewed him as a symbol of White America. Their hatred of Trump was just their hatred of Whites in general distilled down to one person.

        For White libtards, it’s mostly just pure snobbishness, because he doesn’t present the image of Ivy educated libtard that they expect from their elites. They overemphasize their displays of hatred for him out of status anxiety, because they view his lack of decorum and his supporters as low class and they don’t want to be perceived to be associated with anyone or anything low class.

        Neither has any substantial criticism of him in the way that the anti-Trump right had. The same people who were clutching their pearls because Trump allegedly called Haiti a shit hole and used the term “China virus” are now champions of “Western primacy” over the Asiatic despotism of China and Russia. It’s just subconscious chimpanzee politics for them (and likewise for most Trump supporters as well).

      • I think they hate him (or appear to hate him) because so many of the folks they really hate (White Christians) supported him passionately. He literally gave Jews everything they wanted, even to the point of tossing his supporters beneath the bus. Just look at the pardons for a single example. He took (((Jared’s))) advice and pardoned every Jew swindler he and Kushner could think of. The pardons were as bad as those of Bill Clinton – maybe worse. Didn’t matter, they still hate him. Not that he’ll ever wake up or turn upon them – even after his own daughter (a convert to Talmudic Satanism) threw him under the Jan.6 extraordinary committee of the Politboro.

        • “He literally gave Jews everything they wanted, ”

          “Give a jw a ride and he’ll push you off your own wagon.” Polish prov

        • Jews seem to hate the people who shill for them even more than they hate the average goy. The Jews view these people as suckers and dupes, which increases their contempt further. They have a term, “goyisch kopf,” literally meaning “non-jewish head,” which refers to the way that naive, trusting, goyim suckers think. Jews view them as marks, basically, and are taught to take advantage of people like this. For example, Evangelical Christians have literally worshipped Jews as demigods for decades, yet Jews hate them more than they hate any other group.

      • “I have a hard time grasping the depth of their hate for the man.”

        It’s not hate for Trump, but hate for White America. He’s, in their minds, just an avatar for the rural White folks who voted for his MIGA ass.

      • “I have a hard time grasping the depth of their hate for the man. He seems confused by it too.”

        Because you project your sense of logic onto them. It doesn’t apply, goy.

        Just as the medieval Goths of Iberia gave refuge to jwz , only to have jwz covertly open the gates to moslems, who then slaughtered the Goths.

        Same thing happened all across the Venetian and Genovese Thalassocracies, Crete, Rhodes, Pontic Greece.

  2. The ADL is an extremist hate group…

    AIPAC is an extremist hate group…

    The SPLC is an extremist hate group..

    Raskin-blataria gives $$$$$ to all three of these extremist hate groups…

  3. Dump was incidental. Any politician who goes against any policy the jews & shitlib race traitors favor in any way will be hated by them; that goes quadruple for any who dares to come out against the mud immivasion & the all-important goal of the eradication of Whites it’s meant to achieve.

  4. Wow, a member of the tribe that set the ME on fire for 20 years and now wants to start WW3 accusing someone of causing carnage?

    Hey, Shlomo, your slip is showing.

  5. Leftists have rioted over all 2020 year and also before, many times and they dare to criticize the others.

  6. Awarded “The Defender of Zion” award by Bibi Netanyahu, Zion-koshervative wall criminal John Bolton throws fellow shabbos goy Zion Don under the bus on 2020 election fraud and January 6the on (((jake tapper’s))) show.
    Would anyone be surprised to hear that Reskin, Tapper, and Bolton all celebrate jewish high holidays together?

  7. How did Tommy Raskin die? Sure we know it was a suicide but what was the method used? An obnoxious kyke like Jamie Raskin has got to be aware of the hatred he evokes and surly must have taken precautions. The father, Jamie must have had guns all over the house.

    Tommy Raskin eat a bullet and Jew gun control advocate Jamie Raskin could not appear to be a two faced Jew hypocrite so vaguery must be used to hide the truth. I wonder if Raskin still has guns in the house.

  8. “An Anti Semite is not someone that necessary HATES Jews. It’s someone the Jews hate”.

    The Jews hate trump because Trump appealed to the legitimate grievances of poor and White working class Americans the same as Richard Nixon.

    Richard Nixon won a 49 state landslide victory in 1972 but was taken out by the Woodward and Bernstein J Washington Post and other J Media mafia – all for some trivial low level Watergate scandal where no one was killed or raped.

    More people died in the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car than died in Watergate.

    Roman Polanski the J movie director raped more young girls than everyone associated with Watergate.

    It didn’t matter that Nixon and his SS Henry Kissinger gave so much military aid to Israel to help Israel win another Arab vs Israeli war in ( I think) 1973.

    The Jews in American media and academia hated Richard Nixon – in secret Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham did let out that they knew a Jewish media mafia dominated the USA media and it was destroying our country.

    Carl Bernstein said that his hatred for Nixon was out of loyal to his Communist Red mother, he was a Red Diaper baby, not a Red Communist himself just the child of J Communists – a “Red Diaper Baby” and thus loyal to his mom so he and the other Js had to……


    It’s the same with Donald Trump or the EDL’s Tommy Robinson – no amount of boot liking to Israeli, the Israeli lobby, no amount of denouncing NAZIs and Anti Semites will save you from the wrath of the Jews who will viciously attack, dox, seek to destroy anyone in the world that dares speak up for regular White European peoples in any way.

    As Bruce Hornsby and the Range once sang:

    “That’s just the way it is, things will never change”

    Please understand this and act accordingly.

    • “gave so much military aid to Israel to help Israel win another Arab vs Israeli war in ( I think) 1973.”

      Many American Soldiers died from that.
      Much needed American ammunition was diverted from Vietnam to Israhell.
      The troops in Vietnam were starved of ammunition and not able to defend themselves, all to support israhell.
      Head of the Joints Chiefs , USAF Gen Geo Brown , was so outraged that he resigned.

    • And this will always be the most honest Bill Kristol hope – replace the struggling White working class:

      • It’s not just Jews — he suffered little pushback for this because his is largely the position of the entire Establishment — at this point, underclass Whites in America have been regarded as more or less expendable for half a century — except as cannon fodder for ziocon wars of course.

        One aspect of this was addressed on Twitter recently:


        NYT trying to explain why children of immigrants do better than American poor, ignores the long history of genetic sorting in this country. You’re dealing with different underlying potential, this is also why employers prefer poor immigrants over Americans

        The NYT piece is here:

        Why So Many Children of Immigrants Rise to the Top

        All of this reminds me of something I read a long time ago (2005):

        A Nation of Widgets: The Wall Street Journal and Open Borders

        • Hanania is a disgusting sunken eyed arab. The entire “dark enlightenment” crew is full of genetic refuse.

          • A few points: I have no idea if Hanania is Arab or not, and don’t really care; I find some of his takes interesting — I don’t know what the ‘dark enlightenment’ is, whether there is a ‘crew’, or who might be in that ‘crew’.

            Other than those small issues, your comment is great — first rate really.

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