Charlie Kirk: Church and State Should Be Mixed Together

I’m seeing a lot of dumb commentary on this.

The First Amendment only says that Congress cannot establish a state religion. The American colonies had established churches and the states had established state churches until the early 19th century.

First Amendment Encyclopedia:

“The First Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s increased religious diversity, and the American Revolution furthered the impetus of Southern states to drop their affiliations with the Church of England, which most did between 1776 and 1790. The Second Great Awakening, which occurred after 1800 and created further religious diversity, led to another wave of disestablishments (Noll and Harlow 2007:29).

New Hampshire kept its establishment until 1817; Connecticut kept its establishment until 1818; and Massachusetts did not abandon its state support for Congregationalism until 1833 (Kidd 1999: 1021). Between 1776 and 1796, however, in attempts to prevent undue clerical influence on state politics, seven states adopted constitutional provisions that excluded ministers from public office (Kidd 1999:1019). …”

The states also controlled citizenship and voting rights until Reconstruction.

Blacks were not citizens outside of New England before the War Between the States. Voting rights was also restricted in various ways (by race, sex, property ownership) at the state level. The federal government had no say in the matter. The country as a whole only became “liberal” in the Reconstruction era. “Equal protection of the laws” was an abolitionist concept that originated in the antebellum era.

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  1. What is a Christian? A Christian protects and defends the weak and the innocent that means a Christians must protect unborn babies from abortionists and small young children from child molesting Irishmen, like Uncle Ted. It is an easy thing to be an Irish Christian, you prey on everything that breaths, young old and anything in between then you get shit faced drunk and act like it was all a bad dream. Sheeeit, Jews are better Christians than the Irish and that is saying something.

    • And what are you? A simpleton, a sucker? Yes
      A low IQ demented buffoon? Yes

      Christians are pitiful simpletons who squabble with sects of other pitiful simpleton Christians and the Jews over who is the Real Jew.

      • @Puppy—-Uncle Ted was supposed to stand trial back in March. we are no in July. There is not going to be any trial, there is a plea bargain being negotiated. Is Uncle Ted, the best of the Irish, going to admit I put my penis into the young boys heine, for all of us to see and hear? It is going to be so good to see that wicked evil deceitful Irish filth and all of the Irish being humbled by the lord. Your day is coming too, kyke/Mick/asslover. Tell me you do not wanna be bullfzxcked by the Moshiach, tell me kyke.

        • @Fr. John+— I am a sinner and a despicable human being. But….. but am I in Uncle Ted’s class? Yes or No.

      • There’s a reason the Irish were not considered “white” into the late 1800s America. These Papists were willing cannon fodder well into the Civil War.

    • That last sentence is the stupidest thing you have ever said, and that is saying something.

      • @Tikkun Olam is coming for You—-the predator is the enemy of Christ and the predatory nature of the Irish is equal to or greater than the Jews, Karen Dunn. What was the crime of her adversaries?

      • @Dave—–I will make you a deal, if Uncle Ted gets down on his hands and knees, admits he is an evil, wicked despicable man, a sinner, and begs his victims with all his heart to be forgiven, I will never say anything bad about the Irish ever again. But we both know there is no way that is going to happen, after all the despicable creep is Irish, and the Irish are not a contrite people, even when trapped like a rat in the corner.

        • One thing is for sure. Your hatred of the Irish is a CLEAR DEFINITION OF RACISM. You are without grace, without Christ, without the Holy Spirit. I call down all the Irish Saints to pray for your salvation… or damnation. Whatever God requires…

  2. If Kirk would only become wise to the money changers and a race realist, he would come full circle.

    • The entire point of “Christian nationalism” is to side step race. They can get Christians to do all sorts of stupid shit — like invade Middle Eastern countries they’ve never heard of, vote to send somebody else’s kid to a Middle Eastern country they’ve never heard of, fill the US up with racial foreigners, accept an ugly race of merchants as “God’s chosen people”, spend thousands of dollars a year on college spookball [Brad is real into that] and lots of public money building palatial stadiums for spookball.

      Not as easy with someone motivated by organizing state power to explicitly benefit White people.

    • What makes you think these people aren’t familiar with the concept? Do you expect them to get fired for opening their mouth? Why don’t you walk in to your boss’ office and punch him in the face? Easier than it sound right? Notice how a lot of people do give you enough hints to figure it out for yourself? If we weren’t all “bowling alone” there would be someone sitting in our peer group around the television to shout out at the latest leftist outrage of the week scoundrel that “notice it’s another jew once again…” and the group would quickly notice the pattern once it repeats over and over again.

      • ” Do you expect them to get fired for opening their mouth”?

        Just shut up and take it up the ass from your boss and be dishonest because you’re afraid to get fired. Great strategy, sounds like the media and govt. No wonder this country is in the shape it’s in and the men turned into wimps. Have some pride.

  3. Railroads, the telegraph, then eventually jets, nukes, and the internet means even if you keep them on the farm they will still see Paris.

    God could you imagine how awful it would be if any Christian denomination, con or lib, actually had political power? We’d all have to be Gay for the libs and Jews for the cons.

    Real American Christians want to keep them apart. Hell even the SBC gets this one right.

  4. Mr. Charlie Kirk sounds very wise and intelligent (not mentioning his beauty,).

    The ones who said whites in US were a useless dumb rabble now have to review their positions.

  5. Just because states have the right to make their own mistakes doesn’t mean those policy decisions are not mistakes. The states, left to themselves, make less mistakes than lifetime appointees crafting policy from the bench.

    But a state church is bad policy. It’s what made religious differences in Old Europe into avoidable political differences. Only the most bitter debates and wastes of time would be enabled by squabbling over which religion gets funded and preferred.


    NEW DRINKING GAME – Every time Robert Browning mentions the Irish we all take a shot of Jameson. You’re all on your honor to do this.

  6. I’ve never understood the appeal of Christianity. I get it if you don’t want your wife to take your money and your kids and she’d be dissuaded by some ancient, foreign fairy tale. But why go and try to talk other men into believing it?

    Whenever I see a grown man praying, I see psychological weakness. Some men can get through life fine without the aid of some sky daddy. Be like them.

    • Most of them had it pounded into their heads from the youngest age and are unable to escape.

    • @ R. Thanton

      In this site I’ve read some scumbags claiming that they prefer Negro or Brown Christians or “Conservatives” to White Anti-Christians or abortionists, etc

      These pernicious imbeciles are far worse than the Jews (that they claim to hate because they supposedly killed a Rabbi two millennia ago in Palestine) and the Negroes that they are constantly whining about.

      The doom of said pernicious imbeciles is music.

      • @Puppy—-it is not just Christ kyke, it is the nature of the beast , the innate quality within the Jew himself that God put there and the Jew can not or will not change.

        Christ, the Palestinians the unborn, it is the hatred of the innocent that is born in Jew blood, that is the Jew fatal flaw, that is the thing in which the Jew can not or will not change and it is the thing that which lead to the destruction of the Jew. May Moshiach be with you schmuck. Mazeltov kyke.

    • @R Thanton With the aid of the JW Telescope, they now believe there are more than trillions of galaxies. If we ever find or meet some form of extraterrestrial life, the whole idea of the world changes. The only prayers that are answered are ambiguous and random. A thousand people can pray for their cancer to go away, but if one has it happen, is that real? Is “God” just fooling around? And what about his having chosen people? More weirdness.

  7. Praying when your conscience demands action is moral cowardice. Praying otherwise, especially in times of suffering, is natural and necessary. To claim that prayer is empirically a sign of weakness suggests to me that you’re likely young and have never truly suffered, at least not without seeing a reason for it.

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