• She really had tacos on her mind. It’s probably being done, so everyone will welcome Trump back with open arms.

  1. If you’re looking for an example of chutzpah, see Zelensky Requests $750 Billion To Reconstruct Ukraine — if you seek an example of something that could be described as cringe, you’re in the right place.


    For a bit more comedy, watch some of the video at the following link:

    Frankreich: Autofahrer räumen Klimaterroristen von der Straße

    Drivers clear climate protesters from the street (the street is the Périphérique, which circles Paris) — or not — well kind of — after a while two cops show up: a useless woman and an almost as useless Black.

    Total faggotry.

    Frankreich ist verfallen.

  2. Why do the Irish have to push faggotry on to the Mexicans? Who knew the Irish had a thing for little brown boys?

    • I wasn’t aware that “Jacobs” is an Irish name.

      Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden.

      Not too bright, Bobo.

      • @Sertorius—do you think Joe made her wear that purple dress or is purple her favorite color? Or yours Mick? The Irish are abandoning the green for their true color……….. lavender, right Mick?

        You and your Jew buddies can but it in each others rear ends from now until the cows come home but you do not get to do it with the kids, understand schmuck?

  3. Those San Antonio breakfast tacos are quite good. Am told the hot spicy ones are also much valued as providing quick relief from a hangover.

    Jill Biden is said to have been the one to really push Joe to be in the presidential race, with her ‘First Lady’ ambitions, when Joe himself was inclined to back off as his faculties slowly decay.

    Elon Musk had some good tweets, not only advising Trump to retire and make room for DeSantis … but also asking Dems to pull back from the prosecution threats, which fuel Trump’s drive to stay in politics just to save himself … given that Trump needs to be continually able to say that attacks on him are ‘political’.

    Musk suggests max age 69 for presidential inaugurations. There is a generational ethics question in older generations continuing to hog top jobs, blocking younger folks from getting ahead. A culture in which seniors work only as supplementary or advising ‘part-timers’ makes a lot more sense.

  4. Who wrote her speech? I can’t imagine there weren’t at least a couple of people looking it over. Even I, a racist far right extremist, know that calling Mexicans a bunch of tacos would be a faux pas, so the woke staff writing Biden’s crap would obviously know it, too.

    Seems like it’s possibly a case of intentional sabotage, to help with throwing Biden under the bus. Maybe the speech writers are Kamala loyalists?

  5. She did not call them taco.; She mentioned 3 awesome contributions of Latinos to US, bodegas, San Antonio tacos, and the beautification of Miami. What’s the insult? Latinos have promoted their culture on Anglos on Anglos and the Anglos took to it; taco Tuesday is a meme. The reason they object to Jills speech is that it’s ridiculous and therefore embarrassing when Anglos pander to ethnics. Equal confident people do not require or seek validation and lauding by Anglos. But Latinos have been demanding validation for decades. They invited her to their Latino organization and wanted a speech. What was she to say! They asked for pandering and got it! All this does is expose Latino’s inferiority complex in the US and the Anglos as being deracinated themselves. A pox on both their inauthentic houses.

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