Ed Dutton: The Handmaid’s Tale Is 50 Shades of Gray For Intellectuals

I’m on season two now.

My overall impression is that the show is degradation porn for liberals. It reminds me of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the morbid abolitionist obsession with whipping.


  1. This is what I got from it just on a quick glance. It reminds me of those old Nazi sadomasochism comics that Jews used to write. The ones with dominatrix guards at Auschwitz whipping the male camp prisoners and so on. They were apparently really popular in Israel until the government there banned them. Handmaid’s Tale seems like the same idea, just aimed at liberal White women instead of at Jewish men.

  2. Same people, different era. Shitlib seems a personality type in our society. Their new religion is worse but I could see abolitionists of old with the “in this house” creed on their lawn.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  3. I remember Tom Leykis had a huge anti-natalist talk show on the West Coast in the early and mid 2000s. He hated children and also was a huge misogynist thinking (correctly) that most women are big children who can’t function as competent adults as most men do. The misogyny and decline of radio in general cost him his show and he’s a “where are they now” trying to get you to subscribe to his podcasts. He hated children and spent most of his time in self indulgence. The anti-children thing in society is really just a fact that most adults themselves under “modernism” are nothing more than big children refusing to grow up and wanting to do nothing but play for the rest of their lives. Perpetual adolescent versions of Peter Pan. Society simply has to step in and forbid things like divorce, abortion, etc if they want to stop this. All the so called “freedoms” so harped on in mid 20th century civics class may need to go away. The problem is the elites themselves don’t believe in family or morality anymore. They act like children themselves when they need to be paternal to the other classes and set a proper example through the arts and culture like was done in the past. People complain that the media “covered” for JFK’s affairs but in reality they should. They set a positive example for America even though their family was fake. So the media should act like they did a couple decades hence the way they did with Charles and Dianna? Wonderful, tell the kids there’s no Santa Claus. These people want mankind to despair, they’re miserable people who make cultural trash to make everyone else miserable.

  4. somehow a country built on group solidarity is associated with the likes of ruthless dictators that ruled for their own benefit, especially if said group is led by males.

    Liberal White women today are defined by one primary characteristic: individualism, why is why these women are always pushing for more individual rights & privileges despite the population destroying it has had towards the White Race, the idea that the Republic of Gilead i is a miswerbale place to live only pertains towards individualistic people.

    This individualism is built on two lies one that is moral and one that is racial as well as the inherent selfishness that every human being has.

  5. Like 50 Shades, it’s rape/domination porn for women. Romance novels are filled with the stuff, and most women eat it up.

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