Baked Alaska Pleads Guilty To 1/6 Charges

Do you think he snitched?


“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The far-right media personality known as “Baked Alaska” pleaded guilty in federal court on Friday to a single misdemeanor charge stemming from his role in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Anthime “Tim” Gionet, 34, also admitted in an “statement of offense” filed with his guilty plea in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to being part of the mob that entered the Capitol without authorization and occupied the building for hours. …”


  1. Can we not admit (as they are saying all over Gab) that the entire Jan. 6th thing, was a SET-UP?

    And that the FEDGOV is just as guilty (more!) than anyone they charge with bogus charges?
    Why do we continue to give this immoral administration one more day of legitimacy?

    • Dropping out and waiting for it to collapse seems the best strategy. It might be in a nuclear inferno if it doesn’t collapse before.

    • Bear in mind the George Floyd riots going on for months prior to 1/6. Riots which these same politicians condoned, encouraged and never lifted a finger to stop.

  2. >Do you think he snitched?

    About what?

    Given the ‘hearings’ (it’s obviously a dramatic production with a screenplay, not ‘hearings’) where Trump is now, and really always was, the main target, they probably didn’t have much on him, and since he’s seen as a small fish he was given a plea deal.

    >entered the Capitol without authorization

    Who did have ‘authorization’? — maybe 1% of those who entered were among those who saw any cops offering even token resistance — everyone else came in later when there was no sign informing them, nor anyone there telling them, that their presence inside the building was unlawful — the doors were open and people were going in so they followed — afterward any available video was vetted and anyone identifiable was arrested and charged with being there ‘without authorization’ — it’s a fake and gay measure aimed at intimidation, not one having anything to do with justice.

  3. I believe he ratted to save his ass. Why did he remain free while others are still locked up without due process?

  4. He’s documented as being a snitch. The agreement requires that he hands over all his messages and collaborates with cases regarding the Jan 6 capitol walk.

    If Fuentes isn’t charged after this, he’s officially confirmed to be an open federal agent.

  5. Pay no attention to the 500+ riots full of niggers , sodomites and pink haired feminists burning down cities,
    assaulting people , destroying businesses ,looting, stealing and burning down police stations all summer during 2020 and throughout a portion of 2021
    In places like Portland …

    Also , goyim, Please forget about terrorist negroid beast- monsters who literally conquered a few square miles of the city of Seattle and renamed it their own ‘country’ within the actual country of the United States of America…
    These things are all imaginary and or racist to notice ……the January 6th hollowcost of muh capital building safety must dominate the jooish propaganda outlets called the ‘media’…

    As Mentioned in the thread, why give one more shred of credibility to these disgusting subhuman kikes and philosemities with their ministry of propaganda mass weaponry ???

  6. >I believe he ratted to save his ass.

    Whom do you think he ‘ratted out’? — tbh, I don’t know much about him; from what I saw, I found him obnoxious and never followed him at all — it is just my impression (perhaps erroneous) that he was kind of a lone LARPer, a nutty attention-seeker with, at that and at this point, no particular political axe to grind — in a previous era maybe he would have a host on a zany FM rock station.

    >He’s documented as being a snitch.

    Which people or groups do you think he was or may have been working with? — what (damaging) info do you imagine he could reveal? — is he a fed too?

    It seems to me people who think this way are giving credibility to the government’s absurd ‘insurrection’ narrative.

    >If Fuentes isn’t charged after this, he’s officially confirmed to be an open federal agent.

    Nowadays, in some corners of the internet everything’s a false flag, and everyone’s a fed — I’m not sure what to make of that.

    Personally, I think the Sedition Act ought to be repealed — instead the government should concentrate on making sure people have no reason to plot its overthrow.

    Anyway, be careful what you wish for.

  7. Ironically, Baked Alaska is one of the people you can see chanting “fed, fed!” when agent provocateur Ray Epps is egging people on to go inside the capital. And then he goes inside the capital.

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