Sloppy Steve Found Guilty Of Contempt of Congress

As everyone here knows, I don’t care for Dump, Baked Alaska or Steve Bannon, but the larger issue here is Democrats convening show trials, selective enforcement of the law and wielding arbitrary power to silence and crush their political opposition while whining about “authoritarianism.” I’m also under no illusions that I am not lumped into the same category of “rightwing domestic extremism.”

Note: I ran into the same problem in Charlottesville.


  1. How can one NOT have contempt of Congress, after their actions since 2015?

    That would be the question I would ask….

  2. I remember seeing, in the early Trump administration, a still photo of Trump and some of his aides together. Jared Kushner was giving Bannon a death stare.

  3. They are just going to make a martyr out of Bannon if they aren’t careful. I don’t think they are thinking this thru. But then, this whole affair wasn’t thought out well at all. It’s been a “get Trump” thing from the start. He has a large cheering section of his own, including a popular radio, tv show. And it will go on without him if he goes to jail. I’m like you not his greatest fan, but attacking him isn’t going help the democrat party win anything. It just reinforces the public fury at the double standards, out of touch, and corruption.

  4. This conviction is a good mark for Bannon. But his past, looks Ichabod. Economic hitman for (((Goldman Sachs))), and a long stint in (((Hollywood))) contributing to cultural satanism. Financial and Cultural satanism, there you have it. No wonder Dump hired him.

  5. This Irish retard thought he had a right to confront his accusers and that a representative from the committee would be in the courtroom to confront him. These Irish retards are a pisser, let me tell you. They reject Christ and his teachings but expect to be treated fairly and justly, to hell with you Steve Bannon.

  6. One by one anyone who dissents from the official political narrative goes to jail. And all Tucker and the so- called conservatives in media do is shake their heads and say, oh well isn’t that terrible! They lament the persecution and prosecution of political dissenters taking place now but then will revert to the party line; but our justice system and government is the great on earth ever!

    What’s really important to Tucker is making fun of Karrine Jean Pierres French name, every time! If he tried that with a Spanish name, he’d be suspended or fired. And the whole media would be talking about what a bigot he is. Promoting bigotry is still in vogue for this Anglo Saxon Francophobe. Which is why he, like the rest of the US media, [Hannity excepted] will not credit the French for doing nuclear power when all the west was against it! The reason he’ s obsessed with Trudeaus is because he has a French name.

    • It wouldn’t matter what Trudeau’s name was. He is a transcendent loser.

    • Indeed, and high IQ female Afro-Caribbean francophones who look like Swiffer toilet bowl disposable scrubbers engineered the French nuclear power generating system. Truly hidden figures in history.

  7. Sloppy Steve was praised as “one of us” during the Trump era. Unkempt fraud, he was the architech.

    The muslim Ali was part of gay Nick’s grift. There is no “rebranding” this was a Fail. This is embarrasing. Let’s wait for “average voters” to choose secession.

    No. Let’s vote in our own and families self-interests. Financially because this is ALL that matters in America Incorporated.

  8. Wow.

    This is Stalinism with a very severe Black, BLM, Jewish, Zio, Homintern hate White people orientation.

    It’s all about power, there’s in the media and inside the beltway, now increasingly in the media.

    I hope regular White folks in the Midwest, Northeast, the South now understand that going in to the USA military is the same as being a blue eyed, White Janisarry Slave for the American Zio, comintern empire where politics makes for extremely strange bedfellows:

    The Islamic Saudi Arabian monarchy is on the same team as Israel, international Jewish finance, that that ethnic J trannie at the top of the USA Defense department, that hate White people Black secretary of Defense and the J hate White people FBI director, all the J Congressmen/US Senators like Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler and of course the J Media mafia, or just the anti White Lib Leftist Hollywood as* holes like Michael Moore.

    We/Farstar did a comic that just noticed these strange political/cultural bedfellows.

    J Ryan the Political Cesspool

  9. These show trials, coups, purges are the same as those that were done by the Je* led Washington Post and NY Times to Nixon and all Nixon supporters after the Watergate scandal.

    The Watergate Scandal was much ado about nothing.

    Nobody was killed in Watergate, nobody was raped.

    More people died int he back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car than were killed in Watergate.

    Roman Polanski raped more girls than in all of Watergate.

    What happened in Watergate was some low level Jewish guy in the US Defense Department Daniel Ellsberg was illegally leaking classified US Defense Department documents to Je* at the New York Times and Washington Post. These classified documents reported that the Vietnam War was turning in to a stalemate same as the Korean War.

    Like duhhhhh, did anybody need secret documents to just notice that?

    So some lower level Nixon aides led by G Gordon LIddy harassed Daniiel Elsberg – they didn’t kill, beat or sexually abuse him – just harassed him.

    Big f#*$&@( deal.

    The Lib Leftist Jewish media and political elite led by the likes of Woodward and Bernstein were obsessed with taking down Richard Nixon and reversing Nixon’s 49 out of 50 state landslide in 1972. One can see this hatred in another J media elite Norman Lear’s effort to slander all Nixon/Reagan Democrats in the the TV Show “All in the Family.

    Woodward and Bernstein weren’t out and out Jewish Communists, they were Red Diaper babies, their parents especially their mothers were Red Jewish Communists and they were loyal to their Jewish Communist mothers.

    It’s all just Jewish historical role that they always seem to subvert and destroy White Gentile Christian and other nations like Czarist Russia, Imperial Germany, the British Empire. White Rhodesia and South Africa. USA Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was apparently obsessed with ending White minority rule in Rhodesia and also here in Chicago Jew Lib political king maker David Axelrod and Weather Underground Jewish terrorist Bill Ayers found and made Barack Obama – an unknown, mixed race Illinois State representative (mine at the time) with a Muslim name.

    Hey, it’s what Je*s do.

    J Ryan
    The Political Cesspool.

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