New Yorker: How White Christian Nationalists Seek To Transform America

Let’s GOOOO!


Those “Seven Mountains of Influence” (family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government) which you the Real Americans and True Patriots intend to take back and establish your dominion over are currently controlled by the people who you (22.7% of Americans) understand as being “a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles” who traffic children for sex.”

We have various names for this network of degenerate elites who dominate America’s “mainstream” culture. Some people just flat out say that these people are Jews who control the commanding heights of American culture. Some of us would call them modernists to emphasize the values which are being cultivated in the public because these elites come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and tend to be united by their worldview. Jews are vastly overrepresented among them, but so are atheists and people with modernist values. Most of these Jews are breeding out and you could make the argument that their ancestry doesn’t matter as much to them as their values and ideology.

Hell, who am I to split hairs? Call them whatever you wish. The important thing is removing them from key positions of power and influence over our culture where they are poisoning the minds of children.

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  1. Everyone knows that ‘American’ means ‘our people whose ancestors were Europeans who settled North America and we were all Christians.’

    Since we are being attacked AS ‘WHITES’ we have to defend ourselves ‘as whites.’

    But the fact we are white – Europeans – is not the be all or end all of our existence.

    So for the Movementards that say stupid shit like ‘our race must be our religion’ – who are you? Just another crank, no one wants to sign up for your weird religion.

    As far as politics go, there are only two issues.

    1. Stop all immigration.
    2. Fire all anti-whites from government and frankly the private sector too.

    Utopian ideals are for children, grow up. Real politics is for adults. Otherwise go back to playing ‘fascist’ in your video games.

  2. The big push to legalize child rape is underway, and they have to go through Christ to get there, he is in the way.

    Are you a pedophobe?

  3. “Cristofascist”

    You just could not make this shit up, and yes weak chin homosexual dweeb David French i mean why not

    A new foe for the weak have emerged from the depths the CHRISTOFASCIST

  4. Christian Nationalism sounds more promising than MAGA – the latter being too heavily chained to Trump cultism and lacking seriousness.

    Not a Christian but I will kneel if Christains actually uncuck themselves & take back America. It is Christians who are radicalizing & taking action. It is Christians who are building a parallel economy. I haven’t seen squat from atheists, pagans, simpollonians. For better or for worse, the future is looking Christian.

  5. All Jews, Freemasons, Jesuits, Islamists & Communists need to be exiled from all positions of power and influence in critical industries & government. Analyse what you wouldn’t want the people of an enemy nation to run and have access to in your society, and then ban the people who can be associated with the above groups from those positions entirely, and put major constitutional protections around such rules ever being appealed.

    Any White &/or Christian nation that allows such people in their government, media, health care system, education system (etc) is just setting itself up for future severe trouble.

    If necessary, split the land between those not so named, and those named above, and let each rule in their own space, excluding the other. Nations are not meant for vastly different peoples and ideologies to share the same space, it goes agains the whole purpose of a nation in the first place, and simply places the people in a position of eternal war and conflict. Separation is better.

    • @LGTH…

      “All Jews, Freemasons, Jesuits, Islamists & Communists need to be exiled from all positions of power and influence in critical industries & government.”

      Yes, ultimately, this policy of targeted segregation in particular fields,,which, more or less, mirrors what existed in The West for centuries, is in the future.

      Not that most Whites are yet thinking this way, but, with the evermore vociferous anti-Whiteness of the non-White coalitions, they are essentially forcing White back into thinking White.

      Once that occurs, it will not be long before this reenters the conversation.

      How ironic it is that the very people who say they hate White Consciousness, are the very ones ushering it back into existence.

        • Thank you, Dear Terry!

          It’s great to have a loyal friend in you!

          May the Detroit Lions have a good season!

      • Ivan? Is that you? Dude, where have you been? Hell, I thought the Covid got you. Welcome back!

        • Hell, yes, Dear Jack – ’tis I!

          Thank you for the greeting.

          Yes, I’ve had the US Government created and proliferated pox – thrice.

          Each time I destroyed it with Elderberry, Garlic, Oregon Grape, Rose Hips, Zinc, and a shitload of Vitamin C.

          Scratch that – a shitload of all of that.

          It seems that hi-tech devilry still can’t stand up to ole-timey Confederate herbalism!

          My best wishes to you and your, on this lovely July day!

  6. A normal person can’t help but notice that the people railing against ‘Christian nationalism’ are by and large a Jew or non-caucasian foreigner that now lives in America.

    History repeats.

    • @America Always—-hatred of Christ is the hatred of the innocent and this inborn hatred is only present in Jew blood, no others. Jews may have followers who are deceived, trick or paid but the Jews are alone. And the hatred of Christ/the innocent is born in Jew blood hence we get the intolerance towards racism as a convoluted defense mechanism.

  7. America or the USA was an entity created by the original thirteen colonies which were successfully established by English & other Northwestern European settlers with little interference from Amerindians. In fact, the name America comes from an Italian cartographer named Amerigo Vespucci. So, the fact that both the name and the entity of America & the US comes from Europe means that USA was always meant to be White or WASP and even Benjamin Franklin pointed this out when he came across members of the Black races within America & some parts of Europe.

    You can even argue that White People, not being the numerous in population and confined within a very small area within a continent would have certainly warranted some level of expansion into other places, which did happen, but pretty soon these areas would be swamped by the majority Nonwhite world population through mass immigration as well as the European heartland where White people came from. So, untimely this Nonwhite race is the most supremacist and dominant race in the globe which Whites comprising a world minority and that little area that they occupy should be taken away from them?

    I think not, so if people are trying to accuse White people of negatively transforming America just remember that America/USA was created and founded by Whites and that White people themselves are a completely different race from Nonwhites and the conclusive proof of this is thoroughly explained here. Note you will need a background in mathematics and evolution to understand this text which I assume everybody here has.

  8. It’s fun being “dangerous”. Its been a long time since Christian’s were feared this much. I love being scary! These people are moral imbeciles. Good grief

    • It is far, far, far more dangerous to be a “racist” than a Christian.

      Racism is where all the fun is.

  9. 1) Recognize the existence of the problem.
    2) Withdraw support for/participation in the problem.
    3) Actively work against the problem.

  10. I happen to think that there is no such thing as a “white Christian nationalist.” I think that the people who are called that are nothing more than garden variety WNs who also happen to be serious Christians. By comparison, the median religiosity among American WNs (as far as I can tell) is C&E Christianity, but not serious and definitely not fundamentalist. Meanwhile, the sum total of the atheists, agnostics, anti-Christians and other-than-Christians outnumber the serious Christians, again only among WNs.

    I could be wrong on that.

      • So you admit you aren’t a Christian? Elevating race to the level you have is sinful. As Christians we are called to be salt and light unto the whole world. To show the love of Christ to everyone by making disciples of ALL nations not just “White” ones. If Christianity is not your main objective, and putting anything above this or equal to this means you don’t have the right to call yourself a Christian.

        • I’m not Orthodox.

          No one in my family has ever been Orthodox.

          I have no ancestral or cultural connection to Orthodoxy.

          Virtually no one in my area is an Orthodox Christian except for small Russian, Ukrainian or Greek minorities. None of those people are anything like you. They are not converts.

          The American South has always been defined by British Protestantism whether it was Anglicanism in the colonial era or evangelical Protestantism since the early 18th century.

          You are obsessed with Orthodoxy because you got your religion from an internet meme that was popular in a WN subculture a few years ago. No one else cares. No one else reads Aleksandr Dugin.

          • First of all I didn’t mention Orthodoxy in the last post nor did I ask if you were Orthodox. Secondly I asked if you were Christian. Third I asked if you actually practiced it via what God requires, no answer. Fourth, you don’t know me so you don’t know anything about my conversion. I have no idea about a meme you speak of because I don’t follow trendy internet memes. I converted after years of study and concluding that Western Christianity was severely problematic especially Evangelical Protestantism. I don’t care that the South is majority Evangelical Protestant because to me what matters is the truth. My ancestors were Orthodox until before the Reformation when all hell broke loose. Finally I’ll ask again do you show the love of Christ to your fellow man regardless of race, do you love everybody in Christ as he commands, and are you opposed to interacting with non-Whites as well as spreading the gospel to them?

          • Dugin’s own positions shift with each passing breeze as much as MTG does. He was a ‘Eurasianist’ back in the days when Spencer was touting his virtues. He’s basically incoherent. Probably yet another grift.

          • O.S. is just shitting up the message boards at this point, he has nothing to contribute. Perhaps he is an intern from the $PLC or a junior level Hasbra troll. As Trump would say: :. . . they’re not sending their very best.”

          • Having a special love for your own race, does not imply hatred for other races. Only a fool esteems all children as much as his own children. The Apostle Paul expressed special affection and concern for his “kinsmen according to the flesh.”

    • Orthodox Christianity is a false, schismatic and heretical version of Christianity, especially the deracinated Americanized version that you espouse.

      Here’s a much more reasonable and less retarded view on race, ethnicity, nationalism, etc.

      P.S. Your “church” has canonized nationalists as saints.

    • Orthodox is not…Orthodox, that is. Slumlord he may be.
      But the voice of what is (or isn’t) Orthodox Nationalism, he ain’t.

      C.H. put it succinctly (if blasphemously) “Your Church has canonized nationalists as saints.”

      Not only is this true, but it is a HALLMARK of True, Conciliar, OLD CALENDARIST Orthodoxy; but not the Pseudo-dox Novus Ordo BS, that O.S. is probably a devotee of. So, he’s not lying. He’s just deluded….

      1) Orthodoxy is not false, nor is it Schismatic. And, instead of being heretical, it ALONE has maintained the DOCTRINAL stances of the Seven Ecumenical Councils, apart from their Ethnic insularity and Phyletism… which (no doubt) O.S. thinks is the be all and end all of what HE perceives as ‘Orthodoxy.’
      (i.e., Byzantinism)
      2) Writers such as Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson has made it quite clear, much to the affront of the Byzantine Bigots, and ‘more Greek than the Phanar’ types. He is corroborated by no less than St. John Maximovitch:

      “Every nation or ethnic group has its own church, and this division of church authority makes preaching effective. Thus, every nation has its own characteristics and its own spirit that is the foundation of each local church. “- St. John Maximovich of San Francisco

      “This is the nationalism advocated by this writer and Orthodox nationalism in general. It implies that nations have every right to protect their borders and ethnic integrity. Nations are creations of God as families are.” – Dr. M. R. Johnson

      Again, HW, you need to block O.S. as I said some posts back…
      Oh, and P.S. I read DUGIN over at Katehon, which you still list as a valid site on your sidebar…. just sayin.

  11. I have no problem with Christian Nationalism as long as it not the watered down version that’s excepting of the LGBT+ community. It has to be all or nothing. Time will tell if it’s the real thing.

    • It doesn’t matter after additional study I found out that he was part of a schismatic non-canonical church anyway, so he was not even a real orthodox priest to begin with. He was offered a job back per a schismatic non canonical church so again that doesn’t matter. In addition it does matter about being a lay person in an Orthodox Church what you believe too because Matthew Heimbach was a layperson, and he was as kicked out with the chance to recant his racism, and resign from the TWP and renounce all his racist politics. Checkmate.

      • @Orthodox Slumlord

        “It doesn’t matter after additional study I found out that he was part of a schismatic non-canonical church anyway, so he was not even a real orthodox priest to begin with. He was offered a job back per a schismatic non canonical church so again that doesn’t matter.”

        Whether or not he was part of a schismatic non-canonical Orthodox Church is irrelevant to me. All that means is that he’s considered a schismatic to other schismatics who broke away from Rome almost 1,000 years ago. All of you are no different from each other in my eyes. I don’t care for his religious takes, I listen to him for his political takes.

        “In addition it does matter about being a lay person in an Orthodox Church what you believe too because Matthew Heimbach was a layperson, and he was as kicked out with the chance to recant his racism, and resign from the TWP and renounce all his racist politics. Checkmate.”

        It was Hamback’s fault for being kicked out in the first place tbh. He was a member of the Antiochian Church which is very liberal and modernist alongside GOARCH and OCA who are equally as bad. Hamback, Johnson, etc. should’ve just stayed Catholic, at least then they would’ve avoided the clerical equivalent of being cancelled for being politically incorrect.

  12. Being a ‘Christian Nationalist’ is a natural defense mechanism over the filth and degeneracy American society has descended into. Nobody wants the homo/tranny agenda or legit outright Jesus hating communists telling them how to run their lives.

    People still hold onto their faith in God and Jesus and will follow that to the death rather then have a pink haired tranny communist telling them what their child needs to learn in school. This is also the reason why religion is banned in communist countries. To let the citizens of a communist nation freely practice their religion and put their faith and lives in the hands of a higher power means that there’s no room for the govt to become their master and dictator.

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