Abortion Rights Supporters Storm Indiana State Capital

This is the best take that I ever seen from Butthead. He nailed it.

Want to see something sad?

Scroll through this Twitter thread.

Along with “Doing The Work,” this is what fills the void in the lives of these women.


“INDIANAPOLIS — The messiness of American politics post-Roe v. Wade erupted at the Indiana Statehouse on Monday as thousands of abortion rights protesters swarmed into the building and chanted outside the senate’s doors.

As the state Senate convened a special session and took hours of testimony on a bill that would ban all abortions except in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother, they could hear repeated calls of “let them choose” and “vote them out” from outside the chamber doors …”


  1. “A thumb” brilliant!, another new thing, he didn’t take it back. Like more and more people, he just didn’t care anymore

    • Yes — I don’t know all that much about Gaetz — but from what I have seen before this, I was not impressed; he lacks gravitas, and a national political figure should have gravitas — but kudos for calling out the plague of fat women, and not backing down — fat acceptance is another toxic mantra pushed by the media — so many fat women no doubt also lowers marriage and birth rates.

  2. Matt Gaetz is being blackmail by Israel over his Jew buddy Greenberg and him trafficking underage girls. His father was extorted for several millions of dollars to make his case ‘go away.’

    It has been covered in all the papers and they make jokes about it on TV, but of course they never say Israel.

    Yet he isn’t resigning, instead he follows Israel’s orders 100% of the time.

  3. The abortion issue is a very interesting echo of the slavery issue that outlined the split in the mid 19th century.

    Personally, I think the United States is in a very long process of becoming what it was 200 years ago – sovereign states, or or at least several different confederacies that may, or may not, cooperate with each other on some issues like defence.

    In any case – I think all changes are occurring without a major bloodshed event, like the war of 1861-77, and, when the nation finally comes apart, it will do so much as does a house that, having long been gnawed on by termites, just caves in on itself with nary a sound.

    Even if most Americans cannot figure out a more direct path out of this situation, there still remains the fact that most Americans no longer enjoy living in America, nor feel pride in being American.

    It’s a startling thing for someone of my age who, born at a time when American seemed impossibly great to most living in it, at that time, to have come to this point., and yet : here we are…

    • The US may have started out as “sovereign states” and the original few did make sense as they were separate colonization projects. But by the time we got partway across the continent “states” were just parcels surveyed out at set intervals. You could say Texas, California, and Louisiana started out as actual states on par with the original 13 colonies, but surveyed parcels like Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana? Is there really any separate “cultural identity” of any of these places, or are there conglomerates more like the “Intermountain West” (Mormons) Plaines, Upper Midwest, Ohio Valley, etc? Although it’s a good thing right now there are too many, small states because it keeps the left form completely controlling the senate.

      • @Nightowl…

        Yes, an excellent and thoughtful remark.

        If you prefer, I’ll say it this way – we are in the prolongated process of a peaceful divorce and a decentralization of what Lincoln and FDR built.

        This country will not remain in it’s current form – as The Left has reached the point where normal people cannot live, in denial, with them.

        When and how are details.

    • @Ivan Turgenev

      “The abortion issue is a very interesting echo of the slavery issue that outlined the split in the mid 19th century.”

      They’re both the same. Smokescreens for Yankee power grabs. One of several such grabs, or attempted grabs, over the past century and half plus.

  4. @RepMattGaetz Q: You’re suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?
    A: Yes

    Q: What do you say to people who think those comments are offensive?
    A: Be offended.

    ^^ I know it’s all just political theater by a compromised cuck, but that exchange is absolutely priceless! Safe, too, because the vast majority of the protestors would have been White women.

    • As you’ve said yourself, Brad, Indiana is Dixie’s middle finger stuck up into Yankeedom.

    • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother…

      Thank you, M’am!

      May the Good Lord bless you and yours with an amazingly good day!

      • Thank you, Unknown Sir , and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for holding onto to your fight for our people – this in the face of the mightiest, and bullying, mind control system ever devised by man!

        THAT, Sir … is no little feat….

  5. The jewsmedia & shitlibs simply cannot stand when any White refuses their demands to apologize. It strips away much of their illusory power.

    • >… a bill that would ban all abortions except in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother, …

      Of course I suppose that if abortion is banned except for the above-named exceptions, it’s possible some will lie about the circumstances of a pregnancy in order to fraudulently obtain an abortion legally, when it would otherwise be illegal.

      But given that elective abortions, i.e. pregnancy resulting from consensual sex between adults, are easily 95+% of the total, now that it’s possible for states to ban abortion it seems better to allow it in rare cases, e.g. as listed above — this seems reasonable — in particular, it seems unreasonable to expect the victim of a forcible rape to give birth to the child — I would probably allow abortion for statutory rape too, as long as the girl is, say, 15 y/o or younger — in most states you cannot drive until you are 16; age of consent may have to be adjusted.

  6. Looking forward to the FBI opening the biggest investigation ever to mass-incarcerate these insurrectionists. Maybe they’ll even go after the funders?

  7. “It is a fake abortion ban.”

    Only as fake as other theatrical productions.

    When you’ve reached a point where young women that once played with dolls want to murder the sons of worthless fathers that are out kneeling to the Other, your nation and civilization has already collapsed.

    Blaming the Jews for it is like Adam blaming Eve/feminism and then Eve blaming Satan/subversion.

    God the Father doesn’t say that the subversion/Serpent/Synagogue of Satan isn’t to blame. That’s why it gets crushed by the Son. But in the meantime, Adam and Eve have to watch their sons Cain (blue cities) kill Abel (rural shepherds) kill each other in a civil war, in a fight over the holocaust/sacrifice made by fire as something slithers away again.

    It’s all symbolic. Yes, the Jews and their prostitute women are to blame… but we are to blame for watching their subversion and failing to represent the Father on earth.

  8. Apparently storming capitol building is not an insurrection when the Lunatic Left does it.

    • I’ve seen this analogy several times now — it’s inapt, and here’s why: the ugly, fat women in IN weren’t trying to interfere with the electoral college certification of the next president, as the Jan 06 ‘insurrectionists’ allegedly were — so despite the absurd, malevolent dishonesty of the whole Jan 06 ‘insurrection’ narrative, as well as the general hypocrisy and double standard used when legally pursuing the Left vs the Right, it’s best to acknowledge the difference in context.

      • >the general hypocrisy and double standard used when legally pursuing the Left vs the Right

        Members of antifa who assaulted guys protesting drag queen story hour have charges dropped, while the DA looks to charge the guy there to protest DQSH who defended himself — link

        BTW, you know why they so often hold DQSH in libraries? — because that’s where white kids are; they are the targets of this degenerate sexual propaganda — you don’t find black and Hispanic kids in a library.

  9. Matt Gaetz was right about those women protesting. Remaining silent and not being able to call a spade a spade because it might hurt someones sensitive feelings is why this nation is in the shape its in.

  10. BTW, how is the investigation into the leak of the draft opinion in Dobbs v Jackson coming along? — any suspects? — any arrests or dismissals?

    Just kidding.

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