Rachel Maddow: The Roots of Christian Nationalism

Obviously, we are familiar with the work of Gerald L.K. Smith and Father Coughlin on Christian nationalism. We have them both on one of our banners. Legends!


  1. Their opposition to “Christian Nationalism” is predicated soley on the acceptance of their demagoguery about Nationalism behing bad because Nazis bad.

    Its a specifically jewish neurosis that no other people really have a problem with. The double standard of denying nationalism for Whitey is too good to pass up as a fulcrum to pry their fingers slowly away from the levers of power by pointing to the obvious inequity of not allowing us to act in our interests when they celebrate everyone else doing so.

    We point to the contradiction, knowing its a Jewish neurosis, not at the Jews themselves, because it doesn’t matter if normies understand that aspect of it and there is no reason to poison the well with our autism.

    Don’t scream jew in a crowded theater. People will panic and run and you are responsible for their panicked flight from White Advocacy.

    No one wants to be associated with fucking lunatics, and thats exactly what people think of you when you start screaming about Jews replacing us.

    • The reason they think that, is because they are too stupid to even look around and see the evidences. They want THIS to go on forever, with every 4 years, the big political football game for President. They want their malls, their cheap TV shows, their ugly cruise ships, and alcohol saturated bars. So who are the real lunatics?

  2. Christian nationalism, especially WASP nationalism, is just as compatible with liberalism as progressive globalism is, if not more so.
    America was white Christian nationalist up until LBJ’s great society overturned it in the 60s
    Christian nationalists can use government to enforce Christian morals (like being anti-abortion, anti-sodomy, pro-patriarchy and so on) while still respecting democracy, the constitution and rule of law.
    Christian nationalists can be moderately socioculturally interventionist like we did for centuries without going to extremes, and of course what constitutes moderation and extremism is fraught with subjectivity.
    For example, moderately socioculturally interventionist: men and women should be forced to dress more modestly in public, no scantily clade gay parades and so on, extremely socioculturally interventionist: women should wear Burkas, burning witches and so on.
    Conversely progressive globalists can go to extremes, like with climate change, covid, ‘anti-racism’ and so on.
    Progressive globalists can, and have circumvented the constitution and rule of law when politically convenient countless times.
    There is more than one way to do liberal democracy.
    Yes in fact you can be a liberal democrat, and a Christian nationalist, rightwing liberalism is just as possible as leftwing, they don’t have a monopoly on what liberalism is, when they socioculturally intervene they call it moderation and liberalism, when Christians do it they call it authoritarianism.

    • The terms “right-wing”, “left-wing”, “capitalism” and “socialism” are becoming increasingly meaningless. Hell, even “nazi” has lost its meaning with the recent advent of Judeo-Nazis in Country 404, funded and supported by Jews worldwide (some nazis are more equal than others, it would appear).

      Nationalism and globalism are where the fault lines are increasingly drawn now, but even these terms have different meaning depending upon context. Some here complain about Jewish hypocrisy over Zionism which they equate with nationlism, for example. Zionism is not truly nationalism but Jewish supremacism. The supremacist says they are the master race who is free to exploit, enslave and murder others. The nationalists want to keep their homeland safe from invasion and conquest. Globalists are ultimately supremacists, whether for their own tribe (Jews) or for the ‘organization’ or ideology (gentile oligarchs).

      Nationalism is very compatible with populism and with both socialism and free-market economies, which are not the same as rentier finance-cpaitalism which is a major feature of globalism. The rentiers rig markets in their favor and there is nothing free about a rigged market. Nationalism is also compatible with a certain amount of liberty within bounds, while globalism promises endlessly expanding liberties but ultimately delivers only slavery.

      The abortion decision has exposed this faultline recently. The globalists are furious that the court has opened a path for states like Alabama to seriously limit or even ban abortion and are hell-bent on shoving it by force upon the ‘rebels’ who want to roll-back a non-existent constitutional right in their own state. The same folks who want to force states to have no restrictions on abortion are also the ones most in favor of vaccine tyranny and the like. All must bow before their Globo-Pedo narrative, whether they’re Muslim goatherds in Afghanistan, Russians who want to speak their language in Country 404 – where 16 million acres are owned by Wall Street via Cargill, etc., or plain old folks in states like Missouri.

      • “Nationalism and globalism are where the fault lines are increasingly drawn now”:

        Ethno-nationality is natural, and ethnocentricism is a real, natural force or tendency. Globalism is mostly unnatural, although every true nationalist is also a true internationalist who respects the rights of ALL peoples, not only his own.

        Also there is “no republic without the peasants” (pas de république sans les paysans) which means: no true nationalism without real socialism. Ethnonational socialism is not imperialistic.

  3. Sometimes I cannot help but think that Miss Rachel is Emma Goldman come back to life.

    I wonder if she will once again wind up in France?

      • Thank you so much for your kindness, Dear Mr. Griffin!

        All the best to you, Miss Rene, and the youngun’!

        • I heartily second Brad’s welcome back, my commenter friend Ivan. Your quiet dignity and words of wisdom have been sorely missed.
          While you were away, the woke beast slipped the reigns of The Powers That Be, with the result that the utter nonsense of their exercise of power has turned the normies into dissident right adherents. We are winning.
          Let Biden bring back the draft to try put American boots on the ground in both the Ukraine and Taiwan. That will blow the lid off, and start a real Great Reset, where insecure citizens go Gault, bringing the machine to a halt. No products to consume, no profits. Bang, the Oligarchs are dead without a fight.

          • Thank you so very much, Dear J.R.

            It’s a pleasure to have been missed!

            Yes, as slow as it painfully seems to be, we are winning.

            European peoples are slowly returning to the notions of sanity that so long governed The West.

            And, yes, President Biden has done a fantastic job contributing to the changes.

            Mr. Griffin was right, and I was not – Biden is good for Whites, better than Trump, or, at least, at this stage in our history.

  4. Richard Madcow over at MSDNC: Oy Veyyyyyyy! Christian Nationalism is “anti-semitic” goyim! Please ignore however the state of Israel genociding Palestinians and supporting the Jewkraine Government which is killing both Ukrainians and Russians alike. They’re insignificant compared to the shoahs. I was gassed 6 gorillian times!

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Maddow check her early life.

    • So she’s a raving lunatic shitib lesbian Crypto-Jew raised in nominally Catholic home. In a same world she’d have been burned at the stake long ago or (if there was some semblance of reptentence) perhaps living out her days in a convent. One Jew grandparent and she’s still all in favor of genociding whomever the Jews target – whether they’re Arabs, Russians, or White Christian Americans. Shares some beliefs with our own troll the slumlord I see.

  5. White Christians were much more politically powerful and numerous in terms of percentage of the population 30 years ago than they are today, and they accomplished absolutely nothing, just like they have accomplished nothing in recent times.

    Roe V. Wade wasn’t overturned because of some “Christian Nationalist” (this is just the next stupid thing the media is pushing and you’re eating up. Like anti-woke Latinx) revolution. It was overturned because conservatives ended up with a big majority on the court, and the powers that be realized they needed to give them something to keep them on the Republican plantation. So they gave them the most politically irrelevant thing they could, and end to Roe V. Wade.

    • Keep them on the Republican plantation to keep them useless. The GOP is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Try to convince a “conservative” of that, LOL.

      • They have those hearings where Republicans scold and interrogate Dems and Biden appointees. They make good points, but nothing ever happens. They are virtually powerless, yet comments praise, over and over, these Republicans. For what? This is what Trump did. Just talk, no action!

    • Basically, anyone complaining that the overturning of Roe vs Wade is politically irrelevant is someone who is sore that it actually happened. They kept saying “it doesn’t matter” because they supported it. And now they’re griping about it being overturned. The bottom line is that the abortion issue is perhaps the most important political issue. America’s problems are caused by the people who supported Roe vs Wade, the people who pretend abortion was somehow normal and decent and the basis of freedom. Remove those people from positions of influence and you remove most of our political problems.

      • Our problems go beyond political, they are cultural. And the White genociders still hold all the levers of cultural power….education, entertainment, advertising.

  6. Either ‘Christian’ or ‘nationalism’ would be enough to set the Left off, so putting the two together was bound to be incendiary, albeit other than ‘separation of church and state’ most would probably have trouble articulating exactly what they find so disturbing, and hence making a convincing case against it — hopefully more normal, balanced people are having a close look at the mindless extremism of the Left’s reaction.

    • The Left is pretty much synonymous with atheism. It is really stirring them up and touching a nerve

  7. The kike dyke is making a big mistake exposing people to the man HL Mencken called the greatest public speaker of all time. Anyone with an IQ over room temperature can see that his assertion of a highly-organized jew campaign to destroy the White race was and IS the plain truth.

    • The white race will be split…the whites who worship and support the other side will become part of the enemy. Their cult like religious behavior, insisting that God commands us to take care of Israel, and that the Js are better than us…this is their folly.

  8. Rejecting so called “inter-racial” marriage between a man and woman who are both Christians is not Christian. As long as it’s heterosexual and both are Christians it doesn’t matter what their ethnicity is. It’s ok because there won’t be a law to change it anyway. The majority of Christians agree with me.

    • ORTHO DOODLE DANDY ” The majority of Christians agree with me”, wanna bet? Me thinks a Nubian princess, might be just what you need, hopefully she would keep you busy enough, too stop annoying, the good folk on this site………

    • @Orthodox Slumlord You’re right. Many of them choose to adopt a nonwhite baby, instead of a white one. There have been many accounts where things didn’t turn out too well too. But you are right, they are “all God’s children”. Christianity does not select. The lack of race-mixing in the past, was not due to Christianity, but due to whites adhering to their race through their own form of tribalism. Most were repulsed by the idea.

    • Why did God create the separate races of mankind? Why do you support the erasure and destruction of God’s creation?

    • There weren’t any religious sisters except the principal in my Catholic grade school, I’m four years younger than Rachel Maddow. It’s doubtful she was significantly influenced by nuns. But keep telling yourselves that nuns (she’s of Jewish descent) turned her into a shitlib. Ignorant SDA cult trash.

    • I was educated by nuns — parochial schools were, and still are (although there aren’t as many of them today), very popular — in fact, they are often the best regarded, and therefore the most sought after, schools in the area — their selective admissions helps guarantee a better class of students than the rabble you find in most public schools.

  9. The leftists must have found that smearing normal people as “white nationalists” made them laugh it off instead and so came up with this “christian nationalist” smear in hope it works to stop people in their tracks. It’s also fairly honest on their part as this is in fact what they really hate about America, the core of what is left of the normal American 20th century society they have been working so hard to dismantle since the 60s.

    • It worked to “smear” Roy Moore as a Christian. A lot of people hate Christians. Will it work politically? Not sure, they only have to win over a certain class of people.

      • “…It worked to “smear” Roy Moore as a Christian…”

        Don’t fool yourself. They stole that election. For the first time they destroyed all the ballots. The courts ruled they could even though it’s against the law. Total corruption.

  10. Watch these American Christian Nationalists throw anybody (us) under the boss that ever had an unkind word about J Neo Conservatism, Neo Con wars, interventions in Iraq, Syria, Serbia, now Russia.

    Watch these “Christian Nationalists” bring out their J “advisers” like loathsome White hater, Russian hater, born in Russia Max Boot.

    These types will throw us under the bus in a New York minute – try to get us fired for ever smoking a little MJ in college or drinking a beer when we were 19 in a 21 year old drinking state.

    Anybody remember the Neo Con purgest at National Review/the Jonah Goldberg Review led by the likes of Loathesome Canadian Neo Con J David Frum:

    “Unpatriotic Conservatives” David Frum National Review


    • Goose writes:

      “Israel can be Jewish. America can’t be Christian.”

      I respond:

      Yes, it would be nice if we could have some type of “Positive Christianity” that let us secure the existence of our people and celebrate our own culture – Sein Fein, ourselves alone….

      But… M’thnks that America can be some type of bastardized Judeo Christianity that worships Martin Luthern King Jr as a saint, same as Nelson Mandela, that has Cucks like Mike the Huckster Huckabee giving speeches to Laraza saying he looks forward to the day that White Southerners like him/us are a minority in the South and of course worships all things Israeli, Jewish and refuses to ever say a bad thing about Jewish Bolshevism, the Jewish Media mafia, Jewish Neo Conservative war mongering, making us Janissary slaves to the Saudi Sunni Islamists monarchy, the Emir of Kuwait and also wants to share the Old Testament anti White genocidal J Bible Gospel with the entire populations of Haiti, El Salvador, Nigeria and Pakistan.

      Anybody that disagrees with this is a racist NAZI.

      Yeah, that kind of Judeo Christianity is allowed or even encouraged, that’s why honest observers like Friedrich Nietzsche or even Karl Marx just observed that the more corrupt forms of Judeo Christianity sprung from Talmudic Judaism, OT ethnocentric J bible like the anti White Persian genocidal Book of Esther or that fair tale about the Parting of the Red Sea (how could that be scientifically, historically possible?) and often reverts to it in corrupt times like ours.

      “MARX, KARL. 19th c. Communist.
      “Christianity sprang out of Judaism. It has again withdrawn into Judaism. The Christian from the outset was the theorizing Jew; the Jew is therefore the practical Christian and the practical Christian has become a Jew. Christianity has only seemed to overcome real Judaism… Christianity is the sublime idea of Judaism. Judaism is the common application of Christianity.”

      Friedrich Nietzsche – 19th Century German Philosopher

      “The Gospels are invaluable as evidence of the corruption which had already attacked the early Christian community. At the death of the savior, a process of decay began which Paul, with the cyclical logic of a rabbi, merely developed to its conclusion. These Gospels cannot be read with too much care; there are difficulties in every word of them. I admit, and I hope it will not be held against me, that it is this very fact which makes them such a delight for a psychologist. For they are the reverse of a merely naive corruption: they represent an ultimate refinement, an artistic triumph of mental rottenness…

      Here we are among Jews: this is the first thing to be remembered if we don’t wish to lose the scent. in this book, the illusion of personal “holiness,” which literally amounts to genius, and has never been even approached in other books or by other men; the elevation of deceit in attitude and phrase to the status of an art – is not any accident due to the exceptional talents of any one individual. It is a racial matter. in the formulation of Christianity, the art of concocting holy lies, which is the essence of Jewishness, after many centuries of earnest apprenticeship and practice in Judea, has reached technical perfection. The Christian, who is the last word in falsity, is the Jew repeating his type – thrice a Jew…

      Little super-Jews, fit only for the madhouse, reversed all values to suit themselves, as if the followers of Christ alone were the meaning, the salt, the standard, and even the supreme court of mankind… Such a calamity was only possible because a species of megalomania, similar to this one, and racially like it (orthodox Jewish) was already in existence. When a division appeared between official Jews and Christian Jews, the latter had no alternative but to employ the self-protective measures peculiar to the Jews themselves, whereas the Jews had used it only against Gentiles. The Christian is only a non comformist Jew…

      It is advisable to put on gloves before handling the New Testament. The presence of so much filth makes this precaution advisable. We would as soon hob-nob with Polish Jews as with early Christians, and there is no need to elaborate our objection: neither smells good…

      Paul, the Jew, the eternal and perfect Jew – Paul the genius – realized that, by means of the small sectarian Christian movement which had broken away from Judaism, a world conflagration could be kindled. He realized that, by means of “God on the Cross,” everything underhand, seditious, and a product of rebellious intrigues within the empire, might be welded together into one immense power. “For salvation is of the Jews”. . . (The Antichrist)

      • Nietzsche really was a degenerate. His facial expression shows the clear mark of insanity. One can imagine the smell that would emanate from him as he was writing letters to the King of Italy. A broken down lunatic!

        • The 20th century makes more sense when you realize so many influential elites read Nietzsche and became self-absorbed, narcissistic degenerates. He had an impact on our culture and it was overwhelmingly negative

          • He had an impact on our culture and it was overwhelmingly negative

            GOSPEL !
            (Not to mention, nuttier than a fruitcake.)

      • … but Jewish Nationalism is American policy

        Not quite. Let’s be more precise. Zionism is Murikan policy and it’s not Jewish nationalism, but Jewish supremacism. For example, why would a nationalist state interfere, bomb and even invade a neighboring country (Syria) simply because they disapprove of its leader (Assad). Assad, who is an Alawite (kind of a syncretism between Shiite Islam and Christianity), protected the Christian population of Syria (who’ve been living there for 2000 years) and this is not acceptable to the Zionists (Jew supremacists) as Christianity is the subject of their two millenia hate.

        As Ryan explained above, what passes for Christianity in Murika is so completely subverted thanks to the dispensationalist heresy that you literally have Southern ‘conservative Christians’ signing up for the Empire of Lie’s legions to slaughter Syrian Christians on behalf of the Synagogue of Satan – represented by maggots like Max Boot. Once you understand that the Jewish objective is nothing less than enslavement of the entire planet and extermination of Christianity from it, there is no hypocrisy as their claim to believe in liberty (freedom of religion, freedom of speech, et al) is merely a lie to allow them entry to subvert and destroy.

  11. From The MeidasTouch tweet:
    “The GOP openly wants to consolidate the power of the presidency” – The Dems are consolidating the power of the current administration and deep state.
    “turn America into a Christian nationalist state” – The Dems are trying to turn America into an anti-Christian state.
    “purge Jews from their ranks” – The Dems purge non-cuck Whites.
    “silence dissenters” – The Dems bully, censor, and undermine the employment of dissenters.
    “It’s a fascist movement and must be treated as such” – No it’s not; 99.9% of people, including journalists, have little idea what fascism actually is.

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