The Case for Christian Nationalism

I woke up this morning, turned on the television, checked the weather, changed the channel to the news and grabbed a cup of coffee. This is my usual routine.

Mike Pence was on FOX News giving a speech somewhere. He was going on about freedom and how “the Left is dumping toxic waste into the headwaters of our culture.” Pence is an old school Reaganite who still believes in fusing conservative liberalism with Religious Right issues like abortion.

I thought to myself … isn’t this the whole issue though? How can you have a healthy Christian culture when Jews, atheists and other modernists who hate Christianity and who relish subverting Christian cultural norms are in control of the commanding heights of our institutions? Don’t these people have the freedom to control Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Big Tech, the mainstream news media and the universities? Don’t they have the right to poison the minds of Christian children? Isn’t it “anti-Semitic” to notice that this is going on and to complain about these blessings of liberty like pornography?

There is nothing new about this. Jews have been raining down cultural shit on Christians like this for well over a century now since they created Hollywood and the ACLU. This was blessed by the rise of modern liberalism which can be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s. It has been going on for my entire lifetime and has really accelerated as of late with queer theory and white privilege theory spreading out of academia and “trans” being pushed so hard on to children through peer pressure and social media influencers. At some point, it seems that Jews got so accustomed to doing this and getting away with it that they just kind of assumed that the liberal consensus which has crippled Christian resistance would hold forever. The David Frenchs of the world might deplore the corrosive effects of hardcore pornography, but lifting a finger to do anything about it is inconceivable within True Conservative ideology. Throughout the entire post-World War II era, the point of mainstream conservatism has been to conserve liberalism and to marginalize anyone on the Right who strays from the narrow confines of the postwar liberal consensus.

Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment was demolishing Conservatism, Inc. which is why I backed him in the first place. While those people and their institutions are still around and grifting as usual, they are nowhere near as powerful as they used to be. Trump weakened and discredited the gatekeepers. No one is really in charge of defining and policing the Right anymore. As a result, we are seeing a cluster of radical ideas like the Great Replacement, a National Divorce and Christian nationalism spreading rapidly through the conservative base and displacing what had been True Conservative ideology for generations.

Rachel Maddow explained on her show last night that Christian nationalism was created by Gerald L.K. Smith, a close friend of Huey Long, who was one of our top guys back in the 1940s and 1950s. Gerald L.K. Smith and Father Charles Coughlin were Christian nationalists and populists who were fully aware of the Jewish Question in their time. Their solution to that problem was to propose that Christians should rule Christians. Christians should control the government, currency and all key cultural institutions like the media and academia in order to ensure that Christian cultural norms are respected and preserved.

Christian nationalism, of course, was beyond the pale to the conservative liberals who were creating the mainstream respectable Right of the Cold War era. They wanted a more libertarian conservatism that was inclusive of Jews and atheists like Frank Meyer and was centered on glorifying and defending free-market capitalism from the threat posed by the Soviet Union. Gerald L.K. Smith and later Sam Francis were marginalized and purged from the respectable Right and their ideas were tabled for generations.

The rise of Christian nationalism is a wonderful development because what Christian nationalists propose is seizing control of the government, the currency and cultural institutions from the people who are running them now and replacing them with Christians. White evangelicals are now rapidly moving in this direction which necessarily puts them on a collision course with Jews and the liberal establishment. As long as these people bought into conservative liberalism, they were intellectually disabled by it and rationalized their dispossession and thus could never muster the will to defend themselves.

I salute the Christian nationalists. I support their movement to retake each of the Seven Mountains. We need Christians, for example, in charge of the Federal Reserve and the banks. We need Christians to regulate Wall Street to promote what Father Coughlin called social justice. We need Christian standards in entertainment and so forth. This is a far better ideology than conservative liberalism.

Let’s GOOO!!!

Note: Proposing to go after the lifeblood of these people in finance, media, entertainment and government to replace them is nothing short of revolutionary.

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  1. The irony is that Jews and atheists would thrive better under Christian nationalism than Christian’s do under them.

    • @Shadowbass…

      American Jewry has, as a whole, developed in recent decades an amnesia as to how much opportunity White Gentiles afforded them in this country.

      More than in any other country, this country has not only accepted Jews in every aspect of life, they have, many more times than not, unbegrudgingly cheered Jews on in their professional success and in their venture for Israel.

      For American Jewry to be so belligerent, vituperative, deceitful, ungrateful, subversive, and offensive against their fellow Gentile countrymen, is tatamount to the worst kind of treachery.

      In the longrun, this kind of behavior will not go down well, because, in the end, no matter how much propaganda and disinformation, all Gentiles will come to see what this is and turn the warm welcoming nod into a cold shoulder.

      Nowhere in the history of the long Jewish Diaspora Diaspora have Jews been so embraced and nurtured as in Dixie, and yet, it goes almost unmentioned.

      It’s hard to think about such a thing because it makes me queazy.

      In the end, however, what goes around comes around.

      It always does.

      Maybe that is a lesson one learns best in small Southern towns, where, if one is not motivated by Christ, decency, and honour, one treats people right, or else, the word gets out and one becomes persona non grata.

  2. White people don’t watch television. A few commies, and tuckertards, that’s about it. It’s a medium for nonwhites.

  3. Southern Patriotism is the Christian Nationalism of a specific people. We have always been Christian Nationalists, that has been our culture since the very beginning.

    Of course it isn’t 1860 anymore, all of the West more than 100 miles from the Pacific is deep red Jesusland. Jesusland is bigger than Dixie under CSA. The Rebel flag and the Christian flag fly over Montana and some of Canada.

    I believe in Greater Dixie from the River to the Pole, Sea to Shining Sea, the land God gave to us.

    • The less we see of him the better

      I fully understand what kind of “Orthodox” he realy is it´s all over his writing!

      • I’m glad he’s here to fill us in on the importance of anti-racism since we would’ve certianly missed the memo otherwise.

  4. A message to progressives,liberals,neocons and jews (Yes i just put down jews four times)

    You have lost in Ukraine you will lose in Europe and you will lose in North America both in the North and the resurected South

      • @Nathan…

        If you had read Chaucer in it’s original form, you would know that English spelling has many variants…

          • @Nathan…

            Go back and read English literature between 1350 and 1775. There you will find every manner of variants.

            Case in point – ‘I know’ could be spellt…

            ‘Eye knowe’

            ‘Ey no’

            ‘I now’

            ‘I knoe’

            ‘I knough’

            Below the intellectual nitpicking, I am giving you a deeper message : stick to substance at this site, instead of the puerile putdowns.

  5. jews have succeeded in the past fighting along religious lines; they still infiltrated
    This is a racial struggle negros are a golem who stand in for jews and rainbow flagged churches are no defence against jews and negros

    • @Vlad the Impailer——– Terry Dolan was a Christian nationalist too, until he died of AIDS, then not so much. You are going to be infiltrated by the Irish. It is what they do. It is who they are. Milo Hanrahan is already busy at work.

  6. “Christian nationalism” is probably the worst possible direction the right can go for Whites, especially as we become a minority over the next few decades. The end result would just be complete racial assimilation of conservative Whites with the Latinx population. It’s already happening to a large degree, but “Christian nationalism” would make it much worse. Anecdotally, I know more White Christians in mixed marriages with Latinx and even Blacks than I do libtards (who are mostly at least married to other Whites).

    That’s why Zionist Jews like Yoram Hazony have been pushing it for years. They understand that a political realignment is happening, and they want to get out in front of it and make sure the right does not solidify around anything pro-White and that it remains open to Jews and Zionism (which 100% of American Christianity is).

      • @Brad, Best idea you have had in awhile.

        Btw, when the Pope told Coughlin to shut up in 1939, and Coughlin didn’t speak for the next 40 years until his death in 1979. That’s a fact.

      • What death match? Jews have been openly hostile to evangelicals for decades, yet evangelicals continue to worship them as demigods.

  7. It has to be White Christian nationalism. A higher percentage of blacks than Whites go to church, but that does that mean blacks can be integrated into a White society? As reality makes painfully obvious, of course they cannot. Jews are the most noxious aliens of all, but even in the absence of religious “diversity”, “diversity” is still poison. I believe non-Whites can be saved, but, by definition, they can’t be part of a White nation. Non-White Christians should have their own Christian nationalism elsewhere.

    • @Ray that’s not Christianity because nowhere does Jesus, the apostles or the church say to segregate from other Christians. On top of that heaven won’t be segregated either so you need to get used to Christians who aren’t white because if you make it you’ll be spending eternity with them.

  8. Christian-Nationalism as the phenomena that is suddenly on the tip of the tongue of every goofy libtard feels like an incredibly forced meme. I don’t sense that it is actually relevant in any meaningful way, at least the way the usual suspects have suddenly decided to focus on it and portray it. Maybe I’m wrong.

  9. Christians are ready for their updated Scofield bible for the 21st century. Rubes will be rubes.

  10. What Hunter fails to realize is Jesus never promoted the blending of Christianity with the state aka nationalism. The Byzantine model of symphonia was the only valid Christian model of relationship between church and state. What you advocate is a heretical Protestant amalgamation of Cultural Christianity blended with a White nationalist totalitarian state. I’ll pass and follow the Orthodox Church which will reject this shit if it comes to pass.

  11. The media is already doing the thing that is critically missing from the Christian Nationalism meme, and that is associating it directly with White Advocacy.

    We don’t need to retake the 7 hills or whatever. We need only to build new ones for Whites and leave the old hills for everyone else.

    Apartheid, Separatism and Balkanization are the way forward for Whitey. Demolish or bring to utter dysfunction the central government, devolve its functions to the state and local level and allow a truly democratic process of regional coalition to establish its own foreign/trade policy.

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