Jonathan Greenblatt Denounces Christian Nationalism

If the Christians who are the Real Americans seize control of the Seven Mountains, it obviously follows that the people in charge of those mountains now are going to have to be toppled, right?

Note: Lutherans were pioneers of Christian Nationalism.


    • No, it is playing out as I expected it would.

      The ADL will declare total war on Christian nationalism which will ratchet up tensions between the White evangelicals in Trump’s base and Jews. This stuff is just irresistible to them. The Left is largely defined by its commitment to atheism.

  1. Jewish nationalist hates Christian nationalists. Where is the surprise? The ADL is a criminal front for Jewish organized crime and gave an award to Barry Krisher for helping cover up the Israeli blackmail operation run by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Why won’t the media ask ADL about their support for Jeffrey Epstein?

    • They are probably dusting off a beach chair for Grizzlaine. “Does she like her wine chilled?”
      Wonder if it will be a fake suicide or just an acquittal?

  2. We gave the Jews their own country to rid ourselves of their hatred for us and our Christ. So whatTF are they doing here telling us how to live and who to worship? Why aren’t they over in Israel with their own kind where they belong? And Jonathan take the Irish with you they no longer welcomed here either.

    • “So whatTF are they doing here telling us how to live and who to worship?”

      Any place a jew sets foot, god has given that land for their possession……torah

      ( in light of that, nations are fools to allow jwz entry.)

      • @Arrian—-not without Christ. They are going to have to go and it is going to happen in our lifetime. Have you heard of critical queer theory? Every hundred years, they are forced to pick themselves up and go, every hundred years. The next twenty years should be good. Stick around.

      • They certainly do. Bob wrote one time “I wonder what the Irish are doing?” My response was “You ain’t all there.”

        I still laugh over this.

        • @Sertorius,
          Yeah, lol 🙂
          The thing is, the Irish are just another subgroup of Europeans. Nothing sets them racially apart from the rest. They are mainly Celtic, like the Scots, Welsh, Cornish and people of Brittany in France.

    • Robert is right about them and their homeland. Most of them would rather be here, Europe, or Oz, where they can make money and be on top.

  3. Me & my fellow Jew, Rachel Maddow, hate your guts, whitey-J Greenblatt

    Big shocker. The balls on this guy. It really is all so tiresome.

    I want whatever causes the MAGA gang to go crazy to happen. It’s all to the better of us.

  4. It’s shows the hypocrisy of the jews, It’s OK for them to promote and push jewish nationalism but antisemitic for Christians to promote Christian Nationalism in a majority Christian nation.

  5. For those unaware, the ‘Seven Mountains’ Hunter mentions, which Christian groups have viewed as needing re-taking, are:
    Arts & Entertainment

    The early mediaeval Greek Christian Byzantine empire banned Jews from education, from government, and from banking, and that ban stood for centuries. Greeks had fought Jews when ruling Palestine after Alexander’s conquests, and had a bad memory of them.

    Ezra Pound famously suggested that those ancient civil disabilities for Jews, needed to be enacted again, as a way to limit the power of Jews who live in Western society. Some say medicine, health care, vaccines etc., are another field, where maybe outside ethnic influences should be restricted.

    Greek Christian Byzantines had ruled Palestine for a few centuries, and one historical idea is that Jews helped Mohammed to create Islam, in order to push Byzantines out of there and have more power under Muslim rulers.

  6. The Slumlord’s pope thus hath spake! That settles it. It’s NOT OK to be white. Go kill yourselves at once, YT!

  7. He would probably doubly denounce Christian White Nationalism then — or maybe it should be called White Christian Nationalism — perhaps to him it is the same thing, albeit a Jew could be expected to denounce just plain race neutral Christian Nationalism.

    Share this everywhere

    I have to assume that the average Christian Nationalist would be an anti-racist — without incorporating something akin to what the Germans/National Socialists called the Volksgemeinschaft into Christian Nationalism, I don’t see how it would necessarily much benefit white people specifically — and as I see it, the main problem today with the US as a polity is that it has developed to be, and is increasingly, anti-white; in particular, the demographic change taking place is not at all in the interest of white people — as a White and a race realist, I still do not want to live as a minority in America, even an America governed more overtly by Christian principles.

  8. It’s always amusing to see moralistic pronouncements from the head of an organization founded to ensure that no Jew pedophile ever has to face justice again. Mary Phagan’s killer got more mercy than he deserved at the end of a rope back in in 1914. As Vox Day remarked today, there’s no depth to which these types will not sink. Millstones do not float, after all.

  9. Nosferatu deserves to have a chain thrown around itz ankles & be taken on a ride down a long gravel road.

  10. Yet another interview where Greenblatt is forced to face those ‘tough’ questions again….
    Media are a fucking useless waste of space these days!
    I have a saying that Greenblatt should take on board:- you won’t end racism or anti Semitism until you end the things that cause it. They complain about being punched as they attack you with an axe!!

  11. Their association of “Nationalism” a scare word only to them, with Christianity is a massive mistake on their part. Its a personal assault on evangelicals who are beginning to be fed up.

    Neurosis of this kind is always the undoing of an entrenched elite that is divorced from the reality of their power. Its practically a law of nature that plays out again and again through history.

    To call it an over reach is an understatement. Makes it very easy to see them clearly.

  12. This ADL Greenblatt and the J NBA commissioner really look like the original Dracula of the silent movie Nosferatu

  13. Note to self: if Greenblatt is against it, I’m for it. Goose is right, the ADL IS a hate group.

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