Poll Watch: 1 In 4 Republicans Oppose Law Protecting Interracial Marriage

If the Republican Senate votes to legalize interracial marriage, it will be a huge blackpill for a quarter of their voters. Half of their voters will be alienated by voting to codify gay marriage.


“Politico flagged a stunning poll result showing that a quarter of Republican voters oppose Congress passing a federal law to protect interracial marriage.

The highest opposition against the bill recorded by any Republican constituency was 28 percent among evangelicals (trailed closely by Republican men at 27 percent), yet 70 percent of Republican lawmakers voted against the bill.

But the bill also protects same-sex marriage, which a sim 51 percent majority of Republicans opposed in this poll, versus 58 percent majority support among all Americans …”

White evangelicals will be angered.

As we have seen, a huge number of these people also now support their state seceding from the Union, Christian nationalism and oppose the Great Replacement because native born Whites are being replaced by immigrants. They also believe that having a strong leader is more important than protecting democracy and that “the government, media and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.”


  1. That’s a federal law which most conservatives aren’t fans of federal laws in general, second that’s 1 in 4 on a single poll, third most White Evangelicals are cool with interracial marriage, and that’s where the majority of your third world adoption comes from. White Evangelicals are majority low IQ, low brow “Christians” who also support the joos agenda

      • How can he, when the Site Owner silences anyone (i.e., ME) who calls out his (O.S.) idiocy?
        In typical ‘nice’ Lutheran Fashion, we can’t call people names, because that’s not ‘nice.’
        Well, Nice is a four letter word, too!
        I have more freedom over at Gab….

        • Fr.John+ His presence, when you think about, isn’t surprising, you personally have done good work for our Lord and the orthodox church, so satan sends ortho doodle dummy, to this site, too spread his dirty dissension, we should have seen this coming, before I started reading your post, I knew nothing about the orthodox church, I reckon that’s true for a lot of other folks too ……. You reflect well on the faith, so the devil sends ortho, too wreck your witness, on this site …….. As far as I am concerned, ortho doodle dufus, is welcome too read the post on this site, but till he gets his GED and develops an intellect, beyond junior high school level, he should remain silent………..

    • Orthodox Slumlord, I agree with you, but for other reasons. But it’s not just Evangelicals. They all believe ALL MEN are “equal” and “God’s Children”. Christianity condemns the White race to obliteration. Heaven is a pure multicultural experience.
      There are plenty of whites destroying their own race.

  2. “1 In 4 Republicans Oppose Law Protecting Interracial Marriage”

    Should be

    4 In 4 Republicans Oppose Interracial Marriage.
    (if they had any wits)

    • I’m pretty sure that opposition has increased. That’s what is so striking about it. I’ve seen polls where only something like 7% of Americans are opposed to it

      • Perhaps the pollsters and the Lügenpresse aren’t telling the truth? Again.

        True opposition to interracial marriage is much higher than what is reported. This is especially true amongst the Liberal, wealthy, Elite for whom the idea of their child marrying a colored person makes them ill.

        Those people are just the world’s Champion Hypocrites. it’s what they learned more than anything else in their misbegotten college edumaction.

  3. “White Evangelicals are cool with interracial marriage, ”
    A reason their churches are dying ?

    “White Evangelicals are majority low IQ, low brow “Christians” who also support the joos agenda”
    Carve that in granite!

    • @yep and Brad loves them and wants to carve out a new nation with them and their ilk. Just another reason why I believe he’s mentally ill. I’d rather live side by side black and Latino Christians than I had pro-Zionist White evangelicals and White libtards. The most anti Jew and anti LGBTQ and traditional folks I’ve ever met have been Black Christians and a few Latino ones.

      • Why are you here?

        Why aren’t you out creating your super trad Orthodox antiracist utopia with all of your based black and Hispanic Orthodox comrades?

        Isn’t because this is the only place you can go where anyone will humor your autism?

      • @Orthodox
        I agree, I’m quite sick of the pro zio Xians and the dumb wigrz.
        Christianity is a cluster fk.
        But Blacks and Latinos won’t side with you when you need it, even if you have a common enemy.

  4. Action speaks louder than words. It’s nice they verbally oppose it but it would be nice to see them try and overturn it they get back in power.

  5. I made a blog post which discusses and defines what race is as well as what marks teu racial differences among people and I concluded that White People are the differential factor when it comes to race because when it comes to race mixing; the resulting offspring between Whites & Nonwhites is not genetically the same as racially mixings offspring between nonwhites, even though there is a strong Black predominance, as well as the fact that White people aren’t genetically the same as nonwhites. If there was ever a case for opposition against interracial marriage between Whites & Nonwhites on a federal level, then this would be it. Here is the link to that blog post.

    • People pay high dollars for desired breeds of dogs and horses, but idiot humans cower at any idea of racial preservation or betterment of their own kind.

  6. >If the Republican Senate votes to legalize interracial marriage, …

    It’s already legal — maybe you mean codify — is there a case on the SCOTUS docket challenging Loving v Virginia? — if not, what is the issue here? — more dumb theater — so much of politics today is rank nonsense designed to generate emotional outrage — I would abstain.

    > … Half of their voters will be alienated by voting to codify gay marriage.

    I don’t know about the legal reasoning, but on a societal level I see homosexual marriage as a completely different and far more relevant and important issue, even urgent — Obergefell v Hodges must be overturned, and all homosexual marriages annulled in states that choose to again ban it — I would like to see it banned at the federal level, but that might be unrealistic.

    • Not yet.

      It hasn’t been two months since Roe was struck down. The libs are correct though that Loving, Roe, Lawrence and Obergefell are all the rotten fruit of Griswold.

  7. That’s no reason to celebrate. It means that 75% support interracial couplings married or not.

    Judeo -conservatives out up little to no tight in the culture wars of the 20th century due cowardice, blackmail, or bribery, and now it would take a revolution like 1933, not 1776 to reverse the rot.

  8. White people are very careful when answering polling questions, especially about race, even supposedly anonymous polls. People know that answering an “anonymous” poll question wrong can result in job loss, doxing and all sorts of other unpleasant consequences. Better to refuse to answer or lie to the person asking by giving the “correct” answer.

    %72 this, %58 that, polls about white hot subjects like race are unreliable.

  9. I see race mixing as one of the most serious threats facing our people today. Everywhere I go it’s in my face; some confident black dude showing off his white trophy girlfriend and daring anybody to do anything about it or say anything about it. And of course nobody says or does a damn thing and that includes me. The perfect example of this abominable state of affairs is the black guy at a gun show buying an AR-15, stupid white slut on his arm, as the oh-so-friendly, white gun dealer (whose not a racist!) falls all over himself to make the sale. I hate it. I hate the black guy. I hate the white slut. I hate the obsequious gun dealer and all the white sheep who watch what’s happening while pretending it’s just fine. But most of all I hate myself for lacking the courage to spit in their faces and take some kind of stand against this clear and present danger.
    But of course I don’t spit and I don’t take a stand. I just walk away and fume. My blood would boil but it can’t because it’s too thick and gooey. All the runny part boiled away long ago.

    • “But most of all I hate myself for lacking the courage to spit in their faces and take some kind of stand ”

      Don’t hate yourself.
      Channel your energies by supporting brad, stormfront, redice, adam green or some good pro-WHITE organization.

    • Totally with you, Raleigh. Of course some folks here might think the “couple” would be fine if they both knew the Lard.

    • @Raleigh,
      Don’t feel guilty. If you abuse them, it’s only affecting that one couple. It could also place you in danger, whilst achieving literally nothing, depending of course, on your physical abilities. Change has to be generated from the top, not by members of the public with no power or influence. What you can do is join a group of like minded people (safety in numbers).
      It’s the same in Australia:- mainly of white men and Asian women. Ads on TV promote such pairings, and everywhere I go, there they are, and always with kids to make the pairing irreversible.
      We need to contact politicians and advertising agencies when they get up our nose. We need to speak with people and get our views across. I do this daily. Nobody can win an argument against me. In appropriate circumstances, if I want to say something……. I’ll fucking say it!
      I’ve said to black people who left Africa:- you left Africa because you wanted to live in a white majority country…………well, I want to as well. Don’t hold that against me!

      • “I’ve said to black people who left Africa:- you left Africa because you wanted to live in a white majority country…………well, I want to as well. Don’t hold that against me!”

        That’s pretty good, Goose. That’s a usable phrase against all brown invaders and self-hating whites who support them.

    • @Raleigh…

      Race-mixing is wrong, for a whole host of reasons too long to list.

      However, in a nation run by New England Yankeedom, on behalf of International Jewry, every ghost from Sodom and Gomorrah is ushered in and praised to the moon.

      Moreover, with the constant pornographication of our society, the mind of the White Woman has been reduced to a simple calculation : who shall perform as my next living vibrator.

      White People have lost almost all shame.

      I have seen this transformation of my South, from one of honour in the Jim Crow Era, and the upholding of honour – to whatever floats your boat.

      Every time I go to a big Southern city, I am confronted constantly by race-mixing, homosexuality, and every freakishness of sexual degeneracy, along with the sounds of every accent not Southern.

      Both my wife and I just shake our heads and feel sorry for so many people having allowed themselves to be reducet to the level of generic garden dirt.

      Say what you want about Jewry, in the end this is the fault of Whites – just as it was the fault of Adam for listening to Eve, when she was clearing speaking poison in the garden.

      • Every “news” media/Hymiewitz kike, every race traitor whore politician; every globalist Cultural Marxist billionaire & CEO, and every shitlib teacher tells them that their ancestors were uniquely guilty of the Only Real Sins of slavery, racism & anti-semitism. Most people have IQs below 100, which means they’re just too stupid to look into things and question all that (((Authority))).

        It’s not suicide, it’s premeditated mass murder.

        The usurper scum running our world must be “removed”. If that were accomplished, and the messages coming from those positions of authority were ours, the dumb White sheep would quickly be corralled.

      • “Moreover, with the constant pornographication of our society, the mind of the White Woman has been reduced to a simple calculation : who shall perform as my next living vibrator”

        ^^@ Ivan – I have a great deal of respect for you, but this is simply untrue — not to mention disgusting. Is your wife a White woman?? Well, I certainly am; and I am physically and mentally repulsed by Blacks, not to mention repulsed the sort of mentality that would center my thinking around my reproductive organs.

        Race-mixing White women are responding to societal pressures and the pervasive anti-White messaging that devalues being White and demonizes White men. Women have historically submitted to conquerors and invaders out of necessity for their own survival as well as the continuance of the human race. The real issue here is that White women are getting the message that their survival depends upon embracing black men, who have seemingly been put in the position of conqueror of White men.

    • @Raleigh…

      Race-mixing, open borders, homosexuality, illegal substances flooded into every community, and abortion on demand – is there any other way to interpret that other than? : ‘Whites please feel free to just go ahead and die, as a group.’

    • Black and White mixing is the least of race mixing problems. One, the kids are considered Black, so the flow is out of the White population, not into it. Two, it’s uncommon compared to other racial mixtures that are becoming more common. A big part of this is just the IQ gap. People don’t usually get together with others when there is a large IQ difference between them, probably more than ~10 IQ point difference. The large difference in the IQ distributions between Black and White populations, along with the relatively small Black population in the USA, means there’s not a large overlap of compatibility.

      The real problem is Latinx mixing. Latinx have higher population numbers, and a lower IQ gap with Whites, so mixing is a lot more likely. And many mixed White-Latinx are “White passing” enough that the flow between the two groups is bidirectional. The only thing holding back White-Latinx mixing is that many Latinx are not fully integrated and are not evenly distributed across the geographic USA, but both of those factors are changing rapidly as we have subsequent 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. generations of Latinx born in the USA.

      • You’re right. There are pure white women, who marry Mexicans. They have some white first name and a Spanish surname. But it’s still dumbing down our race. Most of them are Amerinds, which is Asian origin. They don’t have high IQs like Japanese or Chinese.

  10. @Hunter,
    If you think Asian women and white men aren’t marrying each other, then you really need to get out more(your post from a few articles back). Rest assured, if it’s occurring at massive levels in Australia, then it will be in America and Canada. And Chinese University students………do they actually go home once their education is complete? In Australia, they use it as a back door to permanent residency. They’ll hire lawyers if need be.
    I oppose gay and interracial marriage. It stems from how much of it I see in my country………and it concerns me deeply.

    • I’m sure that is the case.

      It is just not something that I ever seen that often here. In my town, we have tons of Asian college students. They are foreigners who are here to study and who return to China after getting their degree. These people are not immigrants. Also, the Asian immigrants we do have overwhelmingly stick to their own kind. They are small business owners.

      The race mixing that I see in my area is far more typically white-black or white-Hispanic than Asian-anything else. I don’t know why it is like this. It is just what I see here

    • Boomer men are notorious for mixing with Asians. They thought they’d be more meek and domicile, but many of them, especially Filipinos, would marry, then invite the whole family over and take the house from the husband. Most Boomer men impress me as not having any concept of their own ancestry.

      • “Boomer men are notorious for mixing with Asians”

        Yep, ((media)) has turned WHITE women into a herd of hippo-shrews, so men seek women of a alien (not jewish) culture.
        All by ((design)).

        • @Arrian – The WHITE men I see are all effeminate, tattooed hippos themselves — so, perhaps that is why so many White women are debasing themselves with black men.

  11. Interracial marriage, aka White mixing, is the Anti-White Holy Grail. How can any good Republican oppose that?

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