CPAC Begins In Dallas With Appearance From Viktor Orbán

I hope he condemns race-mixing again.

We need someone to break the ice on that taboo.

I also had a good laugh at Rod Dreher’s squirming and tut-tutting. I have a poll right here which shows over a quarter of Republican men and White evangelicals oppose codifying interracial marriage into federal law. The true number of people who are opposed to it is doubtlessly higher. We just need leaders like Orbán who will speak out and give people the cover to express their real feelings on the issue and it will go mainstream like opposition to the Great Replacement.


  1. “I hope he condemns race-mixing again.
    We need someone to break the ice on that taboo.”

    Amen ! Amen ! Amen !

    • Orban is controlled opposition, just like DJT. Another case of FINKELTHINK in action.

      But, hey. If (((they))) want us to awaken from our slumbers, and reassert White Supremacy, the Church will eventually follow suit (Hagee and his cult followers are unregenerate scum, unknown to the Holy Spirit).

      As Justin Martyr so clearly said, ‘Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel.”

      “…Most Christians are raised to believe all races and ethnicities can be saved by Jesus Christ. Knowing that concept and exploiting it as a weakness, leftists point out the all-encompassing acceptance of Jesus Christ as a reason to deny the truth of genetic variation. Well-intentioned Christians frequently walk into the trap.”

      The idea that ‘all may come’ is applying the Arminian doctrine of ‘all may’ to the races- but that is applying the heresy of Pelagius in a far worse fashion than that heretic ever could have envisioned! Pelagius at least knew that it was ONLY the peoples of the ECUMENE that he was addressing. Modern Apostate Man thinks all hominids, everywhere, are the objects of God’s electing love. FAR FROM IT! The reality is that it is GOD that chooses, elects, and predestines in the first place. Man has NO say in the INITIAL call to salvation. When any man supposedly ‘gets saved,’ Almighty God has ALREADY opened his heart, mind, and soul to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. And the BLASPHEMY that anyone OTHER than the Chosen People are the corporate objects of that predestinating call, is from Hell. To be blunt. Where that ‘Chosen People‘ is to be found is delineated in Scripture, specifically Rom. 1:16-17. And those two groups are both resident in the Roman Empire of the first century- in short, EUROPE.”

      • @Father John…

        “Orban is controlled opposition, just like DJT. Another case of FINKELTHINK in action.”

        Yes, that is exactly what the Hungarian Nationalists, Mi Hazank Mozgolom, think.

        And yet : Orban has protected his nation’s soul from the LGBTQ vampires; stood up on border sovereignty, when practically every other White leader was not only doing nothing, they were not even saying anything.

        As well, Orban has protected his country from Nuland/Blinken/Johnson/Scholz/Haberbeck Ukrainian insanity, by staying in good graces with Russia.

        So, let me put it this way : if Orban is ‘controlled opposition’, we would do well to get this kind of controlled opposition in charge of our country, because, at this point, we have not had a leader like him since at least Reagan, or, if you have your qualms with him (I do) – Kennedy.

        • Orban also has made marriage and having children less economically burdensome for young couples. I’d like to see him start handing out “Mother’s Crosses Crosses” to mothers with four or more kids.

          • FTN’s concept of Finkelthink is that JEWS control both their opposition, as well as those sheeople, who are already under their thumb. It’s a racially supremacist ideology, coupled with deceit and the odious nature of the Jew.

            Frankly, I’d prefer to live in an ethnostate where NO JEWS were allowed, (which then presumes Christendom, minus the heresies of the filioquist Papacy) so that we might ‘self-actualize’ without our racial Enemy anywhere within spitting distance. Here’s the basic article on this.


          • @November…

            Yes, both Orban and Putin have taken large steps to facilitate young couples having children, and, as well, to see to it that the children have a decent chance of becoming upright citizens, rather than suicidally hostile narcisstick degenerates.

            Speaking of 4 children to a mom, the vice-president of the Hungarian Nationalist Party, Duro Dura (a woman) recently scandalized Hungarian feminists by declaring that : ‘ Hungary can only be saved if Hungarian ladies endeavour to have 4 children’.

            As to Putin : he regularly has award dinners to celebrate and decorate those outstanding mothers of the Russian Republic.

            Additionally, mothers of 2 and 3 kids are given sizeable cash awards and, if memory serves, those who have 4 children, a lifetime income tax free status.

            Let’s be real – this is kind to be a knock down drag out fight, in the western part of The West, BUT, in the end, Nationalsm, heterosexuality, borders, and traditional families will be the way of this century and beyond.


            Because it is line with both God and Mother Nature’s desires.

            The current world order will NOT successfully flout the former two.

          • @Ivan,

            Thank you for the informed response. I was not aware of any incentives in Russia to ease the economic hardships of having a large (4+) family.

            We all know that ideally the salary of a husband and father should be generous enough to allow his wife, and his children’s mother to help raise and nurture the children, while he is away. There is no need to get into the minutia as to why that is no longer the case in the Occident because we both know the why.

  2. Viktor was hand picked, schooled and promoted by Mr. Soros himself
    Putin initial role was obedient puppet of Jewish oligarchs looting Russia
    Before him, comrade Stalin was made secretary for servicing Jewish revolutionary leaders like Trotsky and his buddies.

    Now Donald is touting everywhere how he loves Jews but Jews do not look very happy with their self appointed lover.

    • @Juri…

      “Viktor was hand picked, schooled and promoted by Mr. Soros himself”

      Orban was supported by Soros many many years ago.

      They fell out lover many issues and, in no way, has Orban’s last 3 terms as president been anything to Uncle George’s liking.

      The same for Vladimir….

  3. I am in Dallas now, the heat is unbearable. Wouldn’t be caught dead at CPAC, even for the admirable Orban. 104 in the shade. Can we just keep Orban, and send Trump to Hungary? No one would notice, they are both very fat.

    • “Can we just keep Orban, and send Trump to Hungary?” Yes! That would be truly ideal. I hate the notion that I will likely be voting for DJT in November 2024; I kind of hope some of the nonsensical charges against the buffoon stick so that he isn’t the GOP candidate in two years.

  4. Orban could use some intellectual fuel to really make an impact with his opposition to race-mixing. The primary argument for race-mixing goes like this. All humans are essentially the same genetically and the differences that are observed in races are just temporary differences, of a numerical nature, that arise due to natural selection and environmental circumstances, meaning that apparent human racial differences are superficial and plastic which makes racial difference unimportant or even silly to preserve.

    So, the left apparently asserts that here are no true differences between people on the genetic or biological level but if that were true then White people themselves shouldn’t exist because while most humans are the same genetically with only temporary plastic/quantitative differences; White people actually have biological or anatomical differences which is proven here.

    There is even more proof for this because the aforementioned work also mentions that race-mixing between White people and Nonwhites is not like when quantitative or variational differences mix together, they make new variations but rather the biological difference between Whites and Nonwhites, when they mix, remain separate within the offspring and are actually associated with each other which how people like Booker T. Washington or some East Indian actors like Hrithik or Kareena Kapoor or even Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad as well as Al-Atrash, who came from certain people groups in the Middle East came about.

    This new argument will certainly give Orban a good reason to prohibit race-mixing within His country, and the rest of Europe, as Hungarians also are part of the anatomically different White Race.

    • in Eastern Europe we are not fighting with other races. Communist or as you say liberal is our enemy.

      And there is question. What scientific evidence we have that communists are entitled to live on our lands. Soouuurce ??????

      Our priority is debolschevisation. Getting rid from communist, all other problems will solve by themselves. Only thing what holding us back, is global Anglozionist Empire. This is also reason, why a lot of Eastern Europeans are so interested about US politics. When the Empire becomes so weak that we can finally do our housecleaning ? Cant do too early, then will be too many victims. But also not too late, then proper moment is passed.

  5. Some neo conservative war mongers have proposed making Ukraine the 51st state. Well I think White Christian nationalists should propose adding Hungary as the 51st state! Take that Neos!

  6. >> am in Dallas now, the heat is unbearable…. 104 in the shade

    Cool day in Texas.

    “If i owned texas and hell, I’d rent out Texas and live in hell” H L Hunt. 🙂

  7. Orban is a Hungarian Protestant, he belongs to the Hungarian Reformed Church, which is similar to our more conservative Presbyterians. In the US most of the Hungarian Reformed Churches call themselves Presbyterian or Hungarian Presbyterian.

  8. Jews invented this phony socioeconomic based ‘liberal vs. conservative’ & class warfare dichotomy to divide the white race, & break down any monolithic resistance to their will to political power…This is why the Jews & Commies hate Nazism & Fascism because they abolished class antagonisms (the stratagem of Jewish subversion) & established a State of national-racial unity.

    You can’t overthrow Judaism by believing in a Jewish ‘Messiah’ (Jesus).

  9. If he bring up those points again, he will be condemned and asked to leave by those “conservatives” at CPAC.

  10. I’m one of those people in our circles who is opposed to race mixing on the most visceral of levels, and I despise all white people who do it, especially women who mix with black men, because it is DOUBTLESS that their reason for doing it is some kind of crazy social statement or push against normal sensibilities and the values of their parents. (Even horrible shitlibs deep down inside do not want their daughters giving them interracial children).

    However, I’m also the sort who has trouble with the idea of it being illegal somehow. I don’t have an easy answer as to how a society can have “rules” without the need for state or legal intervention. It used to just be a normal and socially acceptable thing for fathers to forbid their children from breaking that taboo, and for families to shun their children, write them out of wills, and not invite them over for thanksgiving dinner or Christmas. It used to be OK for religious institutions to discourage it in their doctrines. This used to be enough to keep the problem from getting out of hand. This is how I wish it could be again. I’m not a full blown libertarian, but I do bemoan the employment of strong authoritarianism in certain aspects of life, though I’m getting to the point where I realize that if it’s going to be an authoritarian world, I’d prefer one that mirrors my own values instead of those of “progressives” who want to force their values on me with their own version of authoritarianism.

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