Axios: San Francisco Declares State of Emergency Over Monkeypox

What does this even mean?

San Francisco isn’t going to do anything meaningful to stop the promiscuous fags who are causing Monkeypox to spread like wildlife. They are not going to shut down the gay scene there like the churches and small businesses


“The city of San Francisco declared a state of emergency on Thursday over the monkeypox outbreak.

Why it matters: San Francisco has one of the highest case rates of monkeypox in the United States, KRON4 reports, and the disease was declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization last week. …

By the numbers: More than 260 cases of monkeypox had been confirmed in San Fransisco as of Wednesday, and 799 cases in total have been reported across California. … “


    • @John—-prior to the sixties the Castro was an Irish neighborhood. Where did the Irish go, from the closet to the living room?

      • Stop responding to me with your White hatred. You hate for the Irish is obvious, you were beat up and had your lunch money stolen by them. Before you call me a “mick” as you do to everyone else that calls you out, I am not Irish but unlike you I don’t throw my fellow Whites under the bus because of their ethnicity.

    • “contact?????????”

      That’s the (((media))), always leave out essential details, cloud the newz with ambiguity and vagueness.

  1. So, presumably the public health authorities are going to issue a no-fag-stuff order to protect public health? Putting those that ignore it into secure fag containment facilities? Quarantine orders, too, for the exposed/high risk population?

    They’re going to follow the science, right?

    • After checking The Science, I learned there is an exception for gay orgies and BLM protests. The gay orgies must be allowed to proceed because it would be homophobic to Stop the Spread

      • So which crime is the most monstrous and unforgiveable one of of all ? homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Christian Nationalism, white supremacy, racism, climate change denial, holocaust denial or anti semitism?

      • Well, these things show the priorities of our ruling elites. Evidently, gay sex is VERY important for these people, I’d suspect the democratic party echelon is disproportionately homosexual as most of them seem to have an axe to grind against their family and upbringing and are highly motivated to devote their energies to hostile politics instead of family. Could some of the most extreme fetish perversions in the community actually be acts of passive aggressive violence against society? Its clear our political system does not select good people and is a failure. Most systems throughout history do not have righteous people in charge although some are far worse than others. There are many reasons sexual perversion are considered wicked, besides the interpersonal relationship destruction such lifestyles cause, human wisdom also knew that sexual perversion and political perversion go hand and hand. Case in point this 50 year old former gasoline tank trucker from a small farm town is a huge leftist and supporter of AOC. He hates Trump of course and we thought his politics seemed rather strange for his demographic? This is not the demographic typically supportive of the democrats, then it made sense once we saw his picture on the “local pervert offenders” website…he did four years in prison for going around town showing his dick to women in grocery stores. They guy got busted for this every couple years over a 20 year period, seriously perverted. Sexual perversion isn’t confined to the bedroom, it also manifests into political perversion. I can guarantee you the left deep down wants to start getting rid of those age of consent laws, they know pedophile perverts are also natural allies capable of revolutionary violence. Nobody could ever conceive of this “trans” madness as recently as ten years ago. Who knows what is on our horizon next? A father being arrested for prejudice for refusing to let a middle aged nambla member “date” his 10 year old son? Not implausible? Well, a lot of these perverts shower these boys with expensive gifts, attention, letting them do whatever they want. That’s how they operate and the left could well “let the child decide for himself” and some leftist Canadian judge arrest and jail the father for refusing to let the kid choose to hang around the pervert. Warped, childless liberals could well sit by and think this is progressive after being buttered up for such policy with propaganda. My sister lives in rich DC land and I can tell was exposed to this “trans” crap as she was spouting some BS about how wonderful it is they are now coming out because “they have an absorbed twin” in their brain from the womb…seriously. She has kids though and I bet if they started down that rode she’d sing a different tune though. All a fantasy world these people live in, too much money and not enough to do. It’s still all the 90s for them with “cubicle angst” like the characters in all those period movies seemed to think was the most horrible fate imaginable.

  2. Also on the ‘sexual medical issue’ front alongside the greatly gay monkeypox –

    Dems ahead in polls for mid-terms
    Abortion ‘more important’ than 9.1% inflation
    Fembots out for revenge

    “Democrats hold slight edge over GOP, abortion more important to voters than inflation, poll shows

    44% of voters said that if the election were held today they would vote for a Democrat candidate, while 40% said they would vote for a Republican. About 16% still remain undecided.

    Many believe abortion trumps inflation as the most important issue this election cycle. Nearly 16% of voters said abortion is the leading issue, with about 11% saying inflation, despite it hitting a 40-year high of 9.1% in June.”

    Published July 28, 2022

  3. Strange how ZOG is trying to provoke White America into a violent confrontation, yet at the same time it is feminizing and homosexualizing its police and military forces.

  4. If you stop gay orgies to help prevent the spread, that’s fagophobic. If they all catch it and you fail to develop a vaccine for it……… fagophobic!

  5. There were some pre-election Trump rallies where they sang Village People songs with MAGA lyrics replacing the originals. I saw the vids. Talk about gay, pun very intended.

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