Secular Talk: JD Vance Suggests Divorce Should Be Banned

Kyle is actually the conservative here.

Personally, I hate the post-World War II era. I hate the Sexual Revolution. I hate social liberalism. In particular, I hate modernism, which I see as having unleashed a tidal wave of self-absorption, narcissism, hedonism and racial and cultural degeneration. Progress isn’t decadence.

Anyway, I am sharing this because this is the dominant view among Reddit atheists. If 100 atheists walk into a bar, you can be certain that over 95 of them see the world this way and the 5 who don’t would likely get jumped by those who do. These people are dogmatic social liberals and secular humanists. In fact, if anything is true, they are more dogmatic and intolerant about their religion than Christians.

I watch the show because I consider Kyle one of their better and more effective advocates and we share some common ground on other issues. Most people who share this worldview are nowhere near as presentable or articulate as Kyle. They are the people screeching on Reddit and Twitter.

Back in my atheist days in the early 2000s, I was one of the 5 out of 100 atheists who disagreed with all of this. In retrospect, I was alienated from the evangelical Protestantism of the George W. Bush era – the Christian Zionists and Prosperity Gospel types, the televangelists like Pat Robertson – but culturally my views continued to line up with my neighbors. I was never a social liberal or a secular humanist. I recall hearing about “poly” and “trans” for the first time on atheist forums.

I developed a new respect for Christianity after being more exposed to the values and beliefs of these people. I was convinced that these people believed in a worse religion than Christianity. They were certainly worse people than the people who I grew up with back home. That’s how I began to tiptoe my way back and reassess my views of religion.

Kyle on divorce:

Kyle on contraception:

Kyle on interracial and gay marriage:

Kyle on Christianity:

Kyle on “trans”:

Kyle on homosexuality:

Kyle on sodomy:

Kyle on abortion:

Kyle on pornography:

Kyle on CRT:

Kyle on drugs:

Kyle on immigration:

Kyle on BLM riots:

Kyle on Bernie Sanders being for “trans” before it became a thing:

Kyle on “trans” gender reassignment surgery for kids:

Kyle on integrating restrooms to appease “trans” activists:

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  1. I agree with almost everything you wrote, Brad. I think the sexual revolution and all that has followed in it’s wake has been a social disaster. I guess, by what you think, I’m a very exceptional atheist. I live an upright life that would put many a professing Christian to shame. I can’t believe what I don’t believe.

    • You don’t need to believe in some invisible, angry old man who lives in the sky in order to be a decent person or do the right thing. In fact subscribing to some particular brand of organized religion often hardens a person’s heart, narrows his mind and turns him into a real prick. Just ask Brownie the Clownie!

      • Well, it works better to create proper living citizenry when your god is an angry drill sergeant in the sky making sure you engage in proper behavior despite the urge to put your hand into the cookie jar rather than the celestial butler a lot of liberals believe in who is there to give them free stuff without putting in the effort. God is a continuation of the human hierarchy with a “celestial patriarch” asking for civil behavior and righteous living even when you think nobody is watching. That’s why it’s considered good for a King or political leader to be “god fearing” and not think they themselves are the ultimate authority. That’s how you get tyrants behaving like a cruel god themselves such as communist dictators and roman emperors.

        • Most Roman Emperors were soldiers. Primary qualification was command. The civilian guys like Nero were unusual. Even Caligula was a son of a hero soldier and was the toast of the NCO class in the Roman camps. His name meant Little Army Boots. He might have been okay if Tiberius (another legion commander) hadn’t killed his family and kidnapped him.

    • Perhaps you’re really an agnostic who merely doesn’t care to have religion shoved down your gullet. An atheist is someone who declares there is no God with even more absolute certainty than most evangelists declare God is real.

      A huge percentile of militant atheists are Jews, by the way. This of course does not in any cause them to even question Jew-supremacism, though they often like to don the socialist clothing the same manner Hasbara Slumlord dons Orthodox robes to spew CRT and Church of Woke dogma. Stalin’s great crime was to expose and undermine Jew-supremacism in the old USSR, despite being married to a Jew and having is brother-in-law (Lazar Kaganovich) as a henchmen. Agnostics were able to function fine in nearly all Christian societies historically. Atheists no so much.

  2. Yes, something was crossed in the Christian red state world. People are saying things that no one said even a short time ago. I think when the Lefts moral degenerates came after children, there was an unconscious recognition that these people would never stop unless they are stopped. A sense that we can’t live with this constant moral depravity any more. They aren’t afraid anymore….

  3. Speaking of Christianity it’s important to learn about Gods Kingdom!

    Salvation is a small part of it and most Christians get hung up on it!

    What you really ought to be seeking is Complete Sovereignty!

    Please read the Book of Matthew and Learn to obtain it!

    Please obtain complete Sovereignty in His Kingdom!



  4. JD Vance just went to Occupied Jerusalem and kissed the Jew Whining Wall, which is a declaration of loyalty to the Anti-Christ.

    As a Christian Nationalist I oppose JD Vance and the Anti-Christ. Don’t take JD Vance’s Mark of the Beast.

    • I saw that.

      Joe Biden was just over there and did the same thing. I didn’t have the time to write about it though

    • The Whining Wall is not a part of Herod’s Temple, it is the outer wall of the Romans’ Fortress Antonia. Yet more proof that that jewish “history” is nothing but LIES.

  5. I don’t think Divorce should be outlawed but it shouldn’t be used as a way to get out of a marriage because it’s convenient and easier. The whole Idea of marriage is for better or worse.

    • The introduction of no-fault divorce laws in the 1960s certainly didn’t make this a happier or more stable society, did it?

      • Ive read than 90% of couples in Estonia dont get married, they simply live together.
        I’d like to know how well that works?

        • It probably works out well for Estonia, since they are a small, stable and homogenous nation. America is none of those things.

  6. banning divorce won’t solve the issue of marriage among White men and women. The primary problem that always causes divorce between men and women is individual incompatibility where both partners want their own interests or feelings or desires to be regarded and fulfilled by their partner and vice versa causing individual conflict.

    This only happens because both men and women go into a marriage with individuality mindsets, which has occurred as a result of the feminist & sexual revolution movements, which pushed for more female individuality, & subsequent male individuality, which is expressed through women voting rights, abortion, birth control, etc. The fact is that marriage itself is supposed to be a union of people that is intended to contribute to the group’s growth & existence through the production of children.

    Most young couples are only interested in the pleasures of intercourse & the same in true for modern married couples which is also the main reason why men and women still get together, despite their individualistic, is for sex and while there is nothing wrong with that the problem arises when the union between a women and men is just about interpersonal pleasures & the expectation of unconditional compassion between said couple.

    But the truth is that compassion is a conditional aspect of a relationship that won’t form unless men and women set aside their individuality and focus on a greater unselfish goal together only then will true love or compassion develop. This common goal itself is usually the production and rearing of children through the individual talents and abilities of men and women working together. White people especially have a greater goal of raising children for the purpose of preserving the anatomically different genetic functions that defines the White race and differentiates them from Nonwhite or Black People. These anatomical differences are explained here as well as more details regarding the reason behind traditional marriage.

  7. Don’t take those forced submission elements very seriously. Like wall kissing.

    How many true believing Jew loyalist and how many virtue signsling hypocrites who will throw Jew under the bus in the first possible moment ?

    This is the weakest point of Jewry. Their servant class not honest knights who will firght to death but corrupt filth who has no problem with betrayal.

    • Your point might be true to an extent, but look at all of the Ukroids who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for an utterly degenerate Jew occupation regime in Kiev. I read its well north of 50K so far. Most of the badge-gang – nearly 100% at the federal level – will kill whomever (((their owners))) order to be killed. That might change if they actually start taking serious fatalities.

  8. Yale man, liberal capitalist, and Thiel stooge who converted to papism last Thursday dropping some red meat for the “Christian nationalists.”

    Totally not an op, though!

    • I basically agree that men are getting screwed in family courts because of divorce laws that our porn soaked culture is a huge problem. Going over to Israel and putting a little yarmulke bothers me though

  9. Where is Kyle on child rape? And what does he think of all those homosexual themed toys in Walmart? Or all them perverted Drag queens telling cock and bull stories to the youngins? Ru Paul has her own children’s toy, you are going to get one for your kids Kyle?

    There is a chia pet Ru Paul too.

    Watch “it” grow Kyle, watch “it” grow. BAHA.

  10. The no fault divorce initiative was just as much a part of the triumph of liberalism in America as the Civil Rights movement, the Feminist movement, the Homosexual Rights movement, the Sexual Revolution and the Drug Culture. All were part of a coordinated assault on the nuclear family and white birthrates.

    • There is no incentive to fix anything, if you can simply walk away.
      Men were not getting beat up in the courts after this. The money and assets were divided in two, and no one can “punish” the other partner by “taking the house” or such.

  11. Free “love,” divorce and pornography are incompatible with ethno-socialism. Pornography is a capital offense in the Democratic Republic of Korea. In Russia under Stalin’s leadership, abortion was restricted, divorce was made almost impossible, and the normative Soviet Family was a monogamous lifelong union. Fornication and drug use are grounds for banning from CCP membership. Even present-day, capitalist Russia still has some laws discouraging homosexual behaviour. Yes divorce will be effectively banned in a proper ethnostate.

    • Stalin was a lot more of a social conservative than any of his modern-day social conservative critics.

    • And BTW, if you want to increase marriage rates and (hopefully) fertility/birthrates among Whites, which seems like a good idea since not too long ago it was announced that deaths among Whites exceed births in more than half of US states, perhaps banning divorce won’t be entirely helpful there.

      Albeit divorce law, which tends to be pretty draconian toward men (which is one thing that spawned the ‘men’s rights’ movement), does need reform.

      A woman named Cassie Jaye gave a very good and fairly well-known TED talk about the men’s rights movement — here’s an AEI article about her talk:

      Best TED Talk Ever? A Feminist — Cassie Jaye — Comes to Terms with the Men’s Rights Movement

      Her presentation can be viewed here:

      MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men’s Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin

      I encourage everyone who has not seen it to watch.

      • Putting aside divorce itself for a minute, the Divorce Industrial Complex is a major cash cow for the legal profession, which is totally dominated and controlled by the (((usual suspects))). It’s used as a major weapon to completely strip the assets of non-elite white men. Getting raped by big DIC has all sorts of downstream bad consequences, which of course is a cause of major celebration for the (((usual suspects))), who all count the destruction of white families as a great mitzvah. Elites are fairly immune by and large – note that dumping Ivanka cost Cheetohead some money but it certainly didn’t destroy him. He could afford the high-end shysters to fight Big-DIC.

        Making it more difficult to Big DIC to rape and pillage those who can’t pay for 1000-dollar/hour shysters is good policy.

  12. >Yes divorce will be effectively banned in a proper ethnostate.

    Thanks for the grug view of it — pro tip: if you want to attract more Whites, you may want to think about moderating this kind of stance — i.e. to some people with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    Marriage is always civil, sometimes also religious, meaning if you marry via a religious ceremony conducted in a church by a priest or pastor, you must still register your marriage civilly.

    I see no reason to ban civil divorce/the dissolution of a civil marriage — it is not appropriate for the state to attempt to force people to stay legally tied to each other, with all the complication of that, when they really do not wish to be — there are wider societal and cultural issues that have resulted in the rise of divorce — I suggest trying to address them, including via better support/help for couples who want to try to save their marriage, however difficult that may be.

    In the Catholic Church, marriage is a sacrament — you prepare for it as a couple under the guidance of a priest — when I was a young Catholic, divorce was not allowed in the sense that if a Catholic couple who were married in the Church ended their marriage civilly, their marriage still existed in the eyes of the Church, they could no longer receive sacraments like Communion, and of course would not be allowed to remarry in a religious ceremony — I believe this is still the case (link) — the Church recognizes some grounds for annulment (link), and if a marriage is annulled then it’s more or less the same as if it had never happened.

    I will leave it up to each religion how they handle divorce.


    The following paper is interesting:

    The Relationship Between Intelligence and Divorce

    It repeats a finding mentioned in The Bell Curve: ‘Some research has found that intelligence is inversely related to divorce’ — meaning more intelligent people divorce less frequently — in this context, world average IQ has been falling for some time, and still is — migration is of course one reason (link).

    • That “research” does not make sense. More intelligent people would have higher paying jobs, making it easier to split.

  13. Imo, Republicans will successfully use “Christian nationalism” as a dog whistle for “conservative” votes and once in office, business as usual. Are you Pro White or Pro White Genocide is the only question that matters. “Christan nationalism” is a dodge, just like MAGA was.

    • Agree. It’s just a ploy to corral whites into being more passive and subservient to their masters. They’ll prove how good and nonracist they are by adopting more nonwhite babies.

  14. Before there was no-fault divorce there was fault divorce-this was a fair and just system. The party committing adultery would be the party punished by the Court regardless of sex- the malefactor would lose custody of the children and pay child support to the innocent spouse. Then came no-fault divorce which was an offshoot of the feminist movement. The Court would say, “She’s a horrible wife but an excellent mother’ so despite her culpability she would get custody of the children and the house, which the innocent husband was required to pay for. Then she would be allowed to move her paramour daddy-o into the house , and be allowed by the lenient court to make up excuses to deny the father child visitation- but heaven forbid if the father was late in paying child support to support his promiscuous wife and her Daddy-o. This system understandedly caused many divorced fathers to jump the tracks. Divorce may be advantageous to 1 or even both parents in a few instances, but it is almost always a tragedy for the kids. White children in particular are denied high investment parenting which is their birthright. All of the lost brain addled underachieving young white adults you see in today’s America are almost always from broken homes.

    • This is legally wrong. No-fault divorce means no fault, the assets are cut down the middle. No one gets awarded more or less for being good or bad.

  15. Therefore- Divorce should stay- but only fault divorce- roll back those no-fault divorce laws passed in the 70’s- that’s the reason behind the creation of the divorce industry complex.

  16. Pilot- this is the way no-fault divorce works in real life. Haven’t you noticed that nothing the liberals pass into law works as advertised or according to their promises.?The 1964 Civil Rights Act supposedly ended racial discrimination- instead it led to affirmative action, which is anti white racial discrimination. The Brown decision supposedly ended racial being a factor in assigning children to public schools- it led to busing, which made race paramount in assigning children to public schools. Brown was argued in terms that it was unfair to not let a black child attend a nearby public school due to her race. Busing required that children be transported far away to schools solely on the basis of race. Wake up and smell the coffee. Liberalism is the modern face of evil, and cares not for logical consistency-it is anti white and anti tradition- and is designed to destroy the white race- the no fault divorce initiative fit very well into this pattern.

    • @Blowtorch. I agree about “fault divorce” should be the way. But I’ve talked to men who complained that “she took the house from me” and later they admit they let her have it. Assets are joint marital property, unless you agree on something different (the oourts don’t care about what you agree on, it’s what you don’t agree on), or have some pre-nup or other contract.

  17. Pilot- either way, divorce has increased alarmingly and is anti male as administered. Men who marry the wrong woman will learn that Mr. Lincoln didn’t free all of the slaves! 80 % of divorces are initiated by the woman, even if the man is canoodled into filing.

    • @Blowtorch Mason Because way too many men marry for the wrong reasons. They marry the party girl or they shun someone with brains. But men aren’t the saints here. Both genders have problems.

  18. But women have all of the power in divorce court, due largely to the revolution ushered into the divorce arena by no fault divorce- an undeniably leftist initiative. Fault divorce places blame where it belongs- on the guilty party.

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