Joy Reid: MAGA Republicans Are Embracing Christian Nationalism

Frankly, this a better ideology for them than True Conservatism aka conservative liberalism or Trumpism which was Jewish and gay and had a bunch of fags and a drag queen as a mascot.

Robert P. Jones, the anti-White sociologist who was the guest tonight, has the data to back me up on this:

White Too Long:

“A recent report by the Baptist Joint Committee and the Freedom From Religion Foundation demonstrates that the January 6th insurrection is part of a broader white Christian nationalist movement that sees itself as reclaiming the country. According to a 2021 PRRI survey, while only 30% of Americans agree that “God intended America to be a new promised land where European Christians could create a society that could be an example to the rest of the world,” that number rises to dangerous levels among groups comprising the conservative base in U.S. politics, including majorities of Republicans (53%) and white evangelical Protestants (52%).

Moreover, white Americans who embrace this white Christian nationalist version of history are more than four times as likely as those who disagree to believe that “true American patriots may have to resort to violence to save the country” (43% vs. 10%) …”


  1. What does the spook know about CN except what her jew bosses told her? She is never going to be White no matter how much she cultural appropriates her hairdo.

      • @Fr. John…

        Do you believe that Whites have awoken?

        I only see that some, a definite minority, have contemplated the wakened state.

        It’s nowhere near a majority in Virginia and North Carolina, where many think that if Trump could only turn back the clock to 1995, then all could be saved.

        That said, I do think that MSNBC has got it right for a change – there is a trend that, though not quite so developed as they declare it, does hold prospects for the future.

  2. We’ll need to resort to ORGANIZED RESISTANCE, or what the System would call “violence”, in order to continue existing.

  3. It’s funny. They are so desperate to stop Christian nationalism, the Streisand effect will soon happen. Everybody will be checking into it. More will think this is cool. The Left are their own worst enemy

  4. “Eboo is a friend, but he’s also a prescient thinker, gifted writer, and one of the most capable institution builders I know.”

    >He officially founded IFYC in 2002 with a Jewish friend and a $35,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. Today the organization employs approximately 30 people and has a $4-million operating budget.

    >He wrote “We Are Each Other’s Business”

    • Patel took the ticket, as the founder of Infogalactic would say. A sure path to cancerous-levels of ‘growth’ and vast sums of fake-money from Schlomo’s magic machine.

  5. Note how these Lefties insist on adding “White ” to Christian Nationalism.Don’t fall for it- taking race out makes this the perfect strategy to isolate Jews from their numerical power base. Mere “Christian Nationalism ” puts blacks and Hispanics on our side, and deflects the charge of “Racism”. That leaves the leftist coalition to only atheists, Jews(but I repeat myself!), Hindus and Muslims- in other words only 10% of the electorate- much better odds than the almost 40 percent opposing us if you leave blacks and Hispanics in their camp- which we’ll do if we adopt their term ‘White Christian Nationalism.”

    • Absolutely. No need to push possible allies into enemy camp. We need colored folk in our camp or at least neutral.


      Don`t count them out. Chechens and Syrians doing excellent job in Ukraine. Also Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran and Houthi rebels and Assad with Syrian Army are great headache to Empire and Jewry.

      • Blowtorch….and Juri…

        Two creepy race-replacement white Genocide Enthusiasts…..more Somalian legal immigrants for Minnesota….Now that’s the ticket!…..

      • I bet those Chechens and Syrians are doing an excellent job at raping and other various opportunistic crime as well, Juri. That’s probably what they showed up for.

  6. “threat to the future of our democracy than what we are seeing right now with the rise of White Christian nationalism”

    Ugh, we’re not a demonocracy, we’re a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

    Media, can’t even get basic civics right *hopeless*.

  7. I am sure that the reason why apartheid and Jim Crow segregation failed was due to the superiority complex that Christianity provided, through the story of Ham, Japheth, and Seth where Ham was accused of violating his father’s Noah dignity causing Ham to be disgraced by God and blackened as punishment, so the story goes that all Black People aren’t capable of modesty, dignity, or social order making them unfit for civilized societies or in other words they have a tendency towards more animalistic behavior.

    This narrative is actually not entirely true because while Black people & other Brown People do indeed lack social order, self-dignity, and more animalistic, or individualistic, behavior; these characteristics among Brown/Black aren’t permanent differences between themselves and other civilized people while is the reason that was given for racial equality in the first place although these differences can only change through eugenic, or selective reproductive, means not environmental means because the maximum physical and mental capacity is determined by genetics.

    But there are anatomically different genetic functions between White People & Nonwhites and these differences are what actually differentiate White People from Nonwhites of every kind. These anatomical differences are explained by this article I wrote.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter of Nonwhites are civilized or animalistic or even well-mannered; White People are a genetically different race, and no amount of civilization would evevr permit assimilation and racial mixing between Whites & Nonwhites

  8. Christian nationalism in an American context surely would mean blacks and other non-Whites get to stay. So the end result is mongrel nation. And if you’re okay with that, you can just sit back and relax because it’s what the Jews have planned.

    • Christian Nationalism would never work out because Christianity is the cuckiest religion in the world. But just the very idea of it is enough to drive Uncle Shmuli crazy!

    • “Christian Nationalism would never work out because Christianity is the cuckiest”

      One of Among many major defects.

    • “Christian nationalism in an American context surely would mean blacks and other non-Whites”

      HELL, christianity was a major force behind integration and all the other sop minded social poison.

      • Pretty much the entire South voted against integration. The Southern Baptist Convention discovered that “racism” was a sin in the 1990s

    • @Ray Yep. They believe everyone is God’s children, and they adore God’s Chosen. The only way they can climb out from under this, is to give up Christianity.

      • If 95 out of 100 atheists become raging shitlibs who make Jews look rightwing by comparison, wouldn’t giving up on Christianity make our politics far worse than they are now?

        • Not all white agnostics and atheists are liberals. Not at all. A lot are into Odinism or Asartu, or other pagan slants.

        • This simple fact about atheists in general is utterly lost on those who comment here. There is also an unusually high percentile of Jews amongst the atheists, who nevertheless retain their Jewish identity and are even allowed to make aliyah. Jews who convert to other religions such as Islam and Buddhism are likewise permitted to settle in ‘muh Israel’. Only those who convert to Christianity are banned. There’s a tiny-hatted message in that fact alone – again totally lost to the atheist gang. As for pagans, I know of zero who are real. Just Norse larpers who get their religion from Mavel comics – the creation of Jew Stan Lee. HW is correct. While Christianity might not be able to save whites as a whole, it is surely an essential component of our survival.

          • How can Christianity save you, when it’s beholden to the Chosen and their God? You’re not allowed to turn against them. Their God favors them, as written in the Torah and the Talmud. The Talmud tells them to reject the goy, the Amalek, the peoples outside of Israel.

            You will not get Christians to identify Jews as their enemy. Jesus was a Jew. They also believe that Jews were persecuted by Christians.

            Jews as atheists…oh yes, that does exist. Because “Jewish” can mean either their ethnicity or their religion, or both. Many Jews see their religion as silly and unscientific as any other religion.

            It’s really too too bad that Marvel Comics is using Thor and Loki as characters, so people will grow up not realizing they were part of the Norse tradition long ago.

          • There are a few Israeli flags flying here in one of the whitest, most Christian parts of the country. Christian Whites, not jews are doing this. Please tell me again how this jew-worshipping cult is going to save Whites.

  9. No harm comes to the innocent, that is the morality of Christianity that is the morality that Reid and the Christ killer Rothkopf stand against. Why? They want prey, they are the predator and they want to feed on others and who do they want to feed on, Gods people, the Christian faithful, the chosen.

      • @Arrian—you are Irish, a predator is how the rest of us see you, no different from a Jew, you two are two peas in a pod. That Karen Dunn is really something ain’t she Christ killer?

        Why do you always go mum when ever I bring her up?. I told your Irish buddy it might be a good idea to take a few Krav Maga lessons, just to be on the safe side, you know there are a lot of haters out there.

          • @Pilot—-Do I tell you what to do? Do I leave you to live your life in peace and do as you please as long as you do not bother me? Do I? I do not give a fzxck what you think or say, you have nothing to say that I am interested in. Why are you so interested in what I have to say? And why are you so offended by the truth? You don’t like the truth do you Christ killer?

  10. Speaking of orcs.

    It makes me no end of happy to see this kind of explicit recognition of the racial aspect of whats going on. 2 years ago Revolver would have been deplatformed for this.

    Now? Christian Nationalism is the new scare term and its being directly associated with Whitey being fed up.

    For those of you that think White Advocacy can’t happen in a Christian society because of the Jew on a stick, you really don’t know our history. Stop listening to the fedora tippers at TRS and read a book. Try Luther.

    • The mindset and outlook at the time of Luther was much different than it is now. Today, Christians see Jews as their “spiritual brethren ” and will never turn against them.

  11. The main goal should be neutralizing Jewish power and influence. Without that blacks and other minorities are powerless.

    • Yes. They control nearly all knowledge and information, too. Everything people read, study, and are affected by.

  12. If you want to discuss the Orthodox Church,

    Then look to the the Ethiopian Orthodox Church,

    Very fascinating, changed my views on the Origins of the Orthodoxy!



  13. I’m afraid this looks like another case of :

    “A drowning man will grasp at a straw”

    I hope most OD readers have learned the various types of White Anglo and assimilated White Northern European American traitors.

    This falls in to the category of “old believers”, those White Americans that insist that everything in our multi racial, multi cultural, multi sexual, ZOG 2022 society of 300 million people will be OK if we only return to the laws, customs and institutions of supposedly some safer, saner, better time back in the day:

    “Give me that Old Time Religion”.

    Christian Whites in the US South held allegiances to the national Democrat party up until the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 because:

    “My Daddy was a Southern Democrat, my grand daddy was a Southern Democrat so by god, I’m a Southern Democrat”.

    This was long after the national Democrat party was taken over by the likes of Jessie Jack As* Jackson, Crack Cocaine addict Marion Barry, Detroit Mugabe mayor Coleman young and of course Norman Lear, Carl Bernstein, Jacob Javits, Chuck Schumer Js.

    White folks here remember when American Christianity was ours, such a force for tradition, family, community….

    Give me that old time religion.

    Meanwhile in the real world the worst ever CINO Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis is making an anti White propaganda tour to Canada pandering and apologizing to Indians, Communists, Muslims and of course Js for bringing European Christian Civilization to Canada and the Western Hemisphere.

    Amren notices this, are enough White Southerners noticing this?

    • No they are not of the grovel because the largest Catholic group in the South are Mexican and Central American colonists, most of whom likewise pay no attention to the current Anti-Pope Hi-Fellatin’ Franny. Your point is a valid one though. The “old time religion” itself has been infiltrated, subverted and inverted by shitlibs – the vast majority of whom are white as snow. The problem is by no means unique to the South though certain aspects of it are more in evidence there. In the South, one is more likely to encounter those who worship at the altar of the Judeo-Christ, the Satanic skinsuit devised by dispensationalists and massively promoted by Jews and their Masonic allies (the thing the Masons are dedicated to rebuilding is Solomon’s temple, by the way) after they funded publication of Cyrus Scofield’s heretical bible.

      With the establishment of the Zionist state in 1948, the problem accelerated so much that by the 1980s we literally have young Southern whites signing up to fight wars and slaughter Christians in places like Iraq and Syria to prove their loyalty to their Talmudic-Satanist overlords – and those are the conservative ones. We’re starting to see some questioning of this perverted theology only recently as it is now starting to become apparent that supporting ‘muh Israel’ also means supporting Sodomy and Pedophilia. There’s been some mention of the seven mountains idea here. One commenter stated that the first mountain which must be taken is government. I disagree. The key mountain to be taken is in fact ‘religion’ – meaning the church itself. The ‘old time religion’ was already largely a figment of imagination by 1950.

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