Indiana Senate Passes Near Total Abortion Ban

White Christian Nationalism is triumphing in Indiana, libs.

Christianity will soon be the law of the land in Indiana. It might make sense to start packing your bags in Bloomington and heading toward a coast. Indiana is obviously going on be on the side of “Real America” in the upcoming racial, cultural and religious civil war over American identity.

Note: I’m half joking, half serious about this.


  1. I bet there are a lot of far lefties in Bloomington, though I never thought of it that way because my whole perception of that town is from Breaking Away where everybody was pretty normal and the college kids were “preppies” out to get rich because of the “magic of college” when such thinking was at it’s peak years in 1979.

    Still though, I think the GOP might be overplaying their hand. Polling now shows the democrats leading in a generic ballot due to this Roe thing. Gary Cole over at Takimagazine may be right. This was not what is needed in this sort of environment. You have to trick the voters to win in this sham electoral system the West has degenerated into. The left has a massive advantage in this controlling the culture. White women are spoiled, treasonous brats and this abortion thing will hand power back to the democrats. No matter what you think about abortion, you have to come to power first before implementing tough love and these people really jumped the gun. Of course I don’t know if conservatives are serious people or would just hand the country right back to the left in “an election” should they ever come to power. The existential future of the West is at stake and a civilizational paradigm shift needs to take place, but the civics class bullcrap is probably too set in stone in the minds of conservatives for them to succeed. They way they described Islamism in the middle east 15 years ago as “one man, one vote, one time” is really what the secret strategy of the right needs to be.

    • Bloomington is where Parrott and Heimbach always clashed with the lefties. I remember how one time the Matts crashed the Slut Walk there and bashed a cross over the head of an Antifa

  2. Stop all immigration, legal or illegal.

    I cannot wait until people start flying Rebel flags again. Obviously plenty never stopped. Indiana has always been part of Greater Dixie, from the river to the pole, from sea to shining sea, the land God gave to us, Southern man.

    We will allow Long Island as a sanctuary for Jews, like in that hilarious Spike Lee movie CSA.

    Read up on Rushdooney so you know how it works.

    First privatize all public schools, the vast majority of pre high school kids will learn way better in a simple church school anyway. Plus they can’t groom the kids if you don’t send them to public school, problem solved.

    I hate the Republican party and hope they all lose, but if I were them I would heavily emphasize the phrase ‘freedom of religion’ and talk about how they will keep the government from interfering with our freedom of religion.

    • “… like in that hilarious Spike Lee movie CSA.”

      Written and directed by Kevin Willmott, not Spike Lee.

      In an article I’ve encountered, Willmott does refer to Lee as the film’s executive producer, but Lee is not listed among the executive producers on the poster, on which he is identified simply as one of the parties who “present” the movie. Lee’s connection to the piece is, in short, obscure, if not merely promotional. Willmott deserves the credit.

  3. It makes sense. A tightening-up of public moral standards is used to put a population on a “war footing” (prepare for a hot war) and hot war is often used to distract a population from noticing or thinking about “austerity” (the wholesale robbery of workers by elites) while it’s being done. Of course abortion is unnatural and bad, but it is only a symptom not the disease or root cause which is the System itself. This is a palliative not a cure.

    • If you will recall, I asked in the earlier threads when the decision was made: Why now? I think you might have provided something of a cogent answer to that question. Apart from some autistic types here screeching about vast hordes of orcs being hatched, the issue was pretty much dead until the court was permitted to overturn the Roe decision establishing a non-existent constitutional right to abortion.

      The abortion rate has been on the decline for decades and was lower per 100K than in 1973 before the decision. It’s unlikely to change because all an orc-babymama or skank has to do in Indiana is drive west to Illinois, where abortion mills are the only viable industry left.

  4. I’ve never understood ‘my body, my choice’ — it’s not your body, it’s a genetically distinct human being carried inside you — ‘not your body’ is a little more understandable, since no one except the most obsequious statist unreservedly accepts being told what they can and cannot do — but see the first point about it not being their body.

    Again, next time you run across someone who rabidly supports ‘a woman’s right to choose’, ask them if they also back abolition of fetal homicide laws.

  5. I am convinced that the republican party is just tired & ready to give up the game because they have existed on tax cuts for the rich, trickle down economics & forcing “democracy” down the throats of foreign countries since their inception. They do not know anything else, and this head-fake, aligning with whatever they think will keep them in power is blowing up in their faces.

    Normally conservative women in Indiana are disgusted by the sheer bravado of this & the majority of young women are registering to vote for the first time. Talk about a self-own.

    Are there any statistics showing few abortions since the SC decision? No. What was this all for?

    Republican Resignation because they have no ideas and exist on memes & whatever is trending on Twitter, despite the fact that they should be on Truth Social or Gab. Torba came up with “Christian Nationalism” because Gab is still basially a failure.

    Why didn’t conservative inc. leave Twitter when Musk’s headfake was exposed? He’s an autistic attention seeker & it worked for a while for the sheeple.

    What’s next? Christian Nationalism I suppose.

    • ^^@Vickey – Great comment! I retreated to Indiana about 5 years ago from a rabidly liberal Southern city. Many normal conservative White women are disgusted; and not all who oppose draconian abortion laws are “skanks and whores” as they are almost universally characterized in this comment section. (I am not saying my statement there reflects your views; just amplifying the basic point you make.)

  6. If we could only find states that will ban miscegenation, PC and go back to the days of common sense.

  7. Yea Hoosierland! Just another reason why I made the right “choice” to move from the New York City Metro area to semi-rural Indiana in 2010. Back then my main reasons were economic and demographic, but culture works for me too.

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