The Political Cesspool: The Rise of Christian Nationalism

Editor’s Note: I was on The Political Cesspool last night in the first hour. Jared Taylor was on in the third hour.

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You won’t be surprised to learn that James Edwards is upbeat about the rise of Christian nationalism. We’ve both spent the last 20 years trying to reach our own people.

These overlapping polls on rising support in the Republican base for secession, Christian nationalism, opposition to the Great Replacement and even openness to political violence all point to the same conclusion. White evangelical Protestants who live in the South, particularly those who live in communities like we do in rural areas, small towns and small metros, are getting extremely radical.

For years, I traveled all over the region with the League of the South going to towns like Pikeville, Shelbyville, Uvalda and Wetumpka trying to reach this demographic. These people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. They became the core of MAGA. They have never been as radical as us. These people are the normies. They are the sort of people who are our family members and neighbors.

The “journalists” have a more accurate view of these folks than the atheists and pagans in the online White Nationalist movement. These people are overwhelmingly Protestants and Christianity is at the core of their identity. Those who aren’t deeply religious and who don’t even attend church are cultural Christians in their values, beliefs and attitudes. They feel under siege for being White and Christian. They despise our elites and want to overthrow them. It animates their politics.

Evangelical Protestantism is the folk religion of the South:

These people are on fire now.

Millions of White people across Dixie are open to revolution. “Christian” to these people means folks like us. It means the people in my church and community. This is completely lost on the atheists immersed in online racial nationalism who don’t understand how religion functions as the glue that holds cultures together and is the foundation of the social order.

James Edwards has taken slings and arrows from Never Trump evangelical elites in the Southern Baptist Convention like Russell Moore and David French, but what James believes and what I believe and people like Dr. Michael Hill believe too is slowly winning out. It is becoming the conventional wisdom in our swath of the population. These people now understand that they are under attack for being White, Southern and Christian. It was Joe Six Pack in a QAnon shirt, not us, who revolted on 1/6.

Now that the whole community senses itself as being under attack (the George Floyd riots flipped a switch), it is beginning to shift into threat mode. Ordinary White people now expect a fight is coming which is a stark change from the lazy, complacent political atmosphere of the Bush era.

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  1. We already know Jews control the world…Most white gentiles don’t care–since they’re egalitarian Christianized cattle who believe in a Jewish ‘god’ & that Jews are superior to them…Now you know why your society/world is sh*t.

    • They blame liberals, the devil, anything else. Because they won’t acknowledge the real problem, things will continue to degrade and they will rant about it. It’s like a fat person looking in the mirror, and blaming the weather.

    • @zard—Not the morality, the Jews do not control what is moral, what is good, and what is decent. They want to, but they can’t without, without……guess who??

      And without the blessings of God, whatever the Jews control can be taken away in the name of what is right, just, and moral and the law, Gods laws can be made to correct all crimes of the past very easily. See the problem they have?

      • @Brad Just like a red letter New Testament, we need another color New Testament, maybe light blue, that highlights Christ’s anti-Semitic words, sayings and parables.

        It’s worth remembering that some of the words of Jesus when taken out of context seem philo-semitic, but when read in context are actually anti-semitic.

        This would be a good project for a New Testament scholar, and worthy of the cost.

        Also, a Protestant men’s organization, besides the Gideons needs to distribute and popularize the NT! The various pagan cults need to be opposed and Judaism is a pagan cult. So is Catholicism.

        • The Book of Timothy says Christ came to save the House of Israel. Why would he be antisemitic? He was a Jew, too. Why “try to find” and try to extrapolate things? Why would the message be so ambiguous, if it were that important??

  2. “It was Joe Six Pack in a QAnon shirt, not us, who revolted on 1/6”

    Rioting for blompf isn’t revolt anymore than blm burning down cities is revolt.

  3. Is there some kind of mailing list I can get on that notifies me when you finally shut up about Christian Nationalism? Goodbye until then.

  4. Sounds like the media wants to rename what went by previous nomenclature as “The Moral Majority” “The Tea Party” “Trump Supporters” with a new name that they think will be more scary to suburban white women and young brainwashed kids grown up on a diet of “Handmade’s Tale” streaming binges.

    • And it will do just as much good as those older terms.

      Unlike tenants of the Christian faith, White Nationalists are people who don’t hate themselves and don’t worship jews as God’s chosen people and don’t love niggers.

  5. Virginia Ulrich June 2, 2022 at 10:36am
    The Father Creator and His Holy Son are the authority for all Salvation as well, forever, and ever. Read the holy Scripture. Love Them, be baptized, ask for the laying on of hands to receive the Holy Spirit. Love your enemies, Matt. 5:43-44. Love your neighbor as yourself.
    Reply Delete

    USA 4ME > Virginia Ulrich June 2, 2022 at 5:35pm
    Those are great words, thank you. Lets hope all the libtards get saved before the right gets pissed-off!

    I heard hell doesn’t have a quota! …..just saying!

    Virginia Ulrich June 2, 2022 at 10:28am
    Yes, The Assyrian who hates life and love, hates the sheep who love The Creator, who is over all, things and Life, Father, and His Holy Son, and Their Names. The Assyrian was in The Garden of Eden, Ezekiel 31:3,8,9; and Assyria founded Babylon, Isaiah 23:13, and Assyria of Gog and Magog is in the land at Micah 5, when The Savior comes to help His people. At Isaiah 37, Sennacherib, the king of Assyria was threatening Hezekiah and all the holy city, but, with faith, in the Creator and His Holy Name, about 130,000 Assyrian soldiers were destroyed overnight by the holy angels, and the sin cherub, Sennacherib, is killed by his own sons. So, please, stand, in your holy faith, and see The Glory of The Creator to save!

    The holy name is a compounded word as so many words are in Hebrew, English, etc. YaH is a word, in Yahosephat, the king of YaHoodah; and “HaYaH”, at Revelation 1:4, is a Hebrew verb word for the scripture passage, He was in the beginning, now, and ever shall be. Since, the paleo Hebrew letters, He, and Vav are also vowels hidden, as well as consonants, they can make the sound oo if needed. To this woman, I do not have faith in men ideas to overrule The Creator. He, and, and His Holy Son are the beginning of all Sound, all Seeing, All Thinking, all Peace, all Wisdom, all original Power, and all Glory, and all Knowledge, so, at, Isaiah 42:8, He, is and His Holy Son, are forever, the Only Ones of such authority. “YaHooVaH, YaHoshua HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”, The Only Ones Period. Assyria chiefs and their square letters will disappear forever, in eternity, without the ability to call on Him. The Father will correct me when He wants to, and, He wrote His Hebrew alphabet with His own fingers,Exodus 31:18, but, So far, No, He has not corrected me, on this matter.

    The idea of what you create you control, so, dominion is important matter. And, as the 1980 preface of The collegiate Webster Dictionary states, “The origin of the words has power. Even the pagan knows that”. The Holy Father and Son Words, are before all things, So, trust Them!

    Reply Delete

    USA 4ME > Virginia Ulrich June 2, 2022 at 5:36pm
    Yes, words to live by, too bad the left doesn’t read the Bible, if they did they would vote for Trump! (hahahaha)

  6. I would like to share your optimism, but I was raised as a Southern Baptist and I don’t. Southern Christian people are wonderful and I love them and support them but they believe the Jews are God’s chosen people, blah, blah, blah. If you’re conditioned to worship and bow down to your rulers, how will you ever be liberated from them?

    • EXACTLY! “God’s Chosen” — “Christian” nationalists? White people seriously need to stop worshiping jews. It’s a disease. Jews are the chosen people of Satan, it’s so obvious. Supposedly Christians who believe that the only way to God is through Christ but foolishly worship the people who think Christ is a fraud, the jews, is the most illogical conspiracy in the world. These people will never wake up.

  7. Be honest. You just want to see the south rise again. I’m a yank and even I want to see the Confederacy reinstated.

    • To be sure, there has never been greater justification for a Southern Confederacy than right now. Everything the Union did post-Civil War only increasingly justified the South splitting off. Pro-Union arguments have not aged well.

  8. I’m convinced that the only reason the country can still keep the lights on, and functioning, sort of, is because the dirt people who keep everything from growing food, utilities, etc, is because most of those people are Christian, and still have functioning, to some degree culture. The elites in academics, politics, media, and the upper management in corporate America don’t make this stuff work. They just mainly point.

  9. A long time ago, I read a book by James Edwards called “Racism, Schmashism”, if I spelled that right. I think it was written for elementary school children. We don’t need more people telling us what we already know, and we don’t need people defining what is good for us. People who have real jobs have a much different view of the world.

  10. “Millions of White people across Dixie are open to revolution”:

    But they’re not open to (prepared for) real revolution, like the French revolution that really shook the world, but only for some reform with populist rhetoric, like the English fake “revolution” that merely shifted property ownership from the Catholic Church (that owned half of England) to the upper classes, leaving millions of commons (who manned the New Model Army) as poor as ever.

  11. “Egalitarian cattle” is oxymoronic. They are opposites! Egalitarianism is revolutionary. Conservative commons, who support or acquiesce to the usurious class System are IN-egalitarians, human “cattle” willing to be herded, milked and eaten.

  12. CN needs a revolutionary spirit if it going to succeed . We don’t need any more talkers, we needs doers.

  13. I’m a christian, and I still think this is an op. It’s a way for jews to get around the critique that Israel is racist,( and that they are hypocrites), by saying that israeli nationalism is “credal”; and that we christian can have a credal nationalism too if we want. The problem with a nationalism where the christian group is the only in-group, is that it whould be multiracial – jewish credal nationalism whould not. People like Rod Dreher are already drawing these kind of conclusions. So don’t make it about pagan larpers vs christcucks, this is not the issue. The issue is that they trey to pit our faith against our race. This is the op

    • The people who loudly insist on doing that are anti-Christian White Nationalists. They are the op. They are the ones who wall themselves off from society

      • No, because WNs who aren’t bowing to Christianity are not sleeping with the enemy. You said on a previous thread, that you weren’t going to jump on the CN bandwagon, because you’ve been burned before with labels.

        • Yoram Hazony isn’t dumb.

          He praises Christianity. He wants to be aligned with White Christians. In contrast, anti-Christian White Nationalists would rather spend all their time attacking Christians who oppose the Great Replacement.

          There is no op that Hazony could possibly create which is dumber and more self defeating than that one.

          • Before this you were not convinced about Christian Nationalism. Then you meet with James Edwards, and Jared Taylor, and now you are.
            You haven’t even responded to how you are going to wrestle your churches away from the tribe, or how you are going to convince most Christians that nonwhites aren’t really their brothers.
            I too, used to think that just maybe religion would be the hill to die on, so to speak, but not now. Not when I hear Christians glorifying Israel and Rabbis talking about ending us.

          • I’ve said repeatedly that I am not jumping on another bandwagon like the Alt-Right. I said that on TPC too. I am just writing about it because it is in the news and because MAGA was so Jewish and gay that this is a step up for them

          • You’re defending it though, as if it’s your world view. Then you post those Cesspool audios. I have a problem with people who don’t need to work, telling us how things are.

          • I’m pro-life.

            I’m against “trans.”

            I’m against gay marriage.

            I’m not unsympathetic to some of the goals of Christian nationalism. The culture is degenerate and needs to be cleaned up. I am not jumping on any bandwagon and getting involved in another movement though. I’m content to just watch how this plays out for now

          • You wrote:

            Hunter Wallace
            JULY 28, 2022 AT 12:31 AM
            I’m not backing Christian nationalism. I learned my lesson about labels, movements and personalities. I am interested though in seeing how this goes.

          • Bingo.

            Even if Christian nationalism looks like a promising improvement over MAGA, it is best to not jump on the bandwagon. Look at all the folks who got burned following Richard Spencer on his road to nowhere

          • You’ve been defending CN on several of these threads.
            You even answered the question put to you, by others, as affirmative.
            Just what are you doing?

          • I’m not sure how I can say this any more plainly.

            I think “Christian nationalism” is an improvement over MAGA. It might be the next step forward for those people. I’m a Christian and support getting rid of things like gay marriage. I’m encouraged that these people are warming up to secession. I share common ground with Christian nationalists like Andrew Torba.

            Yes, BUT … after what happened with the Alt-Right and how that ended, I don’t want to jump on another bandwagon amd get burned again. It is best to watch and wait and see what happens. This could end up being a complete farce. We shall see

          • That’s exactly what Nick Fuentes tried to do, after the election, to gather up the Trump voters, and you didn’t like it. When someone else does it, it’s fine.

          • Fuentes is also smart enough to appeal to the 90% of Trump voters who are Christians. I never once criticized him for that. That’s intelligent.

            I don’t believe, however, that Nick believes any of his own bullshit. Richard Spencer actually believes his anti-Christian stuff which is why he ended up where he is today.

            Spencer is a sincere political idiot. Fuentes is an insincere grifter

          • I don’t know what to think about Spencer. I don’t know him, and it’s all media accounts of him, but it’s not that important. Some say he didn’t do any of the stuff he is accused of.
            Fuentes is Catholic, and he follows the rules of Catholicism, and he gets called gay, faggot, and a degenerate, because he doesn’t do premarital sex, which isn’t allowed in CC. He tried to give the MAGA people a place to go, after the election. I haven’t seen him as a grifter. Most of the time he never asked for money at all. He’s done far more than some of the other op groups.

          • I know him.

            Nietzsche is like Jesus Christ to Spencer. He truly and sincerely believes the anti-Christian stuff. Unlike Fuentes, I don’t think Richard is a grifter. He had too much contempt for his audience. No one who is a grifter would have ever gotten involved with Apolloism.

            Spencer is a political idiot who has no ability whatsoever to relate to the average person. He is terrible at sustaining relationships. He is a narcissist. He also cracked under the pressure that followed Charlottesville.

            As for Fuentes, he is a narcissist like Spencer, but he has a work ethic. He is charismatic. He didn’t read Nietzsche and isn’t held back by Spencer’s Reddit atheism. He is also a nihilist who doesn’t really believe his own bullshit. I don’t believe he is a Christian.

            This isn’t just my impression. Nick’s closest associates who know him the best have said the same thing about him.

          • Richard used to have some interesting points. But Fuentes is very smart and an excellent communicator, and he understands what the younger generations are facing. I’ve not seen him grifting in the past, he had donations, and he had money he had inherited. I don’t disparage anyone who goes public, you included, from asking for donations, because it’s probably hard to find work, once you’ve made a name in the white world. You should be more friendly to Fuentes, then, because he would be on your Christian WN side.

          • I’m not criticizing Nick for fundraising.

            I just don’t believe he is as religious as he claims to be. I think it is an act. He is a performance artist. MILO also claims to be a born again Catholic who has given up homosexuality.

          • Milo is Jewish. He’s not one of us. He’s a jokester, so why take anything he says seriously.
            Even if Nick WAS acting, what’s the difference between that, and you sitting back watching for the most effective thing to come by?
            Nick was raised Catholic, so I don’t get how he is “acting”.
            What is the difference between him being on videos, and you being on here? It’s just a different medium, and people use their talents to be effective.
            Again, if you are sold on the religious thing, he’s your man. He pushes the religious thing pretty hard.

          • I don’t understand why he resonates with you.

            Nick has his virtues. He is hardworking. He is charismatic. He is a good performance artist. He is smart enough to appeal to 80% of the Right who are Christians. He has managed to get support from sitting members of Congress. He listens to the audience and gives them what they want.

            Is any of it real though? Is he really a traditional, deeply religious Catholic? I get the same vibe from Nick that I get from Joel Osteen.

          • Yoram Hazony is a lot of things.

            He isn’t dumb though. He isn’t a political idiot. As I have repeatedly pointed out, the real “op” here is making White Nationalism repulsive and toxic to the overwhelming majority of people who are pro-White and oppose the Great Replacement by doubling and tripling down on Reddit atheism and following Richard Spencer off the cliff

      • Listen, I don’t know who you been interacting with the last couple of days. But this sounds like a knee jerk reaction.

        If you are aware that Yoram Hazony and others are behind this, there shouldn’t really be much of a discussion here. It’s an op to to make the right wing less race focused, and simultaneously strengthen Israels legitimacy.

        And yes the extreme anti-christian pagan-larping are in many cases an op too. Probably Hazony’s boys behind the screen writing a lot of that stuff too.
        We’re all being had if make this about religion. Many of the tradcaths hate us Lutherans, as much or more, as they hate pagans, or pagans hate christians. They consider us too be the root of all the evil in the world. Should we make a big thing out of that too, or are we just gonna let spergs sperg, and focus on the big picture?

        • It’s not.

          I’m very familiar with Hazony. Just search through the archives.

          My point is that Hazony is intelligent. He isn’t a political idiot like Richard Spencer who yearns for self marginalization. If that were the case, then he would be throwing bombs at the Christians who getting anxious about the Great Replacement. He would be trying to antagonize and alienate those people.

          • Spencer is irrelevant. No point paying any attention to him..

            And of course it’s great that right wing christians are against mass immigration, and have a racial identity. However “christian nationalism” is not an organic, grassroots, response to this identity. There is oligarch money behind this, and the goal is to derail and obfuscate these feeling.

          • Richard Spencer was the most prominent figure in the Alt-Right.

            Look where his obsession with Nietzsche and his bashing of Christianity has taken him. He went straight down the drain. The people who Spencer broke from at Takimag back in 2009 have far better politics than he does these days

        • @Max He got together with James Edwards and Jared Taylor. It’s a thread and he posted the audios. Edwards is part of that looney Freedom Party and Taylor is a philosemite.

    • Re: “a credal nationalism (…) The problem with a nationalism where the christian group is the only in-group, is that it would be multiracial”:

      Yes, ethnicity or nationhood is essentially genetic, not credal. The (1) faith that belongs to all men, of all ethnies, and (2) an Ethny itself are completely different things.

  14. It’s important to remember that 120 years ago the Upper Midwest was the most prosperous part of this nation. In a way, the Upper Midwest really is the core of the historic American identity. Major League Baseball is banking on nostalgia for that time when they host the “Field of Dreams” game. What Trump and Bannon understood was something the Country Club RINOs of the East and South are constitutionally incapable of understanding, it is foreign to them. Since they don’t really grasp the geographical and demographic history of America. Southerners are not the same people. But their “folk religion” has filled the vacuum left by Vatican II. The Anti-German wars and the liberalization process of Vatican II is what really destroyed America as a free and prosperous nation.

  15. It’s very possible that Christian Nationalists in America may become even more revolutionary and radicalized as things begin to collapse. People change and the pitchforks start to come out when there’s no food on the table, when one’s savings lose their monetary value, or when one’s pension is taken away. So, to assume that American Christians will remain as racially cucked and ‘normie’ as in previous decades might not prove to be the case when things start to really heat up.

    There’s a lot of pissed off and fed-up White Christians who are starting to awaken from their do-nothing slumber. A good many of them are even becoming racially aware which is the very thing some people said would never happen. The BLM riots and the explicit anti-White rhetoric that the media spews daily is starting to finally get them to think differently about race and preserving one’s culture.

    Think this can’t happen in the case of Jews? Think again. If ‘normie’ White Christians are starting to see the cracks inherent within racial diversity, who’s to say they won’t also wake up to the Jewish Question?

    History often has a way of surprising us.

    • It will be too late. Right now, whites are no longer the largest racial group in the country. Give it another 10 years, after they’ve let Hispanics walk in here legally by the millions every single year.
      There’s a thing called “a window”, and that window is closing fast.

  16. As for the Midwest, you should recall Sinclair Lewis. His stories are pretty good defining that world, and Main Street is an excellent study and good characters. While lewis looks down on small town provincialism in Gopher Prairie, he also has an understanding of what makes these people tick. In his preface, he mentioned that the world…midwest America…was the new world ruler. For better or worse, he might have added.

    Thornton Wilder also had a lot of praise for this midwestern sensibility. In his early novel The Woman of Andros, Wilder pictured Greek gods who give up their seeking adulation of their own people and concede to America as better worshippers of western values. This was about in the 1920s…the early period of Hunter Wallace’s modernism.

    In Theophilus North, Wilder believed the midwestern middle class was an excellent example of civilized, rational grouping.
    Perhaps a midwest/south alliance is the solution. Being a Missourian and so in both camps. I think it has possibilities.

    I began as a baptist (Southern!), but for many years I went to the Episcopalian church. I enjoy their liturgy, music, culture, and history. The church I went to was considered fairly conservative. But when covid came, they simply shut up their churches, then went full mask. The Episcopal church in Missouri elected a new bishop, a black guy from Barbados. He’s queer who champions all their rights, has a ‘husband’, and they’ve adopted a child. I decided I couldn’t belong to that church. It’s especially funny that Episcopalians are 98 percent white, but they elected this abomination to be their bishop.
    I feel sad at times leaving the church, but have no doubts about my choice. When you have a firm moral compass, such decisions are pretty easy. Morals: midwest/south. Let’s try it.

  17. If folks here and elsewhere want to do pro White race realism, immigration patriotism through some form of Christian Nationalism OK, it’s a tough route, but it has been done in various ways mostly in other countries.

    If you go this route, go with what traditionally works – research the anti Talmudist Catholic Popes and Martin Luther.

    This material is available from Grimstad’s Anti Zion at the colchester collection.

    Go with the traditional

    Js are Christ Killers, they literally killed the Son of God and list JC as one of the 3 greatest enemies of Judaism.

    Our Illinois fat as* rich Je* boy governor Pritzger is campaigning on making all abortions legal in Illinois.

    So do propaganda.

    “They killed Jesus Christ, now they will kill our unborn children in late term abortions”.

    We need real world propaganda, just not typing on computer keys.

    How about a Street poster contest here and on say Stormfront?

    For those who can’t make Judeo Christianity Christian Nationalism work for them, why not do what the NS did back in the day with Alfred Rosenberg.

    Honor positive Christianity , agree to disagree?

    As long as White Christians in the South aren’t promoting race mixing, open borders immigration the great replacement or excessive Je* worshipping, leave em alone, agree to disagree.

    • You need to get out more. There was the Southern missionary couple, that got the woman impregnated with black embryos. She had 3 black babes. Not making it up. There’s a lot of them who go down similar roads. Lots of Christians adopting nonwhites, too.
      Miscegenation is destroying us. There are a lot of mulattoes. A lot. They ignore their white side, too.
      The rest of the stuff about “Christ Killers” and all, isn’t significant. The tribe wants us gone, out of the picture, and it’s very clear about it, in the Talmud.

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